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My one and only personal experience of fellatio (guy-on-guy) is so weird that it's hard to believe it ever really happened. It was over twenty years ago (I'm now happily married with two children) while at Plymouth University where I was studying Art and Design. I'd made quite a few friends by the second year and four of us shared a rented house in a suburb of Plymouth -- student accommodation, not great, but serviceable and bearable. The first year, as usual at Uni, had been spent on-campus so it was nice having the facilities of a proper house.

We got on really well - two girls, both from Manchester, Bibi and Alex; and two boys, Phil, a black Canadian who looked and was a fantastic athlete, and yours truly, Kevin hailing from Sussex.

Quite often on weekends if we had nothing better to do we'd sit around chatting and sometimes getting high on a little dope if there was any going. I think this one particular Saturday evening we'd overdone it because we all seemed to shed our inhibitions at the same time. We'd been chatting about studies, relationships, future careers, etc. and the girls had gotten through a couple of bottles of wine, while Phil and I had cracked our way through quite a few cans of Bud, so along with a few joints between us we were quite high by the middle of the evening.

It was inevitable the topic of conversation would eventually come round to sex. It always did, although none of us had been promiscuous with each other.

There was the usual ribald banter and laughter, just good friends getting along and enjoying each other's company really, nothing offensive. Because none of us were in a relationship with each other, it made for a neutral playing field with nobody taking offence or getting the old green-eye. The subject gradually centred on the male of the species, and in particular -- the male genitalia. It was also inevitable that black men would be discussed owing to their awesome reputation in this department and the presence of our Phil. Of course we had a few jokes with the Canadian and he took it all in good part, but it didn't escape anyone's notice that he was getting increasingly fidgety, shifting around in his seat like he was sitting on a sprig of holly or something, adjusting the crotch of his pants, and looking quite hot and prickly. Somebody made a remark about it, as the outline of his cock was becoming more and more prominent down the left leg of his pants and the root of his problem obvious.

One of the girls (amidst some playful banter and giggling) suggested that he take a few seconds to sort himself out. Of course this created great merriment and there were hoots of laughter. Phil was laughing too, as he got to his feet and heeded the advice. And then I said:

"You're a lucky so-and-so, Phil... I bet it comes up to your belly button." Cue more laughter.

"Higher probably," said Bibi.

"Shut up," said the big, amiable man. "You're making me blush."

Given Phil's native colouring, this was also met with hysterics.

"I bet you could suck yourself off," said Alex, and that really did it. We all fell about, paralytic with laughter. "Come on, Phil," I said, when we'd just about recovered. "Give us a private showing. You're among friends. We won't tell anyone."

"Yeah, come on Philip," said Bibi. "Let's have a look at it."


"Be a sport," said Alex.

And then for some unearthly reason, I blurted out: "If you show us, Phil... I'll..."

"You'll what, brother?"

And as if I had been forced into a corner and had to think of something quick, I said: "I'll go down on you... give you a blow-job!" I felt myself go red, and that did show on my fair skin. I took another swig from the can. What the hell did I say that for? I was really out of my head by now.

"Yes, that'd be good," said Alex.

"Hilarious," said Bibi, "and positively hot."

"Yes, come on Phil, show us your monster truncheon thing and then Kev here will give you a lovely blow job. What a good idea, Kevin."

"Hey!" I protested. "I didn't really mean it when I said..."

The two girls chanted in unison: "Chicken, bwaak, bwaak, chicken, chicken... bwaak, bwaak, bwaak," and giving me the old pouty pseudo-miserable look.

"But he's a guy," protested Phil.

"Well there's nothing wrong with his eyesight, Bibi," said Alex, laughing again. "Go on Phil... Kev... be a couple of sports. No one else but us four need know. We all trust each other, don't we? I'd love to see two blokes at it. It would really turn me on."

"Me too," said Bibi. "It's one of my most favourite fantasies - guy-on-guy action. It's so horny. Come on you two, get it on. Guys are always on about girls doing it together, so let's have some parity."

"Looks like we're in this thing together, brother Kevin," said Phil, and began slowly, and seductively unbuckling his pants. My heart was beating faster.

"I think they're just pulling our legs, Phil."

"Oh no we're not!" came the unisonic reply. I'd really landed myself in it now. I couldn't back out and lose face. A deal was a deal.

The two girls sat on the edge of their seats, egging him on, slow hand-clapping as he pulled his grey flannel pants with the knife-like crease down (Phil was always immaculate, even when dressed in casuals) followed by his freshly-laundered white underpants. Phil was a very clean and smart guy, quite different to the average student. What a magnificent sight greeted us. His prick sprang out and up like a jack-in-the-box, a thick purple-black rubber cosh looking mean and ready for action. Oh my fucking gosh... what a superb specimen of mouth-watering black man-meat. The girls were drooling; I was humbled. I hoped they wouldn't ask to see mine. It would be like comparing a canoe to a nuclear submarine.

"Shall we have Phil standing and Kev on his knees?"

"What, all subservient like?"

"Yes, kind of master and servant."

"Ooh, kinky."

In the end we decided that Phil should lie on the floor with me kneeling between his legs and the girls, one either side of him to ensure fair play, and to keep us at it if enthusiasm flagged. Alex put a cushion under his head and made him comfortable.

"That is one hell of a cock," said Bibi.

I knelt in awe before his great ebony column, watching it beat time with his pulse. His great balls rested between the 'V' of his muscular ebony thighs, the ball-sac tightening with desire, twitching with the rhythmic 'bob' of his cock.

One of the girls giggled. "Go on then, don't keep us all in suspenders."

"All right..." I said. "patience, girls. But please, big fella, let me know when you're about to cum, man... so as I can get clear. I reckon this baby'll blow like Mount Etna judging by the look of it."

"We'll monitor the situation," said Alex. "Don't worry, we'll let you know when."

I mentally steeled myself, grasping the great cock firmly as one might grasp the nettle, as if by being firm and positive it would not turn its head and spit at or bite me, or make me feel nauseated.

It made Philip jump. "Easy, man," I'm quite sensitive there."

"Sorry," I said and relaxed my grip. It was a strange feel, much silkier than I expected, especially for such a powerful instrument. Yet there was a sense of beauty in the latent power of such a brutish weapon too. I could feel it throbbing under my fingers, like an idling V8 waiting for the punch of gas that would rev it up and send it flying off the start line. I drew the dark-purple foreskin back tight until the dome of his prick shone like polished jet under the ceiling light. A little bead of pre-cum glinted in its Cyclops eye. He groaned, and then made a little sigh.

"We're waiting... stop messing about," said Bibi.

"Be patient, girls. It's called foreplay," I intoned.

"Foreplay be bollocks. Don't tease us. Let's see you suck him off properly."

"Yeah, get down and dirty, Kevin," said Alex. "You know you want to... you shameless little cock slut."

And I began, playing to the audience, taking the swollen head between my lips, almost recoiling with the intimate awe of it. Such a lovely texture, so sensuous and sensual, like velvet, I would not have believed it. I allowed it to bulge and stretch my cheeks, I thought the girls would appreciate the visual aspect. So far so good. I felt neither nausea or revulsion, only a curious mounting perverse excitement of doing something taboo -- well, taboo for a hetro guy.

I tried taking him deep down, but gagged and eased back. How did girls manage that deep-throating technique without throwing up? I suppose it was a bit like sword swallowing. You had to resist the natural reflex to vomit. But slowly I improved, feeling the tip of his cock at the back of my throat without gagging. I could taste the sweetness of pre-cum. I could feel Phil reacting to my wet caresses by the movements of his body. His breathing was becoming shallow and agitated and I knew he wasn't far away. I'd given myself a mighty auto-hard-on too. I was really into it.

"Yeah, go on, Kev-baby, suck him nice and hard."

"Yeah, make it a good one. I want to see the spunk fly."

"Black man's spunk."

"Yeah, black boy's cream."

And then Phil's legs stiffened, I sensed the spasms starting in his abdomen, his balls tightening and the bubbling sensation in his shaft and I knew it was time to get the hell out of there. He'd sure as hell drown me with his orgasm. I lifted my head... or at least, that's what I attempted to do. But instantaneously two pairs of female hands grabbed me, one pair pressing on my shoulders and the other holding my head down onto Phil's greasy pole. I almost choked.

"Oh no you don't, Kev. You stay right there and take it!"


"Brilliant... just look at that... that is so hot!"

"Swallow it, Kevin, you little cock-lover."

"Queer boys- queer boys"

I couldn't escape. It was too late. My mouth filled very quickly with hot slimy cum, viscous and bitter, slightly saline and burning the back of my throat as it began slipping down my neck. I struggled to get my mouth off of Phil's erupting meat. I was fucking drowning. And then finally they let my head come up, but Phil's amazing ejaculation continued, catching me full in the face with little spitting bursts. There were screams and howls of laughter. The girls fell about the floor and Alex wet her knickers.

"Oh man," said Phil, breathing hard. "That was something else."

"Tissues please, girls..." I said, feeling Phil's sticky cum beginning to trickle down my cheeks.

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