tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExquisite Humiliation Ch. 4

Exquisite Humiliation Ch. 4


I arrived early at the stately house, with the sale sign on the front lawn that I had noticed earlier on. It was obviously vacant and there were no lights on so, ducking behind a hedge out of sight, I slipped off my panties and hid them in my purse. I was now ready to keep my appointment, as agreed, so I walked back on to the street. With ten minutes to go till Eight o'clock, I was extremely nervous, not having dated for five years or more and never with such honest expectations of the outcome. Waiting at our agreed meeting place, it was difficult to keep my imagination from running riot. Each time a car came by I anxiously glanced at my watch with renewed anxiety striving to recall the exact moment that I decided to be unfaithful to Alf with Nigel. Nigel had been the perfect person to have a fleeting affair with, but I still didn't know very much about him. Upon invitation, he had sat down beside me at the airport, I remembered;

"I'm curious." He had grinned. "Did you do it for a bet?"

"It's the first time I've been caught out, quite like that!" I blushed, knowing what he meant by 'it'. "You must think I'm awful."

"Actually, I admired the way you handled the situation."

Nigel was persuasive and understanding throughout, while I blushingly explained the reason I'd been travelling that day without panties on.

"It's just a mind control game that my husband and I play." I smiled. "He doesn't allow me to wear anything at all at home and he refuses to let me wear panties when we go out together. It's become a way of life with us. I suppose it all seems a bit kinky to you?"

"No, not at all." He smiled disarmingly. "It sounds as if you both enjoy a bit of harmless fun. Actually, from what I hear, I envy your lifestyle. I'd love you to tell me more about it, perhaps over dinner or maybe---?" He smiled suggestively. Well! If you like living differently, like you say?" He reassured me. "I do love your honesty and poise." He gazed into my eyes. "Let me take you out to dinner?"

I'd found Nigel easy to talk to and enjoyed a frank chat with him.

"I guess I've got used to it." I laughed. "Going out in public without underwear on, I mean. It doesn't seem to bother me nearly as much as it used to. My husband always said I was too conservative but I think I'm getting over that now." I giggled. "Wouldn't you say?"

"You've done nothing to be ashamed of. I think you're lovely."

That's probably when I first decided I remembered, but I still didn't know enough to agree to date him. I opened up a bit more, giving him my name but seeking further information from him, in reality.

"I know you meant to touch me in the plane?" I reproached him.

"That was no accident!" I giggled. "You shocked me at first."

"I'm a lot like you, Trish." He laughed. "Impulsive at times." He owned up immediately. "I couldn't help it."

"I expect you're married as well, are you Nigel?" I chuckled.

"No. I live alone since my wife left some months ago." He held my chin and looked straight into my eyes. "Isobel lives overseas now and we lead completely separate lives." He gauged my reaction to his explanation. "Look! I'd like to have sex with you tonight, if you're willing." He didn't even blink as he said it. " What harm can it do? Two passing strangers that enjoy each other's company."

"Nigel!" I blushed again, knowing that I wanted him too.

"I know how to be discrete, if that's what's worrying you." He spoke quickly, pointing. "Look! I think this is your car coming now, is it? Are you game, Trish? We haven't got time to beat around the bush about it." He warned. "I can see that you want to."

That's when it was decided, a one night stand. I remembered nodding my head, speechless, unable to resist his offer any longer.

My heart skipped a beat when the car silently glided to a halt beside me. A million reasons to dash back to the safety of Steve's house had been running through my mind during the agonising fifteen minute wait for Nigel's arrival. He waved and parked just a few feet ahead of me. Impulsively, none those earlier reasons mattered to me anymore. Lover boy had finally arrived.

He was surprisingly athletic, for a big man, jumping out of his sleek Jaguar sedan to hold the passenger door open for me. The expensive cologne that he used still affected me in the same way as it had at the Airport when I got closer to him. I neglected to mention his late arrival, just smiling invitingly at him as I walked to his side.

"Steve's not around this time then?" He hinted disarmingly. "I was hoping you'd be here, Trish." He gave me a lustful look. "My God you look ravishing."

I kissed him on the cheek and lowered myself into the passenger seat, taking care to sit on the luxurious sheepskin cover with my skirt up behind me. The car smelt like new leather and the pile of the cover surprisingly warm, tickling my bare skin as I adjusted my skirt and wriggled into position still without revealing flesh. His face showed disappointment but he gritted his jaw and said nothing. Nigel closed my door with a soft click. While he walked around the front of his car I admired his casual attire. Mid-grey slacks with a wide leather belt, crimson casual body shirt, open at the neck with an expensive looking designer silk cravat. He walked with a distinctive military bearing, looking like an English country gentleman, with a wide smile on his face. I relaxed, despite my nervousness. He was looking for a good time, just as I was. The night was young and I was willing, too.

"Have you eaten yet?" He asked, as he settled himself into the driver's seat. "I know a great place, not far from where I live, with a cosy intimate atmosphere. Do you like seafood by the way?"

"Please don't go to any trouble, Nigel." I smiled. "I do like seafood and I haven't eaten much, but I'm not dressed for going out."

"Trust me!" He started the car. "Not many people go there." He smiled. "I expect you're worried about being seen with me." He added in a comforting way. "It's miles away from here and very private."

"Whatever you say, then." I smiled back with genuine warmth.

He always knew exactly what to say. in order to put me at ease. The car sped silently with only a limited amount of conversation between us before Nigel began to ask a few more questions about my lifestyle.

"I'm fascinated. Please be honest with me, Trish." He started. "When did your husband start this fetish you mentioned, about control I mean, not that it's such a bad thing in my view." His eyes twinkled mischievously as he waggled his eyebrows. Before too much longer, we were both laughing and joking together in a far more relaxed way.

I found myself telling Nigel about how we got started, avoiding any mention of my obsession with Steve, but being deliberately specific about the compromise agreement I had with my husband.

"I have my limits, you know! I don't do everything he says."

He expressed surprise.

"You mean you disobey him?--- No punishment?" Nigel chuckled.

"Sometimes compromise is almost as bad." I said defensively. "I need to make him happy in one way or the another. It works for us."

I explained a few examples, laughing with him as though I'd known him all my life. Informing any of my friends at home was certainly not an option. Nigel had already proved to be a good listener. Becoming more confident and feeling safer about going to bed with him, it was fun to open up. I told Nigel something about the way made me feel when my husband manoeuvred me toward potentially humiliating situations.

"It makes me feel alive though." I admitted. "Maybe you did Alf and I a favour this morning." I said without thinking. "He was always saying, it'd be fun to get caught unawares by some stranger, like you for example. When I get back---" My voice trailed off. Seeing his bemused expression at the mention of Alf's name. I bit my lower lip.

"It's not unusual, Trish." He encouraged me to continue talking about it. "More people than you realise would enjoy doing what you do if they had confidence in themselves. That's why surrendering control to someone they trust is just the perfect solution." He looked at me.

"What do you mean, Nigel?" I was surprised but interested.

"It's actually a form of submissiveness, if you prefer. There's nothing wrong with it! Becoming subordinate to a more dominant person takes away the guilt you otherwise feel, just like you mentioned." He smiled casually. "Do carry on, Trish."

"I suppose you're right, Nigel." I turned toward him, relaxing again. "Alf makes me do things that I would never ordinarily do but I have to say, he wasn't with me this afternoon." Feeling carefree, I

told him about the man who had seen me swimming in Steve's pool and his reaction when I caught him staring at me.

"It was a real rush." I admitted. "I didn't give a damn who saw me after that. You should have seen the look on his face."

"Like the time I surprised you in the aircraft?" He grinned. "I thought you were going to slap my face but you liked it, I'm sure."

I wasn't ready to delve into that. Honesty had it's limits.

"Enough about me, Nigel. You haven't even told me what you do for a living or exactly where you're taking me tonight? Your turn! I think I've proved my trust in you?" I hinted, more reproachfully.

"I'm an author, occasionally a student, a collector of antiques and fine art but most of all I enjoy life to the fullest extent that I can." He chuckled. "You'll see what I mean." He paused and made eye contact briefly. "You will come home with me after we've eaten, won't you? I'd like you to spend the whole night at my place, if you can?"

"If you still want me to?" I nodded. Nigel and I both knew what that meant. "I told Steve that I could be staying overnight because I knew your wife and I hadn't seen her for years. I had to manufacture a logical explanation, somehow."

"That's great!" He beamed. "As I said before, we're on our way to one of the nicest suburban restaurants I know and in fact, we're almost there now." He slowed down and turned into a rural side road.

"Just over there to be exact." He pointed a few hundred yards ahead.

"It's very exclusive, Trish and not a lot of people know about it. You can be yourself with me. I want you to enjoy tonight, too."

I could see the lights twinkling in the distance, across a darkened vacant area of fields. I imagined a thriving business with a lot of wealthy clients, people everywhere and me trying to hide myself away, like I often did with Alf. I longed to get the dinner part over with.

We slowed when we got closer and turned into a lane. Nigel's Jaguar juddered slightly as we went over a cattle stop toward a two storied country style building with a small dimly lit car park, set amongst trees, on it's own. Although the architectural style was old it had been made to look inviting by it's well kept appearance and discrete garden lighting, as we grew closer. To my relief there were only five other cars in the customer parking area. Nigel parked beside a light, glancing at his watch with a smile on his face, turning off the motor and facing toward me. He was in no hurry to get out.

"We're in luck." He chortled. "Hardly anyone else here tonight so don't be nervous." Nigel had the uncanny ability to read my mind.

"Was I that obvious?" I smiled, relaxing just a little.

"Don't worry, Trish. You can trust me." He soothed in his rich deep voice. "That brings me to another point. Will you be prepared to take your instructions from me tonight? I have to warn you! I don't compromise." He held my chin firmly, exactly as he had earlier at the Airport, looking deep into my eyes. His gentle authoritative approach melted my resistance. I nodded, with a slightly apprehensive shiver. "Is that a 'Yes', I take it?" His voice sharpened an octave.

"I'll do what you ask." I whispered "As long as---"

"We understand each other well enough, for now." Nigel stifled my words with his fingers over my lips. "Now please don't be shy this time when I assist you out of the car." He smiled reproachfully. "You were too coy last time. I was disappointed." He eyes gazed into mine. "I expect obedience, Trish. I'd like you to call me Master from here on. I'll make the evening fun for both of us." He winked. "Agreed?"

"Alright Master." I smiled at him. "Please be understanding." I added in a low voice. Something about the way he looked at me told me that I needed to please him. Nobody knew me, at this place and I felt all the more intrigued by his interest, fully prepared to satisfy his desire to view, that which he had already touched, albeit briefly.

He walked around slowly and opened the passenger door, standing so to spoil the view of anybody that might be watching from the building. I put my left leg out and adjusted my stocking, making no attempt to cover my pussy, the way I had earlier. I knew my vulva was moist and could almost detect the scent of my sex, above the perfume. Nigel got an eyeful of naked flesh. Then I slowly adjusted my right stocking as I watched his face carefully for any indication of displeasure. I saw none.

He helped me to my feet and kissed me passionately. I melted into his arms, allowing his hands full access to roam. Having made it obvious that I was willing to sleep with him, I sensed a certain urgency in his touch. He appeared to be pleased with my total lack of resistance while he explored my womanhood, but he was gentle and sensual.

"You're lovely." He commented simply when we broke apart. As we walked arm in arm to the building, I made no attempt to talk, quietly dreaming about the rest of the evening at his home. There was nothing to be said. The coolness of the evening air did nothing to extinguish the raging fire burning within me, by then. I wanted him badly.

Nigel spoke quietly to the maitre de as I waited quietly behind him. Afterward, the man led the two of us to a private dining room with a log fire. It was a beautifully set out room, polished silver cutlery and sparkling clean wine glasses on a long single polished oak table. Two side doors, that I assumed were closets, were closed. We stood as Nigel whispered to the Maitre de asking him to leave us on our own as soon as we ordered our aperitifs.

"We'll have cognac for me, as usual and--" Nigel looked at me.

"Yes please, same for me, I think." I acknowledged him, my eyes darting around the room in wonder. It was furnished, just the same as a private residence might be. It had to be expensive, to eat there.

"Are Carlos and Sylvia available tonight?" Nigel asked the man.

"Of course Sir." He smiled faintly.

"That will be all then." He dismissed the Maitre de with a wave of his hand. He waited for the door to close before turning back to me. "Is this room private enough for you, Trish?"

"It's lovely,---Master." I breathed.

"Why don't I take off your jacket before I seat you then?"

His eyes twinkled with amusement when I hesitated before approaching him, slowly undoing the bottom button only. I tensed when he started undoing the others for me.

"What about those waiters you asked for, to serve us, Master?"

"Trust me!" He warned.

I obediently turned to allow him to take my jacket off my shoulders and remove it, hoping he might change his mind once he saw that I had no bra on. He put it on the coat rack, smiling gently. He moved to a chair and held it for me, watching me intently as I crossed the room.

"There! Are you feeling more alive now?" He mocked me.

He knew I was, for sure. The chiffon blouse only accentuated my naked breasts, with nipples glaringly obvious, fully erect. I stood beside the table, shivering as Nigel eased the chair behind me. I flicked my skirt back and sat down quickly. The upholstered chair prickled bare flesh deliciously, directing warmth to my nether lips. I remained in stunned silence as he walked across to the opposite side of the table and seated himself, taking his time, assessing my exposed upper body with his lovely grey eyes before he broke the silence.

"You look gorgeous tonight so don't be embarrassed. Please sit properly and unfold your arms for me. Show me all of those beautiful breasts of yours. I want to see your nipples, Trish."

"Do you come here a lot?" I blushed, quickly dropping my arms to my sides, attempting to keep my voice from shaking and averting my eyes from his steady gaze by looking around the room. There was a rug on the floor, next to the fire. Both the furniture and the paintings reflected a bygone era of wealth and extravagance that staggered me. The intensity of the whole situation was completely overwhelming.

"This is a theme restaurant where the waiters are in costume if asked. You'll see what I mean. Isobel and I used to come here all the time, Trish." His mind seemed to wander, momentarily. "Like I said, it's not far from home and the service is very discrete. I notice you seem to admire the painting over there. It's derived from an original work by 'Goya'." He smiled and pointed to it, awaiting my comment.

"It's lovely---very classy indeed." I hesitantly offered.

Set in an antique, gold coloured frame, the portrait showed an older, fuller figured lady with an strikingly attractive face holding a silk scarf over her head. She was casually relaxing across a chaise long, wearing nothing but a smile, displaying pink shaven vaginal lips that were open to view. She was obviously aroused. Her breasts were larger than mine, well rounded but with proportionately small erect nipples. I was struck by the complete lack of modesty she displayed.

Nigel studied the model with me, enthusing about her voluminous flesh and reminding me of the way that he reacted to his initial glimpse of my own breasts, once he took my jacket off.

"Goya was a renaissance painter, a Dutch master." He went on to explain. "I love those objects d'art myself, don't you?"

"Do you paint, yourself, Master?" I looked back at him at last, trying to restart a conversation to take my mind off my embarrassment at being put on display, the way I was, virtually topless.

"If we only we had more time, I'd love to paint you in the same way." Chuckling animatedly, Nigel pointed to a couch, adjacent to the fireplace. "You'd look brilliant over there, in much the same pose." He looked more serious. "Why don't you try it and use that blouse of yours as a scarf?" He hinted.

He had hardly got the words out of his mouth and I was trying my best to think of something witty to say, by way of reply, assuming he was joking, when we heard a soft discrete knocking at the door.

"Stay as you are!" He snapped, pausing and turning toward the door he softened his voice. "Come in?"

I sat, glued to my seat with anticipation, looking directly at Nigel for a sign to move. He didn't. The door opened behind me and I heard the sound of a trolley being wheeled into the room. Knowing that the waiter would see me very soon, I found it difficult not to cover up, or at least in some way disguise, my aroused nipples.

"Good evening Mr Hawthorne. Would you like me to serve drinks now Sir?" The voice behind me casually asked.

"Thank you Carlos. I'm certain my lady friend would like a good stiff drink about now." He paused, smiling at me. "I think we're both ready now?" His eyes returned to mine. "Ready Trish?" He urged.

I nodded slowly, uncertain what to do but anxious not to annoy Nigel. It was the second time that day I had obeyed him without attempting a compromise of any sort. I wanted so much to please him.

To Be Continued Tomorrow.

I anticipate your vote with equal eagerness, my darlings. Please, don't disappoint me. This year, I'd like to win the competition.

I love you all. Barbara Anne. N.Z.G.S.K.

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