tagFirst TimeExtra Credit in Japan

Extra Credit in Japan

byKawaii Anime©

You are at your computer, surfing the web half-heartedly, looking for information and the other half looking at this new porn site you found but you need to look up this info! But...just a minute..oh yeah! You are in a pleasant state of hardness as I knock on your door. Startled, you shut down that link and open the technical one as I walk through the door. You are again struck by me; my long hair and small figure, nice legs under the short skirt. You smile; a little harder.

We speak Japanese as we are on loan from our American schools and spending our last year in Japan. You are older than me and the only other American I feel I can talk to. You are teaching American Literature and History to the students. You don't prepare much, its mostly off the top of your head. I bow my head over my books until you acknowledge me. "Lexie-chan," you say with a welcome smile, "How can I help you?" In answering, I let the books fall from my hands and thump-thump-thump on the floor. Running to your side, I kneel quickly and reach to hug you around the middle, crying and speaking fast in English. You listen, something about the other kodachis, them being mean and this one guy but you don't catch it. You rub my back and make soothing sounds in my ear as I lean against you. I began to slow down and look up at you, tear-stained face and all. You cannot help yourself as you lower yourself to kiss me gently. I respond with all the willingness of a 18 year-old that has had a crush on you for months now.

Your hand moves to my breast as I pull myself up to sit on your lap. We are still kissing slowly as you open my shirt and push away the kodachi tie. Underneath, there is my black lace bra and your reach for it, releasing one from its demi-cup. You bend to nibble on it gratefully, its been awhile. You take it in like you need it, trying to engulf it all. I cry out in pleasure, as your other hand moves to my skirt and under, wanting to know how much I need you. You find the the line of my thigh and follow it up to my bare wetness. Smiling around my nipple, you wonder if I had this planned the whole time. No matter. It is going to happen now, there is no stopping it.

As you put a finger into me, then two; feeling me rocking on them, you hear the soft knock of your secretary. "Sir...?" she says.

You release my breast and put my shirt together, unbuttoned. "Yes..." You say, still working

inside of me--not wanting to leave my warmth. She begins to open the door! "No!" you say. "Why?" She asks politely. "I have a migraine and the light...owww owww!" She stops and says, she is done for the day and is going home. "Yes, that is fine. You have a good night," you say. She says the same, closing the door. She turns and thinks, strange American, shaking her head.

You hear her leave and shut off the lights. Still stroking me, I loved it but was quiet for you. No one is here now, you pick me up bodily and set me on your desk after withdrawing your fingers from me with a whimper. You push up my navy blue skirt, pass the stockings and garters and sure enough; nothing, not even a g-string. I smile at you invitingly, rubbing my breasts now. You can't help it as your mouth, your whole body wants to taste my sweetness. Reaching my pussy, you part me easily and enter your eager tongue in me. I wiggled on the desk, pushing myself closer to you, wanting more. You lap it up, alternatively tongue-fucking me and playing with my clit. It doesn't take much and I come into your waiting mouth; you welcome its juice. You suck on my clit softly, wanting to extend the orgasm for me and wanting more sweetness. After a few seconds of pleasure, I stop you by putting my finger between you and my clit.

You pull away to see me sweating through my shirt at places and my hair fuzzy from my hands going through it with orgasmic fervor. You smile and lick the extra come from your lips. "You like that?" You say to me. "Hai!!" I answer enthusiastically. You smile and say, "There is something even better..." pulling up even to the desk, offering him to me. I am happy to pull him away from his cloth restriction.

I take him in my mouth. He is so big and I am unpracticed with a man's dick, so you help me. Controlling how much I take; you don't give me much. Just enough to lick the top and under the head, sucking him and loving it. You know this is okay but you know what you want! You take him from me and sit down in your chair. Reaching for me, guiding me onto your cock. I climb onto your thighs and let you help me. I gasp as he enters me and you marvel at my tightness, wondering if I was a virgin before this encounter. You grab my shoulders, kissing me deeply; not caring, only wanting.

He tunnels through me finding a way as I slip onto him, crying softly the whole way. I am tightening on the way down, making it even harder to push him in deeply. You smile, enjoying the pleasure you create plain on my face. Undressing me slowly as you fuck me steadily. First, my shirt and bra then the skirt ('Gotta love Velcro!) so I am only in garters and stockings. You run your hands over me appreciatively. Feeling my softness under your hands and my pussy happily eating him up. You bend to suck on my naked breast again, pushing them together, sucking them both. I cry and come hard on him, making it so much wetter and even tighter.

This is what you wanted--now you are ready.

You thrust him into me, creating the friction you want. I cry with every damn stroke, you smile at me and kiss me again. You bend me back, arching my back and penetrating me fully. Thrusting in me as far as you can, I can just barely take it all. You are tearing me apart. As I am getting ready to come again, you feel yours cresting and we come in a symphony of cries and heavy breathing. Shooting into me, making me so wet and full, I am happy. As you are coming, I reach for you and kiss you as deeply as I can; feeling the orgasm in both of us and loving the feeling. I pull away and collapse against your chest. "Domo, Sensei," I say. You just smile at me, rubbing my back.

"One more thing..." you say, putting me back on the desk and cleaning me up. Tasting the juices we both left is a pleasure. When you are done, I have come again. You stop--marveling at my easy trigger as I reach for him. I clean him off as best I can. Licking him in long strokes all over, engulfing the head a few times; not shy anymore. I smile up at you with your cock in my mouth.

As you put him away, you say, "I think I know what homework is tonight: You!" :) You help me dress gently and can't help put putting two fingers in me and tasting me before we leave your office for your car. We get to your flat and do it all over again, many times. This is the beginning of a life-long affair, that began in Japan and with a hug and a kiss.

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