tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExposing Kristy Ch. 01

Exposing Kristy Ch. 01


When I married my husband, I was eighteen and he was thirty. Even though he was much older than me, I was still attracted to him because he was handsome and semi-wealthy. I also loved how much attention he gave me. The boys in high school were only after one thing and they quickly dumped me when they didn't get it, but Alex treated me like a queen.

Now I'm twenty-eight and Alex is forty, and he pays more attention to golf than he does to me. He would rather watch football with his friends than watch me strip naked. It is frustrating to say the least.

I don't have model good looks with long legs or big boobs, but I'm cute with medium-sized perky breasts. I'm only five-foot-two, but I work out regularly so I have tight abs and a firm butt. Alex used to adore my auburn hair and the way I kept my pussy hair neatly trimmed, but it doesn't seem to matter anymore. I just didn't know how to re-kindle his interest in me. Then one day something happened purely by accident that changed the way Alex looks at me.

It was a Saturday morning and Alex was drinking coffee at our kitchen table while waiting to play golf. I decided to join him and I walked into the kitchen wearing a tiny white tank top and nothing else. When I entered the kitchen, I was surprised to see Pete, his forty-something golf buddy, also sitting at the table.

As they looked up at me, I was really embarrassed because my shirt wasn't even long enough to cover my bush. When I saw Pete, I instinctively pulled down on my shirt to hide my pussy, but it stretched the tank top tight against my body and my round rosy nipples showed right through the thin white material.

I froze for a second, and then I said, "I didn't know you had company."

Alex looked at my tiny tank top, chuckled and said, "Obviously."

I asked, "Can you get me a cup of coffee?"

He gave me a mischievous smile and replied, "Get it yourself."

I nervously said, "But honey...um...I don't have anything on under this shirt."

Pete excitedly said, "We can see that," and then the guys laughed.

I started to walk away, but Alex said, "Pete's harmless. Go ahead and get your coffee."

I shyly asked, "Are you sure you want me walking around half naked in front of your friend?"

Alex replied, "I don't mind. Do you mind, Pete?"

Pete replied, "Not at all," and then Alex turned to me and said, "There you go. I don't mind and Pete doesn't mind, either."

I said loudly, "Of course Pete doesn't mind!"

Then I took a deep breath and said, "Well, okay...here I come," and then I timidly walked into the kitchen.

I've always been a shy person and I'd never been naked in front of any man except my husband so this was very unnerving for me. I was very self-conscious as I stood in front of the kitchen cabinets because I had my back to the guys and I knew my short tank top left the bottom portion of my butt cheeks exposed. Then I reached up to get a cup and my face turned red because the hem of my shirt rode up. It felt like my entire bare ass was showing, right in front of my husband's golf buddy!

I put my arms down and began pouring the coffee, but to my dismay, the shirt did not drop down. There was some static electricity in the tiny tank top that kept the hem bunched up near the top of my butt crack. My firm butt was still on display for Pete to look at and my husband made no attempt to come to my rescue. After I finally finished pouring the coffee, I quickly pulled my shirt down to cover as much of my butt as I could.

I grabbed a spoon and some sugar packets, and then I started walking carefully towards the door. I had to make sure that I didn't face Pete because most of my pussy hair was exposed in front of me and I didn't have a free hand to hold my shirt down. When I reached the doorway, I thought I was home free, but my nervousness caused me to drop the spoon.

I didn't want to bend over in front of Pete so I asked, "Alex, can you get the spoon for me?"

He responded, "Can't you get it yourself?"

I timidly replied, "I can, but honey, I don't have any panties on. Do you really want me to bend over in front of your friend?"

Pete called out, "Yes," and my husband didn't object, so I said, "Fine, I'll pick up the spoon myself."

I tried to squat down to get the spoon, but I almost spilled my coffee so I had to bend over with my legs straight and slightly apart for balance. As I reached for the spoon, I could feel my shirt riding up in back and from the position I was in, I knew that Pete not only had a clear view of my bare ass, he also had an unobstructed view of my pussy lips from behind, too. I was mortified! After Pete got a nice long look, I stood up, left the room and returned to the bedroom.

Moments later, Alex walked into the bedroom and asked, "Are you alright?"

I replied, "It was embarrassing, but I'll survive. I just wish I wouldn't have been wearing this little tank top."

Alex asked, "You mean you wish you'd been completely naked?"

I giggled and said, "No, silly. What I meant was," but before I could finish my sentence, Alex pulled up my shirt and said, "It's too bad Pete didn't see your tits because they're fantastic!"

I blushed and said, "Well, this tank top is so thin that I felt like I was topless!"

Alex added, "You looked like you were topless, but you look better like this," and then Alex practically ripped my shirt off.

He started grabbing my breasts and sucking on my nipples. I was more turned on than I'd been in years. Next Alex began caressing my nipples with his fingers as he softly kissed my belly before sliding his head down between my legs.

Alex asked, "Did you get excited when Pete saw your pussy?"

Shocked I said, "Pete saw my pussy?"

Alex replied, "Well, briefly when you first walked in...so did flashing your ass turn you on?"

I blushed and replied, "No...maybe...I don't know."

Alex said, "You must have wanted to do it. Otherwise you would have marched right out of the room and put some clothes on, but you stayed and let Pete see your bare butt."

I didn't say anything. I just laid there and blushed. Alex was right. Subconsciously I must have wanted Pete to see me naked or else I would have left the room and gotten dressed.

Seeing how red my face was, Alex smiled and said, "So you're an exhibitionist. You little tease! That gets me so hot."

I didn't reply. It was hard to concentrate with Alex's head between my legs. He was moving his tongue quickly over my little clitty. It almost felt like a vibrator, and then he moved down and pushed his tongue inside of my love hole. Alex was really getting my juices flowing, but thinking about other men seeing me naked was intensifying my emotions. I was ready to bust!

When I was almost ready to cum, Alex stopped and said, "It might be a thrill to pose naked in front of other men, but I'm the only one that gets to do this," and then he opened his pants and pushed his hard rod deep inside of me.

Alex was really slamming me, and all these thoughts about getting caught naked were making the feeling inside of me build stronger and stronger. I was thinking about pizza delivery guys, gardeners, repairmen, salesmen, neighbors, all of the people that might stop by the house and catch me in the nude, and it was pushing me to the point of no return. We were both so excited that we came in no time, almost simultaneously, and then we held each other as we tried to catch our breath.

Soon Alex got out of bed and said, "See what happens to naughty little girls! This is your punishment for flashing other men!"

Alex made it sound like he wanted me to let other men see me naked. Alex joined his friend and they left for their golf game, but I just laid there in the nude. Suddenly all kinds of crazy thoughts were running through my head.

As I remained in bed naked, I smiled and said to myself, "Wow, flashing other men must be what it takes to get my husband to notice me."

Then I thought about it and said to myself, "Who am I trying to kid? I'm too shy to ever do it again."

However, it didn't stop me from fantasizing and masturbating the rest of the afternoon!

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