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(Credit to the sci-fi thriller Species 2 for being the basis and inspiration for this story. If you are fan of pregnant women, expansion fetish, and leather items, I hope you enjoy this story)

It was a temperate Saturday night. Jackie was looking forward to a good time with Travis whom she had met a week earlier at her cousin's wedding. Jackie was single, 27 years old. She worked as an office assistant at a local accounting firm. Her hair was ash blonde. Her figure was that of a goddess, firm and perky 34 B cup breasts, slender mid section, and a nice firm round ass.

She had had a couple of boyfriends but nothing long term. Often the relationships would involve sex. Since she had been 20 years old she had been on the pill and she enjoyed riding men bareback, feeling their sperm spill inside her. Sometimes her womanhood would be so full the semen would dribble out of her slit as she drove home from a date's house or if she was cuddling with a man in her bed. She didn't consider herself a slut or "fast", she viewed herself as having a healthy sex drive.

Jackie had not had a release in over a week. It wasn't that she had no desire, she was so busy with work and personal family engagements that she was very tired every night. Travis would do just fine in her opinion. She hoped he was big, not too big, but big enough to be satisfying.

She dressed very nicely for the date that night. A mid thigh length black leather skirt with a white v-neck blouse and dark nylon pantyhose. Her panties were red satin lace with matching front clasp bra. She grabbed her purse and headed out the door. When she got into her car she checked her lipstick and hair. When all was set she pulled out of the driveway and headed out for the evening.

Travis was a construction worker specializing in wood frame houses. He had had quite a week at the current job site. His foreman was giving him shit all week and he hadn't been feeling well to boot. Travis had been nausious and had headaches several times that week, however he thought it was just a case of the flu. Did clear up a couple of days later and he had been feeling fine the past two days. He found Jackie very attractive and wondered if he might get some tonight, heck a woman that drives a Camaro had to be open to putting out, at least that's what he hoped. Hot chick, hot car....hot sex?

Travis was infatuated with Jackie over the past week. He kept envisioning her long hair and hot body in that Camaro's driver's seat. Her ass daintily pleated the seats, setting a luxurious backdrop to display her beauty. Jackie had driven them to a nearby 24 hour coffee shop after the reception where they chatted well into the wee hours of the morning. Jackie dropped Travis off back at his truck where he had gotten in and watched her drive off.

The next thing Travis remembered was waking up on the ground next to his truck. He thought for sure he had gotten in the truck. He thought that he probably had gotten out to take a piss and passed out. He started up his truck, the time on the dashboard clock read 3:38am. He couldnt believe he had been lights out for an hour and a half. He put the truck in gear and headed home.

Back to this evening....

Jackie flipped open her cell phone and dialed Travis's number.

"Hello." answered Travis.

"Hi Travis, it's Jackie, I'm just passing the Citgo station now, I should be there in a couple of minutes. What building are you in again? she asked.

"It's building 23 apartment C. I'll keep an eye out for you in the parking lot, you should see me in the window from the road, I'll give you a wave" Travis replied.

"Great. You are such a sweetie, how can I ever repay you?" she said.

"I'll take an IOU if that's allright" he responded.

"Ok, one IOU it is then! Bye." she answered.

"Bye" Tavis finished.

Jackie and Travis had a wonderful time that evening. They enjoyed a great dinner at a local italian restaurant, she had chicken parmesan and he had spaghetti and meatballs. After dinner they went to catch a movie and out for coffee again. They returned back to Travis's apartment about 11:45pm. She kicked off her heels and collapsed on his leather couch. Travis kicked off his shes too and sat next to her. She was definitely in the mood.

She put her hand on his leg and moved it up to his crotch where she began to rub his penis through his pants. She could feel him getting hard. Her juices started to flow and her nipples became hard. Travis began to fondle her breasts. As he did he could feel her nipples getting hard and hear her breathing getting heavy. Jackie removed her blouse exposing her red satin bra. She helped Travis take off his shirt and pants.

He was now wearing nothing but his briefs, his cock strained at the cotton material. They began kissing each other as their hands explored each other's bodies. Next Jackie laid back against the arm of the couch while travis slid her skirt off her hips. Her pantyhose and panties quickly followed.

"Do you have a blanket I can lay on? I am sticking to your couch." she asked.

"Sure, just a minute" Travis answered.

He ran to his bedroom like a sprinter on the 40 yard dash and returned with his comforter. He laid it down and Jackie crawled on it and laid back down. Travis slid off his briefs, his cock sprang out, freed from it's shackle. Jackie's heart jumped at the sight of it. It was about 8 inches long with a purple head. There was a small amount of pre-cum on the tip.

She spread her legs allowing him access to her soaking wet pussy. He leaned down above her and rubbed the head along her slit and clitoris. After a couple of passes he pushed inside of her. She groaned lustfully as his shaft penetrated her. It was just large enough to stretch her cunt compeletely. Travis kissed her once again, trading tounges and fondling her titties. After a few minutes they changed positions, Jackie leaned on the arm of the couch as Travis pounded her from behind. She reached under herself and diddled her clitoris as he fucked her.

"I want you on top of me when you come" she demanded.

"You bet babe" Travis groaned lowly as he thrust into her.

Travis withdrew from her and she laid back down on the couch. He mounted her once again and picked up where he left off a few minutes before. Jackie loved the way his cock felt as he began thrusting in and out of her. His pubic hair tickled her clit. Faster and faster he pushed into her. Her chest began to flush as she felt herself nearing orgasm.

Her body wriggled and writhed under him as he rode her. Faster and faster, harder and harder. She wrapped her legs around his body to bring him closer to her as she panted and moaned. Finally she came violently around him, her vagina gripping his cock. This threw Travis over the edge. He felt the warm sensation of his cum traveling up his dick and shoot into Jackie, his semen swimming toward her egg. For a brief moment Jackie wondered what it would be like to be pregnant, to be a mother, of course the birth control would protect her egg from the fertile invaders.

Travis withdrew from her and rolled back onto the other end of the couch. They both were panting from their activites. Jackie laid there with her legs spread, her pussy exposed as Travis's penis grew flaccid. She moved over and cuddled with him. She glanced at the clock, it was 12:15am. She cuddled for about 20 minutes more before putting her clothes back on. Before she left she hugged him and gave him another very wet kiss.

Jackie walked out to her car, got in and started it up. The time on the clock read 1:10am. Good thing it was Saturday night and she could sleep in tomorrow. She pulled out onto the highway toward home. There were no other cars on the road as she drove. She revved the engine of her 95 Camaro making it lurch ahead. She looked at the speedometer and saw that it read 72 mph. As she rounded curves and turned corners she felt her ass sliding around in the seat. The leather skirt on the leather seat of her Camaro made for very little friction.

She had been driving for about 5 minutes when suddenly she felt a strange sensation in her belly. Almost like a stomach cramp but much weaker. She didnt think much of it and continued to drive. A minute later the same pain returned, this tme much more severe. She had a hard time maintaining control of the car. The pain was getting worse.

Worried that she might have an accident she pulled off to the side of the road. There was a closed gas station perhaps a mile up the road and a few house set back from the highway. She slammed on the breaks making the car slide to a stop, dust and gravel flew. She turned on the interior lights. What she saw confused her. Her blouse looked like it had a bulge in it at her belly. She placed her hands on her belly and screamed when she felt her belly expanding rapidly.

"What the hell is going on!!! OH MY GOD!" she screamed.

Her belly was expanding very quickly. Thoughts raced through her mind. How could this be happening. Could she be pregnant? Why was her stomach getting big so fast?

Within 5 seconds her belly was as big as a woman that was 5 months pregnant. She unbuckled her seatbelt and slid out of her skirt to give her body more room. She was frightend and screaming. Her belly continued to grow causing her pantyhose to rip. She pulled back her blouse exposing her expanding stomach and her bra. She could no longer see her panties but could feel her ass on the leather seat beneath her. She groaned and growled as she felt something in side her moving.

Suddenly her belly expanded even more rapidly. She screamed out in horror.

"OHHH MY GOD! NOOOO! NO!!! NOOOOOO!!! AAAAH!! AAAHHH!!! AAAAHHH!!!!!" she screamed.

She writhed around in the driver seat of her car, nobody could hear her screams. She pressed back into the seat, somehow trying to get away from her belly, her seat rocked back and forth. Her stomach now stretched all the way to the steering wheel pressing into the bottom of it. Her stretching skin could take no more. Her belly split open in a triangular shape, blood spattered all over the interior of the car. She continued screaming, looking down in horror at her now open belly. Before she died she heard the screams of her alien child and saw it's head sticking out of her body.

The next day the police found her car where she had stopped it, blood was everywhere, the car door left open. No body was found, no blood trail. Travis also went missing that day.

The final police investigation concluded that Tavis had kidnapped Jackie and murdered her. The police have still not found her body. Rumors circled the area of strange lights in the sky that same evening. However, nobody knows what really happend that night at the side of the road and if, or rather when, it could happen again.

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