tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExposing Katie 006

Exposing Katie 006

byTom and Katie©

After the incident with the fishermen, Katie was beginning to get a bit more willing as well as more daring in her exposure. The extent of this presented itself once when Katie and I had gone shopping at a mall further outside of the area we live in. The shopping trip did not start out with any activities planned, but I was quite pleased with how things turned out.

One of the items that Katie was shopping for that afternoon was a few new bras. Now, as I have explained, I do not fully understand why she wears them. She is small and firm enough up top that she really has no physical need for one. She even admits this herself. In fact, the day that we were shopping she was braless under her baggy knit shirt. Still, she insists that there are times when she has to dress "properly" and wear one.

The mall was not crowded and the department store we were in seemed to have even fewer people than the rest of the mall. The women's section was pretty much deserted except for us and two saleswomen. The one was a matronly older woman who was keeping pretty much to the checkout counter. The other one was a younger girl, maybe early twenties, who was stocking the shelves and straightening things up. As we were looking around, she came over and asked if Katie needed any help, giving her a warm smile when she did so. Katie said that she was just looking and the girl went back to her duties. I did notice that she kept looking over at Katie, though.

I asked Katie if she happened to know the girl. She said no and wondered why I had asked. I said I did not know, but it just seemed that the girl was being a bit more than just friendly. Katie simply said to me that she thought the girl was coming on to her. I raised my eyebrows at her and she gave a little laugh. "You did not see her necklace?" she asked me. When I said that I hadn't noticed it, Katie told me it was a rainbow striped heart and she figured that the girl was gay. Not that she was into such things, she added, but she did think the girl was sort of cute.

I had begun to realize the extent to which Katie was definitely changing and this moment drove the point home. Less than a year ago she would not have considered herself to be cute and now she was checking out other women and making offhand remarks about them coming on to her! Intentionally daring her, I said that I thought she was being a bit full of herself about it all. She asked if I doubted her and when I said I thought the girl was just being friendly, she told me that she would just have to prove it.

She caught the girl's eye and motioned for her to come over to us. The girl finished folding up a sweater before coming over. Again, she asked if she could help, introducing herself as Amy. Katie said that she wanted to buy some new bras, but she could never find one that really fit well and wondered if Amy could help her out. Amy sort of looked Katie over and then asked what size she was. Katie tried to explain that she was not sure if there was some way to be fitted for a bra, like you would do to find your shoe size. She was playing this totally straight and Amy was going along with it, trying to help out the customer and all that. Personally, Katie's comment about shoe size had me envisioning a measuring device to stick her boob in, but my mind tends to wander like that at times. Amy said that she was not aware of anything like that but that she could go ask the other saleswoman. Katie said that was okay, she did not want to waste her time, she was just wondering if Amy knew some way of judging things. Even if Amy had been coming onto Katie earlier, I think that was the furthest thing from her mind when she looked Katie over again and said that she could not really judge much of anything what with her baggy shirt. She was just being honest and trying to help, not trying to get Katie out of her clothes.

So I think that what happened next took her totally by surprise. Katie looked around to see if anyone else was paying any attention. The racks of clothing pretty much hid us from the other saleswoman and the only other customer towards the front of the store. Katie reached down and pulled her shirt up over her breasts and asked Amy if she could judge any better now. She was still playing this totally straight and I still do not think that Amy even realized that Katie was exposing herself to her, just that she was trying to find a bra that fit. Sort of like not seeing the forest for the trees. Amy just sort of looked at her and said that she was not sure what she could do to help. Katie cupped her one breast with her other hand and said that she knew she was small but that her breasts were fairly full. She asked Amy if she could see that and offered for her to feel the fullness of her breast.

I was just standing there, keeping an eye on the other people in the store and taking in the whole show. I still could not believe that Amy had not caught on to what was actually going on here. At Katie's urging, she reached out and cupped Katie's breast. Katie continued on, telling her to feel it to judge the size and fullness and so forth. She was saying about how they are small and full but firm and that she really did not need a bra for support. Amy agreed and asked why she needed a bra anyway. Katie looked a bit embarrassed and admitted that part of the reason that she felt that she had to wear a bra was because her nipples got so hard when she was aroused and she wanted to have something to cover that up. Her nipples were starting to perk up, but they were not fully aroused yet, so she started playing with the one, tweaking and teasing it until it was hard and sticking out. She encouraged Amy to do the same with the breast in her hand to see what she meant.

I think that Amy was finally catching on at this point. She looked Katie in the eyes as she took her nipple between her fingers and started to rub it. Katie let her eyelids become heavy and parted her lips. She was playing the part, but I could tell that she was beginning to get genuinely aroused. Nobody was paying any attention to us, but I was keeping an eye out. I did not want Katie to get caught and I did not want Amy to get in trouble with her boss. Amy commented that she could see what Katie meant about her nipples, they were really getting hard. I knew that she finally understood what was going on when she suggested that her tongue was more sensitive and that she could judge better with it.

She bent down a bit and tenderly licked at Katie's nipple a couple of times before sucking it into her mouth. Katie was no longer playing the part at this point, her eyes closed and a soft moan escaped her lips. Watching them, my cock was stiff and starting to throb. Katie was holding her shirt up with one hand, the other hand dropped away from her other breast to cup the back of Amy's head and pull her against her. She was stroking the back of her head and playing with her hair. When Amy pulled away from Katie's breast, Katie let go of her shirt and took Amy's face in both her hands, and pulled it to hers. Their lips met, first softly and then kissing more deeply. Amy's arms were around Katie and her hands were caressing up and down her back.

I noticed that the other customer was working her way towards us and mentioned in a low voice that we had company coming. The women separated, both looking a bit dazed and Amy looked at me a bit in surprise like she was surprised to find me there. They both began looking through the bras, trying to regain their composure. Between them, they picked out a few bras for Katie to try on and she headed toward the dressing room. Amy was a bit awkward standing there with me. She really did not know what to say after just molesting my wife and the two of us waited in silence for Katie to return. After a bit, she tried to straighten some things up to mask her nervousness.

After several minutes, Katie came back out of the dressing room and said that one of the bras that Amy had picked out really fit her well. She picked up a couple more of the same style and said that she would purchase them. We all went up to the cash register and Katie paid for the bras. Amy bagged them up and handed them to Katie. In taking it from her, Katie ran the back of her hand over Amy's hand and thanked her for all of her help. Amy just sort of blushed and said that she was glad to help. I think that having her coworker standing next to her was the cause of the embarrassment.

We walked out of the store and into the mall. As we walked along, I told Katie that I was not aware that she had feelings in that direction. She laughed and said that she really didn't; she had done it mainly to tease me, knowing that it would turn me on. She figured that it would not do anyone any harm. I told her that I definitely appreciated it, although my balls were about ready to explode and I was not sure if that figured in as not doing anyone any harm. Katie laughed again and said that if I did not want her to do such things I should let her know. I told her that she misunderstood; I had no desire to have her stop such things. Quite the contrary. She squeezed my hand and said that she would just have to take care of me.

We made our way out of the mall and to our car in the parking lot. Once inside, Katie told me to keep an eye out for any people and proceeded to unzip my pants and take my throbbing cock into her mouth. I have to admit that I did not last long and was soon pumping my load into her mouth. To think, I usually dreaded going shopping with Katie! I guess that I would have to rethink my aversion to such things!

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