Extra Credit


“Yes Sir,” I said quietly.

“Now ask me again.”

“Please Sir, may I touch your... cock?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

I reached out my hand and traced one fingertip lightly along the side of it. Then I wrapped my fingers around it and slowly pumped up and down the length a few times, enjoying the softness of his skin. A drop was forming on the very tip, and I had the irresistible urge to kiss it away. I leaned forward to do just that, but stopped myself in time and asked, “Sir, may I please kiss it?”

“Kiss what?”

“Your cock, Sir,” I whispered, “may I please kiss your cock?”


Holding it in my right hand, I pressed my lips softly against the tip, kissing the drop of pre-cum away gently, and then licked my lips. Then I pressed my wet lips to his cock again, slowly opening them against the head, and swiped my tongue back and forth across it. When the whole head was in my mouth, I began to suck.

Professor Zimmerman put one hand in my hair. I wiggled my tongue just underneath his cockhead, and started pumping the shaft in my hand again, squeezing as I brought my hand up and relaxing as I pushed it down. I allowed my lips to travel down a little further and I sucked harder as I pulled away. Suddenly, I popped his cock out of my mouth completely and began running my tongue up and down the underside, licking and sucking all around his entire shaft, getting it very wet. Then I wrapped my hand around it again, easily sliding his saliva-coated dick repeatedly through my fingers.

The vibrations started again, on their lowest setting. I glanced over and saw that the hand not in my hair was holding the small black remote. I sucked his cock into my mouth with renewed vigor, holding my hand at the base and pushing it in my mouth as far as it could go, pulling my head almost all the way back as my tongue slithered back and forth underneath him, and then eagerly plunging my mouth back down on his big prick.

I snuck a look at Professor Zimmerman’s face and was surprised to find that his eyes were closed. Taking full advantage of that fact, I used my left hand to begin rubbing my clit while I sucked him, trying to relieve the horniness that he had allowed to build up but then ignored. A few seconds of heaven at my fingertips, and then he spoke:

“You’re a horny little slut, aren’t you?”

I didn’t try to deny it. My fingers still on my clit, a muffled “Yes Sir” came out around his cock.

“I bet you want this in your wet little cunt,” he said, taking it out of my mouth and tapping it against my lips.

“Yes Sir,” I agreed lustfully.

“Put your hands on the floor,” he commanded.

I put my hands on the floor, and he went around and knelt behind me. My shaved pussy was soaked with my excitement, the metal J still buzzing away, making me gyrate my hips. He slowly slid his cockhead down the length of my slit, teasing me, and I thrust back against him, trying to capture it.

He chuckled. “Remember - ask first,” he said.

“Please Sir... please put it in me,” I gasped. I thrust back against him again.

“Put what?”

“Your cock Sir! Please put your cock in my pussy, and fuck me hard!” I begged.

That’s what it took. Without another word, Professor Zimmerman’s cock forced its way into my cunt alongside the vibrating J. I squealed and buried my face in the carpet, sticking my ass up in the air. It was like nothing I had ever felt in my life, stretched out more than I had ever been, with the constant stimulation of the little metal ball. He began fucking me slowly, with long, measured strokes, pulling almost all the way out before plunging deep inside again, filling me up completely.

I began moaning and humping back to meet him. His balls slapped against my clit, creating a fantastic little shock every time our bodies met. Rough hands felt along my body and grasped my tits, pinching my nipples and making me call out, “ohmygodYES!”

The strokes sped up quickly, and we moved together, panting and grinding. The sound of wet sex filled the entire room. His masculine scent was driving me crazy, and I milked his cock hard with my muscles, squeezing and pulling and trying to make him cum. Then one of his hands left my body, and the vibrations kicked into high gear.

“Oh, I’m gonna... I’m about to... I’m... I’m...” I stuttered incoherently as I wildly bucked on his thick rod.

He pulled back and thrust in one more time and came with me, pulling me against him as he shot his hot sperm deep in my cunt and I spasmed around him. He grunted with each shot.

Finally, after we were both done cumming but before his cock had softened, Professor Zimmerman flipped me around and pinned my hands above my head on the floor, his dick still embedded in my cunt, and his sperm leaking out around the sides. He looked intensely into my glazed eyes and said,

“You didn’t ask to cum.”

My mouth dropped open, but before I could start making excuses, he broke into a wide grin and kissed me passionately on the lips. I relaxed underneath him and kissed him back, thinking as I did that my teacher was going to teach me a lot this semester, and I was really going to enjoy learning!

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