tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExposing Katie 005

Exposing Katie 005

byTom and Katie©

As she gained confidence, Katie was really enjoying the freedom that she found in being naked and exposing herself. Lately our games had been private or the chances of being seen had been so low that they might as well have been private. It came as a bit of a surprise to me one day when Katie actually suggested that she wanted to be seen. At first, it was more that she was just teasing me with it, saying that it was such a beautiful day and that she wanted to feel the sun on her body. I suggested that we head out to our favorite state park and she could strip down. As we talked, she got more and more into it, her words getting more graphic as she spoke. It started out with the sun on her bare back and on her legs. That progressed to feeling it on her boobs and bare ass. A year earlier I would have never imagined that this could be my little wife when she got to the point that she was talking about the fresh air upon her wetness and how she would touch herself. At a couple points she had mentioned about someone watching her and at this point she again made a comment about somebody watching her while she touched herself.

Understandably, by this point we were pretty worked up and I was not going to let her turn back now, so we headed out to the state park again. Katie quickly changed, putting on her white Keds and an oversized T-shirt dress with a pair of shorts underneath. The dress is really just an extra large T-shirt that has the arms and neck cut more like a dress. It is great for such things because it looks perfectly respectable when she has it on, nothing shows or anything. Still, it is cut loose and is as easy to pull off as a normal T-shirt.

On our way there, I told her up front that I was really turned on by what she had been saying and that I wanted her to intentionally expose herself to a group of people out there this time. Not just “accidentally” be naked when someone came by. Not just single one person out and flash them or let them see something. I wanted her to leave no doubt that she intended to show them her body. At first this took some of the wind out of her sails and I was afraid that I had pushed too far. She was a little worried that this was setting her up for the possibility of getting into trouble if someone got offended. She said that if it was obviously intentional, then she would not be able to fall back on excuses and apologies as though it were an accident. It did cool things down a bit, but with some talking and reassurances from me, I was able to convince her that it would work out.

We have about a twenty minute to half hour drive to the park, so we had ample time to talk on our way there. That could have been a problem as it gave Katie time to talk herself out of it, but as we talked, we discussed the idea to flash some of the fishermen at the lake. The day use areas and beaches are up at the inlet side of the lake and for the most part the crowds hold to that end of the lake. At the other end is the dam that created the lake. The only people down that way are either on the nature trails, fishing, or boating. The lake is fairly small and only sailboats, canoes, and kayaks are allowed, no motorboats. This tends to keep any groups of people small and spread out. The woods come right down to the water along much of this area and my idea was to get Katie to take off her clothes back in the woods, walk down to the water, and say hello to the fishermen. There are a number of little coves and I figured that it would be pretty safe if the fishermen were on one side and Katie was on the other. To get to Katie they would have to either wade through the water or come around the cove on land. Either way, we could head back up the trail, get her dressed, and still have plenty of time to get out of there.

We headed down to the park and parked in one of the lots down by the dam. There were several other cars there, but we could not see any people. I pulled into a space near the gate just in case we needed to get out of there in a hurry if things did not go well. I was not expecting trouble, but I wanted Katie to feel that she was going to be safe. We got out of the car and headed down the trail toward the lake. I had a certain cove in mind. It was wide enough that we would not have to worry about anyone wading across and it was tucked back from the lake so only someone on the other side of the cove would be able to see Katie. The only problems would be if there were people on each side of the cove or if there were a lot of people back on the trail. As we got close to the point I had in mind, I told Katie to hold back for a few minutes and I would go check things out.

I headed down the trail and checked things out. As near as I could tell, there was nobody on this side of the cove and we had not encountered anyone on the trail. There was still the possibility that someone would come down from the parking lot, but there were a couple different trails we could use. Most of the fishermen used the main trail and I figured that we would not run into anyone if we headed back up one of the others. After checking this side, I headed the whole way down to the water at the back of the cove. People generally fish out toward the lake, where the water is deeper. At the back of the cove I could scope things out without being too obvious. Just as I had hoped, there were three fishermen on the other side of the cove out nearer the lake. They were older men and did not look like the sort that would object to a little flashing.

I worked my way back to Katie. We had come down the main trail and she was still standing along it. I knew that this was a bit of a step for her. She had really come a long way, becoming more relaxed with herself and more trusting in me. We both greatly enjoyed our private games, but we also both knew that having someone else see her excited us both. We still talked about our first time at the restaurant and the time that Greg saw her out here. This was the next plunge and I wondered how it would go and where it would take us.

I walked up to her and told her that things looked good, that this side of the cove was clear and gave her a description of the three men on the other side. She told me that nobody else had come down the path this way. I could tell that she was a bit nervous and I asked her if she was ready. It was a moment before she answered, then she nodded her head a bit before looking me in the eyes for a moment. Then she said yes and I could see in her eyes that she had made her decision.

We walked down the trail together until we were across from where the fishermen were. I could just make out a bit of movement every now and then to mark their location, looking through the trees to where they had been standing. The trail was maybe thirty feet back from the water’s edge and the ground sloped up maybe ten to twelve feet from the water to where we stood. I was going to stay back on the trail and let Katie make her way down through the trees to the water by herself. I looked at her and told her this was it, last chance to back out. A look in her eyes told me she had no intention of backing out now. Katie does have a bit of a stubborn streak to her, once she makes up her mind there is little that will throw her from it. She took a couple moments to look around and then a couple deep breaths. Her final answer was to reach under her dress and hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts, quickly pulling them down and stepping out of them. She handed them to me and pulled her dress over her head, handing that to me as well. She gave me a quick hug and then began to pick her way down to the shoreline. I watched her go, marveling in the sight of her. As she got down towards the water, from where I was, I could see her but not the fishermen. As she made the last few feet to the water, I heard something from one of the fishermen. No doubt that they had seen her! She had been looking down as she picked her way down, but at the voice she now looked up and waved at the guys across the water, calling out a cheery hello. I heard one of the guys ask what was up with her. She responded with nothing much and asked how the fishing was, just like anyone would. One of the guys said that it had just gotten a whole lot better and there was some laughter from all three of them. Another guy said that he was sure glad that he had witnesses; nobody ever believed any of his fishing stories. More laughter over that. There was some more friendly banter and Katie finally said good-bye and headed back up the hill to me. She had been down there for ten or fifteen minutes, enough time for them to get a good look at her.

As she reached me, I handed her back her dress, keeping her shorts, and she quickly slipped it on over her head as we walked up the trail. We talked as we headed up the trail to the parking lot, checking back over our shoulders every now and then to see if anyone was following. Katie told me that she was sure that she had made their day. She told me that she had realized that flashing was a symbiotic relationship for the exhibitionist and the voyeur. It made her day because here was someone obviously appreciating her body and showing her that he thought she was sexy. It made his day because out of the blue this woman chooses him and gets naked for him. I assured her that it was actually a three-way relationship because it turned me on completely that she was willing to do any of this for me! On the way home, we stopped at an ice cream stand and each got a cone. She had not asked for her shorts, so I had left them in the car. Knowing how close to naked she was as we sat there on a bench, eating our ice cream, surrounded by maybe two dozen other people, was quite a turn-on as well.

The afternoon’s flashing was not an incredibly exceptional thing, but it was nice to be able to share this kind of thing with my wife. If we could share these moments together, we could share pretty much anything else as well.

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