tagLoving WivesExposing Katie 003

Exposing Katie 003

byTom and Katie©

That first year following our exposure of Katie after dinner at the restaurant had its share of ups and downs. In actuality, during that time it was few and far between that we actually exposed Katie to any other people. The times that it did happen were as much a surprise to me as to anyone. Most of the time was spent building confidence, mainly for Katie to trust in me but also for her to trust in herself. And we certainly had our share of arguments. In some ways, it got worse after that first exposure than it had been in the last couple of years before the incident. The year before we had almost resigned ourselves to just being roommates. The fights were not as intense because we had reached the point where we almost did not care. There was no passion in our lives, either in our loving or our fighting. Ironically, as we began to work at our relationship again, the fighting seemed to get worse -- almost because of our renewed passion. We would be doing pretty well for awhile and then something would happen that would give Katie doubts again. When the doubts started, it all fell apart and there were accusations that I was using her just as everyone had used her before.

Looking back on it, Katie gives me credit for my patience. Really, though, I think that we had both learned a valuable lesson in that first time of exposing her. We learned the extents that both of us would go to in order to make the relationship work. At various times we would come back to that moment and realize that deep down we both very much wanted to make things work.

So it took time and patience and our “playing” was more confidence building exercises than anything else a lot of the time. I encouraged her to spend more time naked or barely dressed, just to learn to be comfortable in her skin. Katie really is a fantastic creature. Being roughly 6’-2” and about 180 lbs., I can be large and imposing if I choose to be. Katie is petite and gentle and I think that has always brought out my protective qualities. Not that I find myself thinking of her as a little girl, mind you. I find her to be incredibly sexy and all woman. In the past, she always worried that her smaller stature and smaller breasts did not have the sex appeal of those more amply endowed. I, personally, have always preferred a less endowed women. A woman with larger breasts can dress sexily, spilling cleavage and all of that. But when she is naked, she often ends up looking out of place. My greatest pleasure is in how natural Katie can be with her nudity. I had seen it before at times when she was not thinking about it, but as our experiences with exposing her have increased her self confidence, I have the pleasure of seeing it a lot more often.

I tell you these things because not all of the stories presented here will have the “in your face” sexuality that some people may be looking for. These stories are a series based on one woman’s awakening to parts of her psyche that she had not previously realized existed. Likewise, I do not seek to write a dissertation on how to “awaken” the woman in your own life. Each case is different. I doubt that there is one formula and I am sure that our solution will not work for everyone. All that I can offer is to be honest and true to both her and yourself. Trust goes a long way.

As I had said in a previous story, our early confidence building episodes were mostly in private or in circumstances that might have well been private for the odds of someone actually seeing us. Much of our episodes were limited to being naked in our home or driving late at night. Occasionally we would fool around out in the woods if it was remote enough that the chances were slim that somebody would see us.

There were those occasions that we went for something a little more public such as our incident with the runner our at the local park or when Katie went shopping for her Jeep. Initially these were very rare. Still, even without actually exposing Katie, we had some other “public” games as well. One of such game was to go out in public with Katie only wearing a long coat. Only we knew that she had nothing on underneath. Hardly anybody even gave her a second glance and of those few that took a second look, nobody ever really knew for sure. It was funny, but that actually ended up being far more erotic than we even expected when we first tried it. It came to be our little secret, just something shared between the two of us, and it helped to foster the camaraderie between us and helped to strengthen our relationship.

At the time, I was working for a small office. Among my other duties, I also took care of the office computer system. I have been into computers since the personal computers first started coming out (back in the days of the Apple II, Commodore PET, and TRS-80), so I ended up with the computer responsibilities somewhat by default. Aside from the duties that I could take care of during the day, I had to go in once a month after hours to do a monthly backup. This was before things were as easily automated as they are today. Usually I would go back in later in the evening or go in over a weekend for a couple hours and take a book to read while the server was backed up, changing the tapes when necessary. It was easier for me if nobody else was in the office while I did the backup. Otherwise, I would have to save their files off to their local computer while I did the backup so that they could continue working.

One cold, rainy evening I decided to get my backup chores out of the way. I had not planned on going in that evening, but there did not seem like there was much of anything else to do. So I figured that I might as well get that done so that I would not have to lose time over the weekend. When I told Katie that I was planning to go in to the office, she asked if she could go along. I guess that I was not the only one that could not come up with anything to do.

Katie was familiar with my office. She stopped in every now and then during business hours, so she knew the people that I worked with. There would also be times that we were out and I would have to swing past the office to pick something up or drop something off and she would go in with me. So it was not particularly unusual for her to go along.

I don’t think that either one of us had any thoughts about doing anything out of the ordinary in the office that evening. We were both just wearing jeans. I had on a flannel shirt and T-shirt while Katie was wearing a sweatshirt. Not exactly the most sexy clothing for either one of us. The office was only about fifteen minutes away from our house, so we really did not have a chance to get into talking in the car. I let us in, turned off the alarm, locked the door behind us, and we headed upstairs to my office.

Katie sat in my spare chair as I got the tapes ready and went through setting up the backup routine. Once things were set up, it was really only a matter of waiting a bit over an hour and then changing the tapes. Sometimes I would just leave at that point and go in early the next morning to finish things up. Other times I would wait until the backup was fully complete. Once I had things running, Katie and I just talked a bit. It had been a few weeks since she had last been in, so we talked a bit about the projects that I had been working on and I showed her some of my recent work.

There was not really a lot to do in my office other than work, so even showing her my recent projects only went so far. We talked about some other things for awhile and then we could both tell that we had hit that “what do we do now?” stage of things. Katie had taken her shoes off and was sitting on the chair with her feet crossed under her. We were both trying to think what to do next but neither one of us had said anything yet. Katie stretched her arms out over her head and arched her back a bit, yawning. It was not meant to be sexy, but the stretch caused her sweatshirt to ride up, exposing a band of her taut stomach and pulling the fabric somewhat tighter across her breasts. Whatever Katie did not receive in the way of breasts was more than made up for in her nipples. Small aureolas, but very prominent nipples. And I mean PROMINENT. It is rare that they are not erect to some degree and when they are fully erect they are like little thimbles. I’ve commented to her that you could hang a Christmas tree ornament from them.

That one simple stretch turned the evening around. As she settled back from her stretch and looked at me, she got this puzzled expression. “What’s up with you?” she asked. I tried to explain about the skin and the sweatshirt and her breasts. “And you’re horny? That quick?” she asked. “Well, yes...” I said. “That’s all it takes?” she asked. “You’re all it takes,” I replied. As quickly as her actions had gotten me going, my comments got her turning playful. Two minutes ago we were bored and now we were really getting into each other.

“Just a little skin gets you going?” she asked. I just nodded my head. She placed her hand flat on her abdomen and slowly moved it upward, dragging the bottom of her sweatshirt along with it to reveal her stomach again. “Just like that?” she asked. “Uh-huh,” I said. “Any skin?” she asked. “Oh, pretty much so. Some skin just has a greater and quicker effect, though.” I told her. “Ahhhh...” she said, slowly nodding her head. “I see. You mean something like this?” With that she eased the top button of her jeans open, easing the fly open by pulling on the two sides rather than pulling the zipper down. Again I just nodded my head, watching her intently to see what she would do next. “I suppose the more skin the better?” she asked. I nodded my head quickly and gave her a lopsided grin.

She eased herself up out of the chair, catlike in her grace. She eased the fly open the rest of the way so that her jeans gaped open and then reached her hands over her head to stretch once again. Still, the only flesh visible was her lower belly, but it was definitely turning me on. Katie kept pulling the bottom of the sweatshirt up across her belly to expose more flesh, but the sweatshirt was long so it would drop back down and cover pretty much everything when she would let go of it. Finally I suggested that she just take it off.

Initially, that caught her off guard. Right now she was just flashing and if we heard anyone come in downstairs it would have been a simple matter to zip up and everything was back to normal. Removing clothing would mean a mad scramble to grab stuff and put it back on. Truthfully, we would hear a car in the parking lot first and would probably have more than enough time to get dressed before someone even entered the building. I could see the thoughts going through her head and just as quickly she reached her decision. She pulled her arms in through her sleeves and pulled the sweatshirt off over her head slowly, taking her time, making it a deliberate act.

The other great thing about Katie’s endowment was that it meant that she could easily get away without wearing a bra when she did not feel like it. The only issue with that was, as I have said, she has fairly prominent nipples that are almost always erect. So she ends up wearing padded bras “to remain decent” when in public. I had always thought that she wore the padded bras to make up for size, which turned out to only be part of it. She finally explained to me at one point that it was more to cover her nipples. Personally, I never could fully understand that. I guess that I can understand when she was at work it was a little less professional to look like she was always aroused and have everyone staring at her chest. However, I could not see why she wished she had more in the way of breasts since that would have people staring too and she could not do anything about that. I could also understand around family and conservative friends. I guess that bigger boobs would not have been her fault, but looking like she was turned on was somehow her fault. But it did not seem to be as much of an issue to me a lot of the time as it was to her. Thankfully, she is a lot less self-conscious about it anymore.

Anyway, I knew that she had not been wearing a bra. Even before we started exposing her she would usually go braless around the house. When she had stretched this evening, she had made it obvious that the sweatshirt was all that she had on. So with the sweatshirt off, she was topless, as quick as that. She draped the sweatshirt over the back of her chair and surprised me by then tugging her jeans down over her hips and pulling them off as well. She had not been wearing panties, either, so now she was standing there in just her low, white socks. She draped the pants over the back of the chair as well and then thinking about it, picked both her jeans and sweatshirt up and laid them over my desk. She took her seat again, acting like there was nothing out of the ordinary to being naked in my office.

I think that a lot of the time, that is when she is most sexy. When she is completely natural about it. She always turns me on and she can look fantastic when she does her hair and makeup and dresses to the nines, but she looks fantastic in jeans and a T-shirt, just being herself. Similarly, she can drive me completely nuts when she is posing and acting sexy, flashing herself and so forth. But she can do the same thing just by being herself and acting like she is totally unaware that her shirt is gaping open, her skirt is riding up, or something like that.

Initially, I just let it go at that. Acting like nothing out of the ordinary was going on with her sitting there completely naked (except for her socks) in my office. We talked for a bit and I checked on the server. At first she was sitting with her feet on the floor, but after awhile she crossed one foot under her other leg on the chair. With her legs parted, I was treated to an excellent view of her pussy staring back at me. I could plainly see that she was getting a bit wet about things, so decided to take it a bit further.

Since she was between me and the door, I asked if she would go into one of the other offices and get me a box of computer disks. My thought was that she felt fairly secure in my office, sitting right next to her clothes, but I wanted to push her a bit to see what she would do. She hesitated a bit before she got up and padded out into the hallway. I loved watching her tight little butt swing its way out my door. A few minutes later she was back with the disks. She placed them on my desk and resumed her seat in the chair. This time she pulled her leg up under her as soon as she sat down. It was completely unselfconscious, but I knew that she was doing it for my benefit.

I made a show of looking through the disks for a bit before selecting one and putting it into my computer. I looked around the files a bit and made copies of a couple files just for the sake of show. I put the disk back and asked her to return the box to the other office. She picked the box up without a second of hesitation and off she went again.

Really, it was not like this was that big of a deal. Nobody was around to see her, we might as well have been at home. Still, I guess that it was just the thought of where we were that made it different. The thought that someone could have come in and we would have had to explain ourselves because we should not have been doing this sort of thing here.

When she came back, I asked if she would mind if I cleaned up a few items of work while we were waiting on the server backup. She replied that it was no problem at all and got comfortable in her chair, crossing her legs under her Indian-style. I made a show of working on some things, partly just to play with the idea of her being in this state during normal office hours, but also because I wanted to push things a bit further. I shuffled some papers around and wrote a few notes, checking some things out in reference books and so forth. Then, without making it seem like too big of a deal, I picked up a few pages of paper and asked if she would mind making copies of them for me.

Not a big thing, except that the copier was down on the first floor. She would have to go downstairs, through the front office past the front door, and back the hallway to the copy room. Then she would have to turn the copy machine on and wait for it to warm up before she could make her copies. If anyone came in the front door, there would have been no way for her to get back upstairs without passing them. Really, I was being a bit cruel. She knew as well as I did that I was pushing things here. Still, she did not bat an eye when she took the papers from my hand and disappeared out the doorway.

The minutes passed slowly. I suppose that it could not have been much more than seven or eight minutes for her to walk downstairs, wait for the copy machine, do her copying, and come back up. I checked the parking lot out the window a couple times to make sure that nobody pulled up. When she finally came back into my office, she seemed perfectly calm but I could see from her skin that she was flushed and when she sat back down her pussy was clearly wet. Without thinking, her hand dipped downwards and her finger traced along her wetness.

That was all that I could take and I dropped to my knees in front of her chair. I pulled her legs down and kissed at her moist slit. She slid her butt forward on the chair to give me better access and I licked at her nether lips. She leaned back in the chair and braced herself against the armrests as I sucked on her lips and clit. She was clearly excited by recent events and I was doing my best to get her worked up further. I licked and sucked at her, enjoying the taste of her. Looking up, I could see that her chest was getting flushed, a sure sign of her arousal. It did not take long before she started bucking and moaning as she came. I continued to suck at her clit, prolonging her climax until she began to beg for me to be inside her.

I stood and gave her my hands, drawing her up out of the chair and turning her around to face my desk. I pushed some things to the side to clear a space and then bent her over the desk, pushing her gently down to it so that her breasts and stomach were pressed against it. She reached her arms up so that she could grip the far edge of the desk and lifted her ass towards me in invitation. I quickly unfastened my belt and the front of my jeans, just tugging them down far enough to release myself before plunging into her. I have to say that I did not last long, she was quite wet and felt extremely good as I plunged my tool into her. I came hard, continuing to pump into her as long as I could and then collapsing against her back. I kissed her shoulders and neck as I told her how much I loved her.

By that time the first tape of the backup was done, so we cleaned ourselves up and I switched the tapes. Katie stayed naked pretty much until we were ready to go and then quickly threw on her sweatshirt and jeans. As we were cleaning up, I barely noticed that Katie took the copies that she had made and threw them into a folder which she put under my keyboard. At the time I did not think much of it. I decided to let the tape go for the night, I’d be in early the next morning to finish things up.

We shut out the lights and locked up. Our lovemaking when we got home was more gentle and tender, but we talked about the events in the office all evening.

When I got to work the next morning, I finished up the backup and straightened some things up before the other people started to arrive. When I finally sat down to my own computer, I noticed the folder under the keyboard and pulled it out. The copies really were not necessary, I just wanted to see if Katie would go downstairs naked. I started to throw the papers in the trash, but then took a moment to look through them. There were eight or ten pages of the pages that I had sent down with her, but the last two were not. The first one was a copy of Katie’s boobs and the second one was of her butt, her legs spread to show her pussy. “Love YA!” was written across the bottom. I still have those two copies in a folder in my desk here at home.

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