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Exposed By Wife


This story takes place a few years ago when I was thirty-two years old and my wife, Susan, was twenty-seven. It was a difficult time for me because I had injured my foot. Although I did not have a cast, the foot was painful and I needed to use crutches to keep the weight off.

Sue and I shared a one bedroom apartment. It was a Saturday night in August and Sue was invited to meet her girlfriend, Linda, at a neighborhood pub for dinner and a few drinks. I thought that was fine since I wasn't feeling up to going out that night. That would give me an opportunity to just relax at home and watch TV and prop my leg up.

At around 8:30 I decided to take a shower. I dried myself off and hung the towel in the bathroom to dry. I then hobbled back into the living room to watch the baseball game. I set the crutches against the wall next to the sofa.

It was still hot in the apartment that night. I sat back on the sofa and propped my leg up. I had everything I needed close by: the remote control, my crutches, and a glass of wine. I remained naked without the towel. This was not unusual for me. I enjoyed relaxing at home without any clothes on and, besides, I wasn't completely dry yet from the shower. Another twenty minutes or so and I would be dry enough to go back into the bedroom and put some clothes on if I wanted to.

It was about 9 o'clock when I heard the key in the door and was surprised to hear my wife talking with Linda. I really didn't think Sue would be coming home so soon and I certainly didn't think that she would be bringing Linda home with her. I guess I should have thought about that and I don't know why I didn't but, anyway, I called out to Sue that I didn't have any clothes on. In the meanwhile, I went to grab anything I could to cover myself, but there wasn't anything.

I could tell that Sue thought this was funny because she said something to Linda and me to the effect that, surely, Linda must have seen a naked man before and that it shouldn't be a problem for Linda. Linda was not yet in the apartment and all she could say was an awkward "Uhhhhh." Linda was hesitating to come into the apartment with me naked. She was obviously embarrassed and I was embarrassed too. It was Sue who thought this was amusing.

Under other circumstances, I might have been able to quickly scoot into the bedroom to get some clothes. However, since I was not very mobile and I needed the crutches to get around, I was stuck where I was.

I shouted to Sue to get something for me to cover up with. I thought that she was going to bring me some clothes but, instead, she brought me the towel from the bathroom. Sue had this devilish smile as she handed it to me. I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist. I told Sue that maybe she should give me something else to wear. Sue said no, that I was fine the way I was.

Sue then told Linda that I was covered and that it was okay for her to come in. She sat Linda in the lounge chair directly across from me as I sat on the sofa.

I awkwardly said to Linda that I was sorry for my state of undress, but that I didn't expect Sue to be bringing company home this evening. Linda smiled as she looked down at the towel that was covering my private parts and said that it was "okay." She tried to downplay the situation.

Sue opened a bottle of wine for us to share and then she sat next to me on the sofa. The girls explained that they had already had a couple of glasses of wine at the pub. The girls talked about a number of things and I mostly listened.

As we talked, I couldn't help but notice how attractive Linda was. Linda was twenty-eight years old, five feet eight inches tall, with reddish hair, blue eyes, and beautiful fair skin. It was summer time, but it was obvious that Linda preferred to avoid the sun. She wore jeans and a red blouse with the top three buttons undone. I could see her white bra straps. I would guess that her breasts were a 36C.

Let me tell you a little about my wife, Susan. She is only five feet two inches tall with long black hair and brown eyes. Sue likes to spend the summer in the sun. Her breasts are a size 36B. Sue, like Linda, had worn a pair of jeans when she went out, but the apartment was so warm that she decided to get more comfortable. She changed into shorts and a low cut white tank top with no bra underneath. I could see her nipples as they pressed against the clingy and sheer material of her top. She left her shoes and socks off. I looked at her bare legs and feet as she sat next to me. Sue looked very sexy and it was at that point that I noticed that my cock began to stir.

The two girls had been friends for about six months. I really didn't know Linda very well. Linda was a quiet person and lived alone in a one bedroom apartment not far from where we lived. I don't think Linda had many friends. I think she enjoyed going out with Susan because Sue is friendly and outgoing and likes to have fun.

Throughout this time, I felt very self conscious. The small towel was just barely large enough to cover my private parts. As I sat on the sofa, the towel came up to about two inches above my knees and was slightly open on the side showing my thigh. I was very aware of my state of undress. I did not want to offend Linda.

Sue, on the other hand, was feeling the effects of the wine. I can always tell this because, when Sue drinks wine, her face and breasts become red. Also, she tends to get very silly and mischievous.

The problem was that, with Linda sitting across from me and Sue sitting right next to me and with my having had a couple of glasses of wine and with my wearing only a towel to protect my modesty, it was difficult for me to concentrate on not becoming aroused. This was the first time I had found myself in a situation where I was almost completely nude with two clothed women -- CFNM. Sue sat very close to me and she would snuggle against me and she would give me an affectionate kiss now and then. Sue's display of affection was typical and would not otherwise appear to be suggestive except for the fact that the only thing that covered my cock from Linda's view was the towel.

So, I was doing my best to be a gentleman. So far, I had managed to limit my cock to becoming semi-erect. The last thing I wanted to do was to get a full erection that the towel would not hide and that Linda would see. I had visions of Linda becoming upset or offended if I allowed my cock to stand up.

Sue, on the other hand, was well aware of my predicament. I noticed that her display of affection gradually became more intimate. For example, she would allow her bare knee and leg to touch mine. She also would sensuously touch my thigh under the towel.

In the meanwhile, I tried to continue the conversation as if nothing out of the norm was happening. I could tell that Linda had been trying to maintain eye contact with me, but that she couldn't help but to glance at the towel covering my groin, especially when she thought that I wouldn't notice her looking at me.

The girls continued to talk and I continued to mostly listen. As the wine continued to take effect, both girls were giggling a lot and acting silly.

Susan's display of affection was becoming more intimate and mischievous despite the fact the Linda was sitting right in front of us. Sue snuggled up closer to me. I put my arm around her waist. She put her hand on my thigh where the towel was open. She touched my foot with hers. She also managed to pull my towel slightly so that the bottom came up a couple of more inches above my thigh and also bunched up around my groin. She playfully puckered her lips and asked me to give her a kiss. I affectionately kissed her lips, but I tried not to be too intimate because I knew that Linda was watching us. I didn't want to get too aroused in front of Linda. As it was, I could tell that my cock was getting very excited. It had been aroused for most of the evening, but I had managed to control it and to keep it from becoming more than semi-erect. I was trying to keep myself from getting embarrassed.

However, Sue was not satisfied with my kiss. She wanted another. Sue pressed her lips on mine and kept them there for a few seconds. This was too much stimulation for me and my cock instantly became fully erect. It was still covered by the towel, but it was obvious that I was stiff. The towel became more bunched up where my stiff dick pressed against it.

My cock couldn't help but to spring to attention as a result of this obviously naughty and seductive behavior by my wife. I knew that Sue was trying to get my dick stiff in front of Linda and that if she wanted to embarrass me completely she could do it, and there wouldn't be anything I could do to stop her. In fact, the more I thought about it the harder my dick became.

I noticed that Linda was looking intently at the towel. She seemed to be perspiring more. She was momentarily quiet, but she seemed to be enjoying what was happening.

Until now, the girls had deliberately avoided saying very much about my lack of clothing, but now Sue decided to make it a topic of conversation.

Sue asked Linda, "Doesn't my husband look cute in that towel?" All four eyes were suddenly staring at the towel which had, until now, barely managed to maintain my modesty. The towel was now too small to hide my hard dick. Now that my cock was fully erect, it was at least six inches long and very swollen and it was pushing the towel up like a flag pole. I noticed that Linda was now staring at my bulge under the towel. It was very awkward.

Linda giggled and said, "Definitely yes! He looks very cute."

I said, "Sue, you are being bad!" Sue smiled at me with that "innocent" look and said "I am?"

The girls were laughing and Sue asked Linda whether she should pull off my towel. Linda said, "Please do!"

What happened next really shocked me. Sue then started to tug at my towel. Despite my attempts to stop her, she managed to pull it off. The towel lay on the floor near Sue out of my reach. I asked Sue to give me back the towel, but she said "No" and that I didn't need it.

Now I was completely exposed. My cock was fully erect and standing up in the air in front of Linda!

I said, "Sue, you're embarrassing me". Sue said that I am her husband and that Linda is her good friend and that there is no reason to be embarrassed. Of course, Sue knew full well that I would be very embarrassed, but she intended for this to happen.

Now, it's true that Linda is Sue's good friend, but I didn't know Linda very well and she was seeing me in a state of sexual arousal that I don't have control over and that only my wife normally gets to see.

Both girls were giggling at my predicament. I found my cock getting very excited by this situation of being exposed by my wife.

My next concern was how far my loving wife intended to go with this. It's embarrassing enough for my erect cock to be on display in front of Linda, but it would be even more embarrassing for me to totally lose control. As it was, I could tell that the head of my cock was wet from precum.

Linda was obviously watching what was going on, but she was momentarily silent. Sue then asked Linda "What do you think of my husband's cock?"

The question appeared to break the silence because both girls were giggling again. Linda replied, "It's so big! It looks like it's going to explode!"

I was very embarrassed at what Linda had said. I thought that Sue would stop at this point but, to my surprise, she took my cock in her hand and began to gently stroke it up and down. I knew that I was at Sue's mercy. She was enjoying putting on a show and embarrassing me.

My cock was very hard and the head was red and wet from precum. I was breathing slowly and deeply.

Sue paused for a moment from what she was doing to my cock and said to Linda, "Maybe I should stop. I don't want to embarrass my poor husband too much." She was really being a devil. Both girls were really laughing now.

Linda giggled and then said, "No, don't stop! Go ahead. I want to see you make him cum."

Sue then pressed her lips on mine and gave me a very long, intimate kiss. She told me to enjoy what was happening.

Sue continued to kiss me and she started to stroke my cock again. At first she gently stroked it slowly up and down. My cock was very swollen and it was very wet from pre cum. My heart was beating very fast. It felt so good to have Sue's hand stroking my cock up and down. She was stroking my cock harder and faster. I was very turned on by the fact that Linda was watching this. All of a sudden I felt a rush of warmth through my cock and I ejaculated and my cum squirted all over Sue's hand.

Linda had this big grin on her face. She came over to me and gave me a kiss and said, "That was amazing!" She thanked me for letting her watch.

Sue got a wash cloth and wet it and gently washed my cock. I said, "I don't believe you did that!" Sue smiled and put her lips on mine.

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by Anonymous03/25/18

Lucky guy!!

WOW fantastic story... what a lucky guy... I have a long list of some very pretty female friends of ours I'd love to have witness me being exposed like that... I can't imagine how totally turned onmore...

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