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(This story is inspired by Episode 3 of MTV's 13th season of Road Rules, Road Rules Extreme: Living Art. This did not really happen.)


We stood silent as they explained the mission to us: Get naked, shave all hair that grows below our necks, get painted, and stand in a street side window for an hour, motionless, for all to see. My jaw dropped. I didn't think I was going to get through this mission. After what seamed an eternity of silence, I gathered our team into a huddle.

"Um, guys..." I looked into the eyes of my teammates, Amy, David, Jerry, Donna, and Michelle, "I have a confession to make." Our team was pretty gung ho, and I knew they wanted to tackle this mission to get to the prize, and I wanted to also, but I knew that being naked with three very hot girls would make my pole extend to its fullest. But I felt close enough to these guys that I felt I could just tell them about my easy arousal up front so that they wouldn't be surprised or too pissed at me.

"I don't want to back out of this mission, but I do know my body, so I'm just gonna tell you now that I'll probably get a hard on for the hour while were naked, please don't get too mad at me, I'll be embarrassed anyway." I stared down at the floor waiting for the abuse, but everyone just nodded, even the girls. The thought of these three beautiful girls naked was getting me hard already.

Michelle was a blond, 19 and short, with a great body and 34c boobs. Amy and Donna were both brunettes, and also had great bodies. Donna was 20 and rather tall, just a little shorter than I, with 36b breasts, and Amy, 18, was a little shorter with 34b's. We had been friendly so far, but no kissing or groping had happened yet, just some friendly cuddling.

We broke our huddle and were placed by the artist in our positions just to get an idea before we started stripping. Amy was at the end facing to the left, I was behind her facing the same direction, and Michelle was behind me, also facing the same direction, but her face turned forward so that the side of her face was pressed into my back. In fact, all three of us were pressed together, so I could feel Michelle's breasts and Amy's ass, and my cock jumped in response. David and Donna were facing each other, with David's and Michelle's backs together, and Jerry sandwiched them. David and Jerry squared off, staring at each other, and Donna looked forward, her head against David's chest. Those were our poses.

We broke formation and slowly started taking clothes off. It was easy for us guys until we got to our boxers or briefs. We stalled by shaving our chest, arms and legs. The girls were timid, but their clothes came off in order to get the shaving done. They covered themselves as they went, except for Amy, who seamed very comfortable showing off her hot body. I was pitching a tent instantly, and she saw it clearly.

Amy got done shaving in a hurry, and came over to me. "Let me help you down there."

"Ummm... ok..." I didn't know exactly what she was going to do, but she was confidant, so I didn't protest. Amy pulled down my boxers and started to spread shaving cream around my groin. Of course my dick was at attention, and she didn't mind stroking it a couple times, every now and then. I couldn't believe it. I was a little scared with the blade in close proximity, but her strokes were making me breath hard.

Amy shaved me quickly, and the other teammates would look in amazement. I was a little embarrassed at the attention, but also just incredibly horny. Once done, Amy passed the razor to the artist and I wiped the remaining shaving cream off.

"Can we have a moment?" Amy started to drag me off to another room.

"Actually, we need all of you to stay in the same room." The judges weren't going to let us separate. Amy looked at me with a huge smile, then dropped to her knees.

"I have a solution for you..." she said while stroking my cock again, and then started giving me an intense blow job. The others just stared, frozen in the middle of whatever they were doing, Michelle licking her lips. I looked down to see Amy staring up at me, viciously attacking my dick, pumping me hard. I couldn't take much, this whole scene adding to the erotic atmosphere. I came in her mouth as my body shook. I reached out to a table that was near by for support as Amy finished licking the rest of the cum off the tip of my shaft.

"There, that should keep you satisfied until this is over." It took me a moment to recover my balance, and by that time Amy was standing at her mark, starting to get painted. The other's wanted some form of oral sex as well, it looked like, but they knew time was short, so they trudged into place to get painted.

After the full body painting, they placed us together behind the curtain that would reveal us to the public. Amy's ass was right in my crotch, and Michelle's perky nipples and breasts were smashed into my back. I could feel Michelle's face against my back too and noticed that she felt hot. With all the touching, my cock started to spring again, right up between Amy's legs, and held down by her hot pussy lips. I was aching to take her right there, and I felt her juices start to coat me in response, but the curtain was about to rise. So much for keeping me satisfied.

Final touches were made to our positions, Michelle's arms came up around me to have her hands rest on Amy's waist, my arms wrapped around Amy's torso and crossed, my hands covering the opposite breast to protect them from public view, and one of Amy's arms came back to rest on my thigh while the other covered her crotch. I couldn't see how the other three were situated, but I was sure Donna was feeling a whole lot of male.

As the hour passed by, I just got harder and harder, and ached more and more for some action with Amy, and Michelle even. I noticed that her breathing was getting harder, and I could feel her nipples spike into my back. The heat among all of us was building as well, and Amy's breasts felt nice in my palms too. It was the longest hour of my life, my dick getting soaked, surrounded by Amy's hot pussy lips and thighs.

Finally the curtain came down, and when it hit the ground we all collapsed. The judges congratulated us as we grabbed towels to cover ourselves and stop the torture. Amazingly, we all showered separately, but when we got back to the RV, Amy grabbed my hand and led me to the back, pulled the divider to close off the bedroom in the back, and started stripping. I did the same as quick as I could. When we were both naked, I pushed Amy onto the bed and attacked her pussy with my tongue.

"I owe you a favor," I said before making contact. Her juices were flowing again and tasted like sweet nectar. Her hot engorged lips were smooth from the shave, and my tongue danced all around, jumping from side to side, every now and then tickling her clit. Amy groaned and her hands pressed my head into her crotch. I licked and swirled, and then shoved my tongue deep into her. Her breath caught a moment, and then a loud moan followed.

"I want your dick inside me. That whole hour I just wanted to reposition to take you into me." She pulled me up onto the bed and pushed me onto my back. My cock stabbed the air, pointed at the ceiling. Amy straddled my hips and slowly lowered herself onto my dick. The warmth surrounded it, juices gushing down, I watched as Amy started to ride me, her face reflecting intense lust. Her beautiful body moved with eloquence, her breasts bounced lightly. I sat up to put my mouth on one of her nipples, and licked and swirled around it. Amy was breathing hard, arching her back and leaning forward, pressing her breast into me, and riding me to rub her clit into me. The walls of her pussy tightened and relaxed in rythm, and my cock throbbed in response.

I felt hands at my shoulders, and they pulled me down flat on the bed. I hadn't noticed that Michelle had come in and taken her cloths off. She jumped up and straddled my chest, facing Amy. I stared at Michelle's ass and back, and her beautiful blond hair.

"I can't let you two have all the fun, especially after that hot hour." The two girls smiled and started kissing, and Amy still rode me while Michelle started gyrating her pussy and clit into me, slowing moving back. When she was finally sitting on my face, I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her down while sticking my tongue deep into her soaking pussy. She squealed a little, but continued to make out with Amy, their kissing noises getting loud. Michelle's juices were sweeter and covering my face. I kept eating and eating, my tongue licking her lips as she ground into my face. I wrapped my lips around her clit and massaged it while tapping it with my tongue, and Michelle started to squirm. I reached up to play with one of her nipples, and my other hand went to one of Amy's nipples. Michelle started to squirm more, and her body started to shake. One hand landed on mine, forcing me to pinch and play with her nipple harder, and her other hand reached back to grab my head to push me up into her harder. Amy wrapped her arms around Michelle and Michelle leaned into her as a violent orgasm sent Michelle into convulsions. I continued to rub her clit with my lips as I felt Amy begin to gyrate on my dick harder and shake violently. She moaned loudly, pressing Michelle's head into her chest, and her pussy walls contracted on my dick as her own orgasm swept through her. I couldn't hold it anymore, I grabbed Amy's hips and forced my dick deeper into her as I shot my load, my pelvis thrusting, lifting her into the air a little. I squirted several times, each one making her squeal.

I finally let go and laid there, breathing hard at Michelle's cunt lips, and the two of them in each other's arms. They both rolled off of me, to either side, and laid down next to me. In our relaxation we could hear bumping of furniture in the other part of the RV and knew that the other three were as horny as we were.

David, Jerry and Donna had walked into the RV after Michelle, but just watched her as she walked to the back to join me and Amy. The three of them, standing in the very small kitchen area, stared at each other for a second, and then very quickly started taking their clothes off. Now completely naked and breathing heavily, all three licked their lips as Donna bent over to take David's dick in her mouth while poking her ass at Jerry for him to fuck her. It took no time for them to groan without care, Jerry's thighs smacking into Donna's ass while her throat got rammed by David's thick dick. They were quick and nasty about it, Donna's saliva running down David's cock and thighs, and her cunt juices running down her own while coating Jerry's poll. With each ram from Jerry, David's dick went further down Donna's throat.

This didn't last long as all three were animalistic in their desire to cum. Jerry shot his load first into Donna's wet pussy, his convulsions disturbing the rhythm they had carried so far, sending Donna into an orgasmic frenzy that made her eyes roll back. Once the vibrations reached David, he couldn't take it anymore and shot his load so far down Donna's throat, but she didn't try to swallow, so what didn't get shot down her throat came out of her mouth with the saliva that she was too high to hold in with her lips. As David pulled his dick out of Donna's mouth, the saliva and cum dripped onto the floor. Everyone tried to catch their breath while leaning against the counters.

Then Donna took charge, motioning both guys to lay down on their backs, there asses together, she was gonna ride both cocks. Somehow the two guys just fit, laying diagonally, with their heads in the corners of the small kitchen area, but their positions were soon forgotten as Donna took hold of both dicks and stroked. They were both still lubed enough, and the stroking brought back their stiffness. Donna straddled the heap of legs, taking David into her wet pussy first. David almost cried when Donna pulled off his poll after a couple of strokes. She then took Jerry's cock into her ass, slowly, letting her muscles adjust to the girth. After a couple of strokes on Jerry, she finally put David back into her pussy, and sat there a moment, watching and listening to both boys breathing hard, feeling both dicks so far up inside her. The anticipation was too much and Donna couldn't wait anymore, she started to rock. The dicks sliding back and forth in opposite motion. The boys were loving it, their eyes half lidded, watching her ride them, turning back to see Jerry, and turning forward to watch David.

When I walked in, I had a towel around me, but at the site of the three my hand forgot and the towel slipped to the floor, revealing my pole as it started to harden again. Donna saw this and motioned me to her. As I approached she took my dick into her mouth so that she could feel three hard cocks in her. I stiffened right away, her hot mouth sucking me hard. She continued rocking while looking up at me with my dick in her mouth, her body moving with ease, as if she was used to this dance.

Amy and Michelle had followed me out, and just stood there looking over my shoulder. They both gasped at the whole scene, getting turned on by Donna's hunger. Amy decided to jump right in, moving around Donna to squat and sit on David's face while reaching out to molest Donna's beautiful breasts. Michelle, wasn't as enthusiastic, but Jerry grabbed her ankle and pulled her over to sit in his face. Timid Michelle was soon howling and bucking. The raw energy was filling the room like a sauna. Michelle's eyes were closed, but Amy was looking lustfully at Donna, while Donna looked hungrily at me, still stroking and sucking my cock like a champion.

I was holding out longer than I thought possible, since I had just cum, and I was glad. Donna's blowjob was spectacular, and watching her move on the other boys just transfixed me. Michelle's howling turned to yipps as she climaxed again and again, making her lose balance, and she fell forward to lean against Donna. Donna, realizing that a comrade had fallen to sexual urges erupted with her own howls that were muffled by my dick, the vibrations making me lose my load into her mouth. The guys were flexing their stomachs as they injected into Donna, and the rocking made Amy orgasm. Within 15 seconds we had all reached climax and were exhausted, laying on each other, catching our breaths. We rested like this for a good ten minutes before anyone moved.

It was late, so we decided to go to sleep, to be ready for tomorrow. Amy wanted some of David's dick, so she dragged him into the back. Jerry wanted more of Donna after having her pussy and ass, so they took the bench that converted to a bed. So I took timid Michelle to the loft that hung over the cab.

Within seconds the RV was shaking again. Michelle and I smiled at each other, and I took her into my arms, feeling her warm soft skin. My dick was getting hard again at her touch, but I decided to take her slowly. I planted kisses on her neck and under her jaw. Her hands slowly came around to hold my back, her fingers tapping my spine lightly. I pulled her close to me slowly, her soft breasts and perky nipples pushing into my chest, my now hard dick pressing into her groin.

Michelle sighed with lust, and I rolled on top of her, my dick finding her pussy wet and wanting. I slid in slowly while kissing her neck, my hands rubbing and massaging her should blades. Once all the way in, she gasped and closed her eyes, loving the feel of me inside her. I felt her pussy walls clamp down on me, and then release, and I started to move in and out slowly. She rocked her hips in rhythm with me, and we forgot about everything, the others fucking their brains out, the outside public partying.

We were getting hot, and Michelle was groaning audibly. I pulled her legs up to get her feet on the ceiling, easily done in the loft. This opened her pussy up nicely and I started to ram into her harder. Her audible moans peaked each time I drove into her. Faster and faster, I pounded, my balls slapping her ass. She got louder with each thrust, and I wanted to drive deeper into her. Her flaming box was gripping my shaft, anchoring me in her. Her tits bounced in rhythm as my pace got faster and faster, resembling a jack hammer.

At the peak, not knowing if we could continue, we finally came, together, hard, my jizz hitting Michelle's cervix, making her yip again. I pumped into her until I was too weak to hold myself up, and I collapsed onto her, her legs wrapping around me.

Michelle whispered, "Oh my God..." and we dosed off.

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