Per this morning's task, you've been asked to retrieve some old files that have been stored away in 'archived' storage. Unlike some grand library, archived storage is nothing but a room that is across the hall and is nothing more than gray metal shelves containing various boxes and filling cabinets. Mostly it's a menial task. However, your assignment requires great care to make certain that you've retrieve all the required documentation.

As your task progresses, you ignore the sound of the door as you're focused on your assignment and your eventual return to the world of the cubical dwellers. Needless to say, you pay no mind to the sound of footsteps around you, even when they are close by. Then, without warning, there's a hand over your mouth and arm around the waist.

The suddenness of this has caused you to jump, but your attacker has you tightly and there's very little you can do to resist him. He whispers, "Don't worry, we're alone" and slowly his grasp of your waist lessens as his hand moves from your belly, across your hip, below your waist line, down to your thighs and begun to reverse his path as he reaches into your crotch. Instinctively you're in a panic and you've drawn your legs together. However, once his hand brushes your thigh other sensations now compete with your panic. That sudden sigh and your breathing change has given yourself away.

His grasp of your mouth lessens as he whispers into your ear, "show me how you like it" and then his thumb is in your mouth. At the same time, his hand has gathered your panties and have torn them opened. Now you are exposed. Wide-eyed, you look around the room hoping that no one has entered.

In your wild fancies, you've wondered what it would be like to be taken and now it's happening. Without warning, you've been taken by a stranger and he's forcing his will on you. You would like to think that you recognize his voice, but his grasp of your chin doesn't permitt you turn your head and you have no idea to who he might be. Despite your initial reaction to free yourself, he's forced you against the wall and the motion of his fingers continue to persuade you as he begins to explore your mons and teases your lips. While you find yourself in a state of shock, your body begins to act quite differently as your legs begin to part and you are now bent at the waist to afford your assailant easier access. His whispers are soft and as he whispers, the heat of his breath is in your ear and your resistance continues to melt away.

With unbridled access, he squeezes your lips together so as to heighten your sensations and he's begun to penetrate your lips. As he begins to penetrate you, your mouth begins to suck upon his thumb and confirms his actions. Deftly, he pulls you closer to him and further from the wall. His erect cock is neatly pressing against your ass and you're bracing yourself with your out stretched arms. All the while the circles made by his fingers are working their magic and your breathing has begun to shorten.

Yes, the thrill is here, but you realize where you are. Just a few steps away, there's a professional office at work and who-knows-who could walk through that door. But your pussy is dripping wet isn't it? You clit is engorged and has begun to harden. When you stop sucking upon his thumb, he whispers, "Your close aren't you?" Again your body has given you away. But that isn't the only tell-tale sign is it? Your pussy is wet and the warmth its generating is intoxicating scents and you are waving between surrender and reality.

When you're eyes are half-shut, your hips are swaying and asking for more. When your eyes are opened, you're back in reality and are cognizant that the likelihood of being caught is just a few feet away. Mean while, you are asking, "who is he?" When wide-eyed, the other reality is in the forefront of your thoughts, "What if I give myself away?"

All those hours of self exploration and you know yourself all to well. Even with your various partners, when climaxing, your loud and passionate moaning has always proceeded your orgasm. Yes, you've implored every trick in the book. Bitten your lower lip, had you panties stuffed into your mouth, but nothing has worked and your loud moaning has always given you away. When the sensations from your belly and thighs have begun to overwhelm you, you cease sucking upon his thumb and enjoy the warmth that is generating from your pussy. Your breathing becomes quicker and more audible and he's now aware that you are approaching your edge.

"Shh" he whispers, "Do you want to give yourself away?" But you sense his deviate smile . . . his fingers continue as you realize that you are on the blink. You know you're close and yet there is fear in your eyes as they widen. "Damm," you think to yourself. What you've wished for is scaring you to death. The spasms are beginning on your inner thighs, but you are making every attempt to denying your pulsating pussy for fear of screaming out.

"Closer?" he asks as his hand returns to your mouth. "Will this help?"

Two fingers now deep in your pussy. Curved up and urging you closer. How your belly shakes . . . closer. He presses against your tighter, his hard cock rubbing your ass and coaxing you. Breathing franticly. "Dammit, dammit" you repeat as you bite your lip. You belly begins to buck and his hand tightens against our mouth, but you attempt to deny yourself . . . "Fuck! No. No. No" you respond to that burning.

"Give it up girl," he whispers as three fingers are inserted. Tears forming in your eyes as you are closer. Bent over, nearly head to toe, a feebly attempting to stifle your scream.

It's there! Screaming into his hand, like a wild animal breaking free. Face and chest flushed, you've climaxed as your eyes are focused upon the door. Squeezing your thighs together, he rushes away and abandons you in a puddle. Your fist pressed against your cunt enjoying that last pulsation all the while your eyes focused upon the door . . .

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