tagNovels and NovellasExstacy! Ch. 03

Exstacy! Ch. 03


Heavy rock music filled the workshop, drowning out the sounds of the passing cars that were coming through the open garage door. There were two vehicles currently in, waiting for repairs and this left room for another one, plus room for two to park outside. On either side of the workshop, there were long benches cluttered untidily with tools. There was a board on the wall with clips where most of the tools were supposed to be kept, but very few were actually in their correct place. From underneath one of the cars, an old, partly rusted red Vauxhall Astra, there came the sounds of banging and an occasional curse. Suddenly, there was an angry yell and a spanner came flying out from under the Astra. It skidded along the floor, striking the wall under one of the workbenches and bounced back a few feet.

"There should warnings up in here," The seductive, feminine voice was coming from somewhere near the garage door. "Danger, men at work." The mechanic pushed himself out from under the car and got to his feet. Pulling an oil stained rag from the front pocket of his overalls and wiping his hands, he looked over at the young woman who had just entered, exploring her body with his eyes.

The girl was wearing plain white trainers, with a thin pink border at the top. Her feet were bare, and so were her legs. Bare, pale skin that was almost pure white, all the way up to the hem of her short sky blue skirt. Sean licked his lips at the amount of bare, teenage flesh in front of him. He assumed she was a teenager, if she was older she could only be in her early twenties. With his elbow resting in the palm of his left hand, Sean rubbed his other hand over the rough stubble of his chin as his eyes continued their journey up the girl's body. The blouse she wore had been left unbuttoned at the bottom, and tied off in a knot so her midriff was exposed. Her breasts were small, their swell only just visible through the blouse, which had some kind of motif on the right pocket. Some kind of marine animal, a dolphin or a shark. The top two buttons of the blouse were open, and although it didn't reveal any of her tits, Sean still enjoyed the view of her naked chest. She had full lips that glistened with the pink lipstick she wore and slightly rosy cheeks. Her long, shiny blonde hair came past her shoulders and over her chest as well as down her back. The girl was gorgeous, but also looked very young.

"Hello, there," Sean greeted her, with a smile. "How can I help you?"

"It's my car," she said softly, her hips working as she slowly moved towards him. "It's making a strange groaning noise when I turn it on."

"Really?" Sean stuffed the rag back into the pocket, though he hadn't succeeded in getting very much oil off his hands. "Want me to take a look at it?"

"Can you?" She purred. "It's parked outside, round the back." She led him out the open door and round the back of the garage, into a secluded, overgrown patch that had just enough room to park a single car. The girl opened the driver's side door for Sean, and then went round to open the passenger side. She got in and, removing her keys from a handbag on the floor, leaned across, stretching over Sean to insert them into the ignition. As she did so, Sean breathed deeply and got a strong scent of the intoxicating perfume she was wearing. The girl reached further, and one of her small breasts rubbed against his chest. His cock twitched as he felt the points of her hard nipples through her blouse, and he realised two things at almost the same time. She wasn't wearing a bra, and she was excited. Grabbing hold of her wrist before she could reach the ignition, he pulled her towards him and pressed his mouth against her neck and naked chest.

"What are you doing," she moaned. "I've got a boyfriend!" The way she was holding him and pulling him closer, however, suggested that she didn't really see that as a problem.

"Nothing wrong with that," Sean sniggered, as he began to unbutton her blouse. "I've got a girlfriend. Now, what was that you said about something moaning when it got turned on?"


As Stacy made her way back to the office, she thought about her recent experience at the sex clinic and whether or not she should attend the appointment on Monday. Despite her apprehension, she still felt highly aroused by the recent experience, and she was rather excited at the thought of continuing. The only thing that really made her uncomfortable was the fact that it would be a man taking her next session. Pushing thoughts of sex to the back of her mind, she turned into the office car park and parked the car in an empty space not far from the front entrance. When she got into the office, Amber was sat at her desk, surfing the Internet and munching on a piece of chocolate fudge cake. She looked up when she heard her friend enter and shuffled over onto the stool, leaving the swivel chair free for Stacy and mumbling a greeting round a mouthful of chocolate cake as she did so.

"How did the interview go?" the other girl asked, after swallowing her mouthful of cake. Stacy was a little confused for a moment.

"Interview?" She repeated, before suddenly remembering what she had told Amber as a cover for where she was really going. "Oh, yes. It was great. She actually gave me the name of another contact. I've got a meeting set up for Monday, at 11am." As she spoke, Amber reached into a carrier bag on the floor and removed a roast chicken and stuffing sandwich, another chocolate fudge cake and a can of diet coke. With a quick thank you, Stacy ripped off the cellophane cover and removed one of the sandwiches. She hadn't realised how hungry she was until she'd seen Amber eating.

"What's it about?" Amber asked, finishing the last few chocolate chunks, and putting her rubbish back into the carrier bag.

"Well, it started off as 'I had my brother's baby' but it seems to be turning into a political scandal." Stacy popped the ring pull of her diet coke as she spoke, and paused for a moment to take a swig before continuing. "A girl met this man in a nightclub sixteen years ago, had a one night stand and ended up getting pregnant. Unfortunately, she'd been sleeping with someone else at about the same time, and wasn't sure who the father was." Stacy took the last couple of bites of her sandwich, and removed the second one from the packet. Hurriedly chewing what she had in her mouth, she continued. "They ended up having a DNA test, but the doctors found an abnormality in the results. A closer match than they would expect from the father. So they tested the mother as well, and discovered that she and the father were actually half-brother and sister."

"So, how does that become a political scandal?" Amber had now finished eating and was sipping at the remains of her drink. Stacy took another mouthful of her sandwich.

"It turns out that the girl's mother had an illicit affair with a local politician while she was at college. Something that local politicians aren't supposed to be doing, especially if they're married."

"So, who was the meeting with at lunch?" Stacy didn't like the way the conversation was going. She had to come up with an answer quickly, and hope it wouldn't be something that Amber would be able to check out later.

"The girl's brother," she blurted out. This was a complete lie; she hadn't even met the brother. The only person she had spoken to was the girl and her grandmother, who had raised her since she was two years old. "They told me about the politician father, and I've arranged an interview with him. That's where I'm going on Monday."

The two journalists spent the rest of the afternoon writing up their articles, Stacy continuing with her introduction and background, while Amber worked to complete her assignment before the deadline at 4 O'clock. She'd short listed her choice of pictures from twenty to ten, having removed all the options with backgrounds that didn't go with the page's colour scheme. Her problem now was that the pictures that showed the girl at her most attractive had her wearing outfits that didn't fit the tone of the article. The purpose of the interview had been to promote a new children's television programme that was due to hit the screen the weekend the magazine came out. Most of the outfits that the girl was wearing, though, were far too revealing for promoting children's television. Not that they were indecent or inappropriate, but images of an attractive young woman in her twenties sporting a mini dress that showed rather a lot leg and a gratuitous view of her cleavage was still not the thing for an article aimed at pre-teens and younger teenagers. With one elbow on the desk propping up her chin, Amber gave a sigh and glanced over at the clock on the wall next to the window. Just gone quarter to two. Not for the first time, Amber thought of just picking a shot at random and inserting it into the document, but thought better of it. Even though she worked at a weekly women's gossip and celebrity magazine, Amber saw herself as a professional journalist, and didn't think a random selection was the sign of a professional journalist. So, instead, she clicked the button on the screen that would return her to the beginning of the list and began again. An hour and a quarter to eliminate another nine photographs. She could do it.

Stacy got about half a page done before she finished at 4pm. She was normally able to do a lot more than that during an afternoon's three hour session, but today she was distracted. Her thoughts kept returning to her meeting with Fiona and the experience she'd had. How many orgasms had she had in that short hour? Three? Four? She couldn't remember. How many would she have on Monday? She didn't want to consider it, even the thought of what this Cornelius might do to her was making her wet. At 4 O'clock a passer-by would have thought she was busy scanning through her work on the computer screen, but in her mind she was once more back in the study at the Ecstatic Sex clinic. The sounds of people closing down computers and packing up to go brought her out of her reverie, but if she hadn't heard them she would probably have still been sitting there hours later. Saving her work and shutting down the system, she put on her coat and picked up her handbag. Slipping it over her shoulder, she walked over towards Amber's desk.

The red haired young woman was still sat at her computer, but the image boxes on her page were now full, and the printer on the desk next to her was buzzing and humming as it transferred Amber's work from the screen to the printed page. She looked up as she heard her friend approach, and grinned.

"Just finished in time. Looks like I get a day off tomorrow."

"Some people get all the luck," Stacy said, returning the grin. Stacy could, in fact, take the day off as well, if she wanted to. Policy at Woman's Word was very relaxed, and as long as staff had their articles in by their deadlines it was up to them when they started and finished work, or even if they came in at all. Many journalists chose to complete their assignments at home, only coming in to the office if they required the use of the equipment and resources.

"Just gimme a minute to hand it in to the editor," Amber said, as the printer spat out the last page. She picked up the two sheets of paper, and headed off in the direction of the editor's office, on the opposite side of the room to the exit door. She returned a few moments later, minus the paper.

"She said she'd have a look, and let me know tomorrow if she wants me to make any changes," Amber said, as she shut down her system. "Let's go." Picking up her suit jacket from the back of her chair, she slipped it on and followed Stacy out the office door.


Stacy and Amber always went to the Canal Lock, a smart little wine bar on the bank of the Derby Canal, for a quick drink after work.

"So, what you gonna do tomorrow, then?" Stacy asked, sitting down at a small quiet table and taking a sip from her glass of red wine.

"Stay in bed till dinner, then watch telly all afternoon," the smart looking redhead said with a laugh. "Though I'll have to spend some time looking for an idea for next week's article. I'll be away most of the weekend, so I won't have time to do it then." Amber was a tall girl, two years older than Stacy, who wore here long red hair up while she was at work. This, along with the thin-framed glasses and the executive suite that she liked to wear, gave her a sexy, secretarial look. Stacy was sure that if Amber was working as a secretary or PA in a male dominated firm, all the men would have been lusting after her. She'd probably have even been done by half of them by now. She had long, slim, smooth legs and large breasts, the contours of which showed nicely through her light coloured blouse.

"Oh?" Stacy said, in response to Amber's comment that she'd be away for the weekend. "Where you going?"

"I told you in the restaurant this morning," Amber replied. "My sister's invited me down for a few days. She's picking me up tomorrow night."

"Lucky you," Stacy said. "I wouldn't mind spending a few nights in a big country house." Amber's brother-in-law ran his own business, a freight transportation company, and he'd had an old barn converted into a large, country house. It was so large that even the main living room was the size of most people's ground floor.

"Maybe I could get her to invite you down too, the next time I stay over. I'd ask this weekend, but it's a little short notice, really." Amber took another mouthful from her glass, and smiled to herself as she saw the excited expression on Stacy's face.

"Do you think you could?" the younger girl asked, as Amber set her glass back down.

"I'm sure she'd love to meet you," Amber said. Then, changing the subject, she asked what Stacy and Sean had planned for Friday night.

"We're going out for dinner," Stacy told her. "Then we're going to see a movie, afterwards. I don't know what it is, it's something Sean's chosen."

"Sure you'll have a great time," Amber said, when she noticed the worried look on her friend's face.

"I'm sure I will," she replied, picking up her glass and swirling the liquid round inside. "It's afterwards that I'm not looking forward to all that much."

"You really should give that clinic a try," her friend suggested again. When Stacy began to blush, Amber mistakenly thought it was because she was embarrassed at the idea of going to a sex therapist. She had no idea it was because the girl had already been, and didn't want the older woman to find out.

"Maybe I will," Stacy lied. "I haven't really thought about it."

"So what you gonna do tomorrow, then? Fake another orgasm?" Stacy had a miserable look on her face as she answered.

"I'm probably gonna have to fake half a dozen. He's an animal!"


About an hour later, Stacy turned the key in the door of her small flat and stepped inside. Closing the door behind her, she dropped her bag onto the breakfast bar and slipped off her shoes. Pulling open the freezer door, she scanned the shelves for something quick that she could stick in the microwave. Her eyes alighted on a box of frozen micro pizzas and sticking her hand in, she tugged hard. The box wouldn't move, it was half stuck under a sealed back of chips. She tried again, but with little success. Her third attempt finally extracted the box from the freezer, the sound of ice scraping against ice causing a shudder to run through Stacy's body. Placing the box on the worktop above her, she closed the freezer door and went to get a knife to slice the box open. Two small, deep pan pizzas slid out of the box, each sealed into a polythene packet along with a circular silver card. Stacy sliced open one packet with the knife, placed both the pizza and the metal circular disk on a plate and put the plate into the microwave, heating it on full power for three minutes.

The microwave banged, and as it began to hum, Stacy opened the fridge door and removed a bottle of white wine. Crossing to the other side of the small, cramped kitchen, she opened a cupboard and got out a medium sized wine glass, which she filled halfway with the clear, bubbling liquid. Returning the bottle to the fridge, she walked out the kitchen and into the living area. The small flat was shaped like a capital L and had an open plane layout. The entrance was at the top of the L, and led directly into the kitchen. The small kitchen quickly became the living area, which took up the rest of the upright section of the L. Stacy's bedroom was directly to the left, taking up half of the letter's foot, while the small bathroom took up the remainder. Stacy was now in the living area, having just dropped herself into the depths of the luxuriously comfortable black leather sofa that was positioned in front of her large, flat screen television. Putting the glass down on the glass coffee table in front of her, she picked up the remote and switched the TV on, catching the first few minutes of one of the Australian soaps. Picking up the glass again, she took a few small sips as she watched the events unfolding on the screen. After a few moments, there was a ping from the kitchen, and Stacy got up to go and get her first pizza. After putting the second one in to heat, she returned to the living room, eating her tea and enjoying the evening's television.

After she had finished eating and watching the TV soaps, Stacy returned to the kitchen once more to get her bag, from which she removed the literature she had been given at the Ecstatic Sex clinic. She couldn't believe it had only been that afternoon she had been there, or that she had even had the courage to go at all. Thinking about the intense sensations she'd felt in her pussy when she thought the therapist was inserting a bristly brush inside her, she began to get wet again. Stacy shuddered, almost feeling the sharp spines of the brush scraping at her inner walls. How could it really have been just an ordinary, plastic dildo? But she had seen it for herself, had extracted the plastic cock from her dripping pussy with her own hands. If that was just a demonstration, what other wonders would she be shown at her appointment on Monday? Folding her legs under herself on the sofa, Stacy removed the first booklet from the folder and once more picked up the glass of wine from the table. Taking a sip, she began to read.


She was back in the old converted barn that was the Ecstatic Sex clinic, or at least she assumed that's where she was. The room was decorated in the same Victorian style as the house where she'd spent her lunch hour, though it was not a part of the house she had been in. The room looked like a bedroom, with a dressing table on one side, and a large four-post bed on the other. Stacy couldn't see any wardrobes or drawers, or any other kind of storage space where clothes could be kept. If she was where she thought she was, Stacy had an idea they wouldn't be needed anyway. This was not a bedroom where someone was expected to stay the night. Although there was no one here to tell her, Stacy somehow knew exactly what it was she was supposed to do. Looking down at herself, Stacy saw that she was no longer dressed in her t-shirt and shorts, but instead wore a short, red dress with thin straps and a belt-like strap at the waist. Walking over towards the bed, she slid the straps down her shoulders and let them fall off her arms. Without anything to hold them up, the dress began to fall away, but it needed some help from Stacy before it would slide from her waist and drop down her legs. Stepping out of the dress, Stacy climbed up onto the bed, and lay down on her back.

Under her dress, Stacy was wearing a front fastening light pink bra and matching pink panties. Not her usually choice, as she didn't own any front fastening bras, and never wore pink. She thought nothing of this, however, apart from the fact of how sexy she felt in the light, feminine colour. Gently running her hands over her body, she traced the contours of her breasts and the slender lines of her belly. Her finger's bypassed her crotch area, and she stroked at her legs, before returning her attention to her breasts. Releasing the front fastening of the bra, she peeled away the cups and exposed her medium sized breasts, capped with nipples that were already hardening with her arousal. Stacy knew that she wasn't supposed to touch herself, but she couldn't resist briefly running her fingers round her areolas and caressing the stiff points. She shuddered at the throbbing it caused between her legs, and quickly stopped what she was doing. Stretching and lying back, she lifted her arms above her head and closed her eyes. The sensation of light, delicate fingers dancing over her breasts and round her nipples began at once, causing a soft murmur to escape her lips. Rather than moving, the feeling began to spread. The feeling of being stroked and caressed over her breasts increased, while at the same time it gradually began to spread onto her chest and underneath her breasts. The initial thought that there was some invisible lover touching her was dispelled. How could someone be touching her in so many places at once?

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