tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExquisite Humiliation Ch. 9

Exquisite Humiliation Ch. 9


My lover was close to ejaculating, I still needed Nigel's permission.

"Go for it, my lovely little sex pot." Nigel laughed as I began to move my hips up and down, with my partners help. I was beyond pain trashing around on the floor with Carlos, any thought of the unlocked door far from my mind when suddenly, the door burst open with no form of advance warning. By that time I was too preoccupied to care who it was. Carlos, with his inflamed penis throbbing inside me was about to flood my bowels with his ejaculate. I pumped repeatedly, twitching my muscles to make him cum, hysterically screaming coarse encouragement while Nigel continued recording the enthusiasm of my efforts.

"Fill my arse with cum! I love your cock!" I gasped raggedly as short bursts of air escaped my lungs. "Come on Baby!-- Cum for me!"

I was oblivious to pain or circumstance by then The sheer intensity of the situation blurred any awareness of others in the room. My eyes were full of tears but I became oblivious to pain or circumstance as his love seed squirted into my bowels. The forceful spray diminished conscious awareness of anybody watching us as I'd closed my eyes.

I swam in the heat of Carlos's love juices. His member duly shrinking in girth, soothing away the raw sensation in my sphincter muscle area considerably. I collapsed on top of Carlos, exhausted.

"Oh Carlos! You were just magnificent." I moaned as I opened my eyes to talk to him. "I'm so full of your cum. Did you-----."

I gasped with shock and froze when I realised that a scantily dressed young man, clad in only a black thong and matching bow tie had walked in. He was staring right at Carlos and I on the floor. He'd left the door wide open, as if expecting someone else to come in as well.

Nigel took photos of me while the relaxed expression on my face gave way to a horrified look, mouth opened wide in genuine and keenly felt embarrassment, on my part at least. Carlos merely continued exploring my soaking love nest and massaging my nipples, fully aware that the young man was watching us. He made our erotic demonstration even more obvious, adding to my humiliation. I froze up, motioning with my eyes in the intruders direction to Nigel, my heart pounding.

"Carry on with what you're doing 'T'!" Nigel urged, putting his camera aside, obviously annoyed. "He'll be part of your combined pose with Sylvia, a little later on, don't worry."

I was forced to give Nigel a second, pleading look before he turned away to deal with the bemused newcomer. It was too humiliating for me to continue responding favourably to my young lover. Nigel could see that clearly enough but luckily, he just smiled understandingly.

"Just wait for me by the fire with Carlos then." He moved away.

I was still embarrassed by being observed, in the moment of having a spirited, orgasmic anal union with Carlos, by a stranger. 'What does Nigel want us to wait for?' This question repeated in my brain and I slowly began to comprehend his reasons. I'd been expected to provide the entertainment, for others as well. Carlos attempted to reactivate my interest while the stranger watched, just a few yards away.

I succumbed to Carlos's urgings and started writhing with him on the floor again, attempting to recover the aftermath of our sexual union.

Dimly aware of Nigel taking charge of the situation, I listened with both eyes on the open door until my heartbeat stabilised.

"You're a bit late!" Nigel guided the man further away from us.

"Sorry Sir." The man smiled. "I should have waited for Sylvia."

"Good point! Where is Sylvia and the that other young stud she promised to find me?" Nigel roared.

Just then Sylvia ran in, bared breasts bouncing above her corset and long skirt outfit. She looked flustered and out of breath, unlike the last time we met before dinner. Our G string clad young man took off like a scalded cat, occupying his time by tidying up the dinner table and putting them back on the trolley. It appeared that he was leaving it to Sylvia to sooth Nigel's anger and make excuses, on her own.

Sylvia closed the door behind her. She smiled at me before taking off the long skirt of her costume. She wriggled her hips as she pushed it down revealing the pink shimmering flesh of her engorged love lips to me for the first time. Sylvia was soon naked but for the tight uplift corset that cut angrily into her upper hips. The reason for this was obvious when she scampered across to Nigel's side, the fleshy cheeks of her plump bottom wobbling deliciously as she moved.

She turned her back to him and acknowledged Carlos and I with a quick wave. She spoke while Nigel unclipped the fastenings for her, gasping for breath and making no attempt to disguise her excitement at seeing me, naked by the open fire, splayed out on the floor over the top of Carlos. She didn't appear at all annoyed by the fact that I had just had anal sex with one of her gorgeous young waiters.

"He's coming out from the city, Sir." She gasped. "You'll like the young gentleman for sure. Himself and his lady friend are buying the restaurant from me shortly." She winked at me, as Nigel unclipped the last of the corset hooks, inhaling an audible sigh of relief when it dropped on the floor at her feet, leaving her completely unadorned in front of all three men in the room. She looked magnificent, in her nakedness, unconcerned by being in mixed company in an aroused sexual state. As she had appeared in her portrait, Sylvia lacked inhibitions in both, the way she presented herself and talked to people that she hardly knew, as I quickly discovered.

"Carlos is a fine young stud isn't he 'T'?" She called out with a beaming smile on her face. "You'll soon be expecting me to help you get ready for the next set I hope." She bubbled on in her faint Irish brogue. I'll just be asking your Master, first." She gasped.

She turned toward Nigel and lowered her voice, no doubt to apologize for the interruption and expand on whatever ideas she had in mind for helping me. I tore my eyes away and noticed the other man, surveying the scene before his eyes, while he worked to clear the table.

"That guy keeps watching us?" I quietly whispered, attempting to alert Carlos to the man that was glancing in our direction while pretending to be busy.

"Take no notice of him 'T'." He whispered. "That's Mitch, one of Sylvia's other staff." He chuckled. "He'll be seeing a lot more of you later, once the others get here."

"Who are they?" I gasped. "I thought there was going to be just you and Sylvia in the scene he had in mind." I whispered urgently.

"Don't worry, I've seen the couple that she's talking about, as well. Kitty started working for Sylvia about three months ago. She's the young lady that talked her boyfriend into taking the place over, from Sylvia." Carlos oozed enthusiasm about the new proprietors. "He was out here all afternoon, talking over business matters regarding the restaurant with Sylvia, in her office.

"You know the others then, Carlos?" I breathed a little easier.

"I haven't met him yet but he sure looked suited to your taste in younger men." Carlos chuckled. "Sylvia liked him well enough, from what the staff saw." He rolled his eyes suggestively. "He's not much older than Mitch and I but he loves a bit of variety."

My source of information was rudely interrupted when Sylvia focussed her attention back toward the fireplace. She flounced over in a rush and laid down beside us, glowing with an excitement that belied both her age and overweight condition.

"Well, Carlos!" She sighed. "If you've quite finished for the moment, could you and Mitch fill a nice hot bubble bath for 'T' and I and leave the three of us together for a bit?" She stretched over my body, carelessly sliding her breasts over mine and whispered into his ear. "Sorry, darling boy, Mr Hawthorne's request." She giggled. "I'll be keeping 'T' company, by myself, while you two young stallions make yourselves a bit more useful." She reiterated more sternly.

"Sorry 'T'." Carlos got the hint immediately, apologising to me in particular, as he lifted my hips to withdraw his shrunken member. I quickly tightened my sphincter muscles to keep his love juices from discharging over the expensive rug. Mitch was waiting impatiently for Carlos to follow him into the bathroom so he gathered up his G string costume and ran to join him.

After a few momentary lust filled looks, Sylvia gathered me into her arms and hugged me, face to face, squeezing her ample breasts against my own. Soft searching lips covered my mouth and her exploring tongue overwhelmed any thought of resistance. Before the first kiss was over I was responding to her passionate advances with gradual acceptance. Sylvia urged me to continue kissing her, greedily seeking out my lips every time I paused for breath. She took the initiative every step of the way, aware that I was doing my utmost to please but acknowledging my lack of enthusiasm for making love with another woman. Wordlessly, she guided my fingers toward her erect nipples and smiled seductively when she noticed some eagerness in my eyes. I gingerly caressed and squeezed her nipples, exploring her breasts with a growing enthusiasm and beginning to enjoy the experience while she reciprocated my every movement on my own body. Her wandering fingers took charge in guiding me to explore that most intimate area of our bodies, by following her example. Trailing my fingers through her slippery folds of flesh, we exchanged confident glances and I achieved a silent understanding of what she had in mind. Masturbating myself by remote control was the easiest way of describing this part of her lesson. She would bring me to the edge and then stop, just before I orgasmed. We teased one and other this way several times, each time heading closer toward having a magnificent climax. I made a special effort, breathing faster.

"Please Sylvia?" I gasped. "Make me cum this time."

"You're learning quickly, 'T'." She giggled. "Lets try this?"

She expertly wriggled her buttocks closer to me, moving my legs over hers, to bring our moistened vulvas together. My aroused labia melted into Sylvia's accommodating flesh as we wiggled our hips together. It was a welcome relief from the masculine contact between Carlos and I. A genuine desire to make love replaced my previous apprehension while our moistened nether lips found comfort in each others touch. Passion quickly overcame the embarrassment I felt at being seduced by another woman in Nigel's presence. He followed our movements with his camera lens as the speed of our gyrating hips increased, to bring us closer to satisfaction.

Nigel urged us to separate so that he could capture the moment.

"You should try tasting her juices now." Nigel suggested. "Cum in her mouth!"

He didn't make it clear, to whom he was speaking. Sylvia responded by laying back on the rug with her legs fully parted. I got to my knees, prepared to lick her smooth mound of Venus, hesitating and looking up at Nigel for further confirmation when I saw how aroused her clitoris was. I wanted to cum as well.

"You might find it more fun to straddle her face. --You know." He helped me to my feet and turned me around to face the other way.

"Adopt the Sixty-nine position with Sylvia." Nigel chuckled. "Unless, of course, you prefer to have Sylvia lay on top of you." He laughed.

"If you want me to, Master." I turned my head and glanced down. Noticing by the bemused expression on her face, I returned her smile, realising Sylvia was eager to make love in the way Nigel suggested.

There was an awkward moment as I re-positioned myself, with Sylvia's help. Her oral magic began on me the moment I squatted over her neck and gently leaned over her breasts to avoid bruising her milky flesh. Her nipples hardened immediately as I got into position. I shuddered with anticipation when her darting tongue parted my inner labia with expertise and sought out my pink button of ecstasy. Moulding into her soft body, the overpowering scent of her sex filled my nostrils as I laid over her and leaned forward to give her the same oral pleasure.

I have to admit that the concept of exploring another lady's steaming love nest, using only my tongue, filled me with some nausea at first.

I gingerly kissed the top of her mound, creeping toward her valley of pleasure with almost virginal trepidation, while Sylvia brought me to the very brink of orgasm. I was reluctant to reciprocate her movement but progressively became drawn in with more enthusiasm as she sped up her skilful oral ministrations. Wriggling my hips and moaning with a fast approaching orgasm, my tastebuds became accustomed to the acrid taste of her womanhood.

Indulging in oral sex with Sylvia brought out many mixed feelings of emotional trauma as I put my knowledge of the female anatomy to use in ways that I had never previously anticipated. I found her clit and nibbled at it with my lips before using my tongue on her love button, inflaming her passion to a new crescendo.

Sylvia stiffened and lifted her hips, moaning in ecstasy, as orgasmic peaks of pleasure began to affect both of us simultaneously. I was in a trance, but mindful of maintaining control of my anal muscles while intense waves of pleasure ravaged my body. Soaked in her moisture, I was worried about leaking Carlos's sperm deposit over Sylvia's face. We rolled sideways together, with our heads imprisoned between each others legs, as if glued together. We climaxed continuously as Sylvia darted her tongue in and around my love canal in sensual abandon. By that time both of us were out of control, convulsing together in wild orgasmic fervour. We buried our noses into each others fleshy thighs, flicking our tongues around wildly until we simply ran out of breath.

We separated only for fresh air, gasping for breath like two animals in heat until eventually, we rolled apart. I sat up looking into her sparkling eyes in ecstasy and wonder. Sylvia's face was covered with seminal fluid and she was smiling but her eyes showed concern for me.

"Sorry Sylvia. Did I leak on you?" I whispered to her.

"Well, my girl!" She panted as she recovered her breath. "I see that Carlos has been a bit too enthusiastic, earlier on. Lay back and rest your feet on my shoulders, sweetheart." She looked up at Nigel. "I'll need to give 'T' a bit of my medication and tend her before our next session, that's for sure."

Nigel put down his camera immediately and squatted beside Sylvia, his attention taken by my genital area as Sylvia parted the cheeks of my bottom fully, pointing out the raw flesh within.

"You should have told me he was hurting you." Nigel whispered. "I thought he was getting a bit too carried away with you at first."

"I'll say!---Look at this, Sir." She breathed raggedly

When Sylvia pressed her finger against my inflamed rosebud I bit at my bottom lip and recoiled from her touch, whimpering slightly.

"What's wrong in there, Sylvia?" I pleaded. "It stings."

"Nothing a bit of tender, loving care can't fix." She assured. "First step is to have ourselves a bubble bath and I'll have you good as new in no time." She put my legs down off her shoulders and got to her feet. "I'll only be a few minutes, my love." She spoke to Nigel. "Could you look after her, Sir?---Leave Carlos to me, if you would."

Sylvia didn't wait for his reply. Taking charge of the situation with a determined look on her face she strode off to the bathroom and shut the door behind her. I heard her addressing Carlos in an harsh voice and what sounded like muffled replies coming from him.

"What's happening, Master?" I trembled. "Is she angry at him?""Of course not!" Nigel got down beside me and put his arm over my shoulder, hugging me tenderly. "Don't worry, Trish." He kissed my forehead. "I'll pour you another cognac, if you like?" He smiled and stood up. "Better still, I think I might have another one with you while we wait for Sylvia."

I watched him pouring our drinks while I waited beside the flickering flames. Nigel was smiling like a Cheshire cat when he returned, with that same loving look in his eyes. I knew he was impressed with me.

"Sylvia won't be long now." He handed me a fresh glass and laid down beside me. "You did well, Trish." He chuckled infectiously. "I'm sure she enjoyed teaching you some of her tricks, from what I saw."

"I'd rather be with you, Master." I whispered, reaching under his robe.

While Nigel and I were sipping drinks and talking by the fire, Carlos and Mitch came from the bathroom and made themselves scarce, pausing to pick up our food trolley on the way. We talked openly, after they left the room and Nigel promised we'd go back to his place as soon as his main scene was over and spend the rest of the night together. He was well pleased with his photos, so far, but wanted to meet the new owners, once they arrived.

"Could you handle a group orgy scene for me, Trish?" He smiled.

"As long as you're with me." My voice shook. "I'll do anything you want."

"I'll make it up to you when we go home."

He began to tell me about the scenario he planned to create for his painting. I gathered he was expecting two women and three other men for his final pose but had been thwarted by the fact that Sylvia's new business associates had prior commitments in the city. He hoped for them to arrive soon, along with Carlos and Mitch once they got back.

"Sylvia tells me he'll be well worth waiting for." Nigel began to explain more fully. "He's got big plans for this place."

"Whenever you're ready, T'!" A muffled voice sang out from the bathroom area. "All ready, my love."

Our intimate conversation was interrupted by her melodic voice.

"Go on, Trish. I'll pop in to see you both in a few minutes." He whispered. "Hurry along now."

The promise of attention to my stinging bottom and the thought of a nice hot bubble bath, with just Sylvia present, was a strong enough reason for delaying my conversation with Nigel, on its own. "Thank you, Master." I smiled, leaping to my feet, anxious to talk things over with my experienced lesbian lover. I lifted my glass as the clock struck Half past Eleven. 'Nearly midnight already.' I thought, calculating the time I had left with my exciting lover.

I drained my glass and went off to the bathroom. Sylvia greeted me by the door, smelling freshly bathed and talking non stop as she guided me inside the steam filled room.


With other commitments last month I ran out of time to finish the current series. Keep those votes and suggestions coming in and I'll be back next month to conclude this series. Love you all.

Barbara. N.Z.G.S.K.

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