tagMatureExtra Marital Office Bliss

Extra Marital Office Bliss


I'd have to say you delighted me. You represented every bit of raw, sexual desire that can peak a young man. You accepted that you delighted me, in fact, you very much embraced and reveled in the response stirred in me, and allowed me to enjoy, explore and devour you in a very sacred celebration.

It was passionate, and immediate. The intensely sexual environment and the dead-silent awkwardness before our passionate throw could only have been ended by the physical unraveling that ensued. My adornment of your body was tantric. Like an artist with his canvas, I was allowed, encouraged and very much implored to celebrate you as Derain might have with The Dancer; wild and free flowing strokes with vibrant colorful hues manifested themselves with my careful worship of your body . You were wearing a straight, black skirt, with a slit up the back, and a cream colored silk button up blouse. Complimenting your stunning legs, were sheer black stockings, a black and red garter belt, a lacy black thong and a matching push up bra, that you made sure, accentuated the luscious cleavage through the tight opening of your blouse. To add to the hypnotic effect were perfectly curled lashes, with just the right streak of mascara, and irresistibly sexy, shiny black heals. Completing your sinfully perfect allure, was a long, elegant strand of pearls, adorning your neck, and a generous amount of Estee Lauder Pleasures, a fragrance you know full-well I cannot resist.

From the very instant our mouth's met, and my hands began to explore your infinitely luscious curves and contours, it was as if time froze, and all we knew was the heightened passion of those few minutes. My mouth explored yours from corner to corner, lips sucking lips, tongues tracing and dancing with the very passionate rhythm of my hands. I picked you up, and lay your bare ass on the leather fabric of my desk, as spreading your thighs, heals pointing outwards and away from your heat, my mouth began to traverse your naked flesh. Your muffled moans signaled ecstasy, as numerous memos got brushed aside, and my office became infused with the unmistakable scent of your delightfully musky aroma. I remember the distinct quiver I felt as my mouth enveloped your luscious left breast, and my tongue danced over your erect nipples. Gently sucking on your breasts, the world at that moment knew nothing of my fiance, or your husband, or the notion of ethics that would otherwise have kept us from our ritual. My throbbing member, and the aching desire we both felt so entirely had overcome everything else. In a matter of seconds, I had you spread out on my desk, your incredibly inviting, glistening love mound begging for my mouth to do the needful; a true gentleman, I had no option but to oblige you, and oblige you I did.

Traversing the fullness of your creamy pout, my hungry tongue lapped south to north, manifesting the entire extent of my thirst. I spread your pink pussy lips, and delved my tongue between them, savoring your bittersweet nectar, as you wreathed, moaned and bucked wildy. Violently thrashing your pelvis, it wasn't too long before you came hard, my mouth glued around your clit, tongue flicking and sucking. The beautiful act of your celebration was proceeded by the best head I can remember, and soon afterward, you demanded (as much succumbing to my demand) that I sanctify my being your lover by giving you my seed. So we fucked with reckless abandon. I took you from behind, leaning over my desk. I thrusted deep within you, your back on my desk, heels pointing towards the ceiling, ultimately giving you three cum loads of my seed. At one point I even had you riding my bare cock, milking it for its last drop of cum, and in doing so, marking your spot as my mistress. It was both heavenly and delightful. Even as outside of the passion in that closed space, our lives belonged with other people, in stories that cast us as different characters. Oddly, our ritual was incredibly cleansing, and it is for this reason we became accomplices in a liberating adulterous affair. I would come to adore you, and maybe even love you in very unconventional ways. You would delight in my celebration of you. Outside of our immediate lives, it is the lust we unearthed between us that fateful afternoon that would pump life back into us for our external sustenance.

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