Extra Attention

byD Ray©

Still holding my face in his hands our lips separate briefly as my eyes open and I look into his grey pools of lust. Gazing deeply into the recesses of my essence, Jay says, “Tina, I have never stopped loving you. There is only one woman for me. I realize that now.” Jay’s voices becomes a whisper as he bends down and says, “Tina, I want you.”

My arms encircle his neck as he places his full lips on mine. The passion that I have tried to forget for the past several months rushes to the surface of my spirit as each kiss erases any past animosity. I feel for Jay what I have never felt for any other man. My grip is secure around his neck as his hands roam freely over the outline of my body until they find a resting place at my waist. Jay’s touch sears through my clothing as his tongue intertwines with mine. His full lips hold mine captive as his tongue pushes deeper and deeper into my mouth. The sweetness of having his mouth on mine allows for a familiar feeling to return to my womanhood.

Our starving mouths quench their appetites as our kisses deepen. I can feel Jay’s right hand sliding up my torso. His left hand applies pressure to the small of my back as his strong arm encompasses my waist. Finding my full breast with his other hand, Jay places the palm of his hand over my breast. Applying just enough pressure to take my breath away, Jay squeezes one of my mounds. Sensing my pleasure, he continues to message my breast with his right hand and press me even closer to him with his left. I can feel his manhood rising through the material of his pants.

Our lips part for a moment as Jay urges, “Tina, tell me you want me.”

My mind is a haze, but my words are clear as I reply, “Yes, Jay I want you.” A blush finds my cheek as I hear my own words in the air. Words that have laid dormant for so long.

Lifting my chin so that my gaze will meet his, Jay says, “That’s good Tina. That’s very good.” Jay leans down to plant a trail of blazing molten kisses down my neck. The fullness of his lips and his hot breath on my neck allow for my head to relax and fall back as the fire from his lips scorches my heart.

“Tina, your every need will be met today. Your every desire quenched. Your every fantasy fulfilled.” Jay’s words come in between flicks of his tongue on my smooth caramel skin. My heart is racing and my temperature is rising as his full moist lips abandon their trail on my neck and his hand releases its hold on my breast.

My chest is rapidly heaving up and down as I take in all the sensations cursing through my body. Sensing my euphoria, Jay in one swift movement elevates me over his right shoulder. Once again, my breath is taken away as this sudden masculine move by Jay catches me totally off guard. I can not hold back my laughter as Jay carries me effortlessly like a sack of potatoes into an adjoining room. A solid smack on my round ass can be heard over my laughter as Jay makes his way across the plush carpet. The sting feels wonderful and fills my body with excitement. Jay’s spontaneity and ability to thrill me with a word or gesture, has always made me hot and the current situation is no different as Jay pauses and reaches for the door handle to another room.

The door opens and Jay bends down to fit the two of us through the doorframe. Jay takes a couple of steps inside the room before placing me gently on the carpet. Still giggling a bit as I stand before Jay. Jay says very seriously, “Tina, I want you to turn around slowly. I want you to promise me that you will be very patient and enjoy.”

My eyes are wide with wonder as I nod in agreement and I turn slowly away from Jay and notice all of the roses that fill the room. My hands go to my mouth as the tears build up in my eyes. I am staring at a room full of my favorite…very expensive black roses. I utter in a whisper, “Jay, this is too much. I can not believe that you have gone to all of this trouble for me.” My heart fills with gladness as I wonder through the eloquent bedroom touching and smelling the roses. Their intoxicating aroma leaving my scenes exhilarated as I make my way around the king size bed that rests in the middle of the room.

Standing still at the foot of the bed, I can no longer contain my emotions as the tears begin to fall relentlessly. All the hurt of the past is gone and a new beginning is dawning for Jay and I. Jay steps up behind me and places both hands on my shoulders as he pulls me close to him. I can feel his arms gently engulf me as our bodies mold to one another. Holding me tightly I can feel Jay’s manhood in the small of my back.

Jay rests his chin on the top of my head as he says in a hushed voice, “Tina, your all that I want.” There is only silence as I allow Jay to hold me – as I allow his devotion to pierce my heart. Swaying gently with me, Jay says, “Tina, I love you.”

As if on queue, the door located to the left of the bed opens slowly. My tears subside and I wipe the moisture from my cheeks. The soft light from inside the room illuminates a path of roses leading from the opening of the door to my feet. “Follow the path,” Jay whispers as he releases his hold of me. A quick glance back into Jay’s confident grey eyes as I take my first step, assures me that I have nothing to fear.

The butterflies in the pit of my stomach are stirring as I follow the rose pedal laden path to an enormous luxurious bathroom. The path of pedals cushions the weight of each step as I make my way into the adjacent room. I stop just inside the door to admire the focal point of the room. A beautiful black marble garden tub full of rose peddles is situated in the center of the bathroom. The entire bathroom is done in black marble with gold accents. Candles are lit throughout the room and there is a hint of vanilla in the air.

No words form on my lips as Jay steps behind me and guides me through the door. There are three steps of black marble that lead up the side of the tub. Each step contains more rose pedals and two candles on each side. My breath is taken away by all that I see. My eyes cloud with tears as I admire the beauty and warmth of the room. The time and energy spent to plan such a romantic event has not been lost on my eyes. I am overwhelmed as I turn to face Jay and through my arms around his neck. I can feel Jay’s embrace as our bodies compress against each other and he holds me tightly against his masculine frame.

“Close your eyes Tina,” Jay whispers in my ear. “Promise me you will not open them until I tell you.”

My head is resting on his chest. I can hear Jay’s heart beating through his uniform. I begin to raise my head up, but Jay’s gentle, yet firm hand stays any movement for the moment. “Promise me Tina that you will not open your eyes until I tell you to.”

Reluctantly I say, “ Yes, Jay I promise to keep my eyes closed, but what are you….”

“Tina,” Jay interrupts, “No questions. Just close your eyes. Let me do this for you…for us.”

I nod my head in agreement as my eyes close and my bottom lip sticks out a bit. I nestle closer to Jay as I prepare myself for another surprise. I can hear his intake of air as he releases me from his embrace. Planting a kiss on my forehead Jay steps away. A light breeze touches my skin as Jay moves around the room. The scent of his cologne lingers in the air. “Baby,” Jay says, “ I’m very proud of you. Your doing a good job of minding me. Just a few more seconds and you will be rewarded for your good behavior.”

I reply, “Well, thank you my King for noticing that I am being a good girl for you. Am I able to open my eyes yet?”

Jay states, “No, not yet – but soon. Very soon.” I can hear the smile in Jay’s voice as he answers me.

The anticipation is mounting within my soul. I want to see what Jay has in store for me. I can feel the long forgotten tingle of my clit as my own heat rises. My nipples are erect in expectancy of Jay sucking them and the pure excitement of the moment. A shiver runs down my spine as I anticipate Jay’s touch.

The movement around me has come to an end as Jay stands before me and says, “Tina, open your eyes.”

Without hesitation my eyes open wide to see Jay standing before me naked. His muscular body even more muscular then I recall. My eyes take in his brown skin as a blush rises to my cheek. I know that I have seen Jay over the years without any clothes, but the surprise and shock of the day is giving way to a small amount of shyness on my part.

Jay takes one step towards me and stands directly in front of me, beautiful and confident. Our height difference allows me to stare into Jay’s smooth chest. Jay leans down to plant a warm wet kiss on my lips. The heat from Jay’s lips sends waves of passion through my womanhood. Jay’s hands travel very methodically over the contours of my breast as our mouths tastes and explore one another. Jay caresses and teases each mound of flesh, gripping and squeezing each one. The heat from Jay’s hands burns through the material of my t-shirt as he continues to fondle me feverishly.

I feel that I have left earth and found heaven as each touch – each embrace takes my senses to a higher plane. Each kiss – each touch excites and exhilarates me. Jay’s hands leave the front of my shirt and shift to the bottom hem. Our lips part briefly to allow Jay to effortlessly lift my shirt up over my head. Jay’s lips return to mine as the shirt falls helplessly to the floor. The intense heat of Jay’s lips on mine seals our devotion. Jay’s strong and agile hands return to my mounds of joy. I can feel Jay’s fingers tracing the outside of my nipples through the material of my black sheer bra. Jay takes two of his fingers and applies just enough pressure to my right nipple to allow the erectness of my bud to brazenly come through my undergarment. The constant contact sends sparks to my pussy down below.

“I love making your nipples hard,” Jay whispers in my ear as he continues to pinch and pull slightly on my nipple. The pain and pleasure that Jay administers to my wanting nipple is perfect. The pressure is just enough to make me want more. I arch my back in the hopes that Jay will understand that I adore the torment he is dispensing to my nipple. I want and need more of his touch.

I can hear the small moans coming from my mouth as I feel the sudden presences of another set of hands on my back. The hands are warm and strong as they begin to message my shoulders and slide up and down my spine. My breath is caught inside of me and my eyes are wide with surprise. Jay says, “Relax baby. It is just Adrian. He’s here to help you relax and unwind.”

“Adrian?” I ask. As the enjoyment I’m feeling turns for just a moment to bewilderment. Jay’s eyes never leave mine as I feel Adrian’s warm sensual lips on the back of my neck. Adrian strategically places warm, wet kisses on my neck as he gently caresses my shoulders.

Jay replies, “Yes, Adrian. You see Tina, Adrian finds you as beautiful as I do. He desires you as much as I do. He wants to please you as much as I do. So I asked him to join us.”

Looking right at Jay, the confusion apparent in my eyes, as Jay continues, “Adrian, is aware of how I feel about you and how you feel about me. Simply put Tina, Adrian wants to sample the female owner of his favorite football team.” Jay winks at me with his left eye as I stare at him unable to comprehend the presence of Adrian.

“Jay,” I protest, but am quiet as Jay places a single finger to my lips.

Jay looks directly into my eyes and says, “Tina, do you trust me?”

“Yes,” I reply. “I trust you Jay.” With hearing my own reply to Jay, I try to relax. In my mind I am trying to find comfort in Adrian being apart of our reunion.

Jay reaches to cup my face in his hands, as Adrian who is behind me, unfastens the hooks on the back of my black sheer bra. My bra straps fall limply off my shoulders as I stare back at Jay and I feel the soothing touch of Adrian’s hands on my skin. My bra falls lifelessly to the floor. I want to protest Adrian being in the same room with Jay and I – undressing me – touching me – kissing me. However, the piece that wants to protest is overruled by Jay’s eyes and Adrian’s lips sliding down the back of my neck. Viewing Jay’s nude body standing before me, deepens my ‘non-protest’ side, as my resolve to keep silent grows stronger. With each glance and touch I become hopelessly caught up in the eroticism taking place between the three of us. Any reasons that I should protest are lost, as arousing sensations permeate through my body.

“That’s it Tina, just relax,” Jay says. “The plan is to give you the ‘extra attention’ you need and deserve.” Jay places smoldering kisses on my neck as I close my eyes and allow the touch of two men to tantalize me into submission. Adrian’s adept hands sooth away the last of my protests as I allow myself to relax and enjoy the feel of his caress on my skin. Any remaining stress I feel is rapidly taking flight as Adrian places his full lips to the back of my neck. I feel more and more at ease with each stroke – each kiss.

Slowly my mind reaches a place that I can only describe as sublime. Jay and Adrian are experts at the art of touch. My entire body is under their control as heavenly caresses continue to subdue my body to their will. Jay slides his lips to my left nipple and captures the peak of my mound between his full lips. Jay’s dexterous tongue dances across my erect nipple. Each flick of Jay’s tongue, sends my mind whirling with excitement. Deliberately Adrian slides his warm wet tongue down the center of my back causing me to arch my back and slip my hands into Jay’s hair. I pull Jay’s head closer to me as he sucks my nipple eagerly. My eyes are open and alert as the scent of vanilla fills my senses and the sounds of pleasure seep from my lips.

My head goes back and I shift my weight in order to keep my balance. The pleasure of each touch from the two men sends my spirit soaring. Jay releases his mouth from my nipple and begins to blow gently on my protrusion. The sudden coolness of the air touches my stiff nipple as Jay descends in front of me to his knees. Jay’s hands slide down my sides as his lips place sensual kisses down the center of my cleavage to my stomach.

Adrian places both hands at the top of my back and slides them downward as he lowers himself behind me. I can still feel the light touch of Adrian’s tongue sliding down my back as he stops just before the top of my jeans. Once on his knees behind me, Adrian places his strong hands on my ample ass. Without hesitation Adrian begins to squeeze and knead my full ass with his hands. I feel his hot breath on my ass as he places his mouth on the material of my jeans. Nibbling at the cheeks of my ass with his mouth and warm breath. The realization of having two men, one kneeling before me and one behind me; touching me, teasing me, torturing me with pleasure, sends my mind into a frenzy of ecstasy.

Jay’s hands easily slip to the snap on my jeans. He leaves soft wet kiss on my bare abdomen as he unfastens my pants. As the zipper surrenders to his persuasion Jay says, “Tina, I would like for you to turn around slowly and face Adrian. I believe you owe him a thank you.”

I look deep into Jay’s eyes as he continues, “You see Tina, Adrian fantasizes about you. Tasting you. Fucking you.” Jay’s eyes are wild with excitement as he reveals the reason behind having Adrian in the room with the two of us. “He has told me himself about his fantasies about you, unaware that you and I were lovers.

“I told Adrian of my plan to win you back. I also shared with him, during a time of – shall we say, ‘great stress for me’, of how I would share you with certain types of men. Armed with this knowledge, Adrian became my strongest supporter to recapture your heart. In return for his assistance and silence I agreed to give him one opportunity to satisfy his fantasy.”

I can see Jay’s lips moving, however I am having a hard time listening and comprehending. The delight cascading through my entire body did not allow me to have a care in the world. My thoughts are no longer my own as I feel sparks pass through my body as Jay and Adrian continue to fondle and entice me.

I nod my head in agreement with Jay’s words, as they both place their hands on my waist and I rotate slowly around so that my open zipper is right in Adrian’s face. Adrian’s nakedness stuns me for only a second as I peer down and see him on his knees. The constant barrage of kisses occupies my mind to the point of extreme pleasure.

My ass is now to Jay as I feel his hands slide up and down my roundness. His hands find a resting position on my plump ass. I can feel the heat from Jay’s hands through my jeans as he messages my ass. Jay asks, “How do you feel Tina? How do you like having two men touch you? Arouse you?”

I hear Jay’s words, but find myself having difficulty answering him currently. Adrian manages to distract me totally by slipping his warm tongue inside my navel and making the most delicious sounds as he marinates my indentation with his tongue. My words are caught in the gasp I let out as I feel Jay’s hand land solidly on my ass. Jay repeats, “How do you like it Tina?”

I breathlessly moan, “Umm, I like it!”

Placing my hands on either side of Adrian’s face while he licks my stomach with long languid strokes. My moans of pleasure are echoing within the confines of the bathroom. My body is on fire with wanting as both beautiful black men lavish me with their lips…their tongues…their touch. Jay and Adrian are extremely sensitive to my needs. Neither is in a hurry to pass up the opportunity to make my spirit soar. Adrian’s deep brown eyes meet mine as he places his hands on the snaps of my jeans. Pulling roughly downward, Adrian slides my jeans down over the curve of my hips.

Jay’s voices is deeper now as he says, “Over the past several months Tina, Adrian and I have talked extensively about you. I told him how you taste, how you feel, how you smell.” Jay’s hands are now amongst Adrian’s as my jeans pass over my ass and slide down my thick thighs. The coolness of the room touches my skin as I stand before Jay and Adrian in a simple black sheer thong.

The cheeks of my ass are bare to Jay as he plants a kiss on each side. Leaning forward a bit, I place my hands on the shoulders of Adrian who is helping me step out of my jeans and sandals. Jay continues, “I told him how wet you get when your excited. How your juice drips uncontrollably from your pussy when I finger you.”

Each word that Jay utters arouses me even more. My clit is twitching with anticipation. My full breasts dangle just above Adrian’s head as I finish stepping out of my jeans. Adrian pays special attention to my nipples as his focus is one my erect protrusions. Flicking his tongue across each nipple, Adrian lets out a sound of appreciation. Pure electricity is pulsating through each nipple as Adrian tastes and teases each one.

Adrian places two fingers from each hand at the waistband of my black thong. Gently he slides it down over my voluptuous hips as Jay commands me to spread my legs a bit wider. Jay assists Adrian with the removal of my thong, by placing his fingers under the material that is nestled between the cheeks of my ass. Both men gaze at me, as the final piece of clothing from my body resigns itself to the floor.

I feel a cool rush of air pass between my legs as the dampness of my pussy reminds me of the excitement I am feeling at this moment. My body is on fire as Jay and Adrian take turns caressing me – placing burning kisses on my skin – pinching and fondling my breast and nipples. My moans are loud as I enjoy the contact of each man. The ‘extra attention’ is magnificent. The frenzy of passion that is building deep inside of me is about to explode.

“Tina, I want you to turn and face me,” Jay’s deep sexy voice brings me back temporarily from the euphoria I feel. Rotating slowly to face Jay, I can feel hands all over my body, teasing me – pleasing me. As I turn both men rise from their kneeling positions, their hands never losing contact with my skin. Jay and Adrian tower over me, but I feel safe and secure between the two men. I move my hands in the direction of each man. The warmth I feel from each mans body excites me even more. The smoothness of their skin, the suppleness of their muscles as my hands explore the contours of each mans body, allows my clit to tingle with delight.

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