tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExporoni Fucks You at the Motel

Exporoni Fucks You at the Motel


I am SUCH an exhibitionist that when we FUCK I want someone to watch us.

We would have to be somewhere like a motel that has large picture windows that also has a walk-way along the front; preferably ground floor near the parking lot, maybe close to the vending and ice machines.

We would start our show just as the sun sets, so that with the lights on in our room anyone walking past could easily see us, almost like a GIANT big screen television (only in real 3D).

I would have you sitting to the side of the window, partially hidden to prevent anyone from being scared of by my BIG bad lover and I would begin to strip for you. Starting fully dressed, wearing something very conservative; I want to look respectable, decent, like I may have just come from work or maybe even church.

I would slowly begin undressing, taking time to fold or hang my cloths as I remove them, finally walking around the brightly lit room in only my sheer brassiere and panties. You watch, staring as I walk towards you and leaning forward, I kiss you, your cheek then your lips as I take your hand and put it between my legs, letting you feel my dampness.

You slowly rub my pussy, pushing the silky fabric of my thin panties between my swollen labia. I moan. I spread my legs wider and lean to you, steadying myself with one hand on the arm of the chair as my other finds your crotch, your HARD cock as I squeeze it through you pants. I reach for your waist band to unfasten and unzip your slacks but you stop me.

Standing up, you walk to the bathroom and return with an ice bucket. Reaching for the door knob you stop and pull the cord on the curtains, opening them even more, another two maybe three feet as you open the door, flipping the hasp as you walk out of the room. The door shuts behind you but does not close as it slams against the hasp, leaving it cracked an inch or so.

I know what you expect, I know what you want me to do as I stand in front of the window, between the wide separation of the curtains, as I smile and sweetly wave to you. I reach to the straps of my brassiere, pushing each down as I slip my arms out. You watch as I pull my brassiere to my waist, freeing my breast. I stop and staring out towards the parking lot I fondle my breast, for you, for anyone out there watching me. I turn my brassiere clasp to front allowing me to easily unsnap it and remove it. I am wearing only my panties and they are WET with my excitement.

I don't see you as I hook my thumbs inside my panties and pull them down. Naked. I move closer to the window, pressing, smashing my titties against the cool glass. I hunch forward, bringing my pelvis closer almost touching the window as I use both hands to touch my swollen pussy, spreading my fat lips as I show them my CUNT. I put one foot on the ac/heater unit under the window and try to display my hole. I want them to see where to put their dicks. I rub and massage my genitalia, spreading my wetness as I sink one finger inside.

Someone walks by. They stop. Then as I smile at him, he calls to someone and two more men walk up. Just on the other side of the window they stand watching me push two fingers in my fuck-hole. I want to make them HARD. I want to see their HARD COCKS. I want to make them CUM. I want to suck them, FUCK them. I masturbate for them, fingering my pussy as I hear their muffled voices through the crack in the partially open door.

I am overcome. My legs are weak. I pull your chair to the window and sit down, putting both of my feet on the window sill spreading my legs, pulling my pussy open, masturbating as I make myself CUM, squirting and spraying my juices, my CUM, my piss. They are HARD for me, very HARD and one lets me see the swollen helmet head of his crimson soldier sticking out the top of his waist band. I lick my lips; I want it in my mouth. I want his CUM, I want all of their CUM. I wonder where you are and I point to the unlocked door. I motion for them to come in. I lick my pussy juice off my fingers as they look at each other, hesitant.

Suddenly they look to one side, their posture, their demeanor seems defensive, almost macho as I see them speaking to some out of my sight. Then they smile and I see you approach them as you extend your hand, shaking each of theirs as you motion with your head to the window, towards me; my feet still propped up on the window sill, still naked as I continue to slowly, erotically rub and massage my swollen CUNT. I smile at you.

You continue to talk with them while all of you stare at me, my show. They are all HARD, I can see the outline in each of their jeans, and their erections are obvious. As you talk I see you are also HARD for me.

One of the men leaves the group, walking in the direction you came from but stops and slowly pushes the door open. He calls to me, he speaks my name. He bluntly tells me he wants me to suck him off. I put my feet on the floor and turn to him as he hastily unbuttons his pants and pulls his hard cock out for me to admire; except he seems to be in too big of a hurry for me to admire and quickly pulls my head down to him.

I do notice he is uncut, lots of skin covering his very erect penis. I wrap my hand around him and feel him pulse. Nice! I skin him back, slowly pulling his foreskin down to expose his cock head. It is already sticky and slick with his pre-cum as I "cock" my head to one side, so I can watch you and my voyeurs, then I stick my tongue to him and taste his goo. I let him push his meat in my mouth and in no time at all he is pumping away, fucking my mouth as he takes hold of my head and guides me up and down on him. He quickly CUMS and I swallow some but let the men outside watch as he shoots in and on me.

Then almost as quickly he is gone and the next man enters, his dick already in his hand when he walks in. He too is beyond primed and I stand up bending over the back of my chair, my naked ass and pussy "aimed" at you and the others.

This one doesn't even speak, walking straight to my open and waiting pussy and guides his hard dick inside my pussy. He is good, thick and long with a very nice head as he takes long sensual strokes deep inside me. I ask him to turn me a bit, but he seems confused, so as he momentarily stands with his cock buried in my pussy as I try to turn enough that you can see his big dick going inside my hole, also so I can watch the three of you watching me get fucked.

I see you smile at me as he again starts slowly sliding in and out. I smile back just as one of MANY waves of my orgasm roll over me. I hold onto to the chair as he speeds up slamming into me as I feel my juices running down my leg. He slams into me, again, and again. Shooting his thick load as I CUM again. I feel him pull out and I release my hold of the arms of the chair and slide to the floor to my knees as I ask him to fuck my mouth. I want to taste him; his beautiful cock has given me so much pleasure. He obliges me and lets me suck him, cleaning my pussy juice and his CUM. His turn is up and he leaves.

My pussy had been pumped full but the when the next man enters, the youngest, getting sloppy thirds, I first stay on my knees and undo his fly as I pull him out and take him hungrily in my mouth, his thick cock becoming harder as I suck him. He is young and inexperienced but I want to give him more, I go slow, I won't allow him to ejaculate. I stop as he nears his climax, fondling and sucking his balls as he regains his composure. I tell him to lean over the chair and using both hands I pull his ass cheeks apart and find his tight cherry ass hole. I tongue him, I eat him out as one hand fondles and strokes his dick. He is mine. I have gained control of him and as I continue to bury my tongue deep inside his shit hole I feel him once more tense up, his cock pulsing as I tightly squeeze him.

I let go and getting up, pull him by his cock to the edge of the bed as I sit down scooting back I put my legs up and tell him to fill me up. He looks at me studying my CUNT as his buddies' thick CUM oozes out. He sticks it in and fucks me. Only lasting a minute or so he sinks himself deep inside me as his own body bucks and spasms, unloading "buckets" of his semen, his sperm. Filling me to the MAX as I again CLIMAX shooting my own ejaculate on him, he pulls out and looks at me. I smile using both hands to let him look at my abused pussy, he and his friends CUM oozing out.

He buckles up and leaves as I rise up on my elbows and crooking my finger, motion for you. Even from the bed I can see your giant boner as you stand proudly outside watching your girl, your woman, make you proud. Smiling at me I almost CUM again as I sense you almost beaming as you let others see what is yours. Letting three complete strangers enjoy what you have and the envy they must have. I deeply hope I did everything you wanted me to do, I hoped I made you proud.

Finally you come back in the room and as I start to get up you put your hand up and stop me. Kneeling on the floor at the end of the bed, you lean forward and gently, sweetly kiss my vagina, my hard swollen CLITORIS. You tenderly kiss me, my thighs, my pelvis, my labia, even my wet nasty hole. You start making sweet love to my pussy, slowly running your tongue from my 'taint" to my CLITORIS, raising your head to show me the thick CUM you have collected from my freshly fucked hole. You clean me; you lick me, putting your lips to my nasty CUNT and sucking those other men's spunk. You eat at me hungrily as you clean me out, stopping to show me more of their jizz. You moan as you eat me as I realize you are masturbating, jacking off as you devour their CUM. I can't stand it and you bless me with a most powerful CLIMAX, spraying my own jizz and PISS on your face, your hungry mouth.

You suddenly stand and show me your erection, your beautiful head as you frantically pound away at your cock. I beg you to wait, I ask you to not waste your CUM, I beg you to fuck my mouth, my pussy, my ass hole. Without a word from you I turn over and rising partially on my knees I push my butt at you and reach between my legs to guide you in. Fuck me. FUCK ME! BABY FUCK MY ASS!!

You rub your FAT cock head on my still wet pussy and push it to my puckered anus. It is tight. You lean forward and lick and tongue me back there, even fingering me as you work first one then two fingers in and out of me. Then again you take your HARD cock to my pussy rubbing and sliding your head up and down my slit as you plunge it in my pussy. OH GAWD!! You fuck me. You fuck me. Five, ten minutes, steady, fifteen, twenty, in and out, I CUM over and over but you don't stop.

Finally, breathless I collapse on the bed, my ass in the air as I feel you getting onto the bed with me. Lying on your back, I suck on you, your nipples, kissing you, your chest, your belly, your dick and balls. I suck you. I try to take your balls in my mouth but they are too big. I kneel over you, letting you finger my asshole as I suck your dick, I notice the curtains are still open and it is totally dark outside. It makes me even HORNIER as I try to put on the most pornographic obscene SEX show ever.

I ask you to turn over and as you do I slide one of the pillows under you, elevating you fleshy butt as I spread your cheeks apart and lick up and down your ass crack as you press your hard dick against the mattress, grinding into it as I eat you out. I taste you, I tongue you, I finger fuck your nasty asshole, licking my fingers as I pull them out... It almost makes me CUM as I hear you moan.

I know you are close, so turning you on your back, I straddle you and insert you very hard cock in my pussy. At first I ride you with my back to you, facing the window. OMG!! It is almost beyond description as I see our reflection in the darkened window. Reflecting our image I sit atop you, your dick buried inside me as I grind against you. I play to myself in the window, our reflection lets me watch my own show as I proudly fondle my titties, cupping them, showing them off as I tweak and pinch my hard nipples. It makes me CUM know someone is probably outside watching me fuck you.

I want them to see even more as I turn around to face you, first kissing and loving you, letting you taste the places my tongues has been as I stick it in your mouth to suck. I reach behind and again guide your dick in my CUNT. Slowly riding up and down I CUM again as I KNOW anyone can EASILY see my pussy with your dick in it. It is so FUCKING HOT!!

I slowly rise off of you and taking your wet cock in my hand I rub it again on my anus. Pushing it in as I force my body down on it. GAWD it hurts, your cock is too big to fuck my ass but I continue to lower my self on it, occasional rising up to smear more of their CUM, my pussy juice, even spit as I finally get it "wedged" inside. Slowly I begin to fuck you, my tight butt hole aching as I feel he tender tissue tearing. Then I forget the pain, with one more smear of CUM I am able to ride you big dick. In and out of my anus, fucking my ass you again make me CUM.

You let me fuck you until you are ready, and you know where I want you to finish. You know it makes my pussy creamy to eat your cock after you fuck my ass. I climb off and turn to look at you. It is beautiful, so hard, slick shiny but also nasty and vile, coated with CUM, pussy juice, blood, shit. I put my lips to your head covering it as I take you as deeply down my throat before gagging. I began to lick you, up and down your shaft, cleaning, the liquid now pooled on your ball sac I slurp up and could easily spend the rest of the night making love to your dick. BUT I want your CUM... I suck you off. Slowly taking you deeply in my mouth, sucking hard on your head as I jack you off with my hand. You tense, you have little spasms, then HOLY JESUS!! Your fucking dick begins to spurt, gush thick ribbons of SEMEN! I am torn, I want to watch it, yet I also want to feel and taste it exploding in my mouth. I try to do both, catching mouthfuls and swallowing as even more paints my face and hair.

Oh my GOD! Nirvana. HEAVEN!


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