tagSci-Fi & FantasyExtraterrestrial Affairs: Anna

Extraterrestrial Affairs: Anna


I never believed in aliens until the night I was abducted from my apartment while I slept. I woke in a dark room with dim flickering lights, strapped naked to a cold floating platform with metal cuffs around my forearms and thighs. The smooth metal beneath me stretched from the middle of my back to my tailbone and floated around the room, twisting and turning as if there were no air but I could breathe. The walls were black so I could not see how large of a space I was in. It seemed I could make out movement just beyond the area of flickering lights.

"Hello?" I called then wish I hadn't. The creature that appeared from out of the darkness wasn't quite human. While it had human characteristics, it was a tall being, pale complexion, with large almond shaped, glassy eyes. It wore a collar around its neck and when it spoke, the digital sounding voice came from the collar.

"Do not be afraid."

I was terrified! So that I couldn't even scream. This had to be a dream, I kept mentally telling myself.

"We have taken you for a mating compatibility study. Once the study is complete you will be returned to your natural habitat."

Mating compatibility study? What the hell did that mean? I tensed as he reached out and touched the platform ceasing its slow tumble through the air.

"What?" I whispered with a shaky voice.

"We've been observing your species for some time. We are familiar with your mating rituals. We want to know if they are compatible with our own. After we test, we will study the results and make a determination one way or the other." He lifted his free hand and touched my breasts. His fingers were long and slender but then seemed to meld together into one form so that it could move over and around my curves.

I stared as part of his forearm extended, almost like liquid, into another limb. Then the end took on the form of a penis. It neared my mouth and pressed against my lips before probing inside against my tongue. I was petrified and didn't know what to do; still mentally convincing myself it wasn't real. The cock shaped limb began moving in and out of my mouth, then pushed deeper until it bumped the back of my throat. The alien made a small noise that resembled a human moan only it came out from that digital sounding collar. Suddenly the thing in my mouth began to grow, pushing my mouth open wide. Once it had swollen so that I couldn't close my mouth, the end began moving back and forth pushing just down my throat.

After a few moments, it shrank again and pulled from my mouth but remained there close to my face.

My heart pounded as I watched another penis limb grow from its opposite shoulder and snake out long until it touched my sex between my thighs, strapped wide apart. It rubbed against my clit and to my horror, my body responded, warming to the stimulation. When I moaned and whimpered, the member split so that it continued to rub my clit while the second half created a new cock that could slip down and push between my pussy lips. It slipped inside of me and like the first one, began to grow and fill me completely. Then it rippled back and forth without moving out of my body. My moans grew louder and I was unable to help the tension and arousal growing inside of me.

I closed my eyes and didn't open them until I felt another cock shape bumping again my asshole. It seemed to lubricate itself and squirted lubricant into me before it pushed in to fill me in the same manner my pussy was filled. I felt stretched and full while it continued to rub my clit. I shook from the intensity of it as the one hovering near my face returned to my mouth. It slowly and gently began pushing deeper with the steady strokes until it was throat fucking me.

It just wasn't possible for one being to do this! Or at least that was what the logical part of my brain was telling me. However, that part was quieter than the burning need growing inside of me. My body jerked as my arousal heightened. Seeming to understand I was nearing climax, all that filled me began to move faster. The being leaned forward as more of its body changed and extended so that it felt as if every part of me was being touched and caressed.

It was too much and I bucked as I came, my muffled scream vibrating every inch of the alien so that I felt it in my pussy and ass as well. The alien then seemed to envelope me completely, coating me like some latex suit that also filled me. I couldn't breathe as I felt it tighten around me and then fill my mouth, cunt, and ass with liquid. Moments later it slipped away from my body and pulled out of me completely. Had it just cum into me?

"You were a perfect subject," The alien said, once he was in normal form again. "We will return you to your natural habitat now." I didn't see the needle until it was too late and already injecting something blue into my arm. A moment later, I started to drift off to sleep. When I woke, I was in my bed in my apartment again. I would have thought it a mere dream except the soreness in my body and the small needle mark in my arm.

I realized then my abduction had been real.

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