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Exposing Katie 007

byTom and Katie©

I have been receiving some feedback for these stories of our adventures that I have been posting here. Many favorable comments and some good critiques of my writing skills, such that they are. I thank all of you who take the time to write (as well as those who have voted). I doubt that our chronicles are spicy enough to garner great popularity, but the kind words definitely keep me writing.

A common theme to a certain percentage of the feedback bemoans the fact that although the writer would love to be able to do the things that we have done, the writer's spouse or partner would never go for such things. A bit of a surprise has been the few e-mails from women complaining that their husband is too conservative to go for such things, but thinking about it I have to admit that I know guys like that. The writer will usually continue with comments about how bold and daring we have been in our adventures.

In response to the first part about an unwilling partner, I can only offer the following advice. If someone had come up to me the day before our after-dinner adventure and told me of the course that my relationship with my wife would take over the coming year, I would have shaken my head sadly and told him that he had confused me for some other guy with some other wife. Quite frankly, I would not have had it in me to laugh in his face at that point. I would never have believed that any of it was possible. If there is any real secret to the success of our relationship, it is only the trust and respect that we have developed for each other. Accepting each other for who we are and being able to discuss thoughts and desires openly without repercussions goes an awful long way.

By no means did all of this happen overnight. In all truth, we initially moved extremely slowly with things. The events presented in these stories related here were definitely highlights spread out over many months. It may seem like we were fairly daring and that our play was always sexual, but in reality it was not like we were out there doing this sort of thing every night or even every weekend. For the most part, we stuck with a few basic scenarios that Katie felt comfortable with and worked on building her confidence. If I had always been trying to push the boundaries, it would have been a constant battle. If the basics tended to be a little mundane most of the time, my reward was that it did lead to these few memorable occurrences and that these occurrences were happening with a bit more frequency as we went along. If not for the mundane, there would have been no chance of anything more.

So most of our nudity was still private; basically at home, in our car late at night, or some other secure place where it was nearly guaranteed that nobody would ever see her. However, as Katie relaxed more to being naked in general, she was also getting more comfortable with our "public" nudity. Not that it was exactly "public" in the sense that there was actually someone there to witness her display firsthand, mind you. Though, as these stories attest, that did happen a few times. More just that it was "public" in the sense that the only barriers to stop anyone from possibly wandering by and getting a peek was a remote location or a time of day that left the area deserted rather than an actual locked door or fully private area. If someone happened to be in the right place at the right time, there was nothing to stop them from getting a show. Scenarios such as our forays around town late at night, out in the far corners of the local state park or other country fields and woods, and other deserted areas fell into this category.

One area that developed into a favorite of Katie's was my office after working hours. I found it surprising that Katie warmed up so readily to getting naked there because it was probably the riskiest location for us to be doing such things. I think that she saw it as being private because some random stranger could not just wander in on us since we were behind locked doors. Conversely, I considered it to be more public because other people did have a key to the building and there was some likelihood that they might pop in for some reason. Further, the stakes were much higher if only because any person we encountered there would definitely know us and could use our indiscretions against us. Despite the fact that I would typically choose times to do my backups when there was little chance that anybody would be in the office doing any work, there was still that chance that someone could come in.

So Katie felt safe because she was behind locked doors and I was not really going to argue with her because, as I have said in the past, a lot of the thrill for me is the contrast of the situation. The sense of things being decidedly out of place. Hence, the office was a natural. During the day the suits and ties; deadlines; and dealing with the boss, clients, and coworkers contrasted very nicely with my naked wife by night.

It was at the office that things had a chance to develop along some different lines. For the most part, our exploits were mainly about the idea of exhibitionism even if not the actual fact. There were a couple times that we did more than just show her off. The car dealership was more about the role that Katie was playing than about what she was showing. The encounter with the salesgirl also took things beyond just basic exposure. Especially towards the beginning of this adventure, there were times when I wondered if all of this was ever going to amount to something. Then these moments would come along, however, when I could see that things were changing. The car dealership and the fishermen were big steps, but they were not quite as telling if only because I had spent a fair amount of effort to instigate them. More telling were the times that Katie herself instigated things that pushed the boundaries further than even I was expecting.

Despite her seemingly passive role in our very first adventure, it was my first sign of things to come. To this day, Katie definitely has a stubborn streak in her. I kid her that the only real change has been to soften her competitive edge a bit. She could have fought me on what I was attempting to do and that would have been the end of it right then and there. Our relationship would have probably ended that evening as well. One of the bravest things that she ever did was to relinquish control to me that evening. She trusted in me and it was the start of a new chapter in our lives. Don't think for a moment that Katie showed any weakness by relinquishing control. It takes a lot of strength to put yourself in another's hands -- not just blindly submit, mind you -- and fully trust them.

Another telling moment was at the park when she remained naked when Greg wandered into our little private moment. She could have ducked down at the first site of him and scrambled to put her clothes back on. She had seen him first, he probably would have never known that she was naked. At the most, he would have gotten only a quick glimpse of her nudity, too fast to register any details. Again, it was her choice to take it further.

The incident with the salesgirl took me completely by surprise on so many levels. That Katie initiated the contact with someone herself. That she was teasing me with it. That it was with another woman. That it was in such a public place as a shopping mall, even if it was far enough away from home.

If you ask me to name points at which I could begin to see the future direction of our relationship, these three incidents would be at the top of my list.

Although there was not a whole lot of imagination to our exploits at the office initially, two specific incidents occurred that ultimately served to further propel our adventures in new directions.

Any new location took Katie awhile to get comfortable in. She would go through a few stages where she would get more exposed and more quickly exposed as she warmed to a place. It was not long until Katie was coming with me nearly every time I would go in to the office after hours. She would usually wear just a T-shirt or sweatshirt along with jeans. Due to her petite build, Katie hardly ever wore a bra when dressed casually, unless it was to hide her nipples. Panties were never common attire for her either.

It would usually play out with Katie starting out by taking her shoes off (and socks, if she was wearing them) and then sitting cross-legged in my spare chair in her bare feet. After awhile, she would unbutton her jeans and then ease her zipper down or unbutton them if they were a button fly. She would always hesitate after each step as if building her courage up to go on. Even as she gained confidence, I encouraged her to take her time. It just is not the same if clothing is removed merely as a matter of course.

She would sit for awhile like that, her jeans open just enough to see the top of her pubic hair as I would work on setting up the backup. In a way, I found it somewhat puzzling that most of the time she would remove her jeans first. To me, it just seems that taking your pants off exposes more intimate parts. When I finally asked her about it, Katie explained that she actually felt less exposed with her pants off. Especially while she was sitting (with her legs together), all that she was showing was a patch of hair. She said that she felt more exposed with her top off because everything was fully on display as well as feeling more uncomfortable because she did not feel that what she had up top was really worth displaying. Funny thing was that she would wander around the house topless and not think a thing of it. But when she was aware of her nakedness it became an issue of sorts. There were a few times that she was feeling brazen enough to remove her shirt first, sitting there bare to the waist in the office, though.

She did a good job of varying her routine. Sometimes she would stay in the chair, ease the jeans down over her hips, and then stretch her legs up into the air to pull the jeans off, giving me an excellent view of her pussy and ass. It was rare that she would just stand up, drop her pants, and sit back down. She usually made some sort of production of it. Sometimes she would leave the room for some reason or other and then nonchalantly walk back in, naked from the waist down. A few times, she would walk back in totally naked, just as nonchalantly. Usually within half an hour from our arrival to the office, Katie was completely, if casually naked.

For the most part, that was about as far as things went. It was actually somewhat rare that we got sexual during our exhibition play back at the beginning. The stories here stand out for us mainly because they did go further than was normal for us. Although we would always have great sex after we were out exposing Katie, it was usually in the privacy and security of our own home. Our sex life was definitely improving, there was more passion in it and it was more satisfying to both of us because we were relating to each other a lot better. But these times that it actually led to sex "out in the wild" were really pretty rare.

At the office, Katie would pass her time pretty much just sitting around naked. I'd send her off to other rooms in the office to get things for me or she would go off on her own to get a drink at the water cooler or go to the bathroom. It was actually her first nude bathroom break that broke the ice and set the tone towards making our exploits a bit more imaginative.

That first time that Katie used the facilities at the office, she came back with a bit of a weird look on her face. When I asked her what was up, she told me that she had found it to be somewhat disconcerting to be naked in a public restroom, even though it was totally deserted. Somehow, she said, it was more strange for her to be naked in the restroom than out in the rest of the office. She kept on with this and eventually talked me into stripping down to see for myself. I can vouch that it is definitely a bit of a peculiar feeling at first.

She stayed in my office and let me go to the restroom by myself in order to "get the full effect" as she put it. I went in and walked around a bit. It did feel sort of odd in a way I can't fully define. Perhaps other rooms are sort of like rooms in your house with furniture and carpet and such. You don't have this big, stark, tiled room in your house for comparison. But it also was different from being naked in a locker room. I don't know, you'd have to try it yourself to understand, I think. Since I was in there anyway, I walked over to a urinal and started to take a leak. That felt odd too, for some reason.

So I'm standing there at the urinal when Katie, having waited as long as she patiently could, suddenly pushes the door open and walks in saying in her best deep voice, "So, Tom, how is that Richardson account coming?" Sort of a deep voice like Joni Mitchell uses at the end of "Big Yellow Taxi" where she says "put up a parking lot" and then giggles. Needless to say, I was not expecting this at all. Here I am, standing at a urinal totally naked, at my office, feeling a bit disconcerted as it was because of the situation and the fact that Katie had just been telling me how weird it felt to begin with. So it startled me quite a bit. I'm trying to look over my shoulder to see what is going on and at the same time moving up against the wall to try to hide myself -- like hiding a six foot plus naked man behind a urinal screen was even possible to begin with. Further, if you are pissing and someone startles you, the last thing that you are going to be able to do is stop pissing. So I ended up pissing all over the tile wall and floor before I realized what was going on and got things back under control.

At this point Katie was laughing hysterically to the point that she could barely remain standing. If she had not just come back from using the facilities herself, I think that she would have definitely peed herself at this point.

Despite my embarrassment, I love the sight of Katie at moments like this -- not only totally naked, but also totally unselfconscious of her naked state. Even before we started this adventure with exposing her, I had seen her like this on a few rare occasions. Moments where she would be totally naked and it would not seem the least bit out of the ordinary. That is the irony of the situation. At a moment like that she was not trying to be sexy, she was not trying to turn me on, really she had totally forgotten that she was even naked. But that is the moment that turns me on the most. When she is just totally at ease with herself, just being herself, and is totally naked. Perhaps it was these moments that I had seen that told me there was something worth fighting for and that led me to expose her that first night.

Anyway, I finally recovered and said, "You're in trouble now, missy. You're going to get it!" Katie stopped laughing, got a real serious look on her face, and said "Uh-oh..." in this little girl squeak of a voice as she turned and ran for the door. I headed after her and quickly caught up with her in the hallway -- there wasn't much of anywhere for her to go really. I swept her up in my arms and carried her back towards the restroom as she struggled and promised that she would be good, continuing her little girl voice. For effect, I had grabbed her around the waist and was holding her with one arm under her hips so that her head was down and her bare ass was pointing up at me. By the time I got her back to the men's room door she was giggling and grabbing for my dick, promising that she would be a good girl and that she would make it up to me. If anyone had come down the hallway at that moment, there would have certainly been quite a bit to explain.

Now don't get me wrong. By no means was I really upset with her. It was all in the spirit of fun at this point. I gave her a bit of a swat on the ass to get her attention as I pushed my way through the door and told her sternly that she was going to have to clean up the mess and that she deserved a punishment for her actions. I set her down on her feet and she kept her eyes lowered in submission, but from the trace of a smile at the corners of her mouth I knew that she realized the game as well.

I told her that I had to go get the cleaning supplies and that she was to stay in the restroom until I got back. I started to head to the door and then changed my mind.

Walking back to her, I said that she needed something to reflect on while she waited. I took her by her upper arm and led her over to one of the sinks. I told her to hold onto the front of the sink and bend over. She assumed the position, standing a foot or so back from the sink and bending at the waist just enough to put her hands on the edge of the sink with her legs fairly close together. I took her by the waist and drug her further away from the sink, so that she had to really lean over with her back nearly horizontal and her tight little ass sticking out. I then stuck my foot between her legs to push them further apart. I kept nudging at her feet until she had them a bit further than shoulder width apart, exposing her pussy from behind. I could tell that she was starting to get wet because her nether lips slowly opened up as she spread her legs.

I took a moment to just run my hand down over the curve of her ass, cupping the cheek and caressing it. I spent about a minute doing this, just running my cupped hand over both her ass cheeks. Katie's ass is cute and tight, I can practically cup one whole cheek in my hand. Finally, I lowered my hand between her legs and probed her pussy slightly with my middle finger. As I had guessed, she was getting excited and her lips were slippery with her wetness.

Katie's pussy is a beautiful thing to me. She keeps most of her pubic hair shaved with just a triangular patch trimmed close above her pussy. Katie always used to think that her pussy was vulgar because her inner lips protrude out beyond her outer lips. She'd say that was all she was, nipples and pussy lips. Personally, I find it sexy. The women with just a slit down there don't really do much for me. Katie's inner lips get all puffy and turn rosy as she gets aroused. I think of it as a little flower that unfolds just for me.

I ran my finger along those lips of hers, they were soft in their wetness. I did not probe too deeply, did not want to find her clit just yet, just wanted to toy with her. I slipped my hand back to her ass cheek and after just a quick caress I pulled back and gave her a slap. Without missing a beat, I gave her other cheek a quick slap as well. Not really hard, but enough to sting and bring some color to both her cheeks.

I did not even give her another caress to ease the sting. I told her to remain in that position until I got back as I walked out the door. I quickly walked down the hall to the utility closet to get a sponge and pail. Tossing the sponge into the pail, I poured some cleaner in as well and walked back to the restroom.

Walking down the hallway, I had another brief moment of apprehension. It was extremely rare that I encountered anyone else in the office at these times. Still, there were times that someone would drop in for some reason other than work. If anyone would have walked in, there would be quite a bit of explaining to do. I was walking down the hallway, totally naked, with a cleaning pail in my hand and an erection that was beginning to ache. My wife was totally naked, standing in the men's restroom bent over a sink with her ass and pussy sticking up in the air for anyone to see. Definitely a lot of explaining to do...

I walked back into the restroom and went over to the other sink. Katie was still in position at her sink with her head down when I came in, not even looking up. I filled the pail about half full of water and walked back over to Katie, smacked her on the ass again, and told her that it was time to clean things up.

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