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Exquisite Pain


I have always been into testing myself, pushing myself beyond my limits and finding new limits to push. I have always enjoyed a little pain with my pleasure and pushing my pain endurance has become my obsession.

I started with self bondage and quickly realized I needed help to push myself as far as I could go. I would lock myself into uncomfortable positions and painful contraptions but I never felt tested. I even took to wearing nipple clamps and butt plugs while at work but I still felt unsatisfied.

I devised elaborate torture scenarios for myself; I would set a chair in front of the sliding glass door and tie my ankles to the legs of the chair. I would then sit on a large butt plug that was well lubed and I would attach all manner of clamps to my nipples and pussy lips before handcuffing my wrists behind the back of the chair. I would freeze the key to the cuffs in a condom and hold the frozen cock until it melted and I could free myself.

I always did this with the curtains open so I could potentially be seen or even watched which added to my discomfort. If I could not hold the frozen condom until it melted I would have to tip the chair over and writhe on the floor until I could grab the key and unlock the handcuffs. I just didn't feel like I was pushing the boundaries enough and my masturbation afterward was always just a chore.

I began setting rules for my little tests that I would have to mentally follow. These rules were designed to make the tests more difficult but I wanted it all too badly for it to really change the outcome.

I progressed to inflicting extreme pain on my body. I would step into my garage nude and lock the door so no matter what I would have to go out through the big door without my clothes. I would then mount a small stool I had modified with a large wooden table leg in the middle of the seat. I had drove nails up through the seat from underneath and lubed the rough table leg with olive oil. I would strap a ball gag in my mouth and attach clover clamps to my nipples with heavy weights to pull and crush my tender buds. Then I would cuff my wrists behind my back and stand on two blocks of ice. As the ice melted I would be slowly impaled until my pussy was stretched wide and the nails were stabbing my tender pussy lips.

Once the ice had melted completely and my entire weight was on my pussy I would grind and twist until I had an orgasm. Then I would tip the stool over and remove the impaled table leg. I would have to open the garage door and walk naked and handcuffed to my front door, retrieve the key from under the mat and let myself in to get the key for the handcuffs. I would do all this with the clamps and weights still on my nipples.

All the things I would do still never made me feel like I was truly testing my limits. I really needed some help someone who could push me further than I could push myself.

As I was working on my dilemma I decided a good way to test myself with others would be to get my nipples pierced. I thought that if I got them pierced with a large gauge needle I could test the pain and later use the big rings to torture my tits. I also decided that I would get my pussy lips and my clit done. This would have me nude in the presence of other people and I would have to tolerate great pain while trying not to give away the fact that I wanted it to hurt.

I searched for a reputable piercing shop but decided I should go to the harshest biker tattoo parlor I could find. This would give me a chance to parade myself in front of some unsavory characters and if I got an infection it would add to the pain.

I dressed in my shortest denim skirt and a thin wife-beater without underwear and I slipped on my highest of high heels. I drove through town until I saw a real dump of a tattoo parlor that had a sign out front that said body piercing. I walked through the door and was greeted by an attractive young girl in a bikini top. Her nipples were obviously pierced and the way she looked at me she liked what I was wearing.

I started a conversation with her and found out that her name was Destiny and she had everything pierced just like what I was about to get. I told her what I wanted and she smiled telling me to wait here while she got things ready. I was led by Destiny down a corridor to a room that looked like an exam room. It had a table in the middle just like at the doctor's office complete with stirrups. Destiny told me to strip and get up on the table. I was nude quickly and as I sat on the table Destiny adjusted the stirrups to position my legs for getting my pussy pierced.

As I sat there naked with my legs spread and up in the air I realized how aroused I had become. My pussy was soaked and I knew Destiny could smell my sex as she readied the tools necessary for the piercing. Then in walked a very butch looking girl that Destiny introduced as Claire. Claire was the actual technician that would do the piercing. Now there were two women one an obvious lesbian in the room and I was soaking wet.

Claire asked me what I wanted done and I explained that I was a pain junkie and I wanted the biggest diameter rings I could get in my nipples and pussy lips followed by a medium ring through my clit. Telling Claire that I liked pain may have been a mistake because she seemed to light up at that and told me she could give me some exquisite pain.

Opening a drawer she produced some long leather straps that she used to fasten my ankles to the stirrups. Next she attached two more straps to my thighs and pulled them down spreading my legs further apart and immobilizing my legs completely. Two more straps and my elbows and wrists were firmly bound to the table. Opening another drawer she produced two large belts, these were wider than the straps she used to secure my limbs and she ran one above my breasts and one below. Tightening the belts I found I was unable to move at all and they had pushed my tits up and out making my nipples very accessible.

Destiny then asked if I wanted a gag to bite on for the pain and I said yes. Now I was really turned on, I was bound, gagged and nude in front of two strange women in a bad part of town. My pussy was trembling and my heart raced at what was to come.

I was completely surprised at what happened next. Claire stood up and removed her top revealing a pair of nice round tits with a thick barbell through each nipple. Next she removed her jeans and helped Destiny to remove her clothes. Now we were all naked and Destiny was moving between my wide spread legs.

Claire then told Destiny to get my clit fully engorged and that we would start with that as soon as she had my nipples ready. Claire then placed a suction cup on my right nipple and pumped the handle until my nipple was twice as long as normal. Then she placed a very strange looking clamp on my nipple and adjusted it so it felt like it was crushing my stretched bud. She repeated the process with my left nipple and I almost had an orgasm as the searing pain tore through my body.

As Claire attached the left clamp Destiny began sucking my clit and licking my soaking pussy. She was sucking and biting my swollen clit causing me to buck against my restraints. When she had me on the verge of a tremendous orgasm Claire attached the clamp and squeezed it tightly closed. The pain shot through my body like lightning and I came very hard.

Before I could recover from my orgasm Claire pushed the large needle right through my swollen and clamped clit. There was a white light behind my eyes and I fell into an orgasmic coma that lasted a few minutes. When I came back to reality Destiny asked if I was ready to move on to the nipples.

In my bondage and through my orgasm I had forgotten about my nipples being cruelly clamped all this time. The harsh clamps had made them numb but when Claire pulled on the first clamp and stretched my nipple out away from my tit the pain was very intense.

When she began pushing the huge needle through my tender flesh I screamed around my ball gag and started to convulse in orgasmic pleasure. She took her time pushing the needle through and the pain lasted a good couple of minutes prolonging my orgasm.

All the pain I had felt so far was nothing to the shock I got when she released the clamp and the blood flowed back into my crushed and pierced nipple. The white light flashed behind my eyes again as I exploded in pain fueled orgasmic convulsions.

The next nipple was the same and I came twice as hard when she pulled the large rings and began working them back and forth through my swollen nipples.

The two girls allowed me a few minutes to recover then they both started in on making me feel all the pain and pleasure my new jewelry had to offer. Destiny began to flick my clit ring with her finger as Claire removed the ball gag and replaced it with her soaking wet pussy. As she ground her wet slit against my tongue she pulled on both nipple rings causing me to scream into her hole. She must have liked my screams as she continued to pull on my tortured buds until she soaked my face with her orgasm.

When Claire had regained her composure she bent down and kissed me deeply tasting her own juices as she rammed her tongue down my throat. I faintly heard Destiny ask if wanted to be released or would I like to taste some real pain.

I almost came as she spoke, practically screaming my desire for them to never release me. I begged the two girls to use me and make me their little pain slut as Destiny rammed her entire fist into my pussy. Claire used what looked like a hole punch to pierce my labia and slid the huge rings through the holes while Destiny fisted my gaping pusy.

Claire attached some rope to a pulley in the ceiling directly over where I was bound on the table and Destiny did the same to rings in the floor I had not noticed before. Claire released my hands and quickly cuffed them together with hand cuffs attaching the rope to the chain between the cuffs and pulling me up into a sitting position. Destiny attached the ropes from the floor to my ankles and released me from the table. Claire pulled the rope holding my wrists and I had to stand on very wobbly legs. Destiny tightened the ropes on my ankles and kept me from closing my legs.

As far apart as my ankles were I could not put much weight on my legs and the cuffs cut cruelly into my wrists. When I was hanging from the cuffs and my feet were barley touching the floor Destiny rolled the table out of the way and rolled in some kind of saw horse. Claire stood in front of me and asked me if I was sure I wanted this cause this was my last chance to back out and I just shook my head, I wanted this so bad I could not express to her how I was feeling.

While Claire was giving me my one chance to leave Destiny was moving the saw horse into position between my legs. Next she lubed up a very large but not very long dildo she called "Stubby" and pushed it deep into my pussy. Then both girls adjusted the saw horse to place the cross bar right at my pussy. The cross bar was triangular and the point held the dildo in my pussy while Claire lubed a very large butt plug.

When Claire started to insert the butt plug she told Destiny that I had done this before because the plug went in a little too easy. Now with both my holes stretched Claire lowered the rope holding my wrists allowing my entire weight to come down on the pointed edge of the cross bar. This also pushed the dildo and the plug deeper into my holes eliciting a gasp from me.

The girls walked around me admiring their work then Destiny took one ankle and attached it to a spreader bar followed by the other ankle. Then the two girls attached another piece of rope to the eye in the center of the spreader bar and ran it through another pulley on the ceiling behind me.

When they pulled the rope it pulled my wide spread ankles up and back forcing my weight on to my swollen and freshly pierced clit. The two girls pulled the rope until I screamed and then they tied it off leaving me in a very uncomfortable position.

I was sweating and my breathing was ragged but Claire stood where I could see her and told me now that I was properly restrained they could begin to give me some pain.

Destiny came over with what looked like a pair of pliers and some thick rubber bands. Claire took the pliers and a rubber band and using the pliers to spread the band placed it over my right breast. She had to pull the tit flesh through the opening using my new nipple ring causing me to scream again. When she released the pliers the rubber band snapped tight on my tit and squeezed it out in front of my chest. She did the same to the left breast and gave both nipples a flick with her finger to make sure I could still feel everything.

My tits were very swollen and turning blue when Destiny grabbed my nipples by the heavy rings and pulled them out far enough to make me thrash and scream while Claire used a different set of pliers to put smaller rubber bands on each nipple behind the ring. The two of them worked the small rubber bands down and forced my nipples to stand out on the end of my swollen tits.

I fought to not pass out as Claire next hung heavy weights from both nipple rings. Destiny stepped in front of me and shoved a cock gag into my mouth fastening the strap tightly behind my head. I guess she was tired of hearing me scream.

They next moved on to my sore and swollen pussy. Claire tightened the rope pulling my ankles further back and forcing more of my weight onto my clit. Destiny tied a small string to the ring through my clit and pulled it harshly out in front of me attaching a heavy weight to the other end. I screamed through my orgasm when she dropped the weight and let it swing off the end of the cross bar.

I barely heard Claire tell me they were going to give me something to remember them by when I felt the riding crop crash down on my ass. Claire told Destiny they should each give me twenty when Destiny said no she can take fifty licks from both of us.

Claire pulled my head back by my hair and spoke into my ear asking if I thought I could take one hundred blows with the riding crop. I just nodded slowly and with a surprised look on her face she nodded to Destiny and they began to rein blows to my backside.

When they had landed fifty blows to my ass and up my back Claire reached down to finger my swollen pussy and found that I had been cumming almost the entire time.

The little bitch really is a pain slut she said to Destiny and Destiny replied that they should stripe my front to match my back.

Claire pulled two of the belts they had used to secure me to the table out of a drawer and told Destiny to start on my tits and she would work up from the bottom. Before they started Destiny taped a heavy duty vibrator to the cross bar and turned it on high. I was very near complete collapse when the vibrations started to push me toward another orgasm.

I was jolted back from my pleasure when the blows started to fall on my tortured flesh. Destiny was swinging for all she was worth and aiming for my exposed nipples. Each time the belt would land on my swollen buds I would see the familiar lightning bolt flash behind my eyes and when Claire began to work my belly I started to give into the whole scene.

I was lost somewhere in time and space when the belt landed squarely on my stretched out clit. I exploded in an orgasm that shook my entire body. While the blows kept coming so did I, over and over again until I passed out from one long tremendous body rocking wave of pure ecstasy.

When I came to I was lying on the floor still nude and marked from head to toe with bruises. My tits were swollen, my nipples were bruised and my clit was so swollen it stood out like a mini hard-on. Everything hurt when I moved and I could hardly stand as I looked around for my clothes.

All I found was a note from Claire and Destiny. The note said I was to leave through the back door because they were closed and they didn't want any of their customers to see the little whore leave all beat and covered in her own cum. It also told me that whores did deserve to wear clothes so I would have to leave with out them showing the world my bruises and my swollen sex.

There was no thank you, no come again we enjoyed you, and now, I would have to leave through the ally and make my way around to the front to my car all the while naked and bruised.

I almost came as I shut the door and felt the cool wind blow over my still engorged clit. It would be a long painful ride home.

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