tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExposing Katie 013

Exposing Katie 013

byTom and Katie©

All in all, I was pretty pleased with the way that things had gone at the garden center. Despite my fantasies, I had not really expected that we would have the opportunity to have Katie just walking around topless for that long in a public place. Granted, it sort of fell into our usual "restricted access" public nudity, but I felt that we made some progress both by initially surprising the boys and then by really leaving it in their hands as to whom she was exposed. They could easily have brought back just about anybody that they wanted to have see her. Of course, Katie could just as easily have put her shirt back on and the show would have been over.

Although we both enjoyed our little adventure, our intentions had been to see if we could get away from our "restricted" exposure and see what some more "public" reactions would be. Really, a lot of this came out of Katie's "confession" of wanting to expose herself to Larry and Sharon and some of the questions that were raised when she subsequently did expose herself to Larry. The questions were not only of how far we could go, but how far we should allow ourselves to go.

All sorts of things go on behind closed doors and to think otherwise is just foolish. The question becomes a personal one of where to draw the lines? Not everyone is going to mark the same boundaries. For us, we were not looking to be swingers or anything like that. But what boundary do you make between that public life of family, friends, neighbors, and business associates and that of "play" time? Is it necessary to separate things totally? As Katie asked, do you bare yourself to a complete stranger and then a few hours later sit down to dinner with your closest friends and talk about the weather, kids, and whether you are going to go with the honey mustard or raspberry walnut vinaigrette salad dressing? Obviously, you are not going to stand up in Sunday School and announce to your fellow parishioners that you took your wife to the barber and watched while he shaved her pussy and expect them to pat you on the back and tell you that they are glad to have such people in the congregation. If they do, that must be some church! But is there a middle ground? Or are you forced to lead a dual life if you are going to even consider doing such things in your life but still maintain some semblance of decorum in your everyday life?

There was no way that either one of us would involve Larry and Sharon if we knew that it was going to harm either our friendship with them or their relationship with each other. Yet I was slowly beginning to realize my naivete when it came to certain issues. I really had not given much thought to where things would ultimately lead once I started down the path of exposing Katie to Larry. I have to admit that my initial thoughts were just that he would be safe. I knew that he would not be unkind to her and knew that with his relationship with Sharon that he would not consider cheating on her. What I wasn't seeing was that by involving Larry I was de facto involving Sharon. And in involving Larry AND Sharon I was involving another couple and that changed the dynamic considerably.

The lessons that I ended up learning were of the differences in how men and women relate to the world around them. You can work next to a guy in the office for years or see him every week at the gym and never know that he is dying of cancer or his wife is leaving him or some other such earthshaking event. Two women sit down next to each other on a bench in the mall and within ten minutes are talking about their kids, sharing recipes, and giving family histories to each other. Ok, so I exaggerate, but women definitely have a need to share more about themselves. This is what Katie began to explain to me, that she needed an outlet for what we were doing. Sure, it meant something that we were sharing all of this together and it was bringing us closer, but I slowly saw that it went further than that.

Even if we only showed her to Larry and he kept that secret from Sharon, Katie needed someone to share her story with. The womenfolk try to make us feel guilty about what is talked about in the locker room or at the bar when it is just the guys, but let me clue you in on the fact that women share everything with their friends down to the details that would make a man blush. But these were realizations that I came to much later. Perhaps I should just stick to the story in the order of events as they happened. At this point, the only issue was that I began to realize that Katie needed a female confidant and the only question was whether we had a chance of successfully including Sharon and Larry into all of this or if we were doomed to hurt feelings and misunderstandings if we even tried.

So it may not have been the most straightforward or valid way to get answers, but what happened at the garden center was more than just a enjoyable episode for us. More than just that we had pushed the envelop a bit further with a few more people than before and in a bit more public place than before, but also that the guys had been able to treat Katie as a person even though she had her top off. And that gave us some small hope. It left us with the feeling that perhaps we were not totally out of line for thinking that we could expose Katie without it being a fully separate "sexual" life of ours.

Our initial failure with trying to have Katie's "play" accepted in public had been that we had dressed Katie up "slutty" and then were surprised when people reacted to her accordingly. I admit that I was being naive about things. I was basing my reaction on knowing Katie as a person first and then seeing her dressed in "hot" clothes. Anyone else, not knowing her as a person first, was forming their entire reaction to her based solely on how she was dressed.

The small white t-shirt and jeans looked wholesome enough at first glance. Coupled with Katie's natural demeanor, it came across as though she was unaware of the effect that her clothing was having on people. Even when she ended up topless at the garden center, she acted so naturally about it that the guys came to accept it as though it was not completely out of the ordinary. Don't get me wrong, I mean they obviously got off on her being topless but they were able to still see her as a person instead of just a pair of boobs. This is really what we were looking for all along.

So to continue with our success, we took an evening to go out shopping to try to come up with some more outfits that Katie could wear that would allow her to show off while maintaining some semblance of a wholesome look. The only thing to our disadvantage was that you can never seem to buy clothing for the current season. Just as the Christmas displays start going up before Halloween anymore, it seems like they have bikinis on display while there is still snow on the ground and winter coats when you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. The benefit to us was that the summer clothing that we could find was all clearance priced. The problem was that things were pretty well picked over and we really were not finding anything that seemed to work. Most of the stuff was pretty modest and it seemed that anything that was at all revealing was downright trashy, the dregs that nobody else would buy. Trash at half price is still trash.

So Katie ended up looking at things more with an eye towards what she would actually wear and was able to find some sundresses that she liked. She picked out a few and disappeared into the dressing room with her selection to try them on, coming out to model each one for me. One of them really appealed to her but she asked me if I could try to find it a size smaller. The size she had looked good on her but did seem just a bit bulky. While she went back in to try on the next dress, I looked around and did manage to find the dress in the next smaller size. I took it up to the dressing room and stood there for a few minutes while waiting for her to come back out. The dress had looked cute on her but with its ankle length, short sleeves, and modest neckline it wasn't anything racy. At this point I had resigned myself to the fact that we were not going to find anything "revealing" that evening and was just happy that the trip would not be a total waste if Katie found something "normal" to wear.

But standing there with the dress in my hand and absentmindedly looking at it, I realized that it was actually made up of two thin layers of fabric. Since the two layers were sewn together at the seams I could not get a real view through only the one layer of the outer fabric, but it seemed that it was translucent without being totally transparent. The wheels began to turn in my mind. The only problem was that Katie was currently considering the dress for "normal" wear and probably wouldn't take too kindly to having it clipped apart into something that she could only wear semi-indecently. I was just thinking that if the lining were cut out of it she could still possibly wear it with a slip if she wanted to stay decent when she came out of the dressing room. The dress that she was trying on looked nice, but did not have the same style to it as the one she tried on before, the one I was holding in my hand. She thanked me for finding the smaller size and disappeared back into the dressing room to try that one on. While I was waiting, I decided to make a quick search and was able to turn up exactly one more dress in that size. I guess that luck was with me. Looking at the pricetag, I decided that with the sale prices I was willing to pay for a duplicate to play with. I went back to wait at the dressing room, stashing the dress on a nearby rack where I could keep an eye on it without Katie questioning why I was holding it.

Katie came out of the dressing room and the smaller size definitely fit better on her. As it was, the dress actually looked pretty sexy on her as it was, in a wholesome sort of way. Yet I was already trying to judge how it would look with the lining cut out of it. From a purely legitimate standpoint, it was a nice dress and Katie looked good in it. The full length, sleeves, and modest neckline gave the dress a certain respectability. The sort of thing that I could see her wearing to a church picnic without any of the matriarchs raising a snit. But without a lining I could envision being able to see the silhouette of her body through the material and with the light cream color I wondered if you would be able to see a shadow of her aureolas and pubic hair through it. If we could strip the lining out of it I was pretty sure that it would do nicely, mixing respectability and indecency in just about the right balance.

Katie decided that this dress was the only one that she really liked, not knowing my evil intentions for its twin, and disappeared into the dressing room a final time to change back into her street clothes. When she came back out with the dress in her hand, I was standing there with its twin in my hand. At first she did not comprehend, thinking that it was the larger dress and told me that I could put it back on one of the racks. When I told her that this one was the same size as the one in her hand, I only confused her further and she told me that she only needed one. I replied that this one was for me and in the way her eyes lit up I knew that she had a brief mental picture of me wearing the dress, so I interjected that she would still be the one wearing it but that it would still be for me. She held the dress in her hand up a bit to look at it closer as she began to realize what I was saying.

She commented that the salesgirl was going to look at her a bit strange when she took two identical dresses up to the counter. I replied that I'd take the other one to a different register and buy it there and would even give her the money to buy hers since she was always so willing to indulge me. I fished a few bills out of my wallet and handed them to her. We went our separate ways and met up again several minutes later each with our own matching shopping bag. I told Katie that the salesgirl had even complemented me on my taste and had said that she was sure that my wife was going to love the dress. If she only knew my real intentions for it! We both had a laugh at that.

Altering the dress took some work and Katie ended up borrowing a sewing machine from her aunt to re-sew the seams after we had carefully cut the stitching apart to separate the lining. The work we put in just to have some fun! It did turn out nicely, though. Our seams were all smooth and you had to actually look closely at them to be able to tell that they were not original. Doing so was important because we both felt that if the dress looked "homemade" then it would be fairly obvious that any exposure was intentional. If the dress looked like it was bought off the rack, then perhaps Katie did not know how revealing it was?

When it was all finished, Katie put it on and wore it around the house and outside in the yard just to see how the dress looked and how much you were actually able to see under different lighting conditions. Some people would have you believe that a material that is totally opaque and decent suddenly turns completely transparent in sunlight or some other certain condition and you could see every detail of the person underneath. I'll admit that different lighting can make some difference, but I've never seen a dramatic difference that went from completely discreet to "every detail" under any normal conditions -- other than getting a fabric wet.

Under moderate lighting, the light cream color and minimal pattern of Katie's dress only kept her barely discreet. You could not see any detail, but if you looked you could see a bit of the shadow of her aureolas. The light color of her pubes combined with the fact that Katie kept them closely trimmed did not leave much to give a shadow down below, though. She'd have to wear a black thong to give people the impression that they were seeing her bush. Backlighting did a nice job of showing off the silhouette of her legs, but the light and the viewer would have to be positioned exactly for anyone to see the outline of her nether lips. Brighter lighting and especially fluorescent lighting did bring out the contrast of her aureolas through the material. It still was not to the point that you could really see any detail, but it was fairly obvious that she wasn't wearing anything else under the dress. The other benefit of removing the lining was that now there was only one thin layer of fabric covering her and it draped across her body in a more revealing way than the two layers had. Most noticeable was the way that Katie's nipples poked into the thin fabric. We actually switched back and forth between the altered dress and the original one a few times to see exactly what differences the lack of a lining made.

Katie did find an excellent way to show off when she stood over one of our landscape lights in the backyard after dusk. The dress lit up like one of those oriental paper lanterns, showing off her body quite clearly up to her waist. The waistline kept the light from traveling any further up her body under the dress, but if she leaned forward she could get the dress to fall away from her chest a bit and give some tantalizing illumination up to the underside of her breasts. So there was a way for the dress to become completely transparent and show her off in all her glory without resorting to rain or sprinklers!

For our first trip out with Katie's new dress, we ventured out to the local town park on a Saturday morning. We briefly discussed the odds of running into a neighbor or someone else that we knew, but decided that the odds of that happening were pretty low. Besides, the dress was not totally lewd and the whole point was to get people's reactions. We agreed that the dress was not indecent enough to warrant any really slanderous comments around the neighborhood if she was seen in it.

We parked the car and started out just walking around, holding hands and talking like any other couple in love. Katie was wearing her dress (obviously) with a pair of white Keds for a casual look. I was wearing my usual jeans along with a knit shirt. Katie gives me a certain amount of grief at times for always wearing long pants. As a kid, I was always getting into things and scraping up my knees. I ended up always wearing jeans to give me some protection and it's something that has always stuck with me. Even on the hottest days it is rare to find me in shorts. Completing our outfits, we were both wearing sunglasses so that we could check out other people's reactions a little easier without being completely obvious.

We strolled down along the treeline, skirting the open area with the ball fields, tennis courts, and basketball courts. We passed a few other couples and a number of families as we walked. We got the usual glances, but nobody really stared and we did not seem to get the hairy eyeball from anyone. Then again, we did not really come up face to face with anyone either, so perhaps nobody got a good enough look to be either intrigued or offended.

We bypassed the main playground area. There were maybe a half dozen younger kids there with a few parents. We figured that parents might be a little more protective of their children and take offense with Katie's outfit. Off to the side a ways were some swings that were being ignored by the kids, so we wandered over that way and Katie sat down on one of them and I got behind her to start pushing her gently.

It was probably only about five minutes before a little boy and girl separated from the other kids and came running over to us, full of questions. Where were our children? Why was I pushing "the mommy" on the swing? Where did we live?

A young couple quickly hurried over to "save" us from the inquisition and apologize to us. Katie laughed and reassured them that it was not a problem and said how cute they were. Introductions were made and Katie and Melissa were soon sitting on swings talking while Andrew and I ended up pushing the kids on the swings.

What was I saying about how women relate?

The women were sitting on their swings facing opposite to the kids so that they could they could face them and keep an eye on them. That left Andrew and me facing the women as well. As Katie and Melissa talked and we swung the kids, I was beginning to think that we had been too conservative with Katie's dress.

I figured that my fears were realized when I overheard Melissa complementing Katie on her dress and telling her how much she liked it. I was saved when she paused for a moment and then giggled, saying that she was sure that Andrew liked it too. I had not really noticed him looking, but apparently his wife had caught him.

Katie looked down at herself for a moment, gave a laugh, and told Melissa that she knew it was a bit revealing but that I had convinced her that it was not that noticeable.

Melissa laughed at that, saying that Andrew was the same way.

The kids were young enough that I did not notice that they were picking up on anything that was being said. I think that Andrew felt a bit guilty about being caught, because he didn't comment and seemed to do his best not to gawk at Katie anymore. Melissa had seemed to have a sense of humor about it, so I sort of thought that it was a shame that nothing more was said.

After awhile the kids decided that they wanted to play on the slide and the group of them left with hurried good-byes as the kids drug their parents off to the other side of the playground. Katie and I stayed at the swings for a bit as I resumed pushing her on her swing before we decided to move along.

We walked around the park a bit more, getting a few whistles from some guys playing basketball. Truthfully, I don't think that they got close enough to really see the full effect. Their loss. Not exactly the most exciting episode, but it let us know that it was conservative enough that we could get away with her wearing it in public while still being daring enough to provoke interest based on Melissa's comments.

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