tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExporoni Visits a Sex Offender

Exporoni Visits a Sex Offender


Ray had read an article about sex offenders and that you could go on-line and see where they live and what they were convicted of, even see a photo of the person. Of course we Googled our own small town and could not believe all the perverts that lived around us, some only a couple of miles away!!

Ray got off on showing me off and one of his favorite places for me to flash were the adult bookstores in Oklahoma City . His rational was that most of the clientele were there to buy a stroke movie or magazine and so they would be very appreciative if not perfect to let see my titties or pussy.

Reading the article made his warped mind imagine how HOT and maybe fun to have me dress REALLY sexy, short skirt, low-cut blouse with a lot of cleavage and knock on their door and pretend I was selling something or some other bullshit story. It sounded pretty wild, but also maybe a little scary.

We found a sex offenders' web-site that listed their personal info, with photos and found some possible candidates living in our general area, so we plotted. The first couple of tries were pretty uneventful, though I did get some pretty evil looks from one of the dudes' wife. The other guy just stared and nodded yes or no when I tried to engage him in conversation, even when I tried to flirt with him he seemed to be too stoned to get it up.

But the next old dude we visited was a different story! It was the following Saturday morning about 10 AM; I dressed in my sluttiest clothes and made up my face with lots of eye liner, heavy mascara and bright red lipstick. I even put on perfume!! I am petite, not even five feet tall and weigh about eighty pounds; I have dark, almost black, hair and equally dark eyes and a splash of freckles. My waist is barely twenty inches but my chest is thirty-six inches and I wear a C+ cup. I also have a round, tight little ass, almost a "bubble" butt.

I had found a little-bitty spandex black skirt that was way too tight and was so short it barely reached my crotch. For a top, I wore an equally too small pink tank-top shirt with little spaghetti straps, that fit me so snug I could not and did not wear a brassiere because it would show. The material was so thin you could not only see through it, but almost count every bump and freckle on my aureoles. For anyone looking at me, it was transparent.

The previous "victims" got the more subtle and subdued "Roni" but this dude was going to get hit with both barrels!! Because my skirt was so short, Ray had me trim and closely crop my pussy hair and then wear a teeny-tiny pair of lavender thong panties that split right between my fat pussy lips, barely even covering my CLITORIS. The panties were even see-thru, so with my CLITORIS purple and swollen it would be VERY easy to see. He also had me apply some deep red (almost crimson) lipstick on my labia! OMG! I looked like I should be walking a street somewhere!!

The picture of the old pervert that I had picked out on the web-site looked pretty pitiful and his rap sheet had multiple arrests for indecent exposure as well as lewd behavior spanning back over a twenty year period, but he never served any serious jail or prison time.

His address was just on the outskirts of town and when we drove past it seemed to fit him: an old run-down trailer with three of four derelict autos in a yard over grown with weeds and all kinds of crap and broken items littering the property. The old storm door on the front door had no glass or screen and even appeared to have been kicked in. A real dump.

Ray turned in the dirt drive-way but didn't pull too close to the trailer. He wanted me to give the pervert the chance to watch me get out of the car and "strut" up the drive. I have been in some really weird, even scary situations and I have to admit I was pretty nervous, more than a little unnerved as I opened the car door.

Ray stopped me and asked me to make him HARD. I told him I planned to but he meant himself, he wanted me to first make his dick hard. I pulled my top down and let my ta-ta's out, pinching and twisting my nipples. Reaching for the seat lever I laid it back a couple of notches and pulled my skirt up, showing him my fat pussy lips hanging out over the thin strip of my panties.

He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out as I moved the thin strip to the side of my lips and ran one finger down my slit to my pussy hole. OMG! I was SO fucking WET and creamy. I let him watch me finger my hole while he slowly pumped his already hard cock. We were both ready and primed for my big scene!

Moving the little strip back between my labia, my wet slit saturated the thin material as I pulled my pink shirt up just enough to cover my erect nipples. Moving the seat upright, I stepped out of the car.

As I walked towards the trailer, I realized Ray had me put on my little show to ramp me up, excite me, so I would have that nasty, fuck-me edge on. It worked; I did and I imagined my pussy juice was already running down my legs. It also gave me the courage I needed to walk, nearly naked, the fifteen or twenty yards to his house. Though there were trees lining the street, it was not a secluded area. Though not close, there were five or six other mobile homes nearby and I could hear voices, typical for a Saturday morning.

The walk seemed incredibly long as I thought I saw someone watching me through the dirt encrusted window. I tried to "strut" but it was more like stumble through the deep ruts of the dirt drive-way, and in my stiletto heels, it was not easy. Ray told me later that when I got out of the car, my skirt had ridden up, way up, and barely came to the top of my panties, fully exposing my bare ass. With my transparent shirt, showing off my C+ cup titties and my tiny black skirt pulled up exposing my naked pussy lips, I was making this LONG walk up to the home of a registered sex offender virtually naked.

He opened the door and within the shadow of his house I could barely make him out as he yelled out, asking me what I wanted. I spoke softly, intentionally, trying to draw him out on the porch. Nervously, I touched the hem of my skirt to adjust it and realized how high it had ridden up. I quickly looked down and saw that both of my nipples were fully exposed, never mind that my shirt was see-thru. I was totally exposed as I realized my skirt was only to the top of my equally see-thru panties.

He came out on the porch, not so much a porch but a small four-by-four sheet of plywood atop some stacked cinder blocks. It was probably my imagination but I swear no one has EVER stared at me like this old pervert did. Oh wait! I did not describe him!! He was fat, obese fat, maybe about sixty-five, had not shaved in a few days and from his looks had not bathed either. He was wearing a pair of too small boxers and the fly seemed stretched open though he was not exposed, yet. He also had on a stained and torn undershirt, and that's it!

Barefoot, he stood on the porch holding open the screen door, leering at me as if I was buck naked (and I pretty much was!). I smiled at him and slowly pulled my skirt down, covering my exposed pussy lips. His eyes went up to my exposed breast as I next hooked my thumbs inside my shirt and slowly pulled it up to just barely cover my nipples, he still stared.

His voice was gruff and as he asked me "What the hell I wanted," I saw his dick. He made no attempt to cover himself as I saw the head peek out the fly of his boxers. At first just a peek but as I moved closer, I saw his shaft rising out of the opening. He was not circumcised and he made no effort to cover it; he actually seemed to pull on the waist band of his boxers allowing his cock to be more easily exposed.

I was the one now staring as I watched his foreskin receding back away from his cock head as he became erect, rising out of his stained boxers. He seemed to be slowly hunching his thick meat at me, as if he was offering it to me.

I knew he wanted me to look at him. I understood him, his need to be seen, the excitement he was feeling exposing his genitalia to me. I was experiencing the same excitement; I am also an exhibitionist and receive the same extreme sexual stimulation when people look at my breast and my vagina.

I was supposed to have an excuse for being there. Ray and I had scripted a silly story of me looking for our lost puppy, even printing a flyer with a photo and a phone number (Ray's ex-wife's), but as he stood there showing me his rigid cock I understood him, I did not bother with my excuse for being there. I dropped the flyer.

Our "plot" or plan was for me to knock on the door and flirt and coyly let the deviant look at me, ogle me as I seductively move and allow him to get a nice long look at my exposed body. Ask him if he has seen my lost puppy, and drop my flyer so I can squat down to pick it up. Open my legs and let him see my sex and as I stand and hand him the flyer make sure at least one breast has "fallen" out of my tank top and is fully exposed for him. Then as I hand him the paper, have a long and lingering touch of his hand before I turn and walk away, pulling my skirt up over my thong and letting him see my ass. Well that did not work!!

I did not bother to answer him as I slowly pulled my skirt back up, this time all the way to my waist, the black spandex a mere belt around my waist. He finally reached for his dick and reaching inside his boxers, he fished out his testicles. He had those old man balls that seemed HUGE, his wrinkled, fleshy ball sac hanging down, way down as he gripped his fat meat and slowly skinned it back further. Pulling his foreskin tightly back he exposed his swollen cock head and I could see the yellowish pre-cum oozing from the tip. He slowly stroked it.

I countered and as I stared at his fat meat, I slowly pulled each strap off of my shoulders and pulled my shirt down, past my titties, wadding it up at my waist with my skirt, so that I was standing in front of him in only my transparent thong panties. We were the same. This vulgar and disgusting pervert was only guilty of being like me.

I took another couple of steps, standing only a foot or two from him as he remained on his porch, slowly jacking off for me, his nasty dick in my face as I took that last step and tilting my head slightly I opened my mouth and began to lick the air, as I tried to erotically coax his cock to my mouth.

I watched him; he was obviously confused as I stood in front of him naked with my mouth open waiting for him to put his dick close enough for me to lick his nasty goo off of its tip. My hand was busy between my legs, rubbing my throbbing CLIT and slit as I waited. I leaned a little closer and finally in my sexiest and softest voice I told him, "I want to suck your CUM."

Again looking confused and still stroking his cock, now dripping with precum, I said, "Fuck my mouth." He put it in. The height of the porch was perfect and even as big and surprisingly LONG as his dick was, he was able to get a good deep stroke in and out of my mouth, allowing me to deep throat him fully. He put a hand on my head and directed me up and down on his cock.

My PUSSY was dripping, running down my leg as he quickly began to CUM. I was frantically frigging my CUNT as I also squirted, spraying on his bare feet as I tried to swallow his first thick musky WAD of CUM. I pulled back and gripped his meat myself and let him watch me jack his nasty spunk on my face, inside my open mouth. Two or three thick ribbons fired out across my face, getting in one eye and into my hair, then another, thick and warm as I rubbed his fat head in it and smeared it and my make-up.

I told him to sit on the top step and pushing him back until he was lying on the rotten wood of the porch I tried to hurriedly mount him before he became flaccid. To my surprise he stayed HARD and I was able to get on top of him and guide his cock inside my cunt. I looked down at him as I rode his dick and could not believe I would even think about fucking this nasty, filthy person.

I got even more turned on as he grunted and moaned; I could smell him, his rancid body odor as I climaxed, pissing on him. I grinded my pelvis hard against him, his fat belly, hairy and gross and my CUNT squirting on him as I tried to milk more of his man-goo as he lie beneath me.

I knew Ray was watching, probably jacking off, as I leaned forward, and laying my bare breasts on him. I kissed him. I don't know why, maybe for my perverted husband, but I didn't just give him a peck, I kissed him passionately, working my tongue inside his mouth even sucking on his tongue as I fucked him like a lover. I had another climax and another.

I really wanted to let him fuck my ass hole but he was starting go limp so I got off of him and kneeling on one of the lower steps I cleaned his nasty dick with my mouth and tongue, licking my pussy juice off his cock and even licking my piss off of his belly. He had his feet on the lower step and rose up as I licked and sucked his balls and ball sac. I raised his heavy balls and I could smell his crotch, his ass, he reeked and I could not believe I was pulling his fat ass cheeks apart as he hunched higher for me to lick lower between his legs.

I knew he wanted me to eat out his asshole; I could tell as he raised his body and tried to thrust towards me. I licked, slobbered on my index finger and worked it in his puckered anus. I easily got it to the knuckle and he moaned as I finger-fucked his hairy ass. I tried two fingers but needed to wet them.

I hesitantly put BOTH fingers in my mouth, tasting his most vile parts; I sucked my fingers as he watched. I fucked him with my two wet fingers as he tried to roll over on his belly. With his knees now on the steps and his ass in the air I pulled his disgusting ass cheeks apart and licked him. He reached back with one hand to help hold his ass cheeks apart and I used my free hand to reach between his legs and grasp his dick, it was semi-hard! I licked more and forgetting my initial disgust I began to eat out his ass, tonguing his as deeply as I could, as I made his cock hard.

He rose up some and told me to squeeze and twist his dick. Make it hurt. I did, still eating out his shit hole. His cock seemed even bigger and harder than before as I abused him. He enjoyed the pain. But I wanted him in my own asshole as I struggled with his gross obese body, trying to turn him on his back.

I finally told him to lie on his back and pushing his legs together I again mounted him and reaching between my legs I found his hard cock. I lowered my ass closer to him and rubbed his cock head on my own puckered anus. Even as wet I was it was not enough so I slid two fingers inside my fuck hole and collected a dollop of his thick cream and smeared it on his dick, then another wad that I rubbed on my asshole and slowly wedged two fingers in.

Then more of his CUM again on his cock and guiding it to my target I was rubbing him against me. I got him inside, he seemed to get harder and I pushed down on his shaft. I gritted my teeth as I worked his thick meat inside my asshole. I smeared more of our cum and pussy juice on him, lubricating his thick shaft as I got him entirely inside my anus. I started to ride him and I cursed him, I belittled him as he reamed out my tight ass.

I talked nasty to him as I begged him to "FUCK MY ASS!" I let him lie there as I bounced on his dick. It was all for me as I rode him and fucked him. He felt sooo deep as he stayed hard, breathing hard, he sounded like Darth Vader as I began to piss and squirt. Like a major climax as I collapsed on him.

His mongrel dogs sniffed around as we lie there. With my eyes closed it was a startling jolt to the senses as I listened, past his heavy breathing, to the sounds of a springtime Saturday morning, children's voices, parents calling, dogs barking, even birds singing and tweeting as I lie atop this gross behemoth, his now limp dick wedged tightly inside my asshole. I did not want to open my eyes. I dreaded the long walk to my auto.

Lying still, neither of us moving as I heard one of the mutts began to lick some of my piss off of the steps. His dick still embedded inside my shit hole I knew the one last thing I had to do. Standing up I turned and looked at him lying there, gross, obese. His body rising from his labored breathing as he seemed to be passed out. Movement caught my eye as I looked to the doorway and saw an equally large figure in the shadows inside the trailer.

A new audience as I knelt on the steps and again licked and sucked, cleaning his shit dick. I tried to look up into the shadows as I seductively put on another blow job show for whomever was watching us, ME. I finally had enough.

I stepped off of the stairs and collected my stilettos as the person watched me. My fuck-me edge had long since disappeared and I was flooded with feelings of everything from fear to regret, disgust maybe a little shame as I once more stood naked in front of another. He stepped to the doorway and I saw a younger version of the pervert I had just fucked, even down to the boxers and the exposed hard cock.

I turned and hurriedly walked barefooted across the yard to the driveway as Ray pulled the car closer. Not even bothering to arrange my skirt or tank top, my teeny-tiny thong panties long gone as my abused pussy continued to leak thick clumps of CUM. I thought I heard someone call, but I dare not turn around. I know my weakness, I knew if I turned around I would go back, I knew my own perversions and my need to show myself, my sex, and to have sex.

I got in and finally looking back saw the old man sitting up on the porch as his younger clone stood next to him, his own thick meat hanging limply out the fly of his boxers.

Ray had this incredulous look on his face as I got in the car; shaking his head I noticed his own cock was still exposed. Putting the Honda in reverse, he momentarily braked and laughing, pointed at the two men. I smiled as the younger one bent down and picked up the "missing dog flyer" with Ray's ex-wife's phone number AND address on it!!

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