tagLoving WivesExposing Katie 014

Exposing Katie 014

byTom and Katie©

The next morning dawned overcast and rainy. That seemed like more than enough reason for us to pull the covers up around us and stay in bed. That Katie had her naked little body snuggled against my equally naked body only increased the reasons exponentially. Finally, it had been quite late by the time Larry and Sharon had gone home, leaving us both tired and Katie emotionally drained from all that had happened over the course of the evening. We had snuggled up together and quickly drifted off to sleep, too tired to fool around. That only served to make me that much more aware of Katie's body pressed against mine when I woke.

I lay there, quiet and still, listening to Katie breathe and just enjoying her body next to mine. She stirred after awhile and caught me watching her. She gave me a sleepy smile and asked what I was looking at. I smiled back at her and told her I was just looking at the most beautiful woman in the world. She grinned at me and shifted to look behind her, asking where? I laughed and grabbed her, pulling her on top of me and giving her a kiss. My hands roamed up and down the sides of her body as our kisses became more passionate. My hands slid down to cup her ass and I grabbed a cheek in each hand and gave her a good squeeze.

"Careful!" she said. "No damaging the goods unless you plan to buy them!"

"Oh, I can buy them, can I?" I asked. "Does that mean that they are then mine to do as I please?" And I gave her cheeks another good healthy squeeze.

"Yep, yours to do with as you please," she replied.

I ran a finger down between her cheeks and worked it between her lips, finding her pussy already starting to moisten. With my other hand I cupped her ass to pull her up my body a bit more so that I could reach her a bit better. With her repositioned, I probed my finger down along her slit further until I could feel the nub of her clit. I felt the jerk go through her body as I touched it. Gently I rubbed at it with the tip of my finger as I used my other hand to caress her ass cheek. Drawing my finger back away from her clit, I could feel that she was getting wetter.

We began to kiss again as I probed her pussy with my fingers and rubbed her ass. I was beginning to rise to the occasion. She felt me against her leg and broke from my grasp to wiggle her way down my body. She pushed herself up with her hands on my chest and scooted around so that my member was poking out between the cleft at the top of her legs. Slowly she drew her wet nether lips back and forth along my rod, coaxing it to attention.

She took the head of it in her hand, pulling it up from where it lay against my body so that she could rub herself on it better. I lay back and just watched her. Sliding her hand down further along my length, she got up on her knees and rubbed my head between her lips and against her clit. I could feel her warm wetness against me and then the slight cool feeling of the air as I was exposed again.

I love watching as I enter her and she soon obliged me, rising up a bit more on her knees and wiping my head back and forth along her seam before slowly settling down onto me. She leaned back down to me and I took her in my arms as she laid her head against my chest. We lay like that for a few minutes, just taking in the sensation of being joined. I ran my fingers lightly down across her back and caressed her butt as we lay like that.

In time she raised herself back up and with her hands on my chest for balance, she looked down as she raised herself off of me slowly. I fluffed up the pillow beneath my head so that we could both watch as I slid out of her, slick with her juices. Just as the ridge of my head showed at the rim of her pussy, she changed direction and sank back down onto me until she ground herself against me.

She always said that she loved the feeling of me filling her, loved how she could feel me pulse inside of her with my heartbeat. She paused like that for a few moments, her head hung down so that she could see our juncture. Then she rose again, exposing my glistening member slowly to the air and light.

She had just begun to sink back down upon my shaft when the doorbell rang. Her head snapped up to look at me as I just said "Damn" under my breath. "Maybe they'll go away if they think nobody is here," I said. Then I remembered that we had not put the car in the garage when we had come home the night before with Larry and Sharon. Our detached garage is behind the house, so sometimes we just leave the car in the driveway beside the house. That meant that it was somewhat obvious that somebody was at home unless we had gone out for a walk. The rainy weather pretty much confirmed that was probably not the case.

She hung like that for a moment, just a bit more than the head of me inside of her, until the doorbell rang a second time.

"I guess I'll go check," she said as she pulled off of me. My penis slapped down onto my stomach with a wet sound as it freed itself from her pussy. She grabbed a robe from the closet, not the terry cloth one but a cream colored one that reached her knees. She pulled it on as she disappeared out the door, pulling it nearly shut behind her.

I lay on my back on the bed for a moment, just staring down at myself as my erection faded away. Although it was not quite a puddle, there was a wet spot across my lower abdomen and my penis and scrotum was wet as well. I should have asked her to grab me a towel before she went to check on our visitor. Hopefully whoever it was would quickly be sent on their way and we could pick up where we left off.

I could hear some voices, but could not make anything out to let me know who was there. I felt a bit silly laying there like that. The covers were across my legs, but from about mid-thigh on up I was exposed. My erection had pretty much left me and the little guy seemed almost pitiful as he lay there all wet and wrinkled.

I was trying to decide whether to wipe myself off with a T-shirt from the laundry hamper and put my robe on or whether there was still some chance that Katie would be back to pick up where we left off when I noticed that the voices were getting closer. Damn! Not only that Katie had invited the person (persons?) in but she was coming this way for some reason. Katie was talking when they came to the door, so I had no idea who was with her. I drew the covers back up over me. Katie could wash them if she complained about the mess. I wouldn't have had to pull them up if she wasn't giving tours of our bedroom to people on Sunday mornings!

A moment later she pushed the door open and came walking in with someone behind her. It took a moment for her to move to the side before I could see that it was Sharon following her.

Sharon gave me a smile and said, "Still in bed, sleepyhead?"

"Umm, yah," I said. "Rainy Sunday morning and all. Wasn't expecting to have to get out of bed quite so early."

Katie sat down on the corner of the bed and drew one leg up under her. She patted the bed beside her, motioning for Sharon to sit down as well. Ok, this was a bit of a turn of events. Anyone else want to come in and sit on the bed with the naked guy under the covers? The covers were up across my chest, but my arms and shoulders were out so Sharon could see that I did not have a shirt on. Perhaps she thought I was just sleeping in shorts or pajama bottoms, not realizing that I didn't have anything on.

"So, what's up," I asked, doing my best to seem natural about the situation.

"Well, I just had to stop by to talk to Katie," Sharon said. "I kept Larry up half the night with questions and he finally sent me back over here this morning to talk to Katie."

Considering that we had been up half the night with them, I wondered if Larry had gotten any sleep. I guess that Katie and I had been doing this long enough that what happened last night was not a complete culture shock, but for Sharon and Larry I could see that it was not the sort of thing that you could just go home and not think about.

"So, I hope we are not in too much trouble," I said.

"No, not in trouble," Sharon said. "I just kept thinking about things and had to come back over and talk to Katie. I was going to ask if she wanted to go out for a cup of coffee or something."

Everyone spent a few moments looking back and forth to each other. Finally, Sharon asked if I planned to stay in bed all day. I thought that was sort of forward for someone to barge into your bedroom on a Sunday morning and then start criticizing you on top of it. I started to say, "Ummm, well..."

Katie broke in and simply stated, "He doesn't have anything on." Her eyes twinkled with mischief.

"Oh, I see..." Sharon replied, raising her eyebrows.

"You want to see?" Katie asked with a devilish grin.

I will never know if Sharon is naturally just the perfect straight person, whether these two have some unspoken way that they communicate, or how many of these "coincidences" are planned ahead of time. Whatever the case, it seems that things are often taken to the next level when Sharon makes some innocent comment that Katie twists slightly into something a little more lewd.

Sharon acted a bit shocked by the suggestion, but when I started to object Katie cut me off by saying that I certainly had more than enough fun showing her off and that now it was her turn for a change. That also quieted any protest from Sharon as well. It did seem only fair if even for what had happened the evening before without considering all the other times I had talked Katie out of her clothes. Although, everything the evening before had been her own doing. It could be argued that she had shown herself off without any urging from me. Still, it was hard to complain if she decided that she wanted a chance to play.

I lifted my arms off of the covers and allowed Katie to start to draw them down. She paused for effect for a moment as she reached my lower abdomen, then drew the covers down the rest of the way to expose me. I wish that I could say that I had a raging hard-on to show off, but things had really happened too quickly for me to get excited at the thought that Sharon was going to see me. I was not completely deflated, but was the little guy was still laying there limply against my abdomen. Things had dried up a bit, but the sticky remains of Katie's juices were still pretty obvious. Sharon took it all in for a long moment before it dawned on her that she caught us in the middle of something.

Sharon brought her hands up to cover her mouth as she sucked in a breath. "Oh! God! I'm sorry. I... Oh, God! I didn't know I... I mean... Oh, God! I'm so sorry... You were... Oh, God!" Sharon was completely flustered, just babbling. She kept raising her hands to cover her eyes, but then let them drop a second later as she was drawn back to look like not being able to help yourself as you are passing an accident.

Katie flipped the covers back up to cover me and simply said, "Whoops! Should have cleaned up cleaned things up." She got off the bed and headed for the bathroom, leaving Sharon sitting on the edge of the bed with me. Sharon sat there quietly until Katie came back into the room a moment later with a warm washcloth. She pulled the covers down again and quickly wiped the remains of our lovemaking up. Once finished, she flipped the covers back up to cover me and went back down the hall to deposit the washcloth in the bathroom. She was soon back.

Sharon started to babble again, apologizing for interrupting us and saying that she did not know. Katie quickly cut her off.

"So we were having a little morning play," Katie said. "Now we can just have a different sort of play."

Sharon tried to continue her apology, but Katie just shushed her.

"As I said, as many times as Tom has exposed me I am looking forward to my chance to expose him. You ok with that?" she asked Sharon.

Sharon took a bit of a breath and then slowly nodded. I had been a bit worried that this was going to completely kill the mood. Sharon had been a bit nervous when Katie first suggested exposing me and I think that the evidence of our recent play just made things a bit too real for her to deal with. I did not want to push her too far and have this be the end of the possibility of any future play, but she seemed to have calmed down and I trusted Katie's intuition about how to proceed.

Katie lifted her hand back to the edge of the covers and after looking once again for Sharon's consent, slowly but steadily pulled them down to uncover me. Sharon's reaction had spoiled the mood for me a bit as well and I was pretty limp at this point. Not to the extent of the so-called "cold water shrinkage" but definitely not in any state to impress anyone.

Katie picked up on that as well and commented that I certainly was not doing anything to impress Sharon. Her hand moved to brush against me. She rubbed the backs of her fingers along my length and then turned her hand over to run her fingertips down along my shaft. At the base, she shifted to run her palm down across my scrotum and then back up to wrap her hand around the base of my member. She gave it a bit of a squeeze as her attentions were causing me to come to life again.

Sharon watched the movement of Katie's hand in silence, but I could tell that she was overcoming her earlier discomfort. With Katie's touch, I was starting to swell to the occasion once again. Slowly at first, but as I started to harden Katie wrapped her hand around me and pumped back and forth to quickly bring me to full attention. She again lightly traced her fingers along my shaft and used the palm of her hand to caress my balls. She pulled my member away from my abdomen, letting it stick straight up into the air, and remarked that this was the way she liked to see it. She gripped me about mid-shaft, her grasp surprisingly strong for her little hand. First she pulled downward, stretching the skin and making my head swell and the veins stand out until the skin was near shiny. Then she reversed her direction and pulled the loose skin up until it nearly enclosed the head. A moments pause and then she pulled downward again, stretching the skin and swelling the head once again as it strained against her pull.

Grasping the base of my manhood, she used her other hand to lightly caress its head. I was getting pretty worked up by her attentions and let my eyes close as I let out a moan. She continued to rub the head of my shaft and especially the ridge of it. As Katie worked on me, I suddenly felt another hand on my thigh. I only allowed my eyes to open slightly and saw Sharon watching intently, her hand absentmindedly on my leg. I don't think that she consciously decided to touch me but was merely getting caught up in things. I let my eyes close again and just enjoyed the feeling of being touched.

Katie must have noticed Sharon's hand, because I heard her murmur her ascent to Sharon. The hand on my leg quickly withdrew which only provoked Katie to encourage her further. Again I felt the hand on my leg, tentatively at first and then gaining some confidence as she rubbed cautiously at my leg. More encouragement from Katie and I felt the hand drift higher up my leg.

Katie had been grasping the base of my shaft with one hand to pull the loose skin taut and lightly stroking her other hand over the head of my shaft, encircling it with her fingers. The hand at my head disappeared and again I heard Katie's encouragement. The other hand at my leg disappeared for a moment or two, more encouragement from Katie, and then I felt a light grasp around the head of my shaft once again. The grasp had a decidedly different feel to it, not just in pressure but also in the temperature of the hand (a bit cooler) and the shape and feel of the hand itself.

I risked opening my eyes slightly again and was rewarded with the sight of Sharon grasping my cock. At first she just grasped it lightly around the head, almost unsure of what to do. Katie still clenched the base of my shaft and I soon felt her other hand begin to massage my scrotum. I let my eyes drift closed once again and just concentrated on the feel of their touch.

Katie found one of my testicles and grasped it gently, rubbing over it with her thumb. It caused me to shiver slightly and I could feel the head of my shaft throb slightly in Sharon's hand. She felt it to and involuntarily gripped me a bit tighter. Once again encouragement from Katie and I began to feel Sharon's hand move to caress my head. Another hand was on my leg again and I could picture Sharon touching me.

Katie was gently massaging my testicle, first one and then the other, and I could feel the pressure building within me. Sharon was becoming more confident, sliding her hand down my shaft and then back up and over the ridge of my head. She'd stop and then run her thumb back and forth over the ridge as she held the head in her hand and felt it swell against her palm.

I could not help myself and gently bucked my hips against her hand. She paused for a moment and then resumed her pumping with her hand. As her motions gained aggressiveness, I could feel the pressure building within me and bucked against her hand more. Katie's hand found both my testicles and grasped them, gently squeezing them together. I let out a long breath as I felt my climax coming. Sharon pumped away at me until she felt my member begin to throb. She grasped it with both hands and pointed it straight up.

I had to watch and opened my eyes to watch my first shot of cum spurt up and then fall back onto my head and down onto Sharon's hands where they encircled my shaft just below the head. As further shots oozed down over myself and her hands, she held my shaft with one hand and used the palm of her other hand to rub my cum into the head of my penis. Its sensitivity triggered more spasms as she did this and her grip around my shaft tightened as though relishing in the feel of my member throbbing in her hands.

As my spasms subsided, she slid the hand around my shaft down towards its base, displacing Katie's hand. Sharon used her other hand to slowly pump up and down my shaft with a light touch to cover the length of it in my own juices. Katie's other hand disappeared from my scrotum and I heard her say that she'd be back with a washcloth. While she was gone, Sharon continued to rub my cum along the length of my shaft. Only when Katie came back did her hands leave me, to be replaced with a warm washcloth as Katie cleaned me up. Opening my eyes, I saw Sharon disappearing out the doorway. No doubt headed for the bathroom to clean herself up. My eyes found Katie's and I was somewhat amazed at the way that they sparkled. Katie was definitely enjoying herself!

She leaned in to me and I kissed her. She finished up with the washcloth as I told her that I loved her. She gave me a big smile and pulled the covers over me once again as she headed for the door with the washcloth. She passed Sharon at the door. Sharon stood there in the doorway, looking a bit timid once again. I motioned for her to have a seat on the bed again and she complied. Katie was soon back and she took her seat on the bed as well.

"So, what was it you came over here for?" Katie asked with a giggle.

"Ummm... Wanted to talk to you a bit," was Sharon's reply. "But I guess I got a bit more than I bargained for. Huh?"

"So, what do you want to talk about?" Katie asked.

"Actually, I was hoping to talk to you alone a bit..." Sharon answered.

I shook my head. "Sure, just take advantage of a guy and then just treat him like he isn't important," I said.

Katie slapped my leg through the covers and laughed. "Oh, don't complain there buster. You just got more than most men could ever dream of. You're probably ready for a nap anyway." To Sharon she said, "Give me a moment and I'll throw some clothes on. We can leave this complainer here and go get a cup of something at the coffee shop."

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