tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExposing Katie 010

Exposing Katie 010

byTom and Katie©

As we continued our newfound games, our relationship continued to grow. Looking back over previous months, we could literally see the progress that we were making. Looking at our previous years of marriage, it seemed that we continued to have the same arguments and issues over and over again. I think that if I had to use one word to describe our marriage from before, it would have to be "frustrating" over any other single word. It seemed that no matter what I did, Katie would be upset with me. Nothing I did was right. She seemed incapable of understanding what I wanted out of life and never seemed to understand whatever I did try to do for her.

To be fair, Katie felt much the same way about me. I was always concerned with how I looked at a situation or what I wanted out of something. Both of us were right in our analysis of the situation. And both of us were wrong.

We were both guilty of the same trait. We focused on our own interpretation of a situation. We would each try to explain our viewpoint and get caught up in trying to get the other person to understand where we were coming from. It dissolved into a battle of wills every time, leaving us both more resolute in our own opinion that we each were correct and the other one was being inconsiderate or unyielding.

Our games were obviously affecting how we were dealing with each other. We definitely were opening up to each other more than we ever had before. That alone made quite a difference. I think that a lot of misunderstanding obviously comes from not being able to read each other's minds. In our own heads we know what we are doing and why, but our intents are not always obvious to our partners. Beyond that, I think that we tend to hold a lot of ourselves back for fear of rejection. We don't tell our partner everything. That just interferes further with them having any hope of understanding where we are coming from.

So our games led to opening up and discussing things with each other. As we learned to listen to each other, we each opened up more and we both began to understand each other more. Just as the cycle of our relationship before tore us apart, the cycle of our new relationship built and strengthened us.

One sign I saw in our increased understanding of each other was as our games became more spontaneous. Sure, there were things that we talked at length about and planned ahead. Then there were the spur of the moment events that one of us would say something and we would both immediately be into it and just go ahead and do it.

Most of the time this was just something simple. We would be out someplace and I'd tell Katie to show me her boobs so she'd lift her shirt and flash me or we'd dare each other to take our clothes off in the car. Katie would tell me that if I showed her my dick she would suck on it. Of course I'd pull it out for her. Just quick impulsive things.

Sometimes things got a bit more involved. Given some privacy in an otherwise public place, we'd dare each other to remove underwear. Not just having Katie step out of her panties while wearing a skirt or dress, mind you. The more challenge the better. We're talking having to remove shoes and jeans to remove underwear. I can still picture one episode where Katie ended up jumping up and down as she tried to get back into a particularly tight pair of jeans.

Then there were a few times that that our spontaneous activities got fairly involved. One incident that comes to mind was a particular Summer Saturday morning. We were going out with friends that evening and had a number of things to do around the house, but decided to take the morning and go for a hike. We got up early, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and headed out of town. The air was still cool under the trees as we started the hike up to the overlook. Once we reached the overlook and the sun broke through the trees it was warm on our faces and exposed arms. As we walked out on the rocks to the edge, I pulled my shirt off over my head to bask in the warmth of the sun. Katie came up behind me and I wasn't too surprised to find that she had also taken her shirt off by the time that she joined me. I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her close beside me as both of us stood bare chested to the morning sun.

We stood there together for awhile, just enjoying the view, fresh air, and sun. The hike was only about an hour and a half from where we had parked. A nice, simple hike to enjoy. The trail brought you out to this point along the ridge and there was a bit of a clearing at the rocks. Most people just came out to the overlook, but you could pick your way through the trees in either direction along the ridge and there were other rock outcroppings from which to enjoy the view. After a bit, we decided to opt for a bit more privacy. We had not seen anyone else out on the trail this morning, but figured that we wanted a bit of warning if anyone else should happen along. Anybody that came up to the overlook would spend some time there before they would start exploring around. We would hear them and be able to cover up if there were kids or folks that might get offended.

We walked back along the ridge for a bit and found another good rock outcrop that was out of direct sight of the first overlook. I found a nook to sit in and spread my shirt out to have something to lean back against. When I was settled in, Katie settled in beside me, curling up under my arm and against my chest. We sat there for ten or fifteen minutes, just drinking in the silence and basking in the sun. We watched a couple of hawks play in the thermals and a chipmunk scurrying along the rocks.

Katie had her arm across my stomach and after awhile she stroked her hand across my belly absentmindedly. It felt good and I gave a murmur of approval. She continued to rub my stomach and between that and my own absentminded thoughts of her topless state caused an awakening of my anatomy a little lower than she was currently focused on. It was not long before she noticed the change and she unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zipper down. I had not worn underwear, figuring that it would probably only get in the way if we found ourselves in a situation such as this. She dug her hand down into my jeans a bit in order to pull my penis up into view. A moment or two more and she was coaxing me to lift my butt so that she could slide my pants down for better access. Settling back down, the rock was cool and rough against my ass. Not that I was complaining, mind you, considering the circumstances. Katie settled in against my side once again and continued her caresses.

The warm sun, fresh air, having Katie snuggled beside me, and her gentle caresses was making me quite mellow. The only thing disturbing my serenity at the moment was having my jeans bunched up around my ankles, so I eventually displaced Katie long enough to take my boots, socks, and jeans off. Not one to let me show her up, Katie followed suit and then we curled up together again, fully naked.

There is definitely something about being naked out in the open with the fresh air and the sunshine. Katie bent down and licked the pre-cum from the head of my penis and then sucked me slowly into her mouth. She circled my knob with her tongue and sucked on it for awhile. Even though the morning was warm, the air felt cool on my wet dick when it left her mouth. When she plunged back onto my dick, her mouth was warm in contrast.

I enjoyed her ministrations for several minutes, stroking her back and just basking in the sun. Wanting to return the favor, I pulled her away from her task and got her to stand in front of me. Holding a cheek of her ass in each hand, I drew her to me and licked along her juicy slit. It was pretty obvious that I was not the only one turned on by our nudity and such. I attacked her clit with a vengeance, licking and sucking it until I could feel her legs going weak. I held her up as she moaned and her first orgasm swept over her. I gently kissed her labia and thighs as I let her recover.

As she came back to earth, she squatted down, insistent on having me inside of her. Kneeling over me was going to bruise or bloody her knees, so we ended up moving around several times to find a comfortable position for both of us. We ended up moving to a rock ledge that I could lean back against and Katie backed into me, allowing both of us a view out over the valley. It was a perfect morning. Clear skies, crisp air, warm sun, and our naked bodies our in Mother Nature. We fucked slowly at first, but our pace quickened. I reached around to cup Katie's breasts and play with her nipples as she thrust back against me. We pounded away at each other until Katie came for a second time and I came soon after. Katie slumped back against me and I curled my arms around her to hug her close to me. She wrapped her arms over mine and we held each other for several minutes before separating.

The morning was wearing on and we figured that we had better head for home to get our chores done. It was a shame to get dressed again and there was a definite temptation to start walking back to the car naked, but sensibility prevailed and we reluctantly dressed again and headed back down the trail. We were two thirds of the way back to the car before we encountered anyone else coming up the trail. Back at the parking lot we again ran into a few more people getting ready to head up the trail.

It was late morning as we were heading back home. In one of the little towns that we passed through we decided to stop at a little country store for something to drink. As we came out of the store, I spied a faded barbershop sign across the street on the corner of a building slightly further down the street from where we stood. I got a wicked idea and hoped that our morning's adventures were not quite fully over. Asking Katie if we could take a moment more, I headed across the street with her in tow. We got to the corner and I saw the door to the barbershop halfway down the side of the building along the side street.

We walked down the side street and then down a few steps to the door -- the barbershop was in the basement of the building. The sign on the door said that they were open, but it did not look like they had much in the way of business this morning. We opened the door and walked in. There was one lone chair in the back left corner with a low wall across in front of it, forming a bit of a stall. At the front of the shop were half a dozen chairs and a low table with magazines and a newspaper on it for anyone waiting. Today there was no one waiting, only the barber himself sitting in the chair at the back with part of the newspaper.

The barber was an older man, thinning grey hair slicked back with tonic or cream, white smock, and black rimmed glasses. An old school barber, not one of these "stylists" that you find in the suburban malls. Perfect, I thought. I said hello as we came in and asked if he had any appointments or if he could fit me in this morning. He replied that he had finished with his last appointment for the day and was just reading a bit of the paper before closing up shop, but he had no problem fitting one more person in. I approached the end of the low wall and Katie settled into one of the chairs and started looking through the available magazines.

Although I have a beard, I keep it trimmed pretty close and shave my cheeks and neck to leave just a thin line of beard along my jaw. I had not shaved that morning nor had I trimmed my beard for several days, so I had a dark "five o'clock" shadow and my beard was looking a bit scruffy. I asked the barber if he still shaved with a straight razor. "Certainly, sir!" was his reply. "Hot towel and lather?" I asked. "Only way to get a good, close shave!" was his response. "Sounds excellent," I said. "Mind you, I don't want to offend or cause trouble, but for the lady?" I asked. As I said this I turned toward Katie, extended my arm toward her with my palm out to gesture at her. Her head snapped up from her magazine to look at me and then shifting her gaze to the barber. I turned back to him myself and he had a bit of a question mark on his face. He looked at me, then to Katie, and then back to me. I made a sweeping gesture with my hand across in front of my crotch. His expression changed a bit as he began to realize what I was asking. "I don't know, sir, never been asked for that..." he stammered a bit. "I don't mean to push my welcome," I said. "We can be on our way..." I left it hanging. He looked from me to Katie, lingering on her for a bit, and then looked back to me. He cleared his throat a bit and told me that it should not be a problem.

He folded up his newspaper and rose from the chair. Walking past me, he flipped the sign on the door and turned the lock. "If you don't mind, sir, rather not have anyone walking in and raising questions," he said. As he walked past me, I had turned to follow his movements. With his back to her, Katie had raised an eyebrow at me and then just shook her head a bit with the trace of a smirk on her lips. I could almost read her mind, knowing that her thoughts were running along the lines of here we go again, he just has to push things a bit further each time.

As the barber turned back around from the door, he gestured to the chair and told Katie to go ahead. I walked back with them and leaned my elbows on the top of the wall to watch the show. Katie stood beside the chair for a moment, facing us and looking back and forth from me and the barber. Making up her mind, she bent down to untie her hiking boots and then slipped them off. She hesitated another moment before unfastening her jeans and slipping them off. She laid her pants over the wall beside me and then climbed into the chair.

Once she was seated, the barber turned the chair around so that Katie faced the mirror and began to pump the foot control to lift the chair up. I moved over a bit so that I could still get a good view of the action. Even with the chair at its highest point, the barber was going to have to bend to reach her. It's not like barber chairs were designed to bring someone's crotch to eye level. Katie was sitting as demurely as she could with her legs together for the moment. The barber adjusted the chair a bit, leaning Katie back some and then came around in front of her to his counter.

He turned back to her with an electric trimmer in his hand, telling her he would start by trimming everything close so that he could shave things properly. As I have said, Katie keeps her pubes trimmed pretty good on her own. She shaves her labia, leaving only a small patch of hair above her clit. She keeps that trimmed fairly close as well. I had noticed on our hike that Katie had not shaved too recently, though. That was part of what started the whole ball rolling when I had spied the barbershop sign.

At his approach, Katie spread her legs a bit and pulled her shirt up her belly to allow the barber to begin. It must have been the first that he had really allowed himself to take a good look at her because as he looked down at her, he blurted out that there was not a whole lot to trim, now was there? I think that the comment ended up embarrassing them both a bit, he looked away for a moment and Katie reflexively drew her legs together again. After a moment, the barber recovered from his comment and turned back to her. She spread her legs again and he quickly trimmed her small thatch of pubic hair back to a close stubble. He was hesitant as he carefully laid a single finger to either side of her slit and then ran the trimmer up towards her belly several times.

The barber turned back to his counter, laying the trimmer down and opening up the small cabinet that held the rolled up hot towels. He pulled one out and unrolled it, draping it over his hands to apply it. There were a few moments of awkwardness as he tried to figure out how to apply it short of just stuffing it between her legs. Katie helped him out by drawing her knees up and spreading her legs, allowing him to fold the towel in half and drape it over her pussy and inner thighs. When the towel first went on, Katie's eyes got a little wide as she drew her breath in sharply, saying hot, hot, hot. After the initial shock, though, she settled back and relaxed a bit.

The barber pulled out his straight razor and began stropping it, running it back and forth across the leather. There is something distinctly satisfying about a traditional shave. Probably similar to a manicure for a woman. Going back to the counter, the machine whirred for a moment as he dispensed some shaving cream into his palm. Ready, he turned back to Katie.

He paused for a moment before reaching down and pulling the towel off of her, draping it over his left arm. He scooped his fingers into the shaving cream and bent down to spread it onto her. He was a bit hesitant as he started up at her belly and worked his way down. I saw his hand tremble a bit as he got down to the top of her slit. He stopped at that point to scoop up some more shaving cream. Again he paused, this time a bit longer, before reaching down to spread the shaving cream on either side of her slit. He applied it slowly, gently, almost reverently.

With the shaving cream applied, he wiped the excess off of his hands with the towel and took the straight razor in hand. Again he paused. I would guess that he was wrestling with the idea of how to accomplish his task without being indecent about it. When he finally began, he once again choose to start at the top and work his way down. As he worked, he got into his rhythm, flicking his blade along in precise strokes and wiping the blade on the towel over his arm, and quickly finished up her lower belly.

Again he paused. After a moment, he cleared his throat. Haltingly, he said, "Ma'am... I'm going to... have too... touch..." It did not seem that he could go on any further. Katie took pity on him and solemnly said, "I understand... I don't mind..."

To this day I am totally amazed at the way that Katie is able to retain her dignity in just about any situation. And it is a personable dignity, an empathy, not an aloofness that said that she was better than those around her. But her coolness does not detract from the sexuality of the situation. If anything, it only turns me on more.

The barber continued, carefully placing an index finger to pull her skin taut to shave it. He did his best to touch her as far from her slit as he could, but to complete the job he could not help but touch her. Shaving her top thatch had gone quickly. Shaving her labia took quite a bit longer. I am not sure if it was a matter of being careful or whether it was that he wanted to prolong the experience. Perhaps a bit of both. To allow him to do a thorough job, Katie had to pull her legs back and spread them to give him access. The result was that her pussy opened up to him and he had an up close view of her inner sanctum as he worked.

Finally, he completed his work. He took the towel and started to dab at her pussy to remove the last traces of shaving cream, then thought better of it and handed the towel to Katie and told her that perhaps she would be able to do a better job. She wiped between her legs a bit and then handed it back to him, asking if he could wet a corner of it for her. He turned to the sink and did as she requested. When he handed it back again, she carefully cleaned with the wet portion before drying herself off. Whatever modesty kept him from wiping her himself did not prevent him from watching as she did it herself.

Cleaned up, she held the towel out for him and asked for a mirror. He took the towel and handed her his hand mirror. She held it between her legs and looked at herself, pulling her legs back some more to get a good view. He had done a good job. There was not a trace of a hair to be seen. As I had said, Katie kept things shaved and trimmed herself, but this had left every square inch of her pussy totally exposed.

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