Extracurricular Activities Ch. 05


"Thank you, slut," she said in an endearing way. He smiled with pride and looked into her half-lidded eyes, still kneeling between her legs.

"You're welcome... Mistress," he added which caused Sarah to grin. He helped her get dressed, putting her feet into her panties and pant legs, sliding up and onto her ass. She admired his tenderness and respect. As he moved to grab his t-shirt and chef coat, Sarah stopped him.

"No," she said simply. Chris looked at her quizzically and she gave him a smile. Falling to her knees gracefully, she wrenched his pants open and pulled them down along with his boxers. Her sweet smile turned into a Cheshire cat grin when she saw what he was packing. She looked up at Chris, his cock waving in her face, and she caught the blush on his. She reached her hand up and held his balls firmly in her hand, causing him to grunt softly, his cock twitching. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, lapping at a drop of pre-cum that clung to the tip. Chris closed his eyes and his breath quickened.

Slowly she worked as much of his nine inches as she could comfortably fit into her mouth and bobbed up and down on the first half. As she moved, she worked more and more of its length into her mouth. Chris saw her take inch by inch until her nose was nestled in his pubes, her lips wrapped around the root. He groaned at the sensation, his first time being deep-throated. She swallowed several times, feeling like waves washing over his cock. He threw his head back and closed his eyes, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

Sarah noticed and abruptly pulled him out of her mouth, showering his bulbous head with little kisses. "Not yet," she whispered and Chris responded with a slight whimper. "I'm going to take you back in my mouth," she explained lovingly, "You can't cum until I give the signal," she said, stroking him with one hand, the other still clutching his balls. "Now I can't very well tell you to 'go ahead' with that massive dick in my throat, now can I?" she asked rhetorically. He shook his head as Sarah continued, "When I'm satisfied, I'm going to give your balls a gentle squeeze," she said, demonstrating for him. "If you cum before I let you, you will live to regret it." Chris nodded and she began to take him into her mouth and throat again. It only took her a moment to get him all the way to the hilt this time. She would pull him almost all the way out to tease the sensitive head and then take him deep inside her, fucking her own throat. Chris moaned and tried to control his urges but he was really struggling.

Sensing his turmoil she slapped his ass sternly several times in rapid succession. He was immediately distracted by the sting, still sore from the few blows Cat had managed to land on his backside. He was able to stave off his climax for a little longer. When he thought Sarah had no more tricks up her sleeve she let out a deep moan, sending vibrations reverberating through his member. He gasped and moaned piteously, silently begging for release. She smacked him again, denying his request. Over and over she took him deep in her throat and he held back. He was on a hair trigger. His eyes pleaded with her cold ones. He wanted to please her but he didn't know how much longer he could stand.

With deft movements she reached up and cupped his balls but did not squeeze them, taunting him one last time. His knees and resolve were weak but he didn't want to disappoint her. He had given up control of his own body to this woman who held such sway over him. Satisfied that he had obeyed her commands she decided to put him out of his misery. She compressed the delicate testis in the palm of her hand and could feel him instantly explode in her throat. Chris' hands moved of their own volition to grasp Sarah's ponytail and hold her close as he let out a guttural moan and pumped jet after jet of cum into her waiting mouth. She swallowed every drop. When she felt him soften a bit she withdrew, licking a few tiny drops that had leaked out from the tip.

Sarah could feel him trembling and guided him carefully to sit in the chair. He leaned forward and put his head in his hands, overcome with a flood of emotions. She ran her fingers through his hair, comforting him. She knew toll of being a submissive took on the psyche, she knew what he was experiencing. It was something that Cat had neglected for her own sadistic pleasure.

"You're a good boy," she murmured. He sat in the chair, unable to move, feeling a mixture of joy, sorrow, pain, defeat and sweet release. Sarah helped him to get his clothes back on, buttoning his trousers and pulling his shirt carefully over his head. Satisfied at his state of dress, she tucked her own t-shirt into her pants and buttoned her chef coat. "Just sit here for a minute," she said, rubbing his shoulder consolingly, "I have to go check on the guys." She took her keys and left him alone in the office as his mind raced, struggling with what had just happened. As the door clicked closed behind her, a single tear slid down his cheek.

'This is what it's supposed to be like,' he told himself. Cat had wielded her power over him with malice and anger, Sarah with kindness, guidance and support. He had surrendered to Sarah and she took him to a place where sanity and thought fell away. The world had disappeared and left the two of them in their own little corner with nothing but the sensations and emotions of the moment. His head spun as reality reformed around him and he sat alone in a small office in a restaurant kitchen.

"Hey, where's Chris?" Johnny asked Sarah when she had rejoined her crew ages after leaving them to do paperwork.

"Oh, yeah, he's in the office, resting his head. He didn't feel good all of a sudden so I told him to just take a load off for a minute," she lied. Johnny knew Sarah better than any other person here, sometimes better than she knew herself and he knew she was lying but he didn't push it.

"Hope the little dude feels better," Johnny said. A short while later Chris emerged from the office, composure restored. "Hey, dude, what happened?" Johnny asked, striking the apprentice on the back in a brotherly manner. Sarah glared at Johnny and shoved him away.

"I told you he wasn't feeling well and you gotta go hit him," Sarah chastised Johnny, giving Chris a dose of motherly love.

"Yeah, I guess I just got a bit queasy," he said, not a good liar at all.

"You gonna sit this one out?" Sarah asked.

"And let you guys have all the fun?" he retorted.

Sarah smiled and set him to task cutting potatoes. "You can be potato bitch for today. Take it easy."

Chris nodded and took up a paring knife, quartering small red potatoes and dunking them into a bucket of cool water. Dinner went smoothly with Mark, Sarah and Johnny working the line, Chris helping out with dessert orders as needed. When the rather uneventful dinner service ended they started cleaning up. Chris put away the cut potatoes and wiped down his station, his mind still deep in thought.

"Hey, Chris, gimme a hand in the walk-in," Sarah asked, her voice piercing his troubled thoughts. He joined her in the refrigerator and noticed Johnny was standing there as well.

"Hey, what do you need, Sarah?" he asked nervously.

"Turn around and lift up your shirt," she said. Chris looked at Johnny and then back at Sarah. "Did you not hear me? I said take off your shirt," she commanded. He nodded and acquiesced, lifting his shirt carefully over the stinging welts on his back.

"Dude, what the fuck?" Johnny exclaimed.

"Cat Callahan," Sarah said simply.

"Wait, how do you know Cat-o-Nine-Tails?" Johnny asked, using the nickname she had been given in the S&M circles.

"She's my English teacher," Chris answered, head hung low. He felt Johnny's finger follow one of the marks and winced. He could hear and feel Sarah slap his hand away. She bent over and kissed one of the marks, helping him put his shirt back on with minimal pain and discomfort.

"When you come into work we'll help you put some more A&D ointment on them until they heal up. Please promise me you won't go see her again," Sarah pleaded, a twinge of pain in her voice. Chris nodded.

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