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Exquisite Penetration


I was lying on my bed, naked, with my legs spread shoulder width apart and my arms to my sides. My Dom walked over to me. You kept his eyes locked on mine as he crawled on top of me. I felt him as he pushed his cock into my clit, massaging it, rubbing it, torturing me and pleasing me. I wanted to move, I wanted to roll my hips up to him, but I was to stay still. I wanted him to fuck me so badly. My body was shaking under him. My breathing became erratic and as much as I wanted his cock in my pussy, I did not think my mind could handle it.

It was at that point, I felt his hard cock slide into my cunt. I took a deep breath in as I felt him push deep into me. I kept my eyes fixed on his, using all my strength to stay still and focused. I had been dreaming of his cock in me for so long, and it felt incredible. I wanted so badly to move my hips and to fuck him, but he told me to stay still. He wanted to use me, to fuck me exactly how he wanted and for me to endure the ultimate tease; of being fucked, but my body not being allowed to respond to it.

It was such a gift to have my Dom's cock in me, feeling his cock thrust into me. I loved feeling his weight on top of me. This all reinforced his ownership of me body and that he can use it as he wished, that it was his to fuck, and to tease. It felt so good that it hurt. There began an ache in my chest. I wanted to wrap my arms and legs around his body. I wanted to roll my pelvis into him, matching his rhythm.

I wanted to press my mouth to his and kiss him deeply and passionately. I wanted so much to move. But it is not about what I want, but what my Dom wants, and it pleased me to please him and to obey him by keeping still as he fucked me, slowly and tenderly, making sure I feel every inch of his cock and making sure I knew that I was a slave to his desires.

After teasing me with his cock, he had me roll over onto my knees as he lay under me. He inched his body between my legs and he had me lower my body onto his mouth. I let out a deep moan as I felt his tongue deeply lick my clit. His tongue was warm and smooth and licked me vigorously. My Dom gave me permission to roll my hips and I immediately rolled my pelvis up and back rolling into his mouth. He licked my clit with a wide, eager tongue, and then I felt his lips wrap around it and begin to suckle gently.

I was beginning to feel dizzy and light headed, like all the blood in my body was rushing to my pussy. I loved fucking his mouth with my pussy. His warm wet tongue and soft, firm lips were such a gift for my cunt. I could feel my heart pound in my chest, and my arms began to shake trying to hold my body up. I wanted to cum so bad for my Dom, but I was focusing more on holding myself up.

My Dom let me lay on my back, relaxed and free to move my hips. I was not sure if I was allowed to move the rest of my body, so I kept my arms straight at my sides. He continued to bless my cunt with his mouth, and I kept moaning his name. With every moan of his name, he moaned, pleased to hear it. The vibrations from his mouth on my clit from his moans made my whole body tremble. I asked permission to cum, which he granted.

I felt an ache in my chest, and my legs began to shake around him. I clenched the sheets with my fists and my mouth hung open as moans of pleasure escaped my mouth. I felt a rush of heat flow over me as my vaginal muscles began to contract. He kept sucking my clit as I came for him. My body and mild had melted away, and I was so grateful to have such a loving Dom.

Even more than having me cum, I wanted so badly to make my Dom cum. It pleased me immensely to please him. My Dom had so often let me suck his cock with stopping before he reached orgasm. It frustrated me so much to have to stop before he was truly pleased and satisfied. Tonight, my Dom gave me permission to suck him until he came. I felt myself get wet just at the thought and a smile come across my face. I rested my hands on the sides of his hips as I licked his cock from base to tip.

I wanted to savor every second of my Dom's cock in my mouth. After he was slick with my saliva, I lowered my mouth onto his cock I felt his head slide on the roof of my mouth then deep into my throat. I withdrew my head off of him slightly, and then took him deep in my throat again. I slowly brought my head up his shaft. I licked his shaft vigorously on the way up, and then tickled his head with the tip of my tongue. His cock felt so smooth and hard in my mouth. I tightened the grip of my mouth and began to suck him. I bobbed my head at an even pace deep down his shaft and rising up half way. He tasted incredible. I rested my hands on his balls as I continued to suck him.

I could feel him getting harder in my mouth. I heard my Dom whimper quietly as a warm pool of cum filled my mouth. I continued milking his cock and sucking the cum out of him. I brought my mouth up to the tip, where I took my mouth off of him long enough to swallow his precious cum. It was such a gift. I probably felt as soothed and satisfied as he did. I continued licking him gently clean. Knowing that I was allowed to please my Dom gave me more pleasure than I could ever imagine. Receiving his cum in my mouth was such an incredible reward.

I love being his little cock slave. I looked up at him from his pelvis, and smiled. It was a smile of gratitude, of love, and adoration. I felt calm and happy having served my Dom. My smile was sweet and lovely, and I was truly thankful to be owned by him.

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