tagLoving WivesExposing Sharon Ch. 03

Exposing Sharon Ch. 03


One would think that my life with Sharon would become a constant string of sexual activity after the first couple of incidents. But that was far from the truth.

We had the one first experience, then a long 2 year period of just living out lives, then we met Sonny and Laura.

Sonny and Laura, and Sharon and I became fast friends. We each had access to the other's wife at almost any time. It was fun, exciting, and put variety in our lives. For nearly 3 years, we were faithful, I guess that is the term, to the four of us.

We did have a few fun sessions, the girls would delight in riding down the highway with us topless. More than one trucker got an eyeful, and we also frequented the nude beaches.

Our girls got hit on a lot, well, even Sonny and I got hit on a lot, too. After all, we were a couple of strapping strong young men, and both of us were attractive, too.

It was great, neither one of the girls ever got headaches or refused sex, they were young and ready to go all the time. There was never a trace of jealousy of any kind.

I must say it was the happiest time of my life.

Then one day the phone rang, it was Laura. I couldn't make sense of what she was saying at first, then I realized and the shock hit me. Sonny had set the brake on his garbage truck, as he stepped behind to load a container, the brake had failed.

He was gone.

There was no money, no insurance, no anything. The answer came simply and easily, Laura moved in with Sharon and I.

We lived together as a threesome for quite awhile, I do know we got some funny looks in our small community, but we didn't give a damn. We slept together in the same bed, ate together, just living our lives.

It was a few months before the girls really did anything naughty, but one day on the way to the beach off came the tops as we drove along shocking tourists and having fun.

Sharon had this one tiny little bathing suit, it was white. It looked spectacular on her big busted frame, and her waist was so flat that it actually gapped at the top from her hip bones holding it forward.

I loved that suit on her! Laura had gotten rid of her one piece outfits years before, but still the suit bottoms she wore were a lot more conservative than Sharon's.

So I was surprised when the girls came out of the little cabin we had rented, and Laura had on this wisp of green material. Her nipples are fairly large, the top just barely did the job. One twitch of her shoulder and I knew it wouldn't do the job!

They were giggling and laughing, obviously in the mood. I glanced at Sharon's crotch, it was clear she had removed the liner, her pussy was clearly outlined through the thin material. The bottoms of Laura's were wrinkly looking, something wasn't fitting quite right but I didn't know what.

Hand in hand, we ran down to the beach. I placed the blankets in a nice spot, there were a few dozen people running around, a volleyball game going on. We sat around sipping beer, The girls laying face down getting some sun.

I went over and got into the volleyball game, and played for a few minutes. I happened to glance over towards the girls and noticed a couple of beachboy types had moved in. I wasn't worried, they could take care of themselves.

Finally I ambled over, and as I got close I noticed Laura was sitting back against a pile of sand, and her legs were open a bit more than is respectable.

I was interested, and as I stepped closer, I realized the the one side of her suit crotch had rolled open, and she was facing right into the sun!

She knew it, too, and she had the two guy's attention! I stepped around to her right, grabbed a beer from the cooler, and looked again. The suit bottom was rolled back far enough that a bit more than half her bare pussy was hanging out! She was chatting away like everything was normal.

I sat down to enjoy the situation, Sharon introduced Dan and Warren. I said the usual hi and grinned at Sharon, getting that look back from her that told me she was getting excited. Looking down, I could see that she was getting a bit damp, and that meant that in short order she would be on display, too.

Suddenly Sharon jumped up, said, "Come on, Laura!" and they headed for the water. Dan and Warren and I just sat there and watched them run towards the ocean. Dan looked at me and said, "That is one fine looking couple of ladies!"

The girls were back quickly, the ocean water was cold! They came walking our way, and Sharon looked spectacular! She may as well have been completely nude. The thin material clung to her huge breasts. Her nipples were obvious, one could clearly make out the tips, now hard as a rock from the cold water. It was her bottoms that got me, they were as transparent as a pane of glass!

Dan and Warren just stared as they walked up and plopped down on the blanket. I looked at Laura, and again, her suit started to roll inward. It took a second to hit me, her suit bottoms weren't designed to lay flat, they were designed to bulge a little, and had elastic bands to keep the sides snugged up. The band was cut or broken.

What this meant was no way would it stay in place, if she opened her legs at all, the side would move over and uncover her.

So here we sat, my girls were teasing these two guys mercilessly. I watched as Laura reached over her shoulder to get her drink, this was all her suit needed to slide sideways and bare her almost completely. Then she sat back with her knees apart, facing us.

I was getting a boner, no way to hide it, then Laura hunched forward a bit and out came her left breast. I could tell that Dan and Warren were both squirming, too, trying to hide their erections.

The whole scenario was just hot as hell! Finally I suggested to the girls that we go back to the cabin, Laura was starting to get a bit red in some new places.

So we gathered up our stuff, and were starting to go when Laura surprised me by looking at the guys and saying, "Are you coming?"

They jumped at the offer, in no time at all we were at the cabin. I put on some music, got some more beer out, as the girls started to dance.

The three of us sat and watched, it was a sight to see. Then Laura came over and grabbed Dan, pulling him to his feet. Sharon plopped down between Warren and I as Dan and Laura swayed to the music.

It was interesting to watch, Dan had this huge hardon swelling the front of his trucks, he was trying to dance without pressing into her, but Laura would have none of that. She squashed up against Dan, he looked at me a bit uncomfortable, then gave up.

I figured that is she kept that up, then poor Dan was going to mess his bathing suit any minute!

Then I felt Sharon's hand on my leg, she was rubbing my bare leg, I looked over and she was rubbing Warren's, too! Then she leaned back, her arms came up and down the front of our suits, and she had two rock hard cocks in her hands. I just reached over and flipped the catch between her breasts and the top popped open, and she was bare!

In no time at all, Warren and I were playing with her, he was kissing and nuzzling her right breast while I was working on the left.

I looked over at Laura just in time to see her straddle Dan on one of the chairs, she sat down on him and he let out a groan as he slid into her.

This was her first time with anyone other than me in nearly 4 years, I just turned my attention to Sharon, who had leaned over and taken Warren's cock in her mouth. I scooted sideways, her fanny came up, and I got behind and slid into her.

She was soaked, all the teasing and playing had her hot, I had her into her first orgasm in just a few seconds.

I finished quickly, then watched as Warren lay Sharon back and started humping away. He lasted an incredibly long time, I realized he must have already cum once from her sucking on him.

Dan and Laura lay curled up in the chair, just watching.

Finally the party was over, we sat around and watched some TV, then the guys left. The girls and I showered and went to bed, curled up tight with one in each arm, me in the middle like always.

We left the next morning, and a week went by, all normal. I came home Friday and Laura was all fixed up. I asked her what was up, she said she had a date!

Now this was new! About 20 minutes later, the doorbell rang, and it was Dan! I let him in, he looked a trace uncomfortable, but I tried to put him at ease.

They left, I looked at Sharon. She said, "I think we are losing our roommate!"

I thought about that, it was all right. Laura had a life to live, it was time...

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