tagLoving WivesExposed and Loving It

Exposed and Loving It

byWater man©

After 10 years of marriage my wife and I still have a very active and satisfying sex life. We have both been creative in finding new twists to our love play and new places to make it more exciting. One of our favorites is finding cabins with outdoor hot tubs. We live in Colorado, which is hot tub country so there is never any shortage of places to go.

Some of the cabins have private hot tubs and when they were available we would take full advantage and enjoy a lengthy session of foreplay before heading to the bed for the "main event". If it were a public hot tub we would usually find a time when we had it to ourselves and keep our swimsuits close in case someone joined us. On one of these trips I discovered my wives tendency toward exhibitionism. She had always enjoyed taking off her clothes and when we started dating it was common for her to greet me at the door to her apartment in the nude and suggest we stay in for the night. I noticed that when she did this she would open the door and stand there not hiding behind the door like you might expect her to do. I lived in an older neighborhood in a house I bought when I was still single.

On one occasion we drove into my driveway after a date and were met by my next door neighbor, Ted who started telling me about some animal that had wandered into the yard while we were gone. Anne excused herself and went inside. After a few minutes I heard her calling "Oh John" from the front porch and was amazed to see my girlfriend standing completely nude under the porch light twirling her panties on her finger. Ted gasped and mumbled something about single life, turned to me and said,

"It looks like you've got your hands full tonight". He laughed and went back to his house.

Ted told the whole neighborhood, of course, and I was a local hero for weeks. At least I was a hero to the husbands, not the wives.

After Ted left I ran to the porch and scooped Anne up in my arms and carried her into the house.

"You're going to get me in trouble with the neighbors if you’re not careful. Ted sure got an eyeful."

"Well I'm sure he's seen a naked woman before."

"Yes", I replied "but not on my front porch."

Anne laughed and said, "OK, next time I'll stick to the backyard."

It was a summer trip to Steamboat Springs that I realized my wife liked to be nude and didn't mind being seen in the nude. We were staying in a cabin at a resort on the edge of town. There were several outdoor hot tubs for the guests and we had one right in front of our cabin. It was on the edge of the resort and was not used very often by other guests. One evening we returned late from partying in town and Anne suggested we jump into the hot tub. There was no one else in the tub and it looked like everyone had gone to bed. Thinking we had privacy we slipped off our suits and threw them on one of the chairs. Colorado is very liberal about such things as hot tub nudity and it was not unusual to see a group of nude people using the tubs. But this was a family resort and we were disappointed to see a "No Nudity" sign by the tubs when we checked in.

Anne settled into my lap with her back to me and pulled my arms around her. She took my hands and placed them on her tits and asked for a little massage. We were having a good time relaxing in the tub. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and she started moaning softly, squirming a little in my lap. I let my right hand wander down her stomach and began to slowly rub her upper thighs and that beautiful mound of pleasure I loved so much. I brushed my fingers over her labia and she automatically spread her legs for me to have better access to her pleasure point. Slowly I rubbed my fingers on her labia and slid two fingers gently into her wonderful little pussy. I concentrated on her clit and very slowly massaged around and on it in a manner that I knew she loved so much. It was not unusual for our foreplay to go on for an hour or more. We both loved it and always took our time.

Anne really started getting excited and cooed " God, baby, it feels sooo good."

After 10 minutes of this she was really getting close and asked me to eat her. She sat on the edge of the tub with her back to the woods so she could see anyone that might walk up. The air was cool but this just stimulated her more. I began to work my tongue into her sweet pussy as she draped her legs over my shoulders. I worked her clit with my tongue as she leaned farther back and let me work my magic.

“Bring me up slowly and keep me there, Baby, I'm really ready for this tonight."

After 10 years of marriage I knew just what she liked and gave her a really good licking. I could feel her getting more and more aroused. Her clit was rock hard and she was grinding her hips into my mouth. She loved oral sex and it was not unusual for her to have two or three orgasms. All of a sudden she grabbed my head and started to cry out in passion. I was afraid someone would hear but I wasn't about to stop. She came hard and stayed up quite a while bucking and grinding with pleasure.

"Jesus, Honey, that was great." She slid back into the tub and stretched out to relax. "That one definitely made the top ten list."

"I hope we're not disturbing you."

The voice was close and it startled me. Like a kid that got caught stealing cookies I was a little embarrassed. Two young men in their early twenties walked up to the tub.

"Can we join you?" one of them asked.

"Sure," my wife said.

Both boys were grinning from ear to ear. I wondered what they had seen and how long they had been in the shadows. I whispered into my wives ear that I should get our suits and she just said.

"It's a little late now, lets just stay as we are."

I really didn't mind and knew the boys wouldn't. Anne cuddled up next to me and made some small talk with them. Her tits bobbed in and out of the water and even with the bubbles the boys were getting an eyeful. She made no attempt to stay low in the water and seemed to enjoy the boys looking at her. My wife and I never had children (my Fault) and her body was still quite beautiful. Aerobics classes and sensible eating (food that is) kept her weight within five pounds of what she weighed when we got married.

It was all I could do to keep from laughing at the boys. They were in a trance with their eyes fixed on my wife’s tits and trying desperately to keep up with her conversation. I was surprised to realize that I enjoyed them looking at Anne. It was almost a source of pride but it also turned me on. By this time I had a raging hard on. Performing oral sex on Anne always got me steamed up but the boys staring at her seemed to stimulate me even more. My wife's hand had been tickling the inside of my thighs and she moved it up slightly to take hold of my cock. She started to work it up and down and gave me a big smile.

"Maybe we should go inside. I think the boys have had enough of a show for one night and I want to show you how much I enjoyed my little session."

"I'm ready, let’s go. I'll get you a towel."

I stepped out of the tub and turned so the boys wouldn't see my huge erection. I picked up a towel and turned to hand it to Anne. She had stepped from the tub and was standing in the moonlight next to me, not waiting for the towel to cover her. She took her towel and began to dry off giving the boys a great show. She was absolutely gorgeous standing there in the moonlight and she knew exactly the effect she was having on the two boys and me. She took my arm and led me toward the cabin making no attempt to cover herself.

When we got inside she told me to sit on the couch. She took the towel and folded it several times, it made a nice pad for her knees and she knelt in front of me. She was giving me that sexy, I'm going to fuck your brains out smile that I loved so much.

"I think you made a couple of conquests out there. They couldn't take their eyes off you."

She took my cock in her hand and started to slide it up and down. I was so turned I had to make her stop to keep from coming.

"They got a real show when you were eating me." She said.

"You saw them?" I asked.

"They walked up as I was about to cum so I wasn't about to stop you. When I saw them it sent me over the edge and I was amazed how great my orgasm was and how long it lasted. I think that getting caught like that turned on a switch that hadn't been turned on before. Seeing them standing there made me blush all over and I really enjoyed the feeling."

“Does this mean you'll be moonlighting in some strip joint?" I asked grinning.

"Of course not but it was interesting. You know I have always loved taking my clothes off. Does this bother you?"

"Not at all, Hon, if it turns you on I'm all for it, you know I've never been the jealous type."

"There's no reason for jealousy, honey, they can look but only you can touch"

"Now just lean back and enjoy." She said. "I'm going to give you head as good as you gave me."

Her head moved down to my cock and she licked the tip with her tongue removing all my pre-come which was substantial by this time. She licked around the head and gave it wet kisses. The sensation was amazing and I could see she was enjoying giving me such a great time. It was one of the many things I loved about her, she loves sex as much as I do and brings to it the enthusiasm of an 18-year-old. She took me in her mouth and started to work on the ridge of my circumcised penis. I never cared for deep throat action preferring to have her concentrate on the tip where the real stimulation is. She knew this, of course, and had learned over the years exactly how I like it the most.

"I won't last long, Babe, I've been really turned on for some time."

"That's OK Hon, just relax and let me know when you’re ready so I can make it good for you. I don't want to miss a drop."

That surprised me. She usually didn't like me to come in her mouth. She would do it but she preferred for me to get in her when I came. She picked up her rhythm and sucked the head like a Popsicle. Her mouth was bobbing up and down on my shaft while she sucked away. The sensation was incredible and I lay may head back and told her I was about to cum. She then started moving faster and faster on the top two inches of my cock, licking the underside of the tip with her tongue without opening her mouth. I started to cum and flooded her mouth. She didn't even slow down and soon I was begging her to stop. The sensation was too much and I couldn't take it any more. She stopped and gave me that pretty smile of hers.

"Felt good, didn't it?" She asked.

"Of course it did but this one was really incredible."

"One of these days I'm going to tie you up so you can't stop me when you cum. I want to see what you do if I continue after you want me to stop."

"I would probably never walk again." We both laughed.

We had been home for several weeks and I took advantage of every opportunity to talk to her about our hot tub experience in Steamboat. She said she enjoyed being seen nude but didn't think she would enjoy a nudist resort. She thought it would be too impersonal and sterile. The strip club idea was out. She hated the thought of a bunch of drunken guys reaching for her. Anne is a nurse and had lots of young friends that she worked with. Some of them were pretty wild and threw some great parties. We went whenever we were invited and always enjoyed watching the action at these events.

"I think the Hawaiian Pool party that Dr. Ahmed throws every year is coming up. I'll make sure we get invited, there may at least be an opportunity to go skinny-dipping. Last year the whole group was swimming nude by the end of the party."

I told her that sounded like fun and was looking forward to it. I didn't tell her but the more I thought of it the more I really looked forward to it.

Finally it came. The party was on for the next weekend at the Doctors house and the word among the nurses was that they intended to make it as wild as last year. Anne checked out her bikini and it still fit fine. She modeled it for me and she looked fantastic in it. The dress for the party was grass skirts and flower leis. The Doctor has flower leis made by a local florist for the ladies every year. The men wear the cheap plastic ones. She bought a little grass skirt at a novelty store made out of paper. It was a little long so she took scissors and cut it short enough to barely cover her as long as she didn't bend over.

"It's a good thing you'll be wearing a suit under that." I joked.

"Do I have to wear something under it?" She looked at me and smiled. I'd almost forgotten.

I was excited as we left for the party. Anne looked so beautiful in that Polynesian outfit with the flower over her ear and that short grass skirt. I thought I looked stupid. Men just weren't meant to wear grass skirts. I was a little surprised that she had her bikini on underneath. She told me that she didn't want to be the first to go "native" under the skirt, but she might be the second. Anyway, she said, sometimes it's more fun to take my bikini off at the right time than just go without it from the beginning. She was right, if there was anything I love more than seeing her take off her clothes; it's taking them off for her.

The Doctors house was impressive. Three stories tall with manicured grounds and a large pool in the back. The pool area had a tall privacy fence around it that was masterfully camouflaged with vines and greenery giving it a tropical look. The pool had a pool house next to it and Anne said to keep my eye on it later in the party. As the party heats up, that’s where the action is, she told me.

"How do you know all this?" I asked.

"Are you kidding? This party is all the girls talk about for months. Remember that little blonde nurse Michele? She had a crush on that new intern. At the last party she invited him into the pool house for a blowjob and ended up making him and two other guys that wandered in very happy men. The other girls were complaining that they hogged the pool house for half the night." I was going to love this party.

The good Doctor stood up on a chair in the backyard and welcomed everyone to his home. He distributed the Leis to the ladies and we were all impressed. They were made from orchids and he had obviously spared no expense. Anne put hers on and she looked even hotter than before. She smiled and told me the she loved the smell and feel of the lei.

"You could go topless with that." I said. "It almost covers your breasts completely."

"Well that’s no fun." She laughed and so did I.

The Bar B Que. was working overtime and everyone had just about enough to eat. Several of the ladies had taken off their skirts and leis and were swimming in the pool. Not a naked body in the group. I was disappointed. The drinks were flowing, though and there was some promise of things getting better. Anne and I danced several dances then she wandered off to talk to some of her co-workers. I was stuck talking to an orderly that worked at the hospital. He was a friend of Anne's so I was nice to him. I thought he was gay. The party was beginning to heat up a little. It was starting to get dark and the alcohol was beginning to have its effect on the partyers. There were about 15 women and at least as many men. The girls were mostly young in their early or late twenties. A few were older like my wife and I. There were only about three married couples. Anne had been gone for almost an hour when I saw here working her way through the crowd toward me. She smiled and asked me to dance. It was now dark and the pool lights made it look exotic and sort of sensual.

"Where did you disappear to?" I asked.

"Just talking to the girls." She said grinning from ear to ear.

"What are you so happy about?' I said with a smile of my own.

"Take a look over there at those two couples dancing by the bar."

I looked and it suddenly dawned on me that the girls had taken off their tops and were wearing only their leis.

"The party has started, they took off their tops."

“Take a little closer look." Anne said.

“Alright, their bottoms are off too." I said excitedly."

Anne told me that one of the girls wanted to ask a young doctor to dance after she had taken off her bikini. She was a little hesitant so her best friend told her she would take her suit off as well and ask someone to dance. With the paper "grass skirts" and the pool lighting it was just enough to be almost modest yet incredibly sexy. The leis didn't quite cover their breasts and they looked great sticking out of the flowers. The two guys were having a great time and before long they both maneuvered over to a table and slipped off their suits and dropped them on their chairs. They continued dancing, a little closer this time. The pool house was going to be a very busy place. Anne had seen the men take off their suits and decided it was time for her to get comfortable.

"Would you care to do the honors, sir?" She asked coyly.

"Of course young lady." I said with a bit of a frog in my throat.

She turned her back to me and I untied her top and let it fall from her breasts. I tossed it on the table and knelt down to remove her bottoms. She bent over just a little and I untied the string on her hip and pulled them slowly to her ankles. She stepped out of them and I placed them next to her top. She looked fantastic. Her breasts were almost covered, but not quite. Her nipples were sticking out and I knew she was starting to get aroused. The grass skirt just barely covered her ass and when she bent over just a little you could see home plate.

"That feels much better." She had lust in her voice and was absolutely glowing with anticipation. "Now I need to get those nasty tight swim shorts off you."

She knelt down in front of me and started pulling gently on my shorts. I heard a crash and looked over at the next table where a guy was sitting by himself. He had spilled his drink watching us and I'm sure he thought Anne was about to go down on me. She slipped off my suit and we headed for the dance floor. There was a slow song playing and I was really anxious to dance with this topless beauty I was married to. Anne was walking with her chest out and her head up like she was walking down a runway. She pressed her chest against mine and I loved the feel of her nipples against my skin. Even though we were married I still didn't get a chance to dance with her topless very often. I ran my hand up and down her bare back. She looked up at me and pulled my head down to her lips. We kissed passionately for a long time holding each other tight and swaying to the music. Other couples were beginning to dance too, and it was apparent almost everyone had taken the hint and were wearing only their grass outfits.

Anne looked up at me and said. "I may have to show you the pool house before long. My pussy is flowing!"

I reached down and put my hand under her skirt and started gently rubbing her ass.

"I can't believe how turned on I'm getting." She was almost purring.

I felt a hand on the front of my leg as she reached for my growing erection. I heard a splash and we turned to see the pool. The two girls that started it all were swimming nude with the two guys. They were embracing but not kissing. Their hands were down in the water and it was obvious they were staying very busy.

"If they keep that up we won't need to use the pool house." Anne said with a laugh.

I was hard as a rock and she had not stopped rubbing my cock. It was sticking out of my grass skirt like a Moray Eel leaving a coral head.

"Let's go find a place to take care of that." She said lustily.

We left and went into the house.

"Let’s find a bedroom and test the springs." I started to laugh and we went happily down the hall.

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