tagNovels and NovellasExstacy! Ch. 07

Exstacy! Ch. 07


Stacy sat behind the wheel of her car, peering out the window at the large mansion-like building that housed the Ecstatic Sex therapy clinic. The whole weekend had passed in excited anticipation, with Stacy hardly being able to wait for her first proper appointment. Now she was actually there, though, looking up at the tall imposing building, she started to feel a little uncertain. Did she really need to be here? The reason she'd decided to come in the first place was because she hadn't been enjoying sex with her boyfriend, but that seemed to have changed. Since Friday night, Sean had shagged her in the restaurant, in the park, on the front doorstep of her flat and in a quiet section of the clothes department at the local supermarket. She came every time, but had she actually enjoyed it? She tried to tell herself she had, but the truth was she couldn't remember ever having felt more sexual pleasure than she had during her introductory session at the clinic.

She opened the door and climbed out of the car, slamming the door shut and locking it with the button on her key. Turning, she walked the few yards up the country road towards the house, then stopped suddenly. Parked almost right outside the clinic was Amber's car. It was definitely hers; Stacy recognized the first few digits of the number on the license plate. A cold shiver ran through her. What was Amber doing there? Had she found out where Stacy was going and come to spy on her? Had she come to make a surprise appointment for her? Or was she here for a session herself? Stacy continued on her way along the road and up the drive of the house, but now her eyes were flitting about, scanning the surroundings for any sign of her best friend. She didn't want the other woman to know she was there if she could help it, she was embarrassed enough as it was. The soles of her trainers crunched softly on the gravel as she approached the entrance to the large building, and climbed the steps to the door. Gingerly she reached forwards to press the doorbell, and was rewarded a few moments later by a female voice telling her to push the door. She stepped forward into the clinic.

As soon as anyone entered the reception area of the clinic, the sexual analogy was immediately apparent. The entrance hall was suggestive of a woman's genitals, with a short, wide entrance passage opening out into a rather large reception and waiting area. The vaginal canal opening into the inner deeper depths of the female body. Two longer, thinner passages curved off to the left and right. The reception area, with its Victorian style chandeliers and elaborate wall decorations, was almost empty. Other than Stacy, the only person there was the young receptionist sitting behind the desk. Behind the girl, a central staircase led up to a balcony running round three of the four walls, with doorways to several rooms clearly visible.

The girl looked up from some paperwork and smiled as Stacy entered. There seemed to be more to the expression than a simple friendly greeting. Something personal, and perhaps even sensual. Stacy swallowed nervously as she returned the smile, remembering the young woman she had seen emerging from one of the upstairs rooms on her previous visit. The girl, clad only in a short, skimpy bathrobe, had been accompanying one of the clinic's two senior consultants and her client. The thought occurred to her that the reception staff might do more than just file paperwork and answer the phones.

"Good morning," the girl said, still smiling. "Stacy, wasn't it?" The young journalist realised that it was the same receptionist who had been on the last time she had visited.

"Yes," she replied. "I've got my first appointment. 11am."

"Yes," the girl said, scanning a list of names, then looking back up at Stacy. "You're Cornelius's first appointment. If you'd like to take a seat, he'll be out in a moment." Thanking the girl, Stacy went over to take a seat in one of the ornately decorated, velvet covered chairs.

Several minutes passed, during which time Stacy thought she occasionally heard the muted sounds of moans and screams from one of the rooms down the corridor to the left. Although they were barely audible, Stacy guessed that this was due to soundproofing rather than the volume of the screams. From the sound of it, there was quite a lot of energy going into making them. The receptionist looked up from her work, and must have been able to tell what Stacy was listening to.

"Fiona's giving another client the introductory session," she said. Stacy gave her a knowing smile, remembering her own experience a few days ago.

"I'm sure she'll enjoy it," she replied. At that moment, there was the sound of a door opening on the upstairs balcony, and Stacy looked up to see a middle-aged, grey haired man descending the stairs.

"Good morning Stacy, I'm Cornelius," the man said, as he reached the bottom of the stairs and approached her. For a moment Stacy thought that he and Fiona looked more like brother and sister than husband and wife, then she realised that she didn't actually know the relationship between the two senior consultants of the clinic. She had assumed that running a place like these they would be married, it didn't seem the kind of thing you'd do with your brother. Stacy brushed the thought aside as she held out her hand.

"Pleased to meet you, Cornelius," she replied, quickly remembering what Fiona had said previously about the policy regarding the use of first names. The older man took her hand and shook it briefly, before indicating for her to lead the way. She was about to head down the same corridor she had taken the last time, but Cornelius stopped her.

"Not that way, we'll be using one of the rooms upstairs today. Third door on your right when you get up the stairs." Stacy felt a warm flush spread across her body as she remembered the young woman in the bathrobe. She slowly ascended the curved staircase, closely followed by Cornelius, and emerged onto the balcony. The balcony stretched ahead of her for several feet until it reached a second curved staircase leading back down to the entrance hall. On Stacy's right there was a long gold banister topped with a wooden rail, while on the left there was a row of about four or five doors. She made her way down the corridor, past the first two doors then came to stop outside the third. Like all the others, it was a plain, varnished wooden door. The only unusual thing about it was the handle, which was the same on all the doors along the balcony. It was in the form of an elaborate design. Two figures, a man and a woman, both naked and moulded perfectly together. The woman was leaning forward slightly and the man, gripping her bare breasts in his hands for support, was penetrating her from behind.

Cornelius indicated for Stacy to open the door and she reached out slowly, hesitant to touch the erotic figure. The warm flush, which had begun to fade up until now, once more crept across her body and she felt her nipples begin to harden. As she leaned towards the figures on the door handle, they rubbed against the inside of her t-shirt and she shuddered as the sensation caused a brief throb in her clit. Closing her eyes, she allowed her fingers to caress the small figures of the two lovers, delicately tracing the contours of her breasts, her smooth belly, the base of his cock slightly protruding from the lips of her pussy ...

With a sudden gasp she remembered where she was and her eyes snapped open. Quickly moistening her dry lips with her tongue, she pushed the door open and almost fell into the room. Shivering slightly she looked around as Cornelius entered the room behind her and closed the door. It was a room she recognised, as it was similar to one she had seen on a video during her first visit. A four-post bed was against the back wall, with curtains of a semi-transparent material hanging round all four sides. In the corners on either side of the bed a number of cushions had been strewn, and small scented candles burned on low tables. The room looked like a scene out of an Arabian film and felt extremely sensual, especially after Stacy's experience on her way into the room. Cornelius indicated for her to sit on the edge of the bed, and he followed to sit next to her.

"First, I want to thank you for joining the programme," he said. "There are three stages, but the speed at which you pass through is entirely up to you. Some people spend more time on one stage than others. The first stage is to train your body to release as much sexual energy as possible. The level of orgasm you are currently experiencing is probably extremely miniscule compared to it's full potential. We'll be showing you how to reach that potential.

"The next stage will be to show you how you can reach that maximum potential with the minimum ... activity. Experiencing a g-spot orgasm just by touching your nipples, for examples. Only by this point, you should have gone far beyond g-spot orgasms." Stacy stared at him wide eyed at this point, but he just smiled at her.

"The third stage is the most important," he continued. "The release of all this orgasmic energy, especially for those inexperienced in its use, can have ... possibly harmful side effects. That's why we insist that you don't practise any of the techniques we show you here outside the clinic, unless we've asked you to. Not until after you've finished the programme."

The feelings of discomfort Stacy had been feeling since arriving at the clinic had begun to diminish while Cornelius had been talking. The subject of conversation was still sexual, but it now seemed more medical in its approach. Now, though, it began to change, as Cornelius inched closer to her and placed his hand on her leg, just below the hem of the short skirt she was wearing.

"We begin the first stage by introducing you to gradually more intense and pleasurable sexual experiences." As he spoke, he slowly began to move his hand up her leg, pushing the edge of her skirt up higher. "Of course, you do not have to take part in any of these, if you don't want to. If you feel uncomfortable with anything we can try an alternative, or skip it altogether. And you can leave the programme whenever you like." The hand continued to move, pushing her skirt higher. Stacy swallowed, whimpering softly.

"We're going to start with something simple," Cornelius said softly, as he placed a gentle hand on her shoulder and pushed her down into the soft folds of the bed. "I'm going to have sex with you."

With some hesitation, Stacy allowed herself to be lowered onto the bed, raising her arms so that Cornelius could lift up the front of her t-shirt. Working one handed, his other hand still on Stacy's leg and pushing her skirt up even higher, he revealed her smooth, pale belly and the slight, gently rising mound of one breast. The hand on her thigh had reached the waistband of her knickers, slipped inside, and was now moving round to her crotch, groping between her legs, warm, gentle fingers exploring the soft, silky fur at her entrance. Stacy moaned and arched her back, lifting her upper body off the bed and bringing her naked breast closer to Cornelius's face. Looking down, she saw how close her nipple was to the older man's mouth, and she thrust her chest out the extra few millimetres. Accepting the invitation, Cornelius's tongue slipped out of his mouth and began to lap at her areola. The girl sighed and shuddered as her nipple hardened and he sucked it in between his lips. At the same time he removed his other hand from her crotch and used it to push up the other side of her t-shirt, exposing the rest of her upper body. The hand was wet from the juice of her pussy, and as he moved it over her body it left a glistening trail, up her belly and across her breast to her nipple.

Stacy lifted herself up from the bed a little so Cornelius could pull her t-shirt up over her head. Then she lay back down on the bed and spread her arms above her head. Cornelius let the small, pink top drop to the floor, and returned his attention to Stacy's body. Beginning with the valley between her breasts, he kissed his way down her chest and along her belly. Occasionally his tongue poked out between his lips to lick at her soft, smooth skin, making her squirm and giggle. Finally, she felt his hands at the waistband of her skirt. His fingers pulled the zip down before she could do anything. In an instant the skirt was half way down her legs, and his hands were back at her waist, this time ready to pull away her knickers. Stacy's flesh went cold. So far this stranger had touched her, caressed her with his hands and his mouth. But now he wanted unlimited access to her most private place, her intimate core. She shuddered and quickly reached down, hooking her thumbs below the waistband of her panties and holding them up as Cornelius tried to pull them off.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked, looking up from between her legs and bringing his eyes to meet hers. His hands still gripped her underwear, but he was making no effort to force them off.

"I ... I'm ..." she mumbled, but other than a whimper, nothing else came out.

Cornelius released his grip on Stacy's underwear, and got to his feet. Slowly, he began to undo the buttons of the black, long sleeved shirt he was wearing. A firm, toned torso was revealed underneath, a few grey hairs on his chest and around the nipples. Nipples that were already growing to points from the excitement of Stacy's young body. As he slid the sleeves down his arms and pulled them off, Stacy noticed the tip of her tongue had started darting in and out of her mouth, moistening her lips then slipping back inside. Still, she kept a firm grip on her knickers. Without taking his eyes of Stacy's face, Cornelius dropped his shirt in a crumpled heap on the floor, and lowered his hands to the crotch of his jeans. With a quick snap he released the button, then pulled down the zip. Stacy bit her lip and stared wide eyed at the bulge showing through the man's underwear. Cornelius lowered his boxers, and his long, thick phallus sprang out like a jack in a box. Stacy's mouth dropped open. If that thing managed to force it's way inside her, it would either kill her, or give her the best sexual experience of her life. With her mouth still hanging open, and her eyes still locked on Cornelius's massive cock, Stacy slowly released her grip on her knickers.

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