tagLesbian SexExploring My Bisexuality Ch. 10

Exploring My Bisexuality Ch. 10


I'm here at last.

It's taken a lot of time and effort to copy this last set of diary extracts onto my laptop. It seems so long ago when I first submitted my very first diary to Literotica. Life sure has a way of showing you strange and wondrous things doesn't it! I never thought I would experience the intimate pleasures of another girls body, or fall so in love with her either.

This does seem a bit like an ending but it really isn't, think of it more like the end of the start. I have so much more to write about and not just about my personal life. I've been busy writing some steamy erotic tales which I'll be posting soon. There's always room for a little bit more isn't there? Before we get into any of that there is the small matter of the erotic online video sex threesome adventure I have yet to complete.


As usual it's the morning after the night before...

...or more precisely it's the evening after the night/morning/afternoon. It's almost 5pm now and I'm alone with my thoughts. Mum tells me I over analyse things, but I just like to pause and mull things over, let the recent events be given a second glance, like rewinding a film a little way and watching it again.

I'm in the back garden, got me an ice cold coke and the warmth from the sun is just right. I'm trying to think of the best words and how best to start getting down what happened last night.

Okay, here we go. Last night...

Mum and Dad left early. Janine was getting ready to go dog-sitting for this rich family out in the countryside. I had time to get in the shower and make myself fresh and ready for the evening. I took some time over my evening preparations. I wanted to be as relaxed as possible after feeling so anxious and overly worried before.

I have been reading a bit about relaxation techniques and meditation, not much so I think I'm a master or anything! But the book I got read very well and I was in the right frame of mind to try out some of the exercises. So after choosing my outfit for the evening, a nice white cotton skirt, light and easy to wear as it was very humid. And a loose vest top to go with it, light pink actually. I laid them out on my chair and undressed.

I showered, first hot and steamy, lathering a lot of soap all over my skin and really giving my hair a good clean. I shaved my legs and arms and groomed my pubes. Then I cooled the water right down and danced around under the shower head, that was so refreshing! Like washing all the dirt and sweat of the long day down the plug hole. I gave my hair a brief towelling then combed it through. I rubbed moisturiser all over my body and strolled back to my room without a towel around me. It felt nice not to be rushing out of the so someone else can dash in quickly. From Janine's room I could hear the unmistable sound of a Star Wars battle.

In my room I sat naked on my bed. I crossed my legs and closed my eyes. Remembering what the book said I concentrated on my breathing, feeling and enjoying it flow into my body and out again. Breathing in positive energy and breathing out any negativity, worry, doubts and fears. I don't know if I was having a spiritual experience or anything quite that deep but I certainly felt better for having done that simple exercise.

I felt calm and relaxed, felt no stress or anything negative. Serene you could say is how I felt, and happy. I knew what I had planned that evening and was looking forward to it instead of worrying if I had done the right thing. I opened my eyes to see Janine's face frowning at me from the open doorway.

"What are you doing?" she asked with a mocking tone. She looked me up and down. I was still naked and didn't care. "You look so silly."

I didn't rise to her jibe. "It's a relaxation technique," I said quietly. The peaceful sensation hadn't been pushed aside for anger and I smiled at that. "What do you want Janine?"

"Just telling you I'm off to the rich dog house," she replied. "Back tomorrow evening sometime."

We stared at each other for a moment. I didn't care that she was openly looking at my naked body. I noticed that she had a new tattoo on her shoulder, a small grey/blue teddy bear hanging from a green balloon. A huge improvement on the nasty black Chinese dragon she had on the back of her left calf, that was just ugly.

"Like it?" she asked picking up on my interest and pulling aside the strap of her bra a fraction.

"Yeah," I said. I actually did. "It's kinda cute. Different."

"Thanks," she replied. "See ya."

When she was gone I took a deep cleansing breath, in with positive energy and out with negativity. I dressed with ease, no rush like the usual morning dash around to get out of the door. I enjoyed sliding into my flowing comfortable clothes.

At the back of my cupboard I found the cardboard box. I placed it on my bedside table and left it alone. I didn't open it. I powered up my laptop and placed it on the top of the wicker laundry basket at the foot of my bed. I took the webcam and clipped it to the top of the screen. After that I changed the sheets on my bed, fluffed up the pillows then headed downstairs and made a sandwich.


It was just before 11pm when Karen showed up.

As soon as I opened the door she flung her arms around me and kissed me deep and hard. I gulped back my breath and saw how excited she was. In the kitchen we made cocktails in tall glasses, complete with crushed ice and umbrellas! I knew Karen couldn't stand the wait so I asked her to introduce me properly to the box of toys I had stashed in my room for what seemed like an eternity.

With a huge grin Karen grabbed her drink in one hand, my hand in the other and all but dragged me upstairs. We decided to be ready and waiting for when FunD1VA logged in. In the meantime Karen opened the box and poured the contents on the bed. Just like before I had no idea where to begin or how to handle any of them. It seemed there was always some new area of life to explore when I'm with Karen, but I wasn't complaining!

"This mini one is your mobile pocket rocket," Karen told me. She held up the slim Lady Finger model. "Easy to slip in your handbag, discreetly hides in your luggage for holidays and is good for that quick release when you need it."

She twisted the end. It hummed gently and she passed it to me. I held it like it was a delicate flower and Karen burst out laughing. I rolled my eyes and dropped it on the duvet. The next thing she picked up was the realistic dong, pink and semi-translucent, and wobbly yet stiff. Very weird. She wagged it in the air, letting it flop about.

"This one is best used by someone else on you," Karen told me. "It's for when you really need to feel filled up. Soft enough to be graceful but just solid to give you a good deep penetrated feeling."

She dropped it in my hand. It was heavy. I raised a brow at Karen who gave me a wicked smile before turning her attention to the double ended dildo. This was virtually the same as the big dong but with 2 ends. I wasn't sure about any of these things, after all I didn't get how they could be better than my own hands and fingers.

"Trust me, this is just as good," Karen said. She gave the double ended a lick. "I've seen plenty of movies online where the girls go nuts when they have this inside them."

I took her word for it. I wasn't convinced but I kept that to myself for the time being. We joked about the handcuffs although I was quite intrigued by them, the idea of giving up control to someone gave me a thrill. Likewise the thought of trapping Karen and teasing her for hours before giving her the orgasm of her life was hugely arousing.

The scented massage oils were the most interesting so far. They smelled very romantic and had a silky luxurious touch when I placed a bead of the oil on my finger tip and smoothed it about. I very much wanted to try them out on Karen but before I could speak FunD1VA binged into MSN. I was on the verge of logging out but knew Karen needed to do this and after all I had done she deserved to see what was going on without her.

FunD1VA says: hey babe, u must be eager or something, you early

Haley says: hiya, yeah likewise, you must be horny then

FunD1VA says: i am very, shall we get this show started? i need to cum so bad. show me your gawjus bod.

Karen and I had already discussed how we were going to do this and hadn't really come up with a good plan. To me it felt a bit contrived, like a rehearsed theatre performance. I just preferred to let the mood flow, see what happened when it happened.

We streamed video and I clicked around MSN to maximise video and text windows. FunD1VA's cam was dark, I could see some flickering of shadow but not much.

"Where is she?" Karen asked peering at the screen of my laptop.

I shrugged. We could hear something through the speakers and I realised that FunD1VA was trying to get her mic to work. We saw fingertips blur in front of the camera and a high pitched whistle that made us cringe.

FunD1VA says: sorry, trying to get my mic on.

Haley says: no problem. Wonder if I can get mine to work.

I checked through some of the settings and the mic was on.

"Am I on?" I asked. "Can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear." FunD1VA sounded strange, like she was talking underwater, it was a little muted and sounded squashed.

"You sound funny," Karen said.

"I'm using a voice changer," FunD1VA said. "Like I said before I prefer to keep some part of my private...Haley is that your friend?"

"Yes, this is Karen."

I nudged Karen. "Hi, nice to meet you. Kind of."


I clicked the mute button. "Well I can't see her can I?" Karen said when I glared at her. "I'm not going to lie to someone I can't see and don't even know."

I unmated. "All in the dark tonight then?" I asked. It felt strange just sitting on my bed talking instead of hovering my hand over the keyboard.

We could both hear things moving in the background. Something dropped on the floor near the camera with a thud and there was an unmistakable sound of a chair being dragged across a stone floor.

"Sorry," FunD1VA said after a minute. "Should have got prepared really." I'm in my kitchen tonight, my bedroom is being decorated."

Karen muted. "Some story. Bet she just wants to perve at us."

I stifled a giggle and unmated. "No worries. We're happy to wait."

A table spot light to FunD1VA's left illuminated her body suddenly. We watched the screen intently. She was wearing a bath robe and had one leg tucked under the other. Like always her face was just out of sight so we could only see her body.

"Finally," she said and took a deep breath. She sipped from a glass. "You're friend is cute."

"I know. Thank you."

"Well I've just got out of the shower and only have one thing to remove," FunD1VA said. "So anytime you want to catch up...."

Without saying anymore she pulled open the bathrobe, pulled her arms through the sleeves and slouched back in the chair, one leg draped over the arm, her hands cupping her breasts playfully.


"She doesn't hang about does she?" Karen said.

"No," I chuckled. "Remember she can hear us."

"Oh," Karen said. It was her turn to blush. "Sorry. I'm new to this stuff. Feels a bit mental talking to a screen."

"You get used to it," FunD1VA said.

Karen wasn't going to turn her eyes away from the screen anytime soon so I began undressing her. I unbuttoned her shirt and she let me drag it away from her body. She was enthralled watched FunD1VA smooth her hands all over her body. I managed to get Karen down to her bra and knickers (panties once again for the American folks amongst the readership!) much to the pleasure of FunD1VA who purred throughout the show.

"That's hot," she said. "You can't keep your eyes off me can you? That's so sexy. I love it. But poor Haley is still completely dressed."

"Don't worry about me," I said. It took about 20 seconds to slide out of my gossamer like clothing. My flowing skirt and top fell to the floor and I joined Karen on the bed.

Unlike Karen I was actually naked. I felt a bit silly sitting there nude with 2 other girls. Karen finally managed to tear herself away from the screen and slowly undid her bra and pushed her knickers down her legs. All at once I felt the emotions of that day when I was first intimate with Karen. The events came flooding back like intense déjà vu.

"All naked together," FunD1VA said. We watched her toying with her stiff nipples. "Were shall we start then?"

She pinched her nipples between her fingers. "Watch me. Get those juices flowing. I'll be your very own personal porno."

FunD1VA raised her other leg and cocked it over the other arm of the chair. Her body was completely exposed to us. Naked and unashamed. The exhibitionist in me loved the show of confidence and brashness. FunD1VA didn't care what we thought, she was horny and ready to do what she needed to get a maximum thrill from the evening.

She placed her hands between her legs and with flat palms dragged them up over her fanny, over her pubes and stomach and gripping her breasts. She moaned and pushed them back down again to repeat the process. When she reached her breasts the second time she cupped them, arching her back and leaning forward closer to the camera. Her fingers pinched and played with her nipples and she groaned deeply.

"Damn," Karen said, her voice a husky whisper.

"I know," I replied, my own voice equally bereft of power.

"I'm going to fuck myself for you two," FunD1VA said.

I was suddenly hungry for Karen's touch.

I grabbed her head and kissed her hard. She responded instantly, her hands gripping my breasts as our tongues clashed with fiery passion that had flared up out of nowhere.

"Oh yes," FunD1VA responded. "You two are hotties!"

We paused for a split second to see FunD1VA open her thighs. Her hands reached down between her legs then up over her stomach to her chest and back again. I dropped my head to Karen's chest, taking each of her nipples in my mouth, sucking them hard, flicking my tongue over them like a snake raking in the smell from the air.

When we pulled apart Karen pushed me back onto the bed. Her hands holding my boobs so she could kiss and lick her way around and around until she reached my stiff aching nipples. The sensation of her wet lips as she locked onto my hard nubs was nerve jangling. One after the other she sucked them up into her mouth, her hot tongue washing over them in long slow circles. My body was alive as my nerves sprang to attention like a panting dog.

I could hear FunD1VA moaning. "The most beautiful sight in the world is right there."

I raised myself up and rolled Karen onto her back. It was my turn to explore. I kissed and licked every part of hey body, working my way down between her legs. Before I got there I could smell her juices, sweet and musky, the heat of vulva was intense and she shivered fiercely when I dragged my tongue upward between her fanny lips.

"Pleasure her," FunD1VA said. "Let her feel your desire, let it flow over her like a waterfall."

I was so aroused I was tingling all over.

Karen was panting heavily, and I knew she was in the zone like I was, a hot erotic zone where only pleasure and ecstasy existed or even mattered.

I lifted Karen's legs up, put my hands on the back of her calves and pushed so her legs were above her body and she fully exposed to me. Keeping my hands on her thighs I dove on her. My tongue slithered over the cheeks of her bottom, working slowly inward. Her juices were starting to flow and I lapped them up eagerly. I tongued steadily over her arsehole, Karen shook at the new attention, and I moved on, enjoying the sensation of smooth skin between her arsehole and the engorged lips of her fanny. I delved between them, her juices tasted insanely wonderful and became stronger as I approached her delightfully hot and wet vagina.

Karen let out a long drawn out moan when my tongue pushed inside her. I used it like I would my fingers, probing inside and then out again in a slow steady motion.

"Send her to heaven," FunD1VA said. She was panting too, although I couldn't see her I knew she was pleasuring herself.


With one hand I spread Karen's lips and licked her again.

I pushed myself forward and down, my weight keeping her legs in place. I was building up my speed, my tongue slapping over her lips, sucking them gently into my mouth making Karen moan and groan. I was timing my final attack, my tongue was making way for the last boost that would send Karen into orgasmic orbit.

"She's there," FunD1VA said. "She's so beautiful. I wish I was there with you."

Karen shuddered and trembled as if she was having a fit. That was my cue. I moved and took her clit between my lips and flicked it hard with the tip of my tongue. Karen almost exploded. She jolted and I had to steady us both before we rolled off the bed.

Inside her I pushed a finger and felt her trembling muscles grip it like a newborn baby holding a mothers finger. I continued to lick, kiss, suck and pleasure her clit like my life depended on it. Karen's body shook and jumped, her breath was ragged and hoarse, so much so she couldn't form words.

"Make her cum," FunD1VA said. "I'm so close. I want to see you make her cum. Do it Haley! I'm almost there..."

Karen bellowed something that didn't make any sense. Her vagina gripped my finger very tight. I sucked her clit into my mouth hard as her entire body tensed up, shaking and shuddering as her orgasm hit her long and hard.

"That's it!" FunD1VA said and made a load groan. "She's there!"

With a final jolt Karen collapsed. I slid away and dropped onto the bed beside her. Her legs flopped down heavily and we lay there catching our breath. No one spoke for a long time. Not even FunD1VA. The only sound was that of panting, breathing becoming calm and regular. It was several minutes before Karen spoke.

"Oh. My. God."

I smiled to myself. If only she realised that even though I had not climaxed I had enjoyed it equally. The passion was much more intense than it had been before and I didn't know if that was because of FunD1VA's influence or what. All I know is that I loved the intense emotions and wanted more.

I glanced at the laptop. FunD1VA was lounging back in her chair. She was smoking a cigarette and relaxing. "You girls play. If you don't mind I'll sit this one out and watch."

Karen sat up. "I have an idea," she said and handed me one the bottle of massage oil. "Up for it?"

"Slow and sensuous?" I asked.

Karen nodded. "Yes," she agreed. "Slow and romantic."


We moved together on the bed, without words, without instruction.

We sat a foot apart, my legs draped over hers. We smiled at each other and kissed gently, more relaxed now than before. The passion was there, bubbling away under the surface like a pulse, but it had changed from fast and furious urges to slow and tender romantic intimacy.

I followed Karen and into my hand I poured a tiny pool of massage oil and coated my fingers. Our hands met each other's bodies at the same time. I cupped Karen's boobs, smoothing oil over them, rubbing my thumbs deftly over her nipples, enjoying them stiffen under my touch. In turn she massaged mine, her fingers pressing against my skin with just enough pressure to awaken my nerves.

It felt like hours had passed as we rubbed oils into each other's skin. Our kisses were tender and soft. Even the smallest sensation of her breath against my lips and face gave me a thrill, what had seemed like such tiny details any other time became intense physical pleasures coupled with surges of emotions and deep feelings.

Thinking back I can capture everything when I shut my eyes and yet I find it hard to put into words how deeply connected we felt. I say we because I know Karen felt the exact same way, don't ask me how but I do. My hand reached down and cupped her fanny, she gasped lightly and smiled. With one finger pressed between my breasts she softly eased me away from her.

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