tagNovels and NovellasExstacy! Ch. 02

Exstacy! Ch. 02


"First, let me welcome you to Ecstatic Sex," the woman began. "This is a sex clinic with a difference, and everyone who joins us is guaranteed a greatly improved sex live. The idea of this introductory session is to demonstrate some of our techniques, and answer any questions you might have. I'd also like to ask you some questions, in order to help us plan future sessions if you decide to join us.

"The easiest way to tell you about our methods is to show you some demonstrations, and I'll start that in a minute. Basically, though, we believe that the way to better sex is through mental as well as physical stimulation. Your body is only part of your sexual being, and until you are able to understand that you will never be able to reach you full erotic potential." Stacy was gradually beginning to get worried as she sat and listened to this woman's speech. It sounded as if she had found her way into a cult of sexual hippies, and she wasn't sure she felt completely comfortable with the idea. She decided against saying anything at the moment, though, and just smiled and nodded.

"The first thing I'd like to do," the woman continued, "is to demonstrate what I am talking about. I'm going to do this by inserting a probe into your vagina." Stacy tried to hide her feelings of shock and surprise at this statement, but whether or not she was successful the therapist took no notice. Instead, she opened one of the drawers in her desk and removed a hairbrush, which she placed on the table. "This is the probe we will be using," Fiona continued, as she returned to the drawer. Stacy stared at implement on the table in rising horror. The hairbrush was the kind that had bristles all the way round, and Stacy had the horrible feeling that it was this end that the older woman planned to stick inside her pussy. Her fear grew as the woman also removed a blindfold from the drawer, and placed it on the table next to the brush. Then she closed the drawer. Even though the thought of what was possibly about to happen terrified Stacy, she couldn't help but notice the throbbing between her legs. This was actually turning her on.

"I know you may be feeling apprehensive about this, but I promise you it won't harm you, and it will allow you to understand what I'm talking about." Stacy thought about it. Half of her was shocked and terrified about the idea, but another part of her was getting extremely aroused and excited. "If you feel uncomfortable, you can stop at any time," the woman continued to prompt her. Still not sure exactly what she was doing, Stacy swallowed and undid the button of her shorts. As she pulled down the zip, and lowered them to her ankles, Fiona got up from her chair and came towards her, bringing the blindfold with her. She left the brush on the table.

"Turn your chair round, so I'll be able to reach you," the older woman instructed, as Stacy lifted herself slightly off her seat to lower her knickers. With her long, slim legs and moist, furry pussy exposed, Stacy turned her chair around so she was now facing the wall instead of the desk. Then Fiona placed the blindfold over Stacy's face, blotting out the room and plunging her into darkness.

Apart from the soft footsteps of Fiona's feet on the carpet as she returned to the desk, the only sounds Stacy could hear were own heavy breathing and rapid heartbeat. The footsteps stopped for a moment as the therapist picked up the hairbrush, then they returned a moment later, heading back towards her. Stacy felt her breathing and heartbeat increase even more as she anticipated what would happen next. She could also feel a tingling in her exposed pussy, as every second she thought she felt the head of the brush at her opening. A moment later Fiona spoke, her voice now seeming to come from below her rather than above and Stacy knew that the woman was kneeling in front of her.

"The demonstration is about to begin," Fiona said. At almost the same moment Stacy shuddered as the woman placed her thumb and forefinger on each side of her pussy lips. The warm grip was not that of a lover, but one of a medical examiner, though even this somehow felt erotic. The firm but gentle fingers prised her lips apart, and Stacy felt the tingle of the brush's bristly head penetrate her entrance. The sound that emerged from Stacy's mouth as she threw her head back was that of someone trying to regain control of their breathing after stepping under a shower that was hotter than they had first expected. As the instrument continued to probe deeper and the bristles begin to scratch at her pussy walls, the uncontrolled gasps became groans. Whether these were of pleasure or pain it was impossible to tell. The groaning continued until about a quarter of the brush was inside her, then something happened. The probe must have reached some extra sensitive part of Stacy's vaginal cavity, possibly her g-spot, as she suddenly thrust her whole upper body forward and emitted a series of loud, broken screams. After a few moments she threw herself backwards again, her hands leaving the armrests and lifting up her t-shirt to squeeze at her naked breasts. The screaming continued, but Fiona didn't stop her penetration. She merely twisted the brush a little, easing it deeper into Stacy's depths, and causing the girl to emit a single lengthy scream before returning to her broken pattern.

If Stacy hadn't been wearing the blindfold, she would have seen that the probe now had less than an inch to go before it completely penetrated her. Fiona hardly had space to grip the instrument as she continued to push. Finally, Stacy felt the hairbrush reach the end of her passage. A final groan left her mouth, and she collapsed, her whole body relaxing and her head falling onto her chest. She breathed deeply, her breasts heaving as she tried to recover from the assault. The whole length of her pussy was throbbing, and she could feel warm fluid trickling out of her around the brush. Stacy was relieved that her ordeal was apparently over, although she felt this had been one of the most pleasurable sexual experiences of her life. She was amazed that she had been able to experience such intense pain and overwhelming pleasure at the same time. What she didn't know, though, was that Fiona hadn't quite finished.

Stacy's heavy breathing was gradually returning to normal, as she savoured the blissful pleasure still tingling between her spread legs. Her orgasms had been so intense that even now they had not completely subsided. Her recovery was cruelly interrupted, however, when Fiona suddenly grabbed hold of the handle and twisted the brush three times, like the handle of a screwdriver. Stacy screamed loudly, pushing her shoulders hard into the back of the chair, throwing her head back over the headrest and thrusting her pelvis up off the chair and forwards. The force of her movement ripped the handle out of Fiona's hand and knocked her backwards. Stacy felt warm tears of pain soak into her blindfold, as raw heat began to spread through her sore vagina and hot liquid flowed out of her.

"That was quiet some reaction," Fiona's voice commented. "What did you think of the experience?"

"I don't know," Stacy replied. "It hurt, but I think I liked it. I don't understand why."

"You'll have a few experiences like that here," the therapist admitted. "But you'll learn to accept the pain. You won't even feel it eventually, or rather you will, but your body will convert it into pleasure." The woman's voice now seemed to be coming from further away, and Stacy could feel the sound of running water. "You may remove your blindfold, now, and I'll let you extract the probe yourself."

Stacy removed the blindfold, and blinked at the sudden glare. As her vision began to clear, the first thing she saw was Fiona walking back towards her. The silver haired woman was drying her hands on a paper towel. Rubbing at her eyes to wipe away the tears, Stacy looked down between her legs. When she saw the thing sticking out of her pussy, her eyes widened in confusion. Emerging almost vertically from her wet, sore hole was about the last half inch of a green, semi-transparent plastic dildo. Looking over at the desk, she saw the hairbrush sitting there, in the exact spot Fiona had placed it after removing it from the drawer. Gingerly placing her fingers round the exposed section of the dildo, she gave a little tug. After the sensations of the past ten minutes, she still didn't quiet believe the evidence of her own eyes. A couple of millimetres of wet, smooth dildo emerged from her pussy. There were no bristles scratching against the walls of her vagina, and none of the excruciating sensations she had felt on entry. Grasping the dildo in one hand, she yanked it out, emitting a low groan of pleasure as she did so. It might not have been a hairbrush, but moving anything inside her vagina made her feel good.

The dildo emerged from Stacy's pussy with a wet pop just as Fiona reappeared at her side. In her hand she was holding a box of baby wipes.

"Here," she said, offering her the box. "Clean yourself up, and get dressed, then we can discuss what just happened. Stacy took a couple of the wipes and, opening herself up again, began to wipe away the moisture from her entrance. As she did so, she tried to get a look inside at any damage that might have been done. Her pussy still felt as if it had been ripped open by sharp bristles. From what she could see, though, there was nothing there. She let her vagina close up, and rubbed at her lips with another wipe. When she had finished, Fiona offered to take the stained towels off her, and she disposed of them in the bin at her desk. Stacy lowered her t-shirt back over her breasts and belly, and pulled up her knickers and shorts. As she fastened them back up and turned her chair back to face the desk, Fiona began to speak.

"The intention of this demonstration was to show you the powerful effect your mental perception can have on sex," the woman began, as she lowered herself back into the chair behind her desk. "Even though there was only ever a plain dildo inside you, you reacted to the presence of a rough, bristled hairbrush because that was what you believed it was. I should warn you not to try this exercise with a real brush. What you felt was what your subconscious expected the brush to feel like. The reality may be much more painful, and may cause serious damage." Stacy nodded, and the woman continued. "With proper training in our techniques, we can teach you to enjoy sexual experiences so intense, they will make the sex you have now feel like that of an experimenting schoolgirl."

"The second part of this session is a short interview, where I will be asking you a series of questions. You may find them extremely intimate and personal, and they may even cause arousal. After your recent experience, would you like a short break before continuing?" Stacy shook her head. Even now, she had not fully recovered from Fiona's demonstrating. The after effects of her orgasm were still tingling over her body, but here initial feelings of worry and apprehension were diminishing. She was quiet looking forward to joining the clinic.

"Very well," Fiona continued, removing a pad of paper and a sheet of questions from a drawer in the desk. "To start with, are you currently sexually active?" If Fiona had asked her this question only a few weeks earlier, she would have had to have answered no. She had been with Sean less than a month, but already she'd had more sex than she'd ever had with any other partner. In fact, after their first date he hadn't been able to get her back to her flat quick enough. Stacy nodded her head.

"And how long have you been with your current partner?" Fiona asked, writing notes on her pad.

"About two or three weeks," Stacy admitted. "Less than a month, anyway."

"And before that, when was your last erotic experience with another person?" Stacy had to think about that one.

"About three or four years," she finally revealed, blushing a little.

"Okay," Fiona replied, adding some more notes to her pad before looking up. "Now, when did you lose your virginity? Please be honest." Stacy's face went redder, and she didn't respond for a few moments.

"I was 15," she said. "But it was only a couple of weeks before my sixteenth birthday. I was at the School Leaver's Party, and the boy I was with had taken me into one of the empty classrooms. I thought we'd just be kissing and touching, but we ended up doing more ..." Stacy trailed off, feeling that she didn't need to explain anything else. Fiona just nodded and smiled, and wrote something else on her pad.

"What about masturbation?" Fiona asked, as she finished writing her notes on Stacy's last answer. "Do you do that? Or have you ever done it?"

"Yes, I do," the girl revealed softly, fidgeting a little in the chair. She felt herself getting warmer, even though the windows were open and it was still a cool day.

"When did you start?" Stacy couldn't tell if the expression that was developing on the older woman's face was one of professional interest or something else.

"I can't remember," she said, swallowing nervously. "I think I was probably 12 or 13. It was after I'd started at secondary school." She could feel her hardening nipples poking uncomfortably against the rough material of her t-shirt, but didn't want to adjust her clothing while this woman was watching. The fact that she had already been massaging her breasts in front of the woman didn't occur to her.

"And what about your technique? Has much changed over the last ten years?"

"Well, I didn't have the tools I have now," Stacy said. "I had to use empty coke bottles and deodorant cans back then, if I wanted more than my fingers."

"And now?" Fiona was already scribbling on her pad as she continued to develop the question.

"Well, I might use a vibrator, sometimes ..." Stacy hinted, in a quiet voice that trailed away before she had finished.

"Okay," Fiona said, as she finished writing. "I can see my questioning is starting to have some effect on you. Would you like to take a short break?" Stacy sighed deeply, and listened to the heavy beating of her heart.

"No, thank you. I'm okay." Her nipples still poked roughly into her clothing, but she resisted the urge to touch them.

"That's good. There will be very few times during our future sessions when you will not be highly aroused. Being able to control your feelings now will help you to prepare for that. Please, feel free to make yourself more comfortable, if you need to." Stacy didn't know what the woman meant by this, so she remained silent until the questioning resumed.

"I'd like to discuss partners, now," the therapist continued. "Do you prefer men or women? Or maybe both?"

"I've only ever been with men," Stacy said slowly, considering the idea of having sex with a woman. The thought had never occurred to her before. Of course, she knew other women did it, but had just never thought about doing it herself. She didn't know any lesbian women, though, and the idea of asking just anyone ...

"And what about age? What's the greatest age gap been between you and you partner?" Stacy thought about it. The boy at school had been in the same year as her, so that would have only been a few months difference. She had no idea how old Sean was. He could be anywhere from mid-twenties to mid-thirties. He had shagged her more times than she could remember, but he had never told her his age.

"I don't know. I don't know how old my current boyfriend is." She regretted saying it as soon as the words were out of her mouth. She knew that having regular sex with a man and not knowing basic details about him like his age would make her sound like a dirty slut. No one would probably believe the fact that it was he, not her, who was so addicted to the sex. Fiona didn't seem to mind. She just noted her answer on the pad, and carried on.

"What about one night stands? Have you ever ..." The questioning continued for another five or ten minutes. By the time the interview was over, Stacy was struggling to keep her hands out of her shorts. The questions had continued to get more and more explicit, and her clit was now buzzing like an angry bee.

"Okay, that's everything. The final part of the session is also highly explicit, and you may wish to relieve yourself before we continue. If you wish, I can leave the room, but remember I have already seen you naked and orgasmic." Stacy wasn't concerned about Fiona's presence. The way she was feeling at that moment, she would have been quite prepared to masturbate in front of the whole office at work. Her hands flew towards the fastenings of her shorts and, pulling both them and her knickers to her knees, she began to massage her clit and her pussy with both hands. After only a few moments, Stacy gave a deep sigh, and her hands relaxed in her lap. Fiona offered her the packet of wipes that were still on her desk, but Stacy shook her head.

"No, thank you," she sighed. "I'm not as wet as I was before." Fiona placed the packet back on her desk and walked over to a large cabinet on the other side of the room.

"If you'd like to move to somewhere where you can see," Fiona instructed, "we'll begin the last part of the session. Stacy, her shorts and knickers still round her knees, looked at her watch. It was 1.25pm.

"How much longer is this going to take?" the girl asked. Her breathing was still a little heavy from the sexual exhaustion she had taken during the last half hour.

"Not much longer. About ten minutes." Stacy pulled up her knickers and shorts for the second time, and got up from her seat. Walking over to the cabinet that Fiona was opening, she saw that it contained a large TV and video player. From a drawer beneath the television, the therapist removed a video and placed it in the machine.

"This film shows two short clips of a girl who joined the programme last year. The first one was taken during her first full session. The second one was taken twelve weeks later." She pressed the play button, and returned to her desk. Stacy sat down on a longer, more comfortable couch, and began to watch.

The screen showed a small, empty room comprising mainly of a rest area made up of soft, elegant pillows and cushions. Thin, semi-transparent drapes hung from the ceiling. The atmosphere was one of extreme sensuality. The door opened and a young woman, looking barely old enough to be there, entered with a small box in her hand. She was wearing a red, flowery summer dress, and her long ginger hair was tied back behind her heard. The low cut neckline of the dress just about covered half her breasts, her large globes almost spilling out over the top. She closed the door behind her, and came over to lie on the cushions. The first thing she did, after putting down the box, was to reach behind her and untie her hair, which cascading down her back and over her shoulders, obscuring much of her chest from view. She then opened the box, from which she extracted a long, curved rotating vibrator, complete with clitoral stimulator. Stacy shuddered at the size of the thing, and once more felt her pussy lips begin to quiver.

The girl switched the device on straight away, and it began to buzz, the clitoral stimulator rotating rapidly. She ran it across the top of her chest as, with the other hand, she slid of first one shoulder strap of her dress and then the other. The straps fell away, leaving her naked at the shoulders. The girl ran the vibrator all along her chest, and then dipped it into the channel between her small breasts. With nothing holding the dress up, the movement of the vibrator caused the dress to fall further down, leaving half of her left breast and almost all of the right totally exposed. The girl briefly ran the tip of the vibrator between her tits, then moved it over to caress the flesh of her left breast that was currently exposed. Sighing deeply, she threw her head back, causing some of her hair to fall away from her chest and revealing the pink, pointed nipple of her right breast to the camera. Lowering her head back down, she took the breast in her free hand, rubbing the tip of the vibrator around the areola and over the nipple. The girl giggled as the darkened tip of her breast began to buzz along with the vibrator. She released her hand from her tit, and it dropped back to its natural position, the vibrator continuing to stimulate the nipple while she lowered the top of her dress a little more. Now both of the young girl's small breasts, as well as most of her firm, pale belly were exposed to the view of both the camera and Stacy. Stacy was getting more and more aroused as she continued to watch the film. She peeked over her shoulder to look at Fiona, who was still sitting at her desk. The woman had her attention split between Stacy on the couch and the girl on the screen.

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