tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExposing Katie 011

Exposing Katie 011

byTom and Katie©

The evening after our little escapade at the barbershop we went out with our friends, Larry and Sharon. Larry and I had met several years before when we both worked at the same company. We'd both since moved on to other jobs, but had formed a good friendship and stayed in touch pretty regularly. Katie and his wife, Sharon, hit it off as well so our two families got together quite a bit. Larry and Sharon had two daughters, so Katie got to go out with Sharon and the kids and play "auntie" too.

Our evening out was pretty typical. We went out to dinner at a fairly nice place where things were quiet enough that we could all talk. Larry and I talked about work and hobbies. The ladies' conversation seemed to mainly center around the girls. It was a nice, casual evening. Good food, good wine, good company, and good conversation.

The evening did not last too late, Larry and Sharon had to be home at a decent hour to relieve the babysitter. As we were driving home, I placed my hand on Katie's leg and slid it up under her skirt intending to fool around a bit. She spread her legs to give me access and I brushed my fingers across the smooth flesh above her pussy a few times before working my finger lower to rub her pussy. Her body stiffened and I was a bit surprised at how wet she was already. She lifted her hips and pulled her skirt up around her waist, spreading her legs to give me full access. I rubbed my finger along her clit and she was quickly moaning and thrashing around. I found a place to pull the car over so that I could give her my full attention and quickly brought her to a shuddering orgasm.

I watched her in the dim light, her chest heaving as she recovered, her thighs still bared to me. After a few moments I put the car in gear and pulled away. We drove in silence for awhile. In time her breathing slowed and she stirred in her seat a bit but was still quiet. I finally spoke up, asking her what had her so turned on. Still no response. I looked over at her and asked if she was ok. In a small voice she said that she was ok, just a little embarrassed. I asked her what on earth she was embarrassed about, there was absolutely no reason to be embarrassed about an orgasm. She replied that it was not exactly the orgasm, but what had gotten her so turned on in the first place.

Slowly I drew the answers out from her. The whole evening she had been acutely aware of her bare little pussy, that the thin material of her skirt was the only thing that kept her at all decent. Mind you, it was not like this was the first time that she had been out in public in a skirt and no panties. Not even that it was that rare of a situation. There had even been a couple times in the past that I had made sure she was not wearing anything under her dress when we had gone out with Larry and Sharon. I'd ask her if she thought that they knew and wonder aloud to her about what they would think if they did know.

She went on to say that she could not stop thinking about how her pussy was totally shaved. Again, not really that big of a deal. Her normal shave and trim did not leave much to hide behind. Although I did have to admit that there was a definite difference between MOSTLY BARE and FULLY BARE. Sort of like there was a definite difference between even the smallest, tiniest bikini and being stark naked.

She continued on to say that she could not get the experience out of her mind, that of the barber shaving her. That she kept thinking about sitting there with her legs spread for him, letting him examine all of her up close. That she calmly sat there as he touched her. In some ways, it was a realization of her doctor fantasies. Yet it still seemed as though I was missing something. We had been busy with our chores all afternoon, which may have kept her mind off of things. Yet the evening had been animated as well, leaving little time to dwell on other issues despite whatever bias her lack of panties may have evoked. There just seemed to be something more that she was hesitant to tell me. I kept prodding until it all finally came out in a rush.

"Oh God!" she started out. "All I could think of was that we were having this nice, normal, friendly dinner with our friends when earlier in the day I had exposed myself to a complete stranger so that he could shave my pubes off! Are people really like this? That they carry on these normal conversations like they live normal lives and nothing unusual ever happens to them when really the strangest things happened just hours or moments before only they never let on that anything even remotely different is going on in their lives? I mean, we talked about work and kids and who we saw last week. Sharon even asked me directly whether there was anything new in my life. I know she just said it like people always say it, not that she knew anything. But I just said oh, nothing much, what's new with you? I didn't say oh, yeah, I did something different today. I walked into a barbershop and bared my pussy to this guy so he could shave it. He shaved it bare! You know, I can feel it right now because I am not wearing any panties and I can actually feel the air flowing across my bare pussy even as we speak because my loving husband told me that I could not wear any panties tonight. I can feel myself getting wet just sitting here talking to you about all of this. Nope, did not say anything like that. Just nope, nothing new, how about you?"

It all came out in a torrent and she finally paused to take a breath. I looked over at her. Her skirt was still bunched up around her waist, but had fallen so that I could not actually see her pussy. She was breathing a bit heavily again from the emotion of her speech. It was silent for several moments.

In a soft voice she began again. "I wanted to tell them..." Her voice trailed off. "I wanted to tell them." she repeated in a little stronger voice. "I wanted to tell them what we had done. Tell them all about what happened up on the rocks and how we were driving home and just on the spur of the moment stopped in and got a shave." Her voice was softer than before, but she was speaking with that urgency again. "I wanted to tell them what I felt and how liberating it was to be able to do this. I wanted them to know what I had done..." Her voice trailed off a bit and she was silent for a moment.

This time the silence lasted a bit longer and when she spoke her voice was small and quiet. "I really wanted to show them. Show them what I had done so that they would know that I was not making it up. Let them see for themselves and know that I had exposed myself to the barber just as I was exposing myself to them." Another pause before she finished. "I wanted them to touch me. To feel how smoothly he had shaved me. To have no doubt about what I did. To know how much it excited me to have done that and how excited I was by telling and showing them."

When she stopped this time I knew that she had finished what she had to say and the silence drew on. Understand that Larry and Sharon were easily our closest friends. If there was anyone in our lives that we were going to share our "secret" lives with, it would have to be Larry and Sharon. This was not the sort of thing that you just openly shared with family, neighbors, and coworkers. If it were a wild moment sort of thing, deciding to "experience" a nude beach while on vacation or going to Mardi Gras, you could probably share it with casual acquaintances and joke about it. But what we were doing, that we were doing it on a fairly regular basis, and what it meant to our relationship would probably provoke difficult questions if we started sharing it with people in our "normal" life.

We'd talked about this issue before. That if it was just nudity, it would be one thing. Even though nudism is not exactly accepted in mainstream American culture and we could be assured that there would be snickers behind our backs from people if it was known we were nudists, it would be manageable. But we added the element of sexuality to the equation, something that nudists tend to be very careful to exclude to give themselves legitimacy. We both could see that as soon as we crossed that line that most people would immediately think that we were talking about swinging and casual sex. We'd already encountered it a couple times in our exploits. Times where people decided that since Katie was willing to expose herself to them that she was "fair game" or that she was inviting things to go much further. Luckily for us things never got ugly. We were able to extricate ourselves from these situations and learn from them to "read" future situations better so that we did not get into such problems. This had a certain amount to do with involving kindly older men in our games, they were much more likely to appreciate things for what they were and not feel that they were "owed" something more. Perhaps we are being a bit naive in our views to look at things this way, but on the other hand it has ended up working pretty well for us for many years. Much better than the early years of our marriage where we tried to live by the "normal rules" of society.

However, at this point in our relationship and in our games I also realized that if it were always just a case of "take Katie’s clothes off and show her to someone" that it would eventually lose its appeal to her. This was more than just a game. It was getting her to open up to me and to herself. It was allowing her to be someone she had never been allowed or allowed herself to be. I was amazed at the changes in her and proud of her for making the effort. We had come a long way from a relationship that was literally falling apart before our eyes. Yet it was not hard to notice that she tended to prefer the more intimate episodes where we exposed her. She did not just want to flash her breasts to the crowd and run away. Although not exactly shy, Katie is not typically the wild type to begin with. She seemed drawn to the opportunities for showing off to one person or a small group and having the chance to get their personal feedback. It had to last long enough that both she and anyone else involved could get comfortable with the experience of her being naked. It wasn't just a quick, cheap thrill.

And all of that was certainly understandable. Katie had come a long way. WE had come a long way and our relationship had come a long way. Yet Katie was still adjusting to this whole thing and needed the encouragement. I fully realized that she wanted the intimacy in a large part due to her background. She needed the person to understand and accept what she was doing. She did not want to feel that someone was using her to get off or have some creep following her home or making demands of her.

Even back after the episode where Katie had masturbated for Greg while we were hiking at the state park, she had brought up the question of commitment in her flashing. She did not want to consider the possibility of seeing someone again after having them see her naked because she was not sure that the familiarity would not lead to the boundaries continually being pushed further with each episode. She also felt very strongly about being touched for similar reasons, that it would break down the barriers. Still, she questioned what it would be like to have him touch her or how he would react if we saw him again. She knew where her boundaries lie and got anxious when things moved towards one of those boundaries. In time, it was not that her boundaries changed or went away but just that she relaxed more as long as the boundaries were maintained.

All of these thoughts were flying through my head as this torrent of thoughts and feelings had poured from Katie on this drive home I knew that things had to continue to develop or Katie would lose interest. She wanted this intimacy out of an encounter but was afraid of what commitments it might bring. I knew that this conflict would probably end up ruining the experience for her, not being able to get what she fully needed out of exposing herself. In a way, all of what she had been saying was a relief because she had found a way to find her intimacy while still being able to maintain distinct boundaries. If we could involve someone that Katie felt comfortable with and could be "intimate" with, but without the issues of involving a total stranger and wondering where things would lead we could continue to let our games evolve. Of course, there were a whole different set of "commitment" problems with involving a friend, but if there was any chance of it working we would have the best possible chance with Larry and Sharon. Although none of us could fully control the eventual outcome, if we understood each other's feelings and desires at the beginning we could hopefully keep it from tearing everything apart. I think that at the time I was not really thinking about the possibilities of anyone getting sexually involved. I figured that with being married, we all could fool around a bit with getting naked or playing games but it would be unlikely that it would evolve any further.

Fortunately, Katie's outpouring of thoughts and feelings did not completely catch me off guard. Despite all of the thoughts and feelings swirling around in my own head I was able to recover and not let the silence draw out too long. I knew that Katie would be a bit uncertain as to how I would react and the longer I went before speaking the more chance she would fear that she had gone too far.

I started off by telling her, "My dear, you are incredible. You never cease to amaze me and I will always love you for it." I could almost hear the sigh of relief from her. I assured her that I understood where she was coming from and could identify with her feelings. We then began to talk about whether there was any reality to the idea of including Larry and Sharon in our games. Despite her bold words, I knew that Katie would not do anything to jeopardize our friendship with Larry and Sharon and we were both a little concerned about how it would be received. We were very close with them and were able to joke and tease about things, but it is hard to say where people draw their lines. Katie also admitted that she was not completely sure that she could go through with it if there was any doubt about what it would do to our friendship.

In talking, we decided that it would be best if the initial attempt was made to look like an accident. We worked out a plan where the possibility was set up on both sides, but to leave things open enough that it would be somewhat spontaneous. I suggested that the next time that Larry and I got together to go out for a beer, we could stop back by the house for some reason. Katie could be coming out of the shower, not expecting anyone to be with me, and walk out into the open in the nude. I pointed out that the ball was entirely in her court. If we got home and she was sitting there watching TV, Larry would never know the difference and she would not be expected to perform. We finally agreed that we would try this and see where it went.

Since we had just been out together, it was a couple weeks before Larry and I got together again. On the appointed night, I went over the details with Katie before I left to meet him. With the kids, Larry usually made an early night of it and was home by ten. I could suggest that we stop by the house for something, which would mean that we would be back around nine to still give him time to get home. I let her know that she had complete control. She could be fully clothed in front of the TV if she did not feel comfortable with it, she could be in a skimpy towel if she was feeling playful but did not want to go the whole way, or she could just go all the way. The choice was up to her. I gave her a kiss and was on my way.

Larry and I had our usual conversations about what was up with our jobs, asked about each other’s families, told each other the latest stupid jokes we had heard, and all the usual crap guys talk about while drinking. He brought up that some of the guys he worked with had told him about a nearby bar with dancers every Friday night. They only went down to a g-string and pasties, but he said that we should check it out sometime. That seemed like a perfect lead in to what Katie and I had planned for him.

I quickly decided on a slight change of plans and decided to take Larry into my confidence a bit. Jokingly, I said that although we could not take advantage of that this evening, we could stop by my house to see if we could catch Katie in her nightgown or something. Larry laughed and said that he would not mind seeing that. When I said we should get going then, he stopped me and said that he had not thought that I was really serious. I said sure, why not? He asked if Katie would get upset. I told him that he and Sharon were practically family and that Katie would probably get a kick out of it. I could tell that he did not quite believe me, but I guess that he figured that it was my neck if I wanted to stick it out. We paid our tab and headed back to my place.

Driving home, I wondered if Katie was really going to go through with it. We arrived at the house and I parked in the driveway. Larry parked out front and I walked out and waited for him to join me. We walked around to the back of the house and I let us in the back door. I was sure that if Katie was paying attention she would know that we had arrived and I tried to stall a bit so that she would have time to set up. When we were inside I could hear the shower running and gave Larry the thumbs up. I grabbed us a couple of beers from the fridge and motioned for Larry to quietly follow me into the living room. I poked my head back the hallway to let Katie know I was home, flipped on the TV, and then sat down to see what would happen. The way that our living room is set up, neither of us could see back the hallway. I was in an armchair that had its back to the hallway and Larry was on the couch, around the corner from the hallway. Katie would be able to see me as she came out the hallway, but would have to come around the chair before she could see Larry and before either of us would really be able to see her.

Awhile later I heard the water go off and knew that the moment of truth would soon be upon us. A couple more minutes and I heard the bathroom door open followed by Katie coming down the hall. Larry saw her first but I was pleasantly surprised a moment later when I saw that she was actually fully naked! Her act was perfect, she was pretending that she was not really paying attention as she finished drying her hair with a towel as she walked out. She suddenly looked up, "saw" Larry, said "Whoops!" and scurried back down the hallway, saying that she would be back in a moment. I was disappointed that it did not last too long, but was grateful just for the fact that she had chosen to go fully nude and figured that it that it was a good start. I knew that with each new phase that we entered that I had to be patient and let Katie do things in her own time and own comfort level.

She came back down the hall a few minutes later with her white terry-cloth robe on. She apologized to Larry, saying that she had not realized that I was not alone and hoped that she did not embarrass him. She gave me a playful swat and told me to warn her next time. Larry told her that she should not worry, no harm was done. Katie went to get herself a beer and joined us a minute later. I figured that the show was over and hoped that it went well enough that I could get Katie to go a bit further next time.

As it turned out, Katie had other plans. After she had asked about Sharon and the girls, she said that she hoped that Larry would not get in trouble with Sharon over what had happened tonight. Larry said that it was not that big of a deal and he knew that Sharon would have a problem with an accident like that. His only regret was that he wished that it had lasted longer, he barely got a chance to register what he was seeing before she ran off. With a grin, he said the only thing he could still recall was her bare little butt. Katie returned his grin and told him that possibly could be arranged, but only if he was positive that Sharon would not object. Larry said that it wasn't like he was seeing that much more than when she would wear her bikini and for as long as we all had been friends he could not imagine Sharon having a problem with just seeing Katie naked. "Well, if that's how you feel," she said, "This robe IS getting a bit warm..." Having said that, she undid the tie of the robe and opened it up a bit before slipping it off her shoulders and arms. Her motions caused it to slide off her legs as well and as simple as that she was sitting there fully naked in front of Larry and me.

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