tagMatureExtra Credit Ch. 01

Extra Credit Ch. 01


I waited for the other students to file out of the class for lunch period until I approached Professor Witbeck with my request to make-up a missed exam. He had been expecting such a request due to the fact that I had been absent the day before; seeing as how he is my history professor, the exam shouldn't be too difficult.

"Professor Witbeck?" I spoke as I sat up from my desk and approached him as he continued grading the other day's test.

"Ah, Miss Holzer," He began; only to follow with handing me a heavily stapled test paper stack and answer form.

"I didn't even need to ask, did I?" I slightly chuckled; I always found myself nervous when I was around him, not in a scared sort of way, but, dare I say it? Nervous as one would be on their first date. Most of the girls had taken a liking to him, who wouldn't? It wasn't that our school was void of male teachers, or males for that matter; we attended a male/female boarding school, along with plenty of male teachers. But there was something different about Professor Witbeck; he could relate to the students, and he made history a bit more interesting. He was younger than your average teacher (or Professor, as we call them here), early to mid twenties, with an enthusiasm for teaching. At around 6'3, he fit the 'tall, dark and handsome' cliché, with his dazzling grey eyes and blackish brown hair that hanged down a few inches past his ear lobes; it had a lovely wave to it, not straight, but not curly. Me, on the other hand; I was around 5'10, slightly athletic build, pale, freckled skin; accompanied by ginger red hair and piercing green/blue eyes. But, back to my Professor; to put it simply, he was gorgeous. The female teachers would regularly stop by during their plan time to interrupt class, in hopes of persuading Professor Witbeck into his store room for an extra-curricular activity or two; much to the female student's relief, he never accepted. He was not married, but no one was quite sure if he was single.

I returned to my seat, with test and answer sheet in hand and tried as hard as I could not to focus on my Professor grading papers at the front of the room. I began the multiple choice questions and whizzed through them effortlessly, but when I got to the essay questions, I was a tad confused. Before I built up the courage to approach him at his desk, Professor Witbeck was summoned to a matter in the hall by a fellow instructor.

"Excuse me for a few minutes, Miss Holzer, I trust that you won't cheat." He smirked as he rose from his seat to examine the situation in the hallway.

I was stumped, I couldn't continue with my test, and being the perfectionist that I am, could not let myself fail. One of the more negative qualities of my teacher was that his essay questions weighed in at about 50 points per essay, which usually amounted to 3 of them, bringing their total up to 150 points, all out of the 200 point test. It was then that I hatched an idea, it was not one that I was proud of, nor one that I was confident to follow through with; but in the back of my mind I had been planning it ever since I laid eyes upon him.

I was wearing the school uniform: a white oxford shirt, burgundy tie, a sweater vest with the school emblem, a burgundy pleated skirt, black maryjanes, dark stockings, and to top it all off, yet another burgundy item (our school colour), a blazer. Not the most flattering of outfits, but definitely manageable. I could hear commotion in the hallways and decided to act now. I stood up from my chair and removed my blazer, stockings, sweater vest, and tie; hiked up my skirt considerably, unbuttoned the top 3 buttons of my shirt, and sat back down in my chair. I had situated myself to where my legs were crossed beneath my desk, but revealed a tiny sliver of my panty-less vaginal area that was clearly visible from his desk.

When Professor Witbeck returned to his classroom, he heaved a sigh and shut the door to his room, filtering out the noise that was emanating from the outside corridor.

"Ridiculous." He muttered as he paced toward his desk, (which had a mountain of papers awaiting him), without even looking my way, "You'd think they were elementary school children." He continued, to which I responded with a hushed chuckle. The moment his eyes found me, he blurted out,

"Miss Holzer, I hate this just as much as you do, but even though it feels like ninety degrees in here, if another teacher were to come in and see you not in proper uniform, you could be penalized for it."

"Pardon me, but Sir," I began in an innocent, (yet far from cutesy) little voice, "the temperature is absurd in here!"

Only there was one issue, both Professor Witbeck and I knew that the room was not as humid as we exaggerated.

Not another word was spoken on the issue, and a few minutes later I gathered up the courage to approach his desk.

"Professor Witbeck," I spoke, as I leaned over his desk, cleavage on display,

"Yes, Miss Holzer?"

"I'm having a bit of trouble on the 2nd essay question, could you help me?"

"What is it that you're not understanding about it?" He spoke in a calm, gentle voice.

"Well, I'm afraid that I feel that it's a bit redundant in comparison to numbers one and three."

"Hmm, I think I see what you mean. Well, skip over those for now and focus on the other problems." The professor replied through a smile.

I returned to my seat and purposely spread my legs slightly in my chair, giving him a tiny flash of my vagina beneath my skirt. As I tilted my head down toward my paper, I could feel his eyes scanning my body, just as I had secretly hoped they would. I rose from my seat once more and placed the half-empty test on his desk and confessed to him.

"Sir, I don't think I'll be able to pass this exam. Is there any possible chance that I could do a little bit of extra credit to insure an A in this class?"

"Now Miss Sieryn, you know that there are no extra credit opportunities in my class." Professor Witbeck smirked, as though he had caught on to my plan.

"Just this once?" I asked with a smile.

He began to rise from his seat when I stopped him and gently nudged his body back into his chair.

"What are you--" he protested, though did not bother to physically stop me. I kneeled in front of him, his legs spread as I traced my fingers down his chest and halted before I reached the growing bulge in his trousers. I looked up at him suggestively and spoke in a sultry voice,

"I'll definitely make it worth your while, Professor."

He smirked at me, as if it was some sort of challenge,

"And how do you plan on doing that Miss Holzer?"

"By doing anything you ask, of course." I giggled, lighting grazing over the prominent bulge in his groin. He paused, as if trying to assess the situation, but as soon as I leaned in to gently rub my tender cheek against his clothed hardness, he caved in.

"Well then... Why don't you start with giving me a little suck? This cock here has been hard for you many-a-time; it only seems fair that you take care of it for me, don't you think?" he stated, and before he knew it, my History Professor's manhood was throbbing between my pink little lips as I nodded at his request.

"Think you can fit all of it in there, Sieryn?" he questioned as his hands went to caress my ginger coloured locks. I gently tilted my head and advanced onto him, allowing his member to slide deeper into my mouth and tickle the back of my throat.

"Ohhhhhh..." he moaned as I began to use the power of suction on his thick member. As my mouth serviced his cock, my fingers led to cup and knead his plump balls, which were obviously filling with cum as I continued. After a while of this, he was near his breaking point when he urgently said,

"Onto the desk." I obeyed with a grin and released him from my lips and pushed all of his papers aside and climbed onto his desk. Standing up as soon as I was off of him, Professor Witbeck took his cock in his hand and stroked it gently,

"On your back, legs on my shoulders." He whispered as I did simply that, though removing my shirt and bra in the process, leaving me in my maryjanes and skirt. He took a few moments to marvel at my figure, and run his (surprisingly) smooth hands over my body.

"Take me now, Professor." I voiced in a slight guttural moan;

"Call me Traun, or Professor, whichever you prefer." He replied with a grin as he slammed his stiff manhood into my moist, little cunt. A moan shot through both of our lips as he entered me and his hands took their positions grasping my breasts as his balls slapped against my skin.

"Ohhh, harder Traun, please!" I gasped as my handsome, seemingly untouchable Professor pounded his 20 some-odd member into my 18 year old pussy. He thrusted with all of his might, nearly sending me over the edge, until he sensed my approaching orgasm and pulled himself out of me. Traun dropped to his knees in front of his desk and instinctively began to lap up my dripping pre-cum.

"Mmmm!" I moaned loudly as my body released my juices all over my Professor's face and tongue. He smiled up at me as he licked his cum-soaked lips. Traun took one hand to gather the substance from his face to lick and swallow, while his other hand was occupied with stroking his cock. Once his face was clean, he rose to his feet; his hand still jerking wildly at his member. I knew what he wanted, and lowered myself to be level with his throbbing manhood.

My tongue flicked out of my mouth to gently trace the underside of his length, looking seductively up at him while doing so, preparing to swallow his load. Almost instantly, as soon as I began licking faster, Traun reached orgasm. With a few hard strokes he exploded all over my face, and in no time, his cum was dripping down my cheeks and onto my exposed breasts. With an innocent, yet satisfied gaze up at him, I smiled innocently and released a giggle as I licked his seed off of my delicate fingers.

With an exhausted sigh, Professor Witbeck steadied himself and lifted me to my feet, and we joined in a passionate kiss as he leaned me against his desk. My arms locked around his shoulders and I pulled him down on top of me on the remaining few papers and could hear the smile in his voice when he said,

"You can count on that A."

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