tagNonConsent/ReluctanceExposed and Helpless

Exposed and Helpless


The day was finally here. He had spent a week making preparations, followed by a week of waiting. Now, as he sped down the highway, Dan could feel his insides tremble. Was he going too far with Beth? Was he moving too fast? Sharing their fantasies was one thing, but would she really choose to act them out? Dan had something planned for Beth that amounted to sexual overload. Now he was afraid it might turn out to be more than she could handle. She might end up feeling angry and used.

They hadn't known each other long. Three weeks ago, Dan had read a story that Beth had submitted to an internet sex-story site. It was a very hot story about a couple making it in a movie theater. He had decided to send her an email, and then had been inspired to write a story of his own. Their stories had left them both horny and longing for more. So Dan had talked Beth into taking the next step -- meeting him for a drink.

That first "date" had been a revelation for each of them. They had both been nervous at first, Beth particularly so. What was she thinking going out with a man she had met through an internet sex site? He could be a complete freak, or a stalker. Instead, Dan had turned out to be a rather good-looking man, an intelligent professional, and a man who seemed to know how to treat a woman. He was polite, not aggressive. And he seemed genuinely interested in getting to know her better.

For his part, Dan was immediately taken by Beth. She was beautiful and spoke with a mix of shyness and confidence. Most important to him, she was both intelligent and open-minded -- two of the sexiest attributes a woman could have as far as Dan was concerned.

By the end of that night, they had held hands and then had kissed (an exquisite kiss, they both thought), but that was as far as they had gone. After all, there was no need to rush things.

It was on the second date that they had rushed things... Once again they had met for drinks. Afterwards, Dan had walked Beth to her car. They had sat in the car, talked and kissed, and somehow the sexual tension had gotten the better of both of them. Neither could have said exactly how it started, but they ended up making love right there on the front seat, with Beth on top and Dan pounding up into her. With the car rocking, the two had reached a rather loud and simultaneous crescendo. Then, when Dan and Beth looked up, they found two guys outside the steamed windows enjoying the live sex show they had just been provided. Hurriedly, Dan and Beth had straightened their clothes, waved at the guys, and gotten the hell out of there. A few blocks down the road they had had to pull over -- the two of them were laughing too hard to continue.

That had been the whole history of Beth & Dan's love life - the two dates coupled with a number of very hot and revealing emails. They hadn't spent more than a few hours together at most. Both were convinced, however, that when it came to eroticism they had a great deal in common. Each had an exhibitionist streak, excited by the prospect of being seen. Each tended to be a little submissive, enjoying the role of Slut, but they also enjoyed playing the dominant role now and again. Each of them got turned on by a little pain with their pleasure. Both loved to please their partners, and both were adventurous. Hell, sex needed some adventure, didn't it?

That was why Beth had agreed to take a chance. She had decided to let Dan plan a sexual adventure for her. She had promised that she would not back out, and would do whatever he asked. The offer had required a great deal of bravery on her part, and now she was more than a little scared. She would be vulnerable, and she didn't really know him that well. Her mind had begun running wild with possible scenarios, imagining the things he might do to her. Yes, she would be vulnerable, and it made her pussy wet every time she thought of it. Now the time had arrived, and Beth was more afraid than ever.

"You're not too frightened, are you," Dan said as Beth got into the car?

"Hell yes, I'm frightened! You just better remember that 'Stop' means 'Stop.' Also you should know that if I'm not home by tomorrow, my friend has information about how to track you down."

"You are scared!" Dan said. He sat for a moment without starting the car. "Look. I understand why you're scared. You're taking a chance on me. I appreciate what you're doing. Also, I think it was a sensible thing to tell your friend. I would have done the same thing in your position. I just want you to know that what I'm doing, what we're going to do today, is all for you. I want you to enjoy it, and if you're not enjoying it, even for a second, just tell me to stop and I will stop."

"Now I'm really scared," Beth said half joking. But his words had calmed her a little. She would take the chance. She had made up her mind.

As Dan started the car and drove off, they held hands, both of them feeling comfortable in the presence of the other and excited by the prospect of whatever lay ahead. Beth, of course, was dying to ask him details, but he had made it clear numerous times that she would just have to wait and see.

Eventually Dan broke the silence. They were turning off onto another road and he said, "It's an absolutely beautiful day, so I've decided we should start with a walk in the woods. I've brought along a picnic."

"That sounds nice," Beth replied, genuinely surprised. It was a beautiful day, close to 80 degrees, and she liked the idea of walking outdoors. Still, she was wondering what else he had in store for her.

She wondered where they were going, but her question was soon answered. Two signs were ahead, one pointing the way to a High School on the right, the other indicating that a state park lay straight ahead. They continued straight, going into the park about half a mile before parking the car in a lot.

"Before we get out I'd like you to remove your bra and underwear," Dan said without preamble. After a moment of hesitation, Beth complied. She had followed Dan's instructions to wear a skirt, a sheer blouse and a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Now, she slid her panties down her legs and without removing her shirt completely, managed to pull her arms inside the shirt and remove her bra. She took both the bra and the panties and threw them on the floor of the car.

Dan got out, opened the trunk, and took out a large backpack. Then, taking Beth's hand, he led her to a path leading into the woods.

The two enjoyed a leisurely stroll down the hiking trail. Beth was particularly enjoying the warm breezes as they stirred over her body. Since she was wearing a short skirt and thin blouse, without the constraints of bra and underwear, the breezes felt delicious. It was one of the things that had always fueled her exhibitionism -- the wonderful sensation of warm sun and cool air on her naked skin.

The path they were on led to a small lake, and before long they were circling the lake. On the far side, Dan came to a stop and set his backpack down. He had brought Beth to a wide circle of grass with a nice view overlooking the lake. From the backpack he removed a large blanket, which he spread on the grass. Then he had Beth lay down on it.

"We're here to feed you, and you're not to use your hands," he said. With that, he removed a picnic basket from the backpack, lay down next to her, and began feeding her fruits and berries, crackers, cheese and wine. It was all delicious and Beth just lay there, basking in the attention. The sun felt delightfully warm on her body, particularly when Dan gently unbuttoned her blouse exposing her skin to the filtered rays. He dragged a cool strawberry down her chin to the tip of her breast, making her tingle all over. Then, his fingers reached under her skirt and circled her clit ever so gently as he fed her some grapes. Later, he took the time to feed himself. He feasted on her body -- kissing and nibbling her delicate skin from head to toe. But each time she would reach for him, he would have her return her hands to her sides. His touch and the feel of the breeze on her soaking wet pussy kept adding fuel to her desires. He was driving her crazy!

"I want you to fuck me," she softly pleaded.

"Not so fast," he told her, "we have the whole afternoon ahead of us. Also, you've agreed to do as I tell you. Now, I want you to get up."

She stood and he removed the unbuttoned blouse. Then Dan removed the skirt that had been pushed up around her waist. Beth now stood before him naked and exposed to the world. Her shyness and defenses, for the moment, had been set aside just like her clothes. She stood naked before him, his to command. For Beth, this freedom of letting go, of relinquishing control, was more than just a metaphysical experience -- it was something akin to impending orgasm.

Dan now started leading Beth out of the grassy area, carrying the backpack but leaving the blanket, the food and her clothes behind. She felt a moment's hesitation, vulnerable as she was; but there seemed to be no one in this part of the park, so without a word she followed him. Down the path they walked, and then off the path and into the woods. When Dan stopped, it was in front of a rope contraption that hung from the trees. It was a hammock of sorts, and then Beth realized what it was designed for.

"I made this for you," Dan told her. "I'd like to put you in it."

With that, he lifted Beth up into the rope swing. It took some moments to position her properly. When he was finished, she was in a semi-sitting position. Her ass extended through the ropes at waist height, her legs were spread above her head, and she was a woman waiting to be used. Dan thought that he had never seen anything so beautiful in his life. He now walked behind her, lifting one of her arms, and before she knew it her wrist had been immobilized with a Velcro strap. Now he did the same with the other arm, and she made no effort to stop him.

With Beth's arms tied above and behind her head, Dan kissed her lips. "Don't be afraid my love," he said. "Everything I do is for you."

He now took more Velcro straps from his backpack, fastening her legs to the outer ropes of the makeshift hammock. Then reaching into his backpack one more time, he produced a blindfold, which he placed over her eyes.

"Oh my God," Beth said. The reality of her situation was beginning to sink in. She was as defenseless as a woman could be, naked, tied up, and spread wide in the great outdoors. She could hear the birds and bugs, and could feel the breeze on her wet cunt and ass, but she could see nothing. Then she heard Dan walking away.

"Wait. Please!" Her tone was almost frantic.

"Don't worry sweet thing. I'm not going far, and I'll be right back. Trust me." And with that, the footsteps continued until they faded away.

Beth now was hanging naked and alone. Her ears strained trying to pick out the sounds in the surrounding forest. What if someone came? Why is Dan doing this? Her fears began to mount. Finally, as she began to test the strength of her bonds, she heard the footsteps returning. "Dan?"

Dan hesitated for a moment, almost feeling sorry for her as he heard the note of panic in her voice. "Don't worry, baby, it's only me," he said. "I never lost sight of you, and I'm going to take good care of you. I'm here to protect you." He kissed her and began to run his hands over her face, stomach, breasts, and legs. He could feel the fear begin to leave her body. Then, as he stroked gently between her pussy lips, she began to make soft moaning sounds, arching her back to meet his hand.

For Beth, the blackness of the blindfold was heightening each sensation. Unable to focus her eyes on anything, she focused all her attention on her nerve endings. Her whole body, it seemed, was straining to reach Dan's touch. She could feel her juices dripping down her ass, and each touch of Dan's hand brought a new moan of pleasure. He was teasing her mercilessly, and soon his tongue began flicking her pussy. He started gently swinging her in her perch, and each time she gently swung towards him, his tongue would enter her hole as his face bumped up against her clit. His actions kept taking her higher, but wouldn't allow her release. He began softly lapping at her clit. A moment later, he was thrusting his fingers in her cunt as he pulled on one of her nipples. The sensation in her nipple lingered even as his hand slid down her belly and the finger in her pussy was matched by another in her ass.

By now, Beth was moaning with abandon and yearning for release. She began begging for Dan to fuck her. Over and over she begged him until she felt his hands on her thighs and the tip of his cock brushing against her drenched opening. She wanted to thrust herself down, impale herself on his dick, but she had no leverage, no control. The control was all his, and he was teasing her -- telling her that they were going to take it slow -- pushing only a short way into her hole before pulling back out. Then the realization hit her. She felt too many hands on her body.

Beth's mind came back into focus. There was a hand on her cunt, swirling around her clit. There was a hand on one of her breasts, rolling her nipple between the fingers. She felt two hands on her legs, as Dan maneuvered his cock into her pussy. "Was it Dan whose cock she was feeling?" she suddenly wondered. But there was no time to think. Lips were pressing hard on her mouth. "Who was it? How many people were here?"

Beth had no time to consider what was happening. The sensations were too much, and her mind was too lost in them to process the needed information. Unable to choose a response, her body was choosing for her. She moaned loudly as the hands pinched her nipples and stimulated her clit. "Yes, fuck me! Take me; fuck me," she began to beg.

As the orgasm rose within her, there was a hand on each of her breasts. A finger was pushing its way into her asshole. The cock that moments ago had been teasing her so gently, was now pounding hard into her cunt. At least two more hands were right there with it, playing with her clit and with the soaking wet lips of her pussy. It was all too much.

Beth's orgasm hit her like a nuclear meltdown. Her nerves became a shock wave of blinding heat and light radiating out from the center of her core. The explosion within her expanded until she could no longer tell where she left off and the outside world began. The explosion didn't want to stop. The rush just kept on coming until she nearly passed out. Hearing the sound of something between a scream and a moan, she realized it was her own voice that was crying out.

When her body could take no more, the waves of orgasm began to recede. It left Beth hanging there helpless and spent. Her surrender was now complete. Her body hung limply and her flesh shook with each slap of the dick that continued to pound her. She felt two or three fingers that were now rammed into her ass, but her ass was accepting. Her holes felt wide open, her body helpless. She was fucked without mercy. It was wonderful. One nipple was being twisted and stretched, and then, suddenly, someone bit down hard on the other. And just that quickly, Beth began spiraling upwards towards another orgasm.

Whoever was biting on her tit, bit down harder and the pain shot straight to her cunt. The orgasm exploded within her and Beth let out yet another moan, her body too spent to scream. She felt a mouth kiss her bottom lip; the cock began slamming ever harder. Her flesh was being slapped so hard she could hear the sound echoing back at her from the trees. She whimpered, as the waves of orgasm washed through her, and felt a sudden pressure as the cock let loose with a stream of cum inside her.

In a moment, it was over. The cock withdrew from her body, and the hands and mouths left her. She heard the sound of footsteps as they receded into the forest, and then all was silence.

This time, Beth was not afraid. Instead, she hung there limply, stunned by her experience. Her breath gradually returned to normal as the air washed over her body, cooling the sweat and the cum. The serenity of the forest seemed undisturbed until she felt a bug land on her inner thigh and begin crawling towards her pussy. Helpless against this new intruder, she could only lay there as the goosebumps rose on her flesh.

Now footsteps were returning -- only one person this time, she was almost sure of it. "Hi baby," she heard Dan's voice as he lifted the blindfold from her eyes. He kissed Beth deeply, and she felt a wonderful sense of joy. Then he loosened her bindings and lifted her in his arms. It was good that he was there to hold her. For a moment, Beth could hardly stand. Then, standing there naked in the woods, she took him in her arms and kissed him, and held him, and kissed him some more.

"The boys from the High School wanted me to thank you," Dan said. "I think they really enjoyed themselves."

"Oh my God," Beth said with undisguised shock. "I guess I did too," she finally added. The grin on her face told it all.

"They said they wanted to fuck you, but I told them they'd have to wait until I had a chance to ask you first."

"Just give me a week or so to recover, and I'll think about it," Beth said with a laugh as they walked hand-in-hand towards her clothes.

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