tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExquisite Humiliation Ch. 3

Exquisite Humiliation Ch. 3


I smiled gratefully at Nigel as I gathered my skirt and eased myself into the passenger seat, next to Steve. Keeping my knees together, I shifted my legs into position in a more modest way than my intended lover appeared to expect of me, given what he knew. Disappointment at being denied a peep of my sex was evident. I captured his eye with a warm smile, knowing that Nigel was aware of the illicit relationship that we had begun. His frank approach had prompted mutual needs, but his would have to wait till later.

"I'll ring you as soon as I can. I promised.

He squeezed my left shoulder, kissing me lightly on my cheek before closing the door and waving us farewell.

"Till later this evening then, Trish my dear." He beamed as he stood back. "I'll be looking forward to your call."

"Who was that guy?" Steve probed. "Does he live in Brisbane or out of town?"

"His card is in my bag, I'm sorry. I'll be ringing him later." I tried to put him off guard. "We met unexpectedly on the plane but his wife wasn't travelling with him at the time."

I tried to stay away from the subject but Steve was full of curiosity about meeting Nigel at the airport, after we left. Picking up on the story advanced by Nigel, I dreamed up a past association that even my husband, Alf, might easily have accepted. Keeping all options open, I told him that Nigel's wife, Isobel, was an old friend of mine from my college days.

"I can't wait to see her again." I lied shamelessly. "I've made arrangements to over to their place this evening, after we've visited Kate at the hospital. I might actually stay with my friends overnight if Isobel and I get talking?" I watched for his reaction.

"I was hoping---" He began, looking slightly crestfallen. "No, Tricia, you go out and enjoy yourself this evening, by all means."

I was tempted to ask what he had in mind but thought better of it. At this stage it was prudent not to expand on the issue. A shiver ran up my body knowing that I could spend the whole night with Nigel without further explanation, if I still wanted to by then.

Steve had accepted my hastily fabricated excuse.

We drove on in near silence until we were heading through an upmarket suburb, with mature trees lining the avenue and with panoramic views across the city, adjacent to the upper reaches of the Brisbane river.

"Are you renting an apartment around here?" I asked, surprised when Steve turned into a quiet cul-de-sac and slowed down. It was a classy suburb with very few apartment blocks and I had been admiring the well kept older homes. "It's a beautiful area to live in."

"Nearly there." Steve smiled and turned into a driveway. "We've got this place to ourselves." Pride was evident. "I told Alf that we had plenty of room at home for you to stay with us." He found a shady spot near the front entrance to park his car, explaining. "I'll have to go out later, but I'll be back to pick you up well before hospital visiting hours." Getting out he reached back for my bag, allowing the perfect opportunity for me to let myself out and discretely rearrange my clothing out of Steve's view. "I'll show you to your room and make sure that you know your way around our house before I get going."

"It's a lovely place, Steve." I gasped, appraising the interior design of the well appointed home. It was beyond earlier expectations and I was impressed by the way the young couple lived.

Steve was a perfect host, leading me through the ground floor, making sure that he showed me the facilities in the kitchen and lounge areas before beckoning me to follow him upstairs. Considering the fantasies that he had unwittingly been part of, I hesitated momentarily. So far Steve had behaved himself, although he was slightly agitated. When I followed him into the bedroom he acted even more nervously.

"I hope you like this bedroom, Tricia?" He kept glancing at his watch while I looked around. With no personal possessions in sight it reminded me of an expensive hotel suite. I nodded my head.

"I wasn't expecting such luxury." I acknowledged. "It's great."

"This room overlooks the city lights at night." Steve enthused, placing my bag on the bed and pulling the drapes, pointing. "Look out into the back garden, Trisha. You might like to cool yourself down in our swimming pool." His voice took on an intimate tone while I joined him at the window. "I want you to feel at home here. I'd like to get to know you better this time, while you're staying here."

"I don't know whether I've packed--" I began nervously, unsure of what he was leading up to. The tension in the room escalated.

"There's towels and a spare costume in the changing shed, next to the pool." He dismissed my concern with a smile. "Kate won't mind if you need to borrow her gear." He winked at me. "She never wears a swimsuit out there anyway. No need!"

"Really?" He caught me off guard with his frank admission.

"I don't either, Tricia. It's much more fun when we're here on our own." He grinned cheekily. "You really ought to try it."

"What about the houses next door?" I countered, smiling at his frisky behaviour and indirect invitation. It made me wonder just how much Alf had told him about our recent lifestyle. My mind raced as he put his arm over my shoulder and explained. This is it, I thought.

"It's completely private down there, away from the view of the other houses." He glanced at his watch. "I'd love to join you, but I really have to get going." He pointed out the phone extension in the bedroom on his way out. "Perhaps you should let Alf know that you've arrived safely?"

My expectations of Steve vanished completely when he excused himself and left me to my own devices. Perhaps I had been mistaken about him. I was saddened by his abrupt departure. However, it was a sunny day.

His suggestion to use the pool made even more sense to me because of the need to freshen up and get changed.

Familiarizing myself with the surroundings until I heard Steve's car leave, I began unpacking. Glancing outside, I pictured Kate and Steve frolicking naked around the in ground pool. Steve was right about one thing, it looked private enough. Setting aside a dress, suitable to wear to the hospital, I disrobed. My breasts sprang free from their prison and I put the bra with my spare panties, out of sight. Even in an unfamiliar house it was a wonderful sensation to feel nothing but the cooling air of an overhead fan caressing my naked skin. Reluctant to dress, I rang Alf before I ventured outside, telling him all about my trip, except for the encounter with Nigel of course. Alf appeared to be pleased that I had taken the initiative. He laughed with me.

"I thought you might. Perhaps you'll take more chances from now on." He chuckled. "What are you wearing right now?"

"Nothing at all, Tiger." I taunted, giggling. "I was just about to change my clothes before I go outside."

"Is Steve there?"

"Of course not, darling. Steve's gone out again.---Don't think I've changed that much!" I grew cautious, hoping Alf wasn't going to ask too many awkward questions. "Actually, I've been invited out this evening to visit an old girlfriend of mine." I crossed my fingers.

"Anyone I know?" He sounded relaxed.

"I haven't seen her for well over twenty years." I said. "We went to school together. Isobel and I have a lot to catch up on."

"That's great, Tricia.----What's Steve's place like?"

"It's amazing." I breathed a sigh of relief. "It's a two story place and it looks as though it's only just been renovated. They must be doing a lot better than we thought." I commented.

Describing the young couple's sumptuous surroundings in a low voice I was anxious to conclude the call since the worst part was over. Alf had accepted my story and I wondered how much time I had before Steve returned. "There's even a pool here. I wish you had come with me." I teased. "It's quite private here as well but I haven't had a really good look around yet."

Once we finished talking, I found a towel, used it like a sarong and went outside to the pool, leaving the dress on the bed. I intended to have a quick swim and then return to put it on before Steve got back. I'd received too many mixed signals from him to do otherwise.

Combining bravado with the certain knowledge that nobody was watching me, I dropped my towel and entered the water without checking to find Kate's swimsuit. I hadn't swum naked outdoors for years and certainly never in broad daylight. Relishing the liberating sensation of being completely unclothed outdoors, time became less relevant. Each time I got out of the water the sunlight enveloped my body with it's warmth, inviting another dip. I explored the pool, staying alert at first, by glancing around to check that I was still alone and couldn't be seen.

The sensation of fast flowing water between my legs excited my desire irresistibly. Keen to experiment, I discovered that by sinking lower down, next to the filter return it allowed the water jet to pleasure my sensitive pubic region. I positioned myself for maximum pleasure and every bit of caution vanished. Riding the water pressure this way I stiffened and shuddered. Suddenly, all the built up sexual tension was released in several waves of orgasmic delight, calming me down.

I lay in the sun next to the pool for a while and closed my eyes, now less concerned about being seen. While working on my tan, I reflected on the evening ahead, trying to decide what to wear. Alf had created no problems, which was all that had worried me beforehand. Looking to the future, it was just a matter of keeping Steve in the dark. Nigel had made it clear that he enjoyed the way I dressed and was intrigued by unconventional lifestyle habits. Aware that I was married, he had promised discretion. There were few illusions either way so I had no doubts that anything I did wear would be removed, at some juncture in the course of the evening. The less clothing I wore to begin with the better. At least Nigel and I both knew exactly what we wanted.

"Perfect!" I said aloud finally. "This time, without that bra." After all, I mused, there was not much sense in us wasting our time.

It wasn't until I heard a door close that I became aware that I was no longer alone at the house. Trembling with anticipation, unwilling to investigate further in case I lost my nerve, I eased myself to my feet and dived gracefully into the pool. It was a calculated action. After all, I reasoned, it had been Steve that suggested swimming nude in the first place. He could hardly be shocked.

Swimming strongly to the far side of the pool, away from the towel I had been tempted to grab for, I mentally prepared myself for Steve to join me when he heard splashing in the pool. I looked back toward the house but there was nobody in sight. The back door was wide open and I could see no movement behind the windows. 'Foiled again.' I sighed.

Disappointed and yet relieved, I stood to full height at the shallow end. A few moments later I heard the same sound again.

I was astonished when my eyes drifted sideward to discover a somewhat embarrassed, fully dressed man with a clipboard in his hand staring in my direction. Although mostly immersed by then, I realised that he must have been watching as I rose to my feet and dived into the pool. He seemed stunned, at a loss for words, but in no way offended by the sight of my naked body. Realising that he must have seen all of me, I looked straight into his bulging eyes.

"Are you meant to be here?" I demanded, shrinking lower.

"Sorry lady." He stammered. "I was just reading the meter. All finished now." He held up his clipboard. "I'll be on my way."

Curious as to how long the man had been standing there, watching me, I decided not to question him any further. I watched with a smile on my face, heart thumping with excitement, as he backed through a gate apologising for disturbing my privacy as he left. My daring display, for Steve's benefit, made me realise how much pleasure I had taken in what I had done. The man had stood there in silence, taking in every detail of my body while he could. The rush of adrenalin had brought a flush to my face. Rather than racing back for my towel the moment the stranger left, rushing inside the house, as I once might have done, I rewarded myself. During another erotic massage with the jet of water it began to make sense. Why should it matter who saw me naked? I was on holiday and nobody knew me anyway. Why shouldn't I just enjoy the liberation? Alf would understand, assuming Steve ever told him.

After calming down I took a leisurely walk around the garden drying off in the sun, heading toward the house. Still trailing my makeshift sarong behind me, I walked inside. I guess I was hoping for Steve to return home and catch me with nothing on before I reached my room. It was one way of ascertaining the way he really felt about me? If I was mistaken and he wasn't interested, at least I had a plausible excuse for my nudity.

After making myself a hot drink I slept in my bedroom under a light continental blanket. Tired of waiting for Steve I had drifted off to sleep easily. It was only when I heard a soft rapping on my door and awoke that I realised that it was time to get dressed to go out.

"Won't be long!" I called while I dressed again.


The visit with Kate dragged on slowly. Steve left us alone for a chat while he went outside for a cigarette. Having satisfied myself that Kate was being well looked after, my thoughts kept drifting toward my evening ahead. Kate accepted my hastily concocted story about meeting my college girlfriend's husband just as readily as her partner had. Steve had wanted a serious talk with me that night, as Kate explained in his absence. It seemed they wanted Alf and I to move to Brisbane. "Hasn't Steve even talked to you about it yet?" She sighed.

Kate explained that Steve had been nervous about mentioning it to me. He was onto one of their best business deals since he had been living with Kate. "We still need another investor to make a success of it." She confided. "We were hoping to get Alf to come over as well."

When Steve came back our conversation revolved around their plans for the future. He opened up and relaxed more, once he realised that Kate had already broached the sensitive subject on his behalf.

"You guys could stay with us for a holiday." He offered. "It's just that I wanted the chance to discuss a business proposition that I'm keen on." He continued eagerly, hoping to engage my interest, his eyes drifting back and forth. "Kate and I were wondering if perhaps you and Alf might be keen to help us get established, maybe as silent partners."

"Lets talk about all this business stuff tomorrow morning." I stalled. "Remember, I have to go out shortly? We'll look at it then!"


I took careful note of a temporary address for myself before we got home, having declined Steve's offer to take me to Nigel's house. It was essential to invent a plausible excuse to keep the two men apart. With a consummate skill born of necessity I managed to persuade Steve that my friends would prefer to pick me up.

"We might be going out for dinner?" I gave a likely example.

"As long as you're sure." He smiled graciously. "I'll leave you to it then." He gave me a house key. "Just in case I go to bed before you get home. Ring me if you want me to come and to pick you up later on." He went downstairs.

With shaking hands I dialled the number on Nigel's card. A foreboding sense of guilt struck me as I waited for him to pick up. I nearly put the phone down before he answered. The moment I heard his deep voice, the excitement took over again. I asked him to meet me at the address I'd noted earlier. Located out of view from Steve's quiet cul de sac just a few minutes walk down the street, the meeting place provided a perfect subterfuge with what I had in mind.

"I'll meet you out on the street." I confirmed. "Don't go in."

"Sounds alright to me." Nigel sounded cautious.

"It's best!" I steadied my nerves.

"I think I understand."

"Do you know the area?" I whispered excitedly.

"I can be there in half an hour, Trish."

We made arrangements and synchronised our watches quickly, dispensing with unnecessary small talk. With the implicit understanding that we had between us, Nigel appreciated the clandestine nature of our date almost as much as I did.

"What will you be wearing?" Nigel prompted. "Same as before?"

"If you like?" I giggled. "See you at Eight." My voice shook as we settled the details. My mind raced with possibilities. Was Steve listening? Would my excuse hold out if Steve rang Alf? Changing my mind was no longer an option so it was best to move quickly.

A quick glance out the bedroom window confirmed that Steve hadn't been listening on a extension. He was outside in the garden, watering his ornamental rose bushes. I took as little time as possible getting ready, dabbing duty free perfume in all the usual places before I put my stockings on. The blouse barely hid the details of my breasts but the jacket covered them well. The skirt still seemed too short but I remembered that I had taken much bigger chances before, on arrival. Glancing at the time, I planned to leave the house before Steve came back inside but I couldn't be certain. At the last moment I caved in. Feeling strangely guilty, I reached for my panties. Picking out the newest pair, I slipped them on. If Steve noticed, it would have been difficult to explain, especially to Alf, why I was going to dinner with an old girlfriend without panties on. The perverse irony of the situation didn't escape me for one moment either. Checking my purse for Australian money and my makeup bag, I was finally ready to leave.

To be continued tomorrow.

NB. Speaking of guilt, don't forget to vote my darlings.

Barbara Anne. N.Z.G.S.K.

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