Extra Credit Ch. 02, Pt. 2


“Ohhhh!!!” Shannon moaned.

Slowly James continued. Shannon’s ass slowly relaxed enough to accept James’ whole middle finger. With one finger inside her, James rubbed Shannon’s silken back.

James then slowly put both his index and middle finger inside Shannon and began fingering her ass.

“Oh shit……mmmmmmm…fuck….” Shannon hissed. The sensation was so different from having her pussy fingered; it took Shannon a while to adjust to the different sensations. After a few minutes, her ass had relaxed and she was definitely enjoying herself. “Mmmmmmmm………….” Shannon moaned as her tongue traced her upper lip.

Finally satisfied Shannon’s ass was broke in enough, James positioned himself at the entrance to her nether hole. He gently applied enough force to break the barrier of her ass with the head of his dick.

“Shitttttttttttttttt……” Shannon cried, pain mixing with her pleasure. “Easy baby….please…….”

James pushed more of his cock into her. Slowly but surely, his cock was disappearing into Shannon’s tight hole. Finally, the older brunette felt James’ balls slap into her cunt and she knew he was all the way in.

James sat motionless for a minute or two to let Shannon’s ass fully adjust.

“Are you alright, am I going to fast?” he asked.

“Mmmmmm……uuhhhhh…no baby….your just….sooooo big,” Shannon moaned.

James slowly started pulling back and then pushing forward. Each time he would pull out further until he was fucking Shannon’s ass good. Her ass gripped his cock even tighter than her cunt did as James hammered her rear.

“Yeah…. fuck me…. harder…..fuck my ass,” Shannon screamed.

Shannon had never felt so “full” in all her life. She could feel James’ cock inside her stomach, or at least close to it, she thought. The pain had left and in its place was pleasure. James’ cock stretched Shannon’s back door to the limit, the sight of his big erection fucking her ass sent chills down to his balls.

“I’m fucking your ass raw…..shit your ass is tight” James said.

James used his hand to rub Shannon’s clit as he pounded her ass faster and faster. He could feel his balls beginning to surge. “I’m gonna cum in your ass,” he shouted.

“Yeah…cum in my ass….fuck it feels good,” Shannon moaned. The vulgarity of the words and the act were something Shannon would have never believed two weeks ago. “Oh fuck… fuck, fuck, FUCK!” She shivered with each exclamation. So bad. So bad, yet so fucking good, she thought.

Finally James’ cock exploded in Shannon’s ass. Her virgin asshole was being flooded with hot cum. Shannon came again as she felt load after load of cum hitting the walls of her ass.

“Motherfucker…..” James screamed as the last of his cum emptied into Shannon’s ass.

James’ cock plopped out of Shannon’s anus and, exhausted, he fell to the side of the bed. Shannon lay beside him. She had never felt so sexually drained. She looked over to James and starred at the outline of his body in the moonlight. His chest was rising and falling. The muscles of his abdomen were rippling. Shannon felt a bit of satisfaction that she had exhausted her young escort. She could feel cum slowly dripping from both her pussy and ass. Shannon spooned up behind her young lover, her mind still thrilled at what she was doing, even though her body screamed for sleep. She felt so alive, sexually, and it was all thanks to this beautiful boy. If she had the strength, she would have rolled him onto his back and fucked him again, but she didn’t. A smile parted her lips as she drifted off to sleep.

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