I watched Rachel's toned backside as she strode uphill, her shorts pulling tight with each step. It was a good view and I felt a tingle in my cock. I hitched my rucksack up; Rachel had put some extra things in it, lunch she said, and it felt heavy.

'Are you going to tell me where we're going?' I asked.

She patted the map that was tucked into her rucksack's waist belt. 'All in good time,' she said. 'But I promise you'll enjoy it.'

Rachel was like that. She knew what she was doing and she didn't need any reassurance from me. And that applied in the bedroom too. The thought of what I let her do to me sent a flush of heat through my pelvis. But she was bloody good with a map and compass as well and I trusted her to plan our hikes in the mountains. We might indulge in a little light bondage at home, but out here we were just a regular couple, saying a cheery hello to all the other walkers we passed.

Rachel stepped off the uphill path and began to follow the contours of the mountainside. I followed, onto the rough grass. It might have been a sheep track but no more. The sky was bright blue, with just a few wispy clouds. A perfect summer's day and not too hot yet. I could hear a skylark's shrill song but that was all. It was so peaceful.

The ground levelled out into a grassy plateau with a rocky stream tumbling through it. 'Let's stop here for a while,' Rachel said.

'All right, it must be time for a cuppa,' I replied.

'I have more in mind than a flask of coffee,' she said, winking. She was up to something and I felt a touch of irritation at her halting our walk on such a beautiful day. It must have shown in my face. She stepped over and stretched up to kiss me. I couldn't stay annoyed at her.

'I've brought us here because it's well off the path and no one has any reason to come here at all. Unless, like us, they want their own private bit of the great outdoors to play in. If you prefer, we can carry on walking and we'll eventually get back to the path and have a pleasant day out. Or, we can stay here and you can find out what you've been carrying in your rucksack and what I've been planning for you. I promise you will love it.'

That was always our deal when we played. I might be bigger and stronger than her but I did what I was told. In return, she looked after me. Though not without making me wait. I thought it was a good deal. I got all of the pleasure without any of the effort.

'Okay, let's stay here,' I said.

'Take your rucksack off and kneel down,' she told me. I did as I was ordered. The ground was cool and the knees of my cotton trousers felt dampened as the blades of grass were crushed beneath them.

She went behind me and I felt her pull at the bottom of my t-shirt. 'Arms up,' she said and she tugged it off over my head. I heard her rummaging in her bag. Then she drew a blindfold over my eyes and tightened it. My cock started to throb and I wondered what she had in store for me.

'Now stand up and take the rest of your clothes off,' she ordered. 'And try not to fall over.'

I did as I was told, bending to undo my laces. I didn't know where she was. The blindfold fitted well and I couldn't see a thing. I stumbled as I kicked off my boots and had to fight the urge to reach up and free my eyes. All I could hear was the stream gurgling. All I could feel was the warm sun and a gentle breeze on my bare skin.

As I stepped out of my boxers, I felt her lips on my chest. She kissed and nibbled, then gave one nipple a tweak with her teeth. I gasped.

'I've not even started yet,' she said softly, her breath on my skin. She brushed her hand across my hard cock and it bobbed in response.

She moved away and I stood there, not knowing where she was or what she was doing. A shiver ran through me. But it was not from the breeze. I felt alone and vulnerable, standing naked out here in the open. What if someone did come this way?

'Rachel?' I said quietly. I was almost ready to tear away the blindfold and call off the game.

'Shh,' she said. Her voice was right there in front me. 'I want you to lie down on your back and put your arms up above your head,' she said.

I hesitated for a moment. 'I can see you're not sure,' Rachel said. And suddenly my cock was in her mouth. I groaned. Her tongue ran gently around its head and she sucked, teasingly. Then she was gone.

I lay down, as ordered. I wanted her to be in control. Of my body, my senses, my sensations. I needed to give up my whole being to her.

The ground was cool, and hard. I felt her hands on mine. She wrapped something tight around each wrist and I felt a tug on each arm as she pulled them apart and somehow anchored them to the ground. I pulled, testing the strength of my bonds. They held.

'I think the trick is in the angle,' Rachel said. Suddenly, she pulled the blindfold away. I blinked and turned my head to the side. The bright sky was blinding. Rachel stepped over my body, one foot on each side, blocking some of the light so I could look up at her. She held two aluminium tent pegs in her hand. 'I've angled them so you can't pull them out of the ground. Not from the direction you're pulling in anyway.'

I pulled again. They didn't budge. 'Good,' she said. And she took two more lengths of webbing and wrapped them around my ankles. 'Shimmy down,' she said. I knew what she wanted. I wiggled down so my body was stretched taut. She pulled on my ankles, moving my legs until I was spread-eagled. She fixed the straps down with the pegs, pushing them into the ground with her boot.

She took a narrow rope and knelt down by my side. My chest heaved with anticipation as I realised what she was doing. She looped it round my balls and twisted it tight. I winced. She wound it round the base of my cock, trapping all that hot blood that was throbbing inside it.

'Tell me how you feel,' she ordered, standing back. I stared up into the vast blue sky and felt very small and very exposed.

'Er, very turned on but a little apprehensive,' I said.

'You can do better than that,' she said. She always made me tell her how I felt when she had tied me up. It added to the humiliation. To have to voice for her my desire to surrender, to be toyed with and teased, to have my body used and abused.

'How do you feel?' she asked.

I thought about it. 'I'm worried someone will come,' I said quietly. 'And then again, I don't care if they do because I want this so much. I'm scared at being stretched out here, helpless. But I'm glad I'm tied down, because if I wasn't I feel like I might float off into that big blue sky. I'm excited about finding out what you're going to do to me now you've got me like this. My cock is screaming, it's so hard. And there's a stone digging into my buttock.'

She knelt down beside me and trailed a finger down the centre of my torso. My body arched to meet her light touch. 'No one's going to come,' she said, reassuringly. 'Although there might be a few spy satellites up there watching you. As for what I'm going to do to you, you'll find out in good time. First I'm going to have that coffee. Oh, and you'll have to put up with the stone. That's the great outdoors for you.'

And she went. I turned my head to see her bending over her bag and pulling out a flask. She sat on a flat rock by the stream and calmly sipped coffee, gazing out over the hillside. I didn't dare to speak again, to ask her for a drink. We had a few rules, and one was that I didn't speak unless she told me to. If I did, she gagged me. I wondered if she had brought a gag.

But I didn't speak. I gazed up at the little cotton wool clouds and wondered if some MI5 computer geek was focusing in on me. On my erect pink cock standing out from the green and grey of the mountain.

My arms and legs were well stretched out so that although I could shift my weight a little, I couldn't move off the stones and lumps and bumps that were starting to dig into my shoulder blades and arse. As I wriggled in expectation of what Rachel would do, I let out a moan.

'Still awake are you?' she asked, putting the top back on the flask. 'I'd better make sure.' She bent over the stream and filled a water bottle. Then she leaned over me and tipped up the bottle, trickling water over my chest. I cried out. 'Oh yes, still awake.'

The water was icy. She concentrated the trickle on one nipple and it burned with the cold. I could feel goosebumps emerging on my chest. She stopped, knelt and licked my nipple instead. Her tongue felt so hot. I gasped as she bit it, sensitised by the changing temperatures. Then she turned her attention to my cock.

'You've been dribbling,' she said. 'You need a good wash.' And she poured the icy stream over the tip, aiming it directly on the slit where my pre-cum had been oozing. Water dribbled down the sides of my belly, making me shiver. I realised I'd been holding my breath and gasped for air, my breath stuttering with the shock of the cold liquid.

Suddenly her mouth was around me. Her hot, soft lips caressed my shaft, tongue playing over my frozen tip. I thrust my pelvis up as far as I could, straining against the straps to meet her. And just as suddenly, she was gone again.

She stood up and looked down at me. I turned my head to the side, trying to bury my face into my shoulder, groaning as my body writhed with desire. I wanted to beg her to fuck me. But I managed to say nothing, wanting to know what she would do to me next. I was sure she would have some way of prolonging the agonising wait for satisfaction.

I looked up as she started to move. She took off her t-shirt and bra and I admired her round breasts, longing to suck those firm nipples. She undid her shorts and slid them down, along with her knickers. She left her hiking boots on. Presumably she didn't want any of these little stones digging in her feet. She slid a finger down through her dark pubic hair and into the crack where I hoped she was wet and longing for me as much as I wanted her.

'Would you like me to sit on your face?' she asked. There was only one possible answer.

'Yes,' I groaned, as she lowered herself. She knelt so I could suck her clitoris and push my tongue into her cunt. The taste of sweat from our walk in the heat was delicious. She dropped lower and I struggled for breath. Even then I wanted her closer. I wanted her warm, swollen folds to smother me. Above me, her breasts bobbed as she wiggled onto me. I whimpered just a little as she pressed herself hard onto my face. My mouth was forced open. Filled with her flesh. Her cunt was my entire world. But I was desperate for breath and I started to panic.

She saw it in my eyes and lifted. Just enough to free my nose for a gasping breath in. And to free my tongue to swirl around her clit. I played over it, chasing it as it danced away.

'Oh god, that's good,' she said, letting her head drop back. 'Too good.' And she lifted herself away. She slithered down and brushed her open mouth across mine, her nipples sliding against my chest before she stood up. 'Tell me how you feel now,' she said.

'Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,' I groaned, finally allowed to break my silence. 'Oh god, I need you. I need you so much. I love you. Oh fuck...' I babbled, my body out of control, pulling against my restraints, the straps cutting into my skin. Even my balls struggled against the rope tying them tight. 'I love you,' I whined. 'I love you. I want you.'

I looked up into her eyes. She smiled and lifted her arms to pull her dark hair away from her neck and shoulders. I moaned. She sat down on her rock and sipped water, crossing her naked legs so I couldn't see what it was I wanted so much. My breathing slowed slightly as she sat there so calmly. I relaxed my arms and legs into my bonds, easing the pressure where the straps had been cutting into me. I moaned again, a whimper of despair as my body craved hers.

'You're making rather a lot of noise,' Rachel said. I groaned. 'I think you need to be punished for it. Let's see how much noise you can really make.'

I didn't know what she meant. But despite my urgent desire for her to fuck me, I was eager to find out.

'I haven't planned your whipping in detail,' she said. 'I had to see what was available. I can see a patch of nettles. But maybe some twigs from that willow would be better. Then there's the issue of position. As you are, I would have to whip your thighs and chest. Or I could turn you over and whip your ass and shoulders. But if I unpeg you, you'd have to promise to be good and take it.'

Rachel had only whipped me once before. And that was just a week ago. I still had bruises on my backside where the new riding crop had thrashed into me. She had bent me over the dining table, my face pressed into the wooden surface, my wrists and elbows bound tight behind my back. She had beaten me as I howled. For more. For mercy. For more.

'You decide,' she said.

I closed my eyes as I tried to relive the moments as each stroke had sent a wave of pure ecstasy right up my spine to explode in my brain. Willow,' I whispered. 'On the ass.'

'As you wish,' she said. She took a pocket knife out of her bag and went over to the shrubby willow growing on the bank of the stream. She sliced through the fine twigs, bunching them in her hand. Reaching back into her bag, she took out a roll of electrical tape. She wound it around the bunch of twigs to create a handle. I was suddenly frightened. I had no idea how this would feel.

'Remember,' Rachel said, 'if you really want me to stop you know what to say. But you won't get what you want either.' My full name. That was the safe word we'd decided on. James Michael Blake. I was determined not to say it.

Rachel took a spare tent peg and hooked it under one of those pinning my arms down. The strap briefly pulled tighter against my wrist as she yanked it out at the correct angle. I barely had strength to move my aching arm as she freed the other one. She pushed me up into a sitting position, my legs still spread apart, my cock and balls still tightly bound. I was stiff and my shoulders hurt.

Rachel kissed my back as I hunched over trying to ease some of the tension that had built up. She rubbed my arms. Then she drew them behind my back and tied the straps around my wrists together. I tried to put my hands down behind me to hold myself up but my muscles gave way. Rachel eased me back to the ground, my hands pinned beneath me so they pushed my hips up.

'Oh god, Rachel, oh god, I'm so, I...' I couldn't stay silent. But I was incoherent. I couldn't think. I was a whimpering mass of sensations. My torso twisted and writhed uncontrollably.

'Talk again and I'll gag you,' Rachel snapped. 'Although I'd rather hear your cries as I whip your ass. My cunt is dripping at the thought of it.'

She pulled out the pegs trapping my ankles and I eased my stiff legs up, bending my knees and rolling onto my side, off my sore arms. I wanted to moan and babble but didn't want to be gagged for what was to come. I pressed my lips together and forced my fast breaths through my nose.

Rachel yanked at the strap between my wrists and she had me on my front, knees tucked up under me, one cheek pressed into the damp grass, arms hanging helpless at the small of my back. My ass was high, expectant. She tied the straps at my ankles together.

I shuddered as I felt the tips of the willow twigs brush down my spine. She ran them lightly over my butt cheeks, then down the crack of my ass. My thighs tensed, pushing my backside higher. I closed my eyes.


The blow stung. My body lurched, pressing my face harder into the damp grass. I pressed my lips together but grunted deep in my throat.


I opened my mouth and let out a muffled cry. My butt cheeks burned. I struggled to hold my position.

Rachel thrashed me over and over. I yelled out as each blow hit my raw flesh until I was crying in pain and it was so good I could have come just from the whipping if my balls hadn't been tied up so tight. I lost count of the number of times she whipped me. My mind was soaring away into the blue. I felt free despite my bonds. My very being was being stripped to its core.

And in one smooth motion, Rachel pushed me onto my back, slipped open the knot binding my cock and balls and slid onto me. Her warm cunt enveloped my exposed cock. She grounded my soaring body.

She rubbed her clitoris as she slowly moved up and down on my shaft. But I couldn't wait. And she knew it. She pumped herself against me faster and I let go, thrusting into her and filling her with my cum. My tied arms tensed beneath me, thrusting my torso off the ground as my balls emptied. I felt her cunt tense around me, squeezing out every last drop, as she climaxed.

She clambered off me and pushed me over so she could reach behind me to free my wrists. I lay on the hard ground, weak and still. She rubbed where the straps had dug into me. She undid my ankles. Then she lay down beside me, took me in her arms and held me close, gently stroking my hair as I tried to recover the ability to move. Or even to think coherently.

'I don't want to rush you,' she whispered in my ear. 'But I can hear voices coming our way.'

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