tagBDSMExtra Credit Ch. 04

Extra Credit Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Multivariate Analysis

That Monday she took her third tape over to the professor. As she walked over, she began to wonder what her next assignment could be. She was enjoying this far more than she had enjoyed other "extra credit" she had earned. Usually servicing a professor for a good grade was not very interesting. The were just "wham-Bam-thank-you-ma'am" kind of encounters. Here she was having more orgasms than usual. And the excitement of performing for the professor was something she never expected. She wondered, only briefly, why it was so arousing. Chalking it up to the newness and the "riskiness" of it, she knocked at his door and entered at his beckoning.

"I've got my third assignment, did you review my second one?" She said with a knowing smile and just a little bit too much enthusiasm. He nearly laughed out loud.

"I did and I loved it. I can see why you wanted to ... expand upon that topic, shall we say." Laughing as he took the new video from her hand. "Are you ready for your fourth and last assignment for me?" Her nod kept him talking. "In this assignment I want you to bring me at least one hour of sexually explicit tape, featuring you of course. The only restriction is that it must contain at least 3 new sexual acts that aren't represented on the current tapes. As always, I want to be able to see your face, and you need to cum during each act. At the beginning of the tape, I want you to explain which acts to look for, and why you chose them. The reason must have to do with your own sexual desires, not simply 'because I thought of it and I needed one.' As before, multiple encounters can be used to fulfill the requirement. Indeed they may be necessary. Your grade will be based, in part, on your creativity in this endeavor. You have shown some nice creativity so far, and I expect that if you let yourself get into it, pardon the pun, you will do a super last assignment."

"Can I use any partner I want?" She was thinking about BJ-boy and so wanting to repeat the sex of that encounter.

"Well, I suppose that's fine this time." She was thrilled at the prospect of doing it more with him. "Obviously he excites you a lot."

She turned to leave, "oh, when is it due?"

"How long do you think you will need?"

Startled by the question she hesitated "I guess a week, but can I ask for an extension?"

"Sure, but no more than two weeks."

"It shouldn't take that long, it sounds like a fun assignment." She left, pulling his door closed behind her. As she walked back across campus, she began to think about new positions she could try. She realized that this might be a little harder than she at first thought. Because, really, what was left? Oh, she guessed that missionary would work, after all, it wasn't represented anywhere in the tapes. But, it might be hard for him to see her, and it might be hard to come up with a justification. It quickly became clear to her that she was going to have to produce an even raunchier tape than she had ever imagined. The thought scared her, and at the same time excited her. What could she do? What would get her a good grade?

She got back to her room and began to think about what she wanted on the tape. As she thought, her mind wondered to the encounter with BJ-boy. God he had been so great. She could just video sex with him and see what would happen. Her first thoughts were things she could do, active things. The problem was that in some way, they were all represented on previous tapes. A fleeting thought of girl on girl stuff came to mind, but she really wasn't into that, and the professor had been specific about having some desire. Mostly her desire was to get BJ-boy back in her bed. As she pondered the idea, she began to feel a warm tickle in her pussy. She reached down and slid her pants off and began to stroke her clit while daydreaming about taping really nasty sex with BJ boy. She reviewed all the exciting things she had done with him the first time: the way he licked her pussy and sucked her tits, the way he met her every thrust. Oh how she wanted him again, she wanted to just give herself over to him and let me take her any way he wanted. She came as she realized that was how she would complete this last assignment: she would tell him she was his, to do as he pleased, to take as he wanted. She would give him anything and everything. She was now relying totally on his creativity. She hoped that wouldn't hurt her grade, but knew the show would be spectacular.

As the weekend approached she got technical: how to set the camera up and the introduction to the tape. The camera set up was kinda crucial and after a while, she decided that the idea would be to have two cameras. By combining the computer and a regular video camera, she could cover the whole room. The bed, in particular, was viewed from both the head and foot. She might have to edit a little, but she had gotten pretty good at all that over the last three assignments.

Next she sat down to produce the introduction. She decided it would be best to be dressed in a sexy outfit that she would wear to the bar on Friday night. No panties or bra. She sat on the bed, with her legs crossed and began to talk.

"Tonight, I will go and seduce the man I sucked off in the second tape. What you can't see on the second tape is that after the blow job, we had some terrific sex. He licked and sucked my pussy and I came so hard that I thought I would explode." She couldn't believe how hot she was telling all the to the prof, she wanted to masturbate, but decided not to. "I thought very carefully about what kinds of exciting things I could do on this tape. I decided that I would let my lover decide – I wish I knew his name, but somehow it's more arousing that I don't. I know that may seem like a cop out, but I intend to tell him to take me and use my body any way he wants. I'll do anything he asks. If this doesn't produce the tape I want, I'll come up with another plan and an additional introduction, but I think the tape you are about to see will be the hottest thing you have ever seen." Her pussy was practically dripping as she said it.

She left for the bar dressed the same way she had taped the introduction. The cameras were set and she was so hot she could fuck all night long. She went back to the bar she had found him in the first night. As she stepped into the bar, her heart was beating so fast she felt lightheaded. She hoped that he would be here, she needed him to be here. Not just for the assignment, but because she desperately wanted to fuck him, to be fucked by him, to be taken.

She scanned the bar, heart beating faster with each minute she didn't see him. And then she saw him. He was sitting alone, perhaps waiting for someone. She looked at him and then he saw her. She hadn't felt this giddy since she was a freshman in high school. As their eyes met, she held her breath: what if he had someone else, what if he didn't want to see her anymore. And then a smile broke his face. Not a boyish smile nor a leer, but a knowing, caring smile that signaled acceptance. She carefully, slowly, walked over to him.

"I haven't seen you around." He said before she could even guess what to say. "I'm sorry I left the other night, I had to be up early the next morning, and I didn't want to wake you, you were so tired." Oh my god, she thought, he was apologizing for leaving, perhaps he thought she was mad.

"It's OK" she said, with her brightest smile, "I was disappointed..."

"With our evening?" he asked, with an assurance that he knew the answer.

"No," she laughed, "only that you left, I didn't even get your name."

"It didn't seem important to you. Your mind was clearly on other things." He laughed too. My mouth was on other things too, she thought.

She decided to simply cut to the chase "Come back to my room with me, let's get to know each other." She said, quite brazenly. His eyebrows arched, and a slow smile began to cross his face, she quickly added "I hope you don't have to get up early tomorrow."

He chuckled, "well, as a matter of fact, I don't. But, I have plans tonight, to play with my friends. I would hate to run out on them." He paused, and then said "What exactly do you have in mind?"

She nearly blushed, it was like he knew everything. Before she could answer he said "It seemed to me, the other night, that you had some particular ideas of what you wanted. Not that I objected, mind you," he quickly added, "but you seem like a woman who always knows exactly what she wants."

They sat and looked at each other for a minute. His eyes seemed to look through her, into her, and made her feel like he could read her thoughts. She leaned close to him and began to whisper in his ear "I want you. I want you to take me, to have me, to have my body. I want you to take me totally for your pleasure, for whatever you want." His faced flushed, and he fidgeted to adjust his stiffening cock in his pants.

The he looked deep into her eyes and said quietly, and in firm way "Be careful what you offer, you really don't even know me. Are you sure you want to give yourself to me entirely?"

Her stomach did flips and her cunt began to drip. She replied, equally as forcefully, "Yes, I'm yours. I'll do anything you want. But we leave right now, and go back to my room." He stood without hesitation, his jeans tented making his interest obvious. The left the bar, hand in hand, silently.

They arrived at the room and she unlocked the door. Before he could see, she hit key that would start the video cameras rolling, she didn't want anything missed. He entered the room slowly and sat on the edge of the bed. "This is will be the final time I ask. I love to be in charge, many women don't really want to give up that much control. Are you mine? Totally and completely tonight?"

She hesitated only for a moment, she knew that she would do everything he asked, without hesitation. She knew that it was only in part for the grade and for the professor. So she knelt in front of him and looked him squarely in the eyes "I'm yours, do with me what you will."

"Stand" it was an order. He was in charge now. She stood. "Take off your clothes." She quickly disrobed, hoping he had as much creativity as she thought. She stood before him again. He stood and walked around her, at first she started to turn her head to watch him, but a motion from him made it apparent she was to keep her eyes facing toward the camera. Standing behind her he began to speak "Tonight, I will things with your body that bring me great pleasure. I may, also, bring you pleasure if you please me first. You will be totally at my mercy. If, at any time, you want to quit you will simple say 'master I quit.' At that point, I will stop, and I will leave. Is that OK?"

"That sounds..." before she could finish he slapped he ass very hard. "Owwch.." she squealed.

"You will simply answer 'yes master' from now on" he said evenly.

"Yes Master" she said.

"Do you understand the rules?"

"Yes Master" she said.

Without warning, a blindfold was placed around her eyes. "Bend over and grab your ankles with your hands" She bent and felt him secure her wrists to her ankles with some kind of soft cloth. She was totally helpless now. The feeling of giving totally was something she had never had. Mostly, in her sexual encounters, she was the one in control. Even when servicing a prof, she had the ultimate control. Here, though, she was powerless.

"You are a nasty slut aren't you?" He asked.

"Yes Master" she replied.

"You love to be fucked and to suck dick and be licked and even cum all over don't you?"

"Yes Master." Her voice was now thick, the arousal like nothing she had ever experienced. The thought of the professor watching this entered her mind. Oh god, he would have to love this. This was going to be wonderful.

Gently, he pushed her legs apart until her pussy and asshole were openly visible. Then, he said "In fact, whore, you are so nasty that you deserve to be spanked. To be punished, don't you?

"Yesssss Master" she trembled. This was scary and nasty and thrilling and it all made her so hot, she was nearing an orgasm just standing here. A whistling noise and then a smack hit her hard. It must have been his belt. Her cheeks were on fire with pain and her pussy began to drip with her juice. The belt whistled again and she yelped. When the belt connected the third time, she had an orgasm. She couldn't believe it. This was far more exciting than she could have imagined. She didn't mind the pain, it was sexy. She was his. Totally. The belt slapped two more times and he said "I want you to tell me, for the record, how nasty and slutty you are"

"I'm the nastiest sluttiest cunt you've ever had." She began, "I just want your cock in me so bad, so hard ..." the belt hissed and smacked her raw ass yet again.

"It's not about what you want" he stated sharply as the belt landed for the seventh time. "It's about what I want, and only what I want" he said.

"Yes Master" she replied. By now her ass cheeks were red and welts were rising. She heard a rustling sound behind her and then she felt his fingers enter her wet throbbing cunt. First only one. It slid in and out making a slishing noise. As she began to relax into the rhythm, a second finger, and then a third were added. It was tight and felt so good. He was simply violating her, thrusting his fingers in and out with growing speed and forcefulness. The she felt him add his thumb. The shape was now like a wedge and stretched her pussy with every thrust. The wedge got bigger when all five fingers were used. He pushed a little deeper with every thrust. She felt full, like she had never felt before. Her cunt was dripping, and her vaginal walls tightened on his hand. Again, she had an orgasm. If he noticed he said nothing but continued to pump her and stretch her pussy with his fist.

He removed his fingers and she felt his cock at the entrance to her well stretched cunt. His dick slid into her easily and he began to fuck her so hard she thought he would knock her over. With her wrists tied and her eyes blindfolded, she could do little. He held her hips and thrust himself into her with a force that she had never known. His hips slapped her sensitive ass cheeks with each thrust. Her tits, hanging toward her face, swayed and occasionally slapped her chin. She reached her third orgasm: this one was intense. Her pussy spasmed and gripped his thrusting cock with each stroke. She trembled with the force of her orgasm, crying out, and trying to thrust back at him. She felt his cum spurt into her pussy, the slishing noise became louder and she could feel their cum already seeping out, and dripping down her leg.

He removed his cock, and left her standing there. She heard him step away, and thought she heard him sit, in a chair, but she couldn't tell. Standing there, bent over at the waist, her red ass in the air and her legs spread wide, the cum began to ooze from her cunt and slide down her leg. Then he spoke "I loved it the other night when I covered your tits in cum. I love seeing my juice slide down your legs. You are such a cum slut aren't you?"

"Yes Master, I'm your cum slut. Fill me with your cum." She wanted it so bad. She just wanted to be a cum slut.

His chuckle was kind, and he was clearly enjoying this. She felt him untie the bonds that held her bent over. "Kneel" he commanded and she obeyed without question. He took her arms and tied her wrists together behind her. An additional cloth tied her wrists to her ankles. He then stood in front of her. "I've been in your mouth, but never cum there. Tonight you will swallow my load, like a good cum slut" She opened her mouth to respond and it was filled immediately with his dick. His hand had grabbed her hair and pulled her head onto his stiffening cock. With her hands tied behind her, she had no control and gagged with his first thrust. He slowed a little to let her get used to it and then began to plunge deeper into her throat each time. Soon she had adapted to the rhythm and as he pulled her head onto his shaft again and again. She loved being used. She wanted to be used. It was more exciting that anything she had ever done.

The he came. The first stream hit the back of her throat with such force she began to gag. But he didn't slow down, by the third stream she had her gag reflex under control and began to swallow, but much of the cum had slid from her mouth and dribbled down her chin. She swallowed as much as she could. As his thrusts stopped, she could feel cum dripping from her chin onto her tits. He slipped his cock from her mouth and then slapped her face with it. It was wet with saliva and cum and splat against first her right cheek, then her left. "Lick it clean" he ordered and she stuck out her tongue trying to find it, to follow it. He pushed her face against it and she tried to lick it up as much as possible.

"You love to suck cocks and drink cum, don't you slut" his words were more an order than a question.

"Oh yes Master" she said around his cock.

"But I see that you didn't swallow it all, it's dripping from your chin." He said, with some disappointment.

"I'm sorry Master ..." she began.

"You will need to be punished." He said, with hot anticipation. He untied her so she could stand, but her hands were still bound behind her. He pushed her face down onto the bed. He lifted her up and placed her in the middle of the bed. With her hands behind her she could neither struggle nor help: she would have helped. She hoped her punishment would be as exciting as she was imagining. He slid two or three pillows under her hips, so that her ass stuck up into the air. He bound first one ankle, then the other to the corners of her bed: She was spread open, with her ass in the air again. She imagined him surveying her body, examining the welts on her ass. She thought of the professor, watching this debasing of her. She trembled at the thought. She was a cum slut. A nasty dirty cum slut. And she loved it.

She was expecting the belt, but felt something firm and cold at the lips of her exposed cunt. He slid it into her, gently at first and she realized it must have been her vibrator. That was confirmed when he turned it on. He slid the vibe in and out of her, bringing her slowly to orgasm. As though he could sense her state, he stopped. The vibrator was turned off, but left inside her. Her pussy ached for release, it was nearly torture. He just held it inside her. She tried to wiggle, to thrust at it. The smack on her but was hard. She jumped and felt the vibrator bottom out against her cervix. The second smack was equally surprising and brought tears to her eyes: her cheeks had been so abused by his belt. Then he gently rubbed her red cheeks. It felt soothing and she was still so close to cumming. He let go of the vibrator and stood. It slowly slid out onto the bed. Her pussy screamed to be filled. When he returned she felt some cool liquid on her ass. It must have been lotion and soothed her flaming skin. He gently rubbed it into her skin. First on one side, then the other. Each stroke getting closer and closer to her rear hole.

Then, she felt his finger rimming her anus. She moaned and felt her stomach begin to clench. She had never let anyone touch her there. It was so nasty and so dirty. A professor had once asked her for anal sex. She had turned him down and taken the D. "No, not there" she squeaked but her mind knew that he would do what he wanted. He said nothing. As his finger gently explored, she began to feel so nasty. Being out of control, she couldn't stop – well she could, but she wouldn't – she would let him do nasty things to her. She wanted to be his cum-slut so bad, she would let him do anything.

A finger, slick with lotion, slid a little into her anus and she squeaked "oh, oh" both extremely excited and nervous. She felt her pussy twitch as the finger was pushed, gently, just a little deeper. As he slid it deeper she felt so full, so violated, so dirty and so excited. She could feel her orgasm rising. She thought of the professor watching. Watching the boy violate her every hole. He would come watching her, he would love the show. The finger slipped out, and was replaced by a larger finger. It too, gently explored and stretched her anus. As she became more aroused and more comfortable, she felt a second finger added. 'OH I'm so full' so penetrated. It was deep. It was far more comfortable than she had imagined, and far more arousing. Slowly and gently the two fingers probed and stretched her now willing ass.

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