tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExquisite Humiliation Ch. 6

Exquisite Humiliation Ch. 6


I had a feeling that Nigel had a few more surprises in store for me. Curious as to what he had in mind I just nodded and walked with him, both of us still naked, to what I now knew to be the bathroom door.

"What's in the other room?" I asked dreamily.

"Oh, that room?" His face brightened up. "I'll show you around later on, after dinner." He whispered, avoiding a direct answer. "I'm a little hungry now. How about you?"

He opened the door with a flourish and led me inside, not bothering to close the door behind us. The room was larger than I had expected, reminding me of where we were. Like the dining room, the bathroom was immaculately presented with a marble floor. There was a large enamel cast iron bath with claw feet as the centrepiece, standing next to an old style pedestal hand-basin. Next to that was a free standing, full length mirror, set in a carved wooden frame. The only things adorning the stark walls were even more erotic paintings, depicting virtually every type of sexual abandonment, between two or more people of both sexes. They were all in acceptable taste however, well crafted in the same renaissance style as the ones I had already seen. Captivated by the explicit physical detail, they were hard to tear my eyes from.

"The bidet is over there!" His voice was sharp and commanding.

Nigel was growing impatient. There were two toilets, without cubicles in one corner next to yet another door which caught my eye. One bowl, the bidet that Nigel mentioned, more modern in style with plumbing.

"Is the rest of this old style paraphernalia just for show?" I asked, trying to calm my excitement down.

"Everything works!" Nigel chuckled at the astonished look on my face. "Unfortunately, if you want to take a bath, you have to fill up that bucket over there, the old fashioned way." He pointed to a wash tub then turned to me with an amused smile on his face. "The servants do that sort of thing, of course, but they'll scrub your back for you too." He roared with laughter. "You might find it quite amusing later on." He hugged me. "There was no such thing as false modesty in those days, Trish. The servants were all trained to be very discrete."

"I suppose they had to be." I smiled. "Judging by the artwork."

Looking around in breathless wonder, I noted that there was no shower in the room but the whole room was meticulously laid out with towels and more modern toiletry requirements, albeit in antique containers.

It was akin to a working museum, a step into the past, apart from the two toilets themselves. I noticed that the only hot and cold running water in the entire bathroom was to be found in a single laundry tub that stood adjacent to the toilet bowls.

I ran to the bidet and squatted over it, looking for the flush lever. Nigel stood still, watching me with a curious expression on his face, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

"You might have to show me how this works, Master." I beckoned to him with a cheeky grin. "I've never seen one like this before."

"Does Alf call you 'T'?" He asked casually as he strolled over.

I sat bolt upright, snapping my legs together, dumbfounded. My face said it all. My blood ran cold with alarm but Nigel just laughed.

"You do know that you're competing in an internet photography competition don't you, Trish? He explained. "There's one on at this moment. Alf's disguised your face and called himself 'A' amongst the photographer's credits. I knew it was you, right from the moment you let your husband's first name slip. Don't be too angry! By the way, I believe your husband's contributions are running about third equal at the moment." He chuckled infectiously. "He called the first of them ['T' A/T home, by 'A'.] and I believe the other one was appropriately entitled as ['T' Again, 'A's Horny Little Slave Slut.]" He stood in front of me and grinned knowingly. "He made every effort to win first prize in both of your entries." He concluded, winking at me.

"What sort of photo's?" I asked, horrified, almost dreading his reply. Alf had taken a lot of really explicit ones, leaving the timer on, and I wondered just exactly what sort of competition this was.

"Do those shots worry you?" Nigel smiled reassuringly. "Most of them show you doing your housework and other fairly ordinary everyday things. In all of them you're completely naked of course. Alf managed to do some really superb photography. His body detail is excellent."

He noted my concern and expanded. "In his shots, your hair hides the features of your face." He crouched in front of me. "You love running around naked though, don't you? That comes across so clearly in Alf's photos. They're terrific, actually!" He added sincerely. "Please try being more honest with me, this time? life paintings are my passion."

"It is exciting at home, Master." I agreed. "I don't mind when I'm alone with you, either." I hastened to add. "I'll stay naked for you all night long, once you take me home to your place." I hinted, trying to inflame his imagination. "You can make love to me as often as you like and I'll do whatever kind of pose you ask."

Nigel crouched in front of me, naked himself, eyeing me over while he explained how the bidet worked. He spoke bluntly as always with me. I respected that about my admirer, as much as his lovemaking skills.

"I realise what really thrills you, a lot better than you think my little nymph." I opened my mouth to protest but his finger brushed against my lips. Nigel eased my knees apart, speaking with compassion as he did. "That's much better, Trish. There's nothing wrong with you showing your body off in an excited state. You look more attractive, that way." He looked meaningfully at my bewildered eyes. "Would you mind posing again for me after dinner, here at the restaurant. I'll just refer to you as 'T' in front of our staff, if you prefer it that way?"

I was speechless with shock, having a somewhat better idea of what it was that Nigel had in mind. He expected absolute control over where and in which way I posed for him, possibly even with Carlos watching.

"Can we talk about it first, Master." I whispered.

"You still remember your excitement when I had you display your lovely breasts for Carlos." He guided my eyes down to my moist, erect clit and smiled. "Look! You can see that much yourself." He chuckled. "Don't try to deceive an artist because your body never lies."

"You did make me feel special." I admitted in a quiet voice.

He squeezed my arm. "I'd be pleased if you would allow me to express your sexuality on canvas, later on. You have to trust implicitly and allow me to do that for you. Your pleasure has been repressed for too long by society standards. None of those apply in my case. I want you to tell me which fantasy turns you on the most so I can turn our time together into a night that you'll remember, forever."

I nodded slowly, still stunned, firstly by the discovery that Alf had broken my trust in him and secondly, because my illicit romance with Nigel had developed so differently to my expectations. It embarrassed me that I was shown naked on the internet without Alf even asking me. Angry and confused, I made up my mind to enjoy the rest of my limited time with my skilful illicit lover.

Nigel was right. Thorough discussion of both our needs was necessary. The sooner I admitted the truth of his words, to myself as well and moved on, the more enjoyment I would get from being with him, myself. Steve's initial visit had acted as a trigger that released many of my previous inhibitions, causing me to abandon our old way of life. With Nigel, at least, I could be totally frank. I took a deep breath.

"I think I do trust you Nigel." I kissed him. "Alf thinks I'm a nymphomaniac. He calls me a slut more often these days. Is he right?"

"I don't think so. He put me at ease with a wry smile. "I enjoy sexual variety too, my lady, as much as I can get. It's obvious that it's the same way for you as well. I like to remain in charge but you prefer to be submissive. There's nothing wrong with that in my view." Nigel's carefree attitude rebuilt my self esteem as it calmed down my nerves. "I love submissive ladies, Trisha. You should never let your moral sensitivities affect the strength of your sexuality."

"Did you honestly think I'm behaving like a slut though?"

He pointed to a exceptionally erotic art work on the wall featuring a short haired blonde lady in her late twenties with a trim figure. She was writhing on a bed, making love to two men at once with a look of ecstasy written into her smiling face. She had beads of perspiration forming on her forehead. Her nipples were large and taut with desire. All participants in the scene were cleanly shaven to highlight their aroused sex organs. Two other men were posing in the background with penises fully erect with anticipation as they waited for their turn.

"I painted that one several years ago, for the old proprietor."

"It's wonderful." I blushed. "You captured all their moods very well indeed. I hadn't realised that you were such a skilful artist."

"She was never ashamed of herself. You can see that she enjoyed posing for me." He mused. "You should remember that it doesn't matter what a man calls you in the heat of passion. It doesn't mean a thing. Every one of us have fantasy needs. I accept that fact and so should you. I never think badly of any woman if she's honest about her needs and speaks her mind." He smiled pointedly. "I thought you enjoyed our choice of language too, at the time." He qualified.

"I did, actually." I laughed it off with him, feeling better.

I shared my feelings and found a sympathetic audience, in Nigel. For the first time I could be truly candid with a man. I told him about my recent life with Alf while we got ready to have dinner. Like Alf, he liked to stay in charge but Nigel was more empathetic and kind.

Nothing was hidden from my past. He just listened mainly but I noted, by his reactions, that many of his sexual interests were similar to Alf's. It was refreshing, being able to talk openly about aspects of certain erotic movies that thrilled me. I mentioned 'Story of 'O' in particular, as a case in point, telling him what excited me most of all about the story.

"Since we watched it I had to curb Alf's obsession to put me on display to some of our friends at home." I admitted, laughing it off. "God! I would never be able to look them in the face again. You just can't do that kind of thing and get away with it, in our community."

"I understand." He smiled, hugging me. "It's sad that you can't be yourself at home, with your husband. It could be a great boost for your self confidence as well. There's nothing wrong with being proud to show your body off. It's more expressive when you're completely in the nude."

"The weird thing is that you were right before, Nigel. I loved it when you made me take my blouse off in front of that waiter. I got so turned on about being shown off to a stranger. Alf wanted me to go further than that for him though." I blushed as I saw his reaction to my developing honesty but decided to tell him my most closely guarded secret. "I'd love to be comfortable about being seen fully naked and aroused. I'd have to be ordered to do it, like 'O' was, to understand the way she felt at the time."

"Alf's not here but tonight can be different, if you want it to be?" He looked into my eyes, noticing my growing interest. "Would you try to act the part for me and follow my instructions to the letter?"

"I'd like to." I admitted.

"Then, would you mind if I call you 'T' this evening?"

Nigel's wish to place myself entirely under his control stimulated my adventurous need but plagued me with remnants of doubt.

"Could I ask a couple of questions first, Master?"

"Of course!" He beamed. "Ask away. I expected you to have a few more than that?" He chuckled. "But I prefer surprises too."

"What were you going to do with those photos you took, Master?"

"I thought you might have guessed, by now."

I shook my head, scarcely believing I was actually considering making a complete slut of myself the way he was suggesting.

"No? They're just for my private amusement. As I said before, I'd love to paint you in oils but it takes more time than we've got tonight. I need to depict every curve and crevice on a woman's body, portray her entire sexuality, the way the old Masters did it."

I was satisfied, understanding him much better. I stumbled through to my final question, searching for the right approach without upsetting him or giving him the wrong idea altogether.

"I don't like being hurt-I mean you're not thinking of--" I got it out on the second attempt. "You're not into whipping as punishment with your women are you?" I worried even more when he began to laugh. "Did you ever actually see the movie, Story of 'O'? I asked, blushing bright red and giggling.

"I would never mark you, that way." He chuckled. "I don't blame you for asking me. Punishment, as well as loving relationships should always be consensual to be effective and satisfying. 'O' always had a choice, you realise? It'll be the same for you, as 'T'. I only expect your complete trust and obedience?"

Determination to get even with Alf over those photos strengthened my resolve to contemplate merging my desire with Nigel's needs, whatever they were, as a trial run. I agreed to obey him for the rest of the night. He looked reflective as my two questions were answered, but at least he had cautioned me.

Nigel demanded absolute submissiveness, on my part, explaining that if I refused him, our arrangement would come to an sudden halt, right there. I would be ordered to get dressed immediately and he'd ensure that I was safely escorted back to Steve and not necessarily by him. He never really explained what he meant by that, keeping me guessing.

"You'd never see or hear from me again." He said. "It would be disappointing I admit, but you shouldn't worry that I would force you against your will. Just be absolutely positive that you can't obey me before you refuse. I've never tolerated disobedience. Now is anything else that worries you before we go back out there for dinner?" Nigel gave me a broad smile. "I'm going to test your loyalty to the maximum you know?" He circled his arms around me and walked me to the mirror, standing behind me. "You look so sensual and fresh." He commented.

I examined my reflection in the mirror. My body looked as vibrant as it had when Alf and I were interrupted having sex. The danger element in surrendering full control to Nigel held remarkable similarities.

"I don't believe so, Master. I think I'm ready to get dressed."

"You'll be dining in the nude, tonight." He announced sharply.

"I expect you to behave the same way as 'O' would for me." He warned.

"If you want, Master." I faltered, thinking about the waitress that I had yet to meet. "You mean--like, just with Carlos serving our dinner tonight?" My voice shook with mixed excitement.

"With whomever I choose." He shook his head. "Of course You'll have to be inspected first and then---?" He gave me a wry smile. "It depends how much you appeal to them." He hinted.

It didn't really surprise me that Nigel had seen the movie. He seemed to know exactly what concerned me about being exposed to other women.

"It's up to you!" Nigel was growing impatient with me. "I don't want you starting this if you're uncertain. Now, answer me properly!"

How would I react with this Sylvia, another woman, watching me dining stark naked and behaving like a common slut before her eyes, if Nigel chose to humiliate me in front of her? My knees turned to jelly for a moment. 'It doesn't matter.' I thought. 'I'll be highly unlikely to meet her or Carlos after tonight, whatever he asks of me, far away in just a couple of days.' I made my mind up recklessly before answering him meekly, smiling serenely.

"I'll do whatever you ask, then. Anything at all in fact!"

"Excellent 'T'!" He hugged me proudly. "You won't regret it."

I meant every word. Nigel was honest, empathetic and, by all accounts more worthy of trust than my second husband, for the last six years.

'Alfred Atkins!' I thought. 'It's time I taught you a valuable lesson about the real 'T' you live with.'

Revenge was now at the top of my list for him, the more I considered his deception, while Nigel and I talked and cleaned ourselves up. I'd answered all of his queries, telling him honestly about my fantasies and dreams but despite intense curiosity hadn't asked Nigel more than two questions. He was exciting to be with and to his mind, as well as mine, I was now his sex slave, A willing plaything for his amusement, tonight anyway. According to both of my current lovers I was a slut. We'd discussed that and I'd decided that Nigel deserved my respect. I'd agreed to explore the essence of my sexuality under his guidance. I enjoyed the atmosphere of total trust that we had created between us. I realised that keeping me on edge pleased Nigel. He was the same as Alf, that way. I considered an idea that would shock Alf, as a way of repaying him for plastering my naked images on the internet.

'Yes! This is the right moment for an ironic revenge!' I thought. "Excuse me, Master?" I asked, looking serious, as he was about to seat me again. "Is it possible send explicit shots on the internet connection, anonymously for example, to someone else's private Email address?----Really good ones, showing my face, of me having sex with you, or perhaps even with somebody else, if it pleases you?"

"I already said that I wouldn't misuse your photos." He turned to me as if puzzled by my attitude, sighing.

"But if I asked you to?" I persisted, with a curious smile.

"Of course, 'T'." He burst out laughing. "Whatever for though?"

"Please don't think badly of me, Master?" I giggled helplessly, thinking about the look on Alf's face. I controlled my laughter for long enough to explain. "I'd like to teach my husband a lesson at the same time. Could we, Master?"

"Of course we can." Nigel laughed with me, accepting what I had in mind. "We should take a few shots, especially with your husband in mind, later on shall we?"


Author's Note: How are those fingers working this month???

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