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Extraterrestrial Romance


This story is completely fictitious. If this relates to anyone living or dead it is completely coincidental and I am sorry.


My name is Leia, I am your typical 18 year old girl. Well I'm not exactly typical, you see I am pregnant with an alien baby. How did I get pregnant with a alien baby you mask? Well I'll tell you, although those faint of heart should leave now.

I was on my way to my best friend's Birthday Party and started having car trouble. I thought this was rather odd since I just had my car serviced. So I pulled tot he side of the road to see what the problem was. As soon as I stepped out of my car I was knocked flat on my butt.

There was a blinding white light in front of me. I was trying to see what it was when this creature was standing in front of me. I hadn't had anything to drink yet so I knew I wasn't drunk. This creature spoke perfect English.

''Dear child I mean you no harm, I must reproduce or else I die.''

''Whoa, wait you want to get me pregnant?''

''I have to, you see I am a very powerful leader from another galaxy, if I don't reproduce my people will all die.''

'''Don't you have any females of your own species?''

''No my dear, they all passed.''

''But if your such a powerful leader why not get another female, why human?''

''You are lonesome, I am lonesome. I can promise you great power.''

So I'm sure you can guess what happened. I got in this creature's flying saucer and followed him. We entered a very well lit room and in the center of the room was the biggest bed I've ever seen. He had silk sheets, huge silk pillows. I felt like a Queen or Princess.

''Dear child if my alien figure frightens you I can change.''

''No remain as you are, I find it rather erotic.''

So the leader finally showed his true from to me. He was hideous but his cock was at least two feet long eight inches around. My pussy was dripping wet and I kept wondering what my lover's name is. It seemed like he read my mind.

''Dear child you may call me Colt, what shall I call you?''

''You can call me Leia.''

''Well Leia, if you do become pregnant with my child you shall be my mate for life. We will be married and you will become a very powerful Queen.''

I didn't know that aliens married humans so I was rather dumbfounded by Colt's proposal. I was also curious about some things as well.

''Colt, will I become Queen before or after the child is born?''

''I like how you called our child a child and not a thing. My lovely Leia, as soon as I know you are impregnated by me we shall become husband and wife.''

''What if I don't bear you a son will you have me killed?''

''I don't believe in killing a woman for not bearing me a son, I will love all our children, male and female, alike. Darling Leia, please do not fear me I will not harm you in any way but I must tell you I know you'll have my children because I can sense we'll have near a trillion.''

I was shocked but fell absolutely in love with Colt. ''I will marry you Colt, just get me off Planet Earth.''

So Colt laid me down on the bed and my earthly clothes disappeared and I was naked. Colt was standing before me naked as well. He's nowhere near as hideous naked as he is when he's dressed. My pussy was dripping my juice like a leaky faucet. He was very gentle entering me, I had no pain at all. I thought I'd be in extreme pain from his size and how tight I am.

The pleasure I felt with Colt is indescribable. I know I would never be able to feel this type of pleasure from my human boyfriend, or any human male. I would love being Colt's wife and mother of our children. I wasn't mad anymore about missing my best friend's Birthday Party either I have a great man fucking me like no man has ever done before.

I felt so relaxed and extremely horny with Colt's hard cock in me. I felt the first of many orgasms coming on to me and I was gripping Colt's back with my nails.

''Oh God Colt I'm coming oh god I want your come in me!''

''Give it to me Leia, I'm coming as well!''

We came together in sexual bliss. He continued to fuck me though, like I said that was the first of many orgasms. I know that if he was to send me back to earth no one would believe I was married to an alien and was Queen. I wanted to die being this alien's wife.

Colt remained hard for a very long time and kept coming inside of me. When he was finally through he asked me to get my earthly possessions and he'd be back within a month to pick me up. An alien/human pregnancy goes quicker than a human/human pregnancy.

When I was back on earth my car started up right away and I turned around and headed back home. Screw my friend's party I am carrying my alien husband's child and I'll be taken off this planet within a month. I arrived at my place and packed up everything, and my stomach had grown some and I looked like I was five months pregnant. All of my things were packed and I was ready to go with my alien husband once a month came.

I fell asleep and my dreams were filled with everything sexual with my husband, and I woke up to strong painful contractions. I thought to myself I shouldn't be giving birth already I was just impregnated. I went to the bathroom and filled my bathtub full of water. I undressed and climbed in the water, and I felt the urge to push and started pushing. I was pushing and pushing and I felt the baby coming out, I pushed some more and I gave birth to my first of many children, plus I had no help at all. I felt the amniotic sac come out, and I held my crying baby boy. He looks more like me than he does his father, except for he has a rather above average penis for a newborn.

"I drained the water from the bathtub and put a cloth diaper on my new little boy. I thought he might be hungry and I put one of my breasts to his mouth and he latched on, Alien/Human children grow up a lot faster as well. He ate his fill and fell asleep on my bed with me. He slept all through the night and when I woke in the morning there was a darling little boy in bed beside me. He woke up as well and said, "Mommy, I'm hungry I want some milk."

He lifted my top and latched onto one of my breasts and started sucking. It didn't feel like it had last night when I gave birth to him, this was more pleasurable. When he came up he was a teenager, I was astonished.

"Mommy, I'm still hungry, but you have no more milk."

"Let Mommy produce more milk."

"I love you Mommy."

He then climbed on top of me and since I'm naked already and getting very wet he started to kiss me hard and deep. I felt his erection poking around trying to enter me, my lips opened and his huge penis entered my dripping wet pussy. My baby boy was making love to his mommy, but oh my god it felt amazing. I kept hoping Ethan, my son, wouldn't quit but I was also hoping his father would keep his promise.

Ethan was pounding his hard meat deeply in and out of me, it's still hard for me to believe I just gave birth to him this morning and he's already a teenager and making love to me. I felt my climax approaching and it felt like it was going to be a big one. Ethan's cock started to swell inside me so I knew he was fast approaching as well, just when I thought I couldn't handle it anymore Ethan and I came at the exact same time.

"I think Daddy, will be satisfied knowing he'll be a grandfather to his son and wife's kids."

I thought my husband would be mad knowing I would be giving birth to our son's kids. Then it hit me, kids, I'll be having more that one this time.

"Ethan, how many will I be having?"

"Oh mommy we'll have five kids together, from just this time, and daddy won't mind if you get pregnant from me."

Great my son is a mind reader, I won't be able to think dirty thoughts about us. My husband is a mind reader as well so I'm doomed.

It is time for Colt to come and get me and our son and take us to our new home planet. I have everything ready to go and Ethan now looks like a grown man, he has a goatee and dark brown hair with frosted tips and he looks very sexy. If he were to remain here on Earth he'd have lots of girlfriends. If I wasn't his mom I'd date him, he's that hot.

I spotted Colt's ship and once it was above us all my things went up into the ship then Ethan and I followed. We got in the ship and I saw my husband and we embraced and kissed, we had missed each other so much.

"So are you pregnant from our son here my darling wife?"

"Yes, yes I am he said we'll have five children together from just the one time we made love."

"You will, I see your seven months along, better get you to our home where you'll be comfortable raising our children and our son's children."

"What about you and Ethan, what will you two be doing?"

"I will be ruling and teaching Ethan how to rule along side me, you see he will be the second ruler in command below you, I will never die just as you and Ethan won't die or age. Like I said we'll have near a trillion kids together Leia."

I'll admit it still shocks me that I'll have near a trillion kids. I love my husband like no one else, I love him more than my ex-human boyfriend.

Well that's my story on why I'm not a typical teenage girl. Right now I am pregnant with mine and Colt's one hundred ninety-nine thousandth child.


This is my first attempt at a Non-Human porn story. If you like it please e-mail me at the address in my profile. I would appreciate to hear fan mail or hate mail. Thank you!

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