tagNovels and NovellasExstacy! Ch. 05

Exstacy! Ch. 05


It was one o'clock, and Phillip and Jessica were sitting outside on the grass, finishing the last of their lunches. It was on occasions such as these, when the two of them were more or less alone and enjoying each other's company, that Phillip wished he could just take her in his arms and explore her sweet mouth with his tongue. But what would her reaction be? They were good friends, best friends even, but Phillip had no idea what her response would be if he tried to reveal how he really felt about her. So he kept quite, kept his hands and tongue to himself and tried to think what subtle hints he could drop without coming out directly and telling her how much he wanted her.

"So, what do you think?" Phillip looked at her, the words bringing him out of his daydream. What had she just asked him?

"Erm, sorry?"

"Have you even been listening to me," she asked, with that magic smile that always lit up her face, making her deep blue eyes sparkle. How could a simple smile look so erotic?

"Sorry," he said. "I had something on my mind." What else could he say? I was lusting after you?

"I was asking if you thought I'd made the right decision," she said. "About accepting the provisional offer from Cambridge."

Phillip stopped for a moment half way through biting into his second cheese salad sandwich, but quickly resumed chewing. He didn't want her to see how much her revelation had affected him.

"Cambridge?" he said, after swallowing his mouthful. "That's impressive. Considering we haven't even started our exams, yet."

"I got Mrs. Beech to send them the results of my mock exams. They seemed quite impressed with them. Said as long as I didn't drop more than a grade in any of them, I had a confirmed place at the university in September." Jessica finished her sandwich, and rose to her knees to brush the crumbs off her jeans. It was a rather warm day, considering the time of year, and she'd taken off her sweatshirt. The top few buttons of the pink blouse she was wearing underneath were undone, and from her position on her knees Phillip was getting rather a good look down her top. More than enough to get a view of her well-formed breasts underneath, and to see that she wasn't wearing a bra. Tiny, delicate pink nipples capped her delicious tits, and the sight of them got Phillip's cock twitching in his tight jeans.

"You ok?" the girl asked, as she resumed her sitting position. "You're blushing."

"It's the sun," the boy lied, averting his gaze from his friends gorgeous chest, and hoping she couldn't see the bulge of his cock swelling in his trousers.


Stacy lifted the last of the shopping bags out of the boot, and slammed the door down. After locking the car, she carried the remaining three bags into the flat, and put them down on the floor next to the other two she had already brought in, then glanced down at her watch. It was 3 O'clock. Four hours till she was due to meet Sean in the Queen's Arms. If she'd been driving, that would have left her with plenty of time, but she'd decided to go on the metro, and this meant it would be a journey of about forty-five minutes. She turned her attention to the row of plastic carrier bags on the floor, heaving one of them up on to the main kitchen work surface. Out of the bag she removed two bottles of wine, a red and a white, and a box of tissues. Sean normally preferred them to go back to his place after a night out, but sometimes he would invite himself over to her flat instead and on those occasions he liked her to have plenty of alcohol in. After putting the tissue box on the windowsill, Stacy opened the refrigerator and placed the bottle of white in the door alcove. The red she put in one of the cupboards, before moving on to the second bag. Within twenty minutes, everything had been put away and she was left with five empty plastic carrier bags, which she placed in the recycle box for the collectors to take the next morning. Then, making sure the door was locked and no one was going to come in, she went into the bedroom and began getting undressed for her shower.

Stacy took hold of the bottom of her t-shirt and, crossing her arms, drew it up her body and over her head. Her long, shiny blonde hair cascaded down her back and over her shoulders, hiding the swellings of her medium-sized breasts. Reaching behind her back, she undid the clasp of her bra, and slipped the straps down her arms. The cups fell away from her chest, and her young breasts spilled out, her delicate nipples and areolas just visible through her golden locks. The discarded bra joined her t-shirt in the corner of the room, followed a few moments later by her tight, denim shorts. Then her knickers, down over her thighs, past her fur-covered mound and down her legs. Once they reached her knees, they dropped the rest of the way without any assistance and she stepped out of them.

Once inside the shower, Stacy moaned as the semi-scalding spray hit her skin, and flowed down her body. The drops collected in the light fur between her legs, where they formed a continuous stream that travelled down her inner right leg to the floor of the shower. She ran her hands through her long, blonde hair until it was wet and slick. Then she squeezed a small amount of shampoo into her hand, and began to massage it into her scalp. The hot water continued to roll down her body, trickling over her breasts and hardening the tips of her sensitive nipples. After giving her hair a final rub, Stacy picked up the bottle of shower crème and squirted it directly from the bottle onto her chest. The white, milky fluid ran down her chest and over her breasts in streams. Still holding the open bottle in one hand, she began to smear it all over her upper body with the other. She ran her fingers round her areolas and over her nipples, rubbing and squeezing each breast in turn, covering them with the white cream. Then she squeezed another generous amount all over her tummy, and the cold liquid began to run between her thighs and down her legs.

Putting the bottle down now, she used both hands to spread the cream all over her tummy, over her furry mound, round the top of her legs and across her bottom. Lifting one long, slender leg at a time, she spread it all the way to her ankles and round her feet. Once her whole body was covered in the white, slippery cream, she stepped back under the water, and allowed the spray to begin rinsing her off. As her hands began to caress her body, she thought back to the events of the previous days lunchtime experience. Her fingers danced over her breasts and nipples, stroking at the furry cleft between her legs. The hot water had now begun to loosen her vagina, and Stacy moaned as she found herself parting her outer lips with her fingers. As she continued to rub, her clitoris emerged from its hood, and she shuddered as she accidentally grazed it with a fingernail. She closed her eyes and threw her head back, biting her lip to prevent any sounds of pleasure from escaping her mouth. Both hands were frantically at work between her legs now, and she could feel herself coming closer and closer to orgasm. Her head was thrown back under the sprays, the water rinsing the shampoo out of her hair and down her face, neck and shoulders, and leaving it to flow over her breasts and down her body. Some of it was even being rubbed into her vagina, mixing with her own juices as her orgasm began to burst out and explode across her body. She tensed and arched her back, biting down harder on her bottom lip as the intense feelings of pleasure exploded over her and around her.

As the feeling subsided, she dropped to her knees, one hand pressed against the wall of the shower to support her; the other still clasped between her legs and pressed against her throbbing pussy. A mixture of water, shampoo, shower crème and pussy juice flowed around her, as she tried to regain control of her heavy breathing. After a few moments, she climbed groggily to her feet, and began to rinse the mixture from her hair and body. Then she turned off the water and climbed out of the shower, reaching for a fresh, warm towel to dry herself off.


It was 5 O'clock, and Amber was hurriedly finishing off the last of her packing for her weekend trip to her sister's. Imogen was due any minute and Amber didn't want to keep her waiting. The same thing seemed to happen every time she went away. No matter how early she started getting ready, she was never ready for the time she wanted to be. Squeezing a bottle of deodorant into the bag on top of her pink nightdress, Amber zipped up the holdall and struggled to carry it downstairs. She had just reached the bottom of the stairs and was about to put the bag down, when she realised she had forgotten to pack a sweatshirt she wanted to take. She looked at her watch. Two minutes past five. Quickly, she dashed back up stairs and into her bedroom. Just as she was opening the drawer, the doorbell rang. She snatched the sweatshirt from the drawer, slammed the drawer shut and raced back downstairs. She opened the front door and grinned at her smiling sister standing on the doorstep.

"You ready?" Imogen asked, as Amber once more unzipped her bag to place the sweater on top.

"Just about," she said, with a sigh. "Just got to put my shoes on, then I'll be with you. So, what you've got planned for us, tonight?" The last words were spoken as Amber disappeared through the kitchen door, a few feet away from the front door down the short hallway of Amber's ground floor. Despite the fact that she was single and lived alone, Amber still lived in a two floor, three bed roomed semi. Far too much room for a twenty-something girl living on her own, but she had never gotten round to finding another place. She hoped that eventually she'd find a suitable young woman to share it with. Preferably, the young woman she worked with, but she didn't think that was going to happen soon. A few moments later, Amber emerged once more from the kitchen, this time wearing her coat and shoes and ready to go.

Although Imogen and her husband didn't have any children, they had a rather large eight-seat car. Amber believed it was because Kieran liked to show off all the money he made, though she'd never commented on it. Kieran was waiting in the car when the two women came outside, and he leaned over to open the front passenger door for his wife, and to unlock the back door for Amber. As Imogen took the holdall off Amber and went to put it in the boot, Amber opened the door and got into the car.

"Hiya, gorgeous," her brother-in-law greeted, as she closed the door and fastened her seat belt. "How are you today."

"Not bad," she answered with a smile. "What about you?"

"Great, now you're here," he said with a wink, as Imogen closed the boot and came round to get into the front passenger seat.

"What you two discussing?" Imogen asked, as she got in and closed the door.

"Nothing, darling," Kieran said, giving his wife a peck on the cheek that quickly developed into a nuzzling of her neck. Imogen giggled and pushed him away.

"Just drive the car," she said, as she inserted her own belt into the buckle on the side of her seat. "I'd like to be home by midnight."


Two and a half hours later, as Amber sped along the motorway in the back of her sister and brother-in-laws car, Stacy sat alone at a table in the Queen's Arms, a quiet pub not far from the city centre. She was now half way through her second glass of wine, and was beginning to think that Sean wasn't going to turn up. He'd never been late before. Most of the time, it was actually him who was waiting, and her who was making the embarrassed apologies as to why she hadn't been able to make it on time. Even those occasions had only been five or ten minutes, though. Nowhere near the whole half hour that Stacy had been waiting for him tonight. She adjusted the front of her low cut, sparkly red dress, then took another sip from her almost empty wine glass. She wasn't wearing a bra, as Sean said he preferred her not to. Easier to get his hands in if he wanted a quick grope on the way back to the flat, he'd said on one occasion. He'd also asked her to go without her knickers as well for the same reason, but this was where she'd drawn the line. Getting her tits groped in public was bad enough, but there was no way she was going to have her pussy fingered while people were passing by. She just wasn't the slut that Sean wanted her to be.

Stacy was just about to give up and go home, when a voice from behind her made her jump.

"Hiya, gorgeous. Sorry I'm late." She turned round and looked up into Sean's grinning face. He was now clean shaved, his hair was neatly combed, and he was dressed in a rather expensive looking suite. In one hand he was carrying a briefcase, while in the other was a rather large bunch of flowers. "I've been in meetings with clients all day. I still had another one booked, but I told them I had something more important to do." Still grinning, he handed her the flowers and leant forward to nuzzle into her neck. "God, you look gorgeous. You're getting me hard already. How about you give my dick a rub with your foot once I sit down?" Giving him a weak smile, Stacy nodded, and as Sean went to sit down, she slid one of her high-heeled red shoes off her bare foot.

Sean pulled his chair in as far as he could under the table and slid down in his seat so Stacy would be able to reach him. Stacy lifted her foot and, putting it between Sean's legs, was surprised to find herself rubbing against his warm, hard cock. She'd thought she'd be feeling him through his clothes, but he'd unzipped his trousers and lowered his boxers so that Stacy's foot could rub his bare organ. Biting her lip she looked around at all the other people drinking and talking in the bar. Then, she gripped the edges of her seat and lowered herself further down the chair, so she could reach further. She rubbed her big toe over the large head of Sean's massive cock, and then rubbed the sole of her foot up and down his length. Sean bit his lip and began to rock in the chair, rubbing his cock against Stacy's foot. Stacy felt him begin to throb against the sole of her bare foot, and moments later she felt him release a stream of warm cream, which spread over the front of her foot and between her toes.

"I did say I was horny, didn't I?" Seam murmured, as he continued to rub his softening cock against her foot. "Come on, let's go to the toilets. I want to eat your pussy." With a sigh, Stacy got to her feet and pushed her chair in, while Sean slipped his cock back into his trousers and zipped himself up. She wasn't really in the mood for this, but Sean could be very persuasive. If she didn't go to the toilets with him, he'd probably be under the table lifting her dress in a few seconds. She led the way to the ladies bathroom with Sean following close behind, a look of lust in his eyes.

Although Sean had told Stacy it was her pussy he wanted, the first thing he did after getting her alone in the toilets was to peel away the straps of her dress and release her glorious, full tits. Thrusting his face into her chest, he began to suck on the flesh of each breast, occasional running his tongue down the deep valley between them. Stacy had been reluctant to engage in such a public sexual act with Sean, but now that he had her tits out in the ladies toilets she was beginning to get more excited. The feel of his warm, rough tongue on her breasts, and the sharpness of his teeth biting at her nipples was already starting to draw moisture from her pussy. Whimpering softly, she hitched up her dress and slipped her hand between her legs, rubbing at herself through her damp knickers. Seeing that his lover had moved a couple stages ahead of him, Sean gave the nipple he was working on one last lick, and then shifted his attention lower down. Lifting her up, he sat the girl down on one of the small washbasins, and helped her lift her dress up a little higher. The dress was now little more than a belt, scrunched up around her midriff. Above, her chest and breasts were exposed, heaving up and down as she panted with lust. Below the belt, anyone coming in would have been able to see Stacy's bare midriff, long slender legs and frilly, lace clad crotch. They would also have been able to see Stacy's delicious pussy gradually coming into view as Sean slid her panties slowly down her legs, before letting them fall from her feet to land on the tiled floor of the public toilets in a crumpled heap.

Sean placed his hands on Stacy's inside thighs; his thumb nails almost touching the protective fur on either side of her lips, then slowly ran them down the inside of her legs to her knees. Stacy giggled at the tickling sensation, as Sean savoured the feel of her smooth, soft skin. Although Stacy was at least five years older than the girl he had done in the car park of woman's World that afternoon, she seemed much younger. She wasn't small, but she had the figure and features of a girl in her mid-teens, and the soft, delicate skin to match. Sean's exploring finger's reached her knees, and he gently prised them apart. With his head between her legs, ready to lunge forward to devour her loosening pussy, Sean looked up into the girl's face. Her eyes sparkled sexily as she smiled back down at him from between her breasts. Her long, shiny blonde hair had fallen in front of her face. She brushed it back behind her ears and nodded slowly, inviting him to take what he wanted. Not that it mattered, he was going to eat her anyway, but the fact that she was actually offering her wet pussy to him made it feel a little sexier. His cock twitched and began to throb in his trousers, and he knew he'd have to bury that in her before they left the ladies room, too. Returning her smile with a wicked grin of his own, Sean dove in to the honey pot in front of him.

Stacy squealed as Sean's jaw began to work at her pussy, tugging on her lips with his teeth. The sound reminded him of the noise Jennifer had made earlier that day as he had buried two of his fingers in her wet passage. Drawing back for a moment, he looked up at her and grinned, the whole lower part of his face glistened with pussy juice from just under his nose to the bottom of his chin.

"You know, if I make you come in my mouth, you've got to let me come in yours," he said, licking some of the liquid off his lips. Stacy nodded rapidly, desperate for Sean to resume his munching. She wasn't keen on the taste of the white cream that shot from Sean's cock, but right now she was extremely close to the edge and she would have agreed to anything in order to get him to finish her off. She thought she'd even let him do her up the rear, which was something she absolutely hated. Sean buried his face back in her crotch, this time ramming his tongue right inside her. Stacy realised that he was looking for her g-spot, and when he found it she had to stuff her fist into her mouth to prevent herself from screaming out. Her whole body shook and shuddered as her lover lapped at the hard, sensitive patch inside her. As her orgasm continued, she looked down between her legs and watching as he devoured her gushing hole, her juices dribbling over the sides of his mouth and down his chin.


It took almost three hours for Amber to reach her sister's house. The building, a large, converted barn, was almost a mansion. From the main entrance, a visitor could go right into a small bar area that led into a conservatory. The conservatory itself opened onto an outdoor veranda, with a small pond in the middle. There was a brick barbecue, covered at the moment, that was used regularly during the summer months. Going left from the porch led into a large, formal living room, that the family used when entertaining guests after a dinner party. This room led into dining room itself, which was also a large, elegant room, that Kieran and Imogen only really used when they had guests. The next room was another living room, but this was less formal than the other one. It was the room that the couple used for themselves, where they went to read or to watch television. There were a couple of chairs and sofas, and several bookcases lined with books, videos and DVDs. The last room on the ground floor was the kitchen, also a rather large room, and split into three sections. The largest was the kitchen area itself, with a large Aga cooker dominating the centre. Other cupboards and storage racks ran around the outside of the room. In another corner of the room, the second of the three sections was a round breakfast table made of brick and a glass top with black polished wooden edge. This part of the house had actually been the middle of the farmyard before Kieran had converted it, and this table was in fact the farm's well. Kieran had knocked down the wall of the well, re-bricked it, and placed a wooden cover on top. Three spotlights had been installed at regular intervals around the well, below the wood and glass top, and when they were switched on they illuminated almost half the depth of the well.

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