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Extreme Cuckold


It was a day like any other. I was sitting in my office, masturbating to porn on my computer when I hear "What are you watching?" I turned around and saw my beautiful wife staring at me. I couldn't tell if she was mad, upset, or anything in between. She walked up to me and looked over my shoulder at the computer monitor at what I was watching. "What's cuckold?" I was so afraid of what my wife would think of me. I knew she could Google it, so I just told her. "It's like when a wife fucks other men. Sometimes the husband can watch, or not be there at all, but is accepting that his wife fucks other men."

"So this is what your into when I'm not looking?"

"I'm sorry babe. It's nothing personal, it just gets me really turned on."

"So you basically picture me, being fucked by someone else!"

"Babe, it's just a fantasy."

"Oh! So if I was to go along with it and say fuck it, let's do it. You wouldn't want it to happen?"

I really did, but I was so scared that I just said "No, it's just a fantasy."

"Fantasies are things you fantasize about because you really want them! So you want me to take a big black cock in my pussy like that girl in the video huh?" She raised her one eyebrow while staring at me waiting for my answer.

"Babe, if you wanted to, I would be there for you and let you do anything."

"You're a sick fucker you know that!"

"I'm sorry, like I said it's just a fantasy."

"Like hell it is. You want me, your wife, to be fucked by someone else. And if I said yes I want to fuck a big black cock and swallow all of his cum, you would actually let me!"

My now deflated boner immediately got hard at hearing her say those words.

"Oh my God. Even my talking about it is getting you hard. Fuck you're pathetic."

My dick started to get bigger and harder.

"Really? Me belittling you, calling you pathetic and talking about fucking and sucking black cock is what does it for ya?"

"Baby, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to upset you at all. Every guy has some skeleton closet fantasies, you just caught me in mine."

"OK. So what do you like about it?" She said this not scornfully as she had been talking to me, but more curious.

"I dunno. I guess it's the thought of the wife being completely happy, knowing her husband can't make her happy. Being so horny and sexual, she will take any other cock to make her feel good. Being up front with her husband about it, pleasing herself while humiliating him. I dunno, it just gets me really horny. I'm sorry."

"I've never even seen another dick other than yours and you want me to take it balls deep from another? Show me some of what you watch."

I was so nervous, and excited! I have never had my wife ask me to watch porn with her before. I started clicking on other tabs I had open showing her more of the cuckold porn I was watching. After about ten minutes of watching various hot cuckold clips, I noticed she had not said a word since we started. I sat there in the chair pantsless, stopped clicking, and turned the chair around to look at my wife who was watching over my shoulder.

"You haven't said anything" was the only thing I could think to say.

"OK. I just have some questions. All of the videos show white wives with black cocks. Are all black cocks that big? I mean your little six inches has nothing on those."

I realized she might be more accepting to roleplay and testing the waters, so to speak. "No. Not all black cocks are that big, but some are really gifted. And I'm seven inches by the way."

"Well that is nothing compared to those. Those ones were huge! I think if I tried to take one of those it would rip my mouth open, and push my cervix up into my throat. I mean, your little cock doesn't even come close to touching my cervix when your balls deep in me. I am curious about what it feels like to be that full. Have all the girth and warmth inside me. Feeling full."

I was raging hard hearing her talk like this. I noticed my jaw was literally dropped down and staring at her while she talked like this. She noticed too.

"Hmmm... Sit back, don't say a fucking word the entire time. I wanna play a little game."

I did as instructed as she dropped to her knees and spread my legs. She began stroking my cock slowly.

"You like that? You like thinking about your wife fucking a big black cock? Hmmmm? Riding it? Sucking it, grinding on it?"

Oh shit... She was staring into my eyes while talking like this and jerking me off... It was too much...

"Fuck baby I'm gonna cum."

She immediately went down on me and started sucking me wildly. I blew my load so hard I started to feel light headed and like my heart was going to stop because it was beating so hard.

My wife finished draining me, pulled her head bank and said "Thank you. Thank you for being honest with me." My wife always swallowed and I have always loved it.

"My God. That was fucking incredible babe. Seriously! Thank you!"

"Just curious... If I actually did want to try a different cock, to just try it, would you be open to that? I mean, I've only ever had yours, and I am a bit curious to see what it would taste like, feel like."

"Ummmm..." Shit. I honestly never would have expected this question. Would I actually truly be OK if another dick was in my wife... "Well, if you want to, like I said, I support you and would be there for you. I would like to watch though. Like hide in the closet and look through the wooden slats or something."

"Wow. OK. I don't know where to go from here. Like how would that even work. Where would I go to find a guy that is big or something."

"I can place a craigslist ad."

"OK. Well, if you set it up, I'm open to trying it. I'm not saying it's a lasting thing, but just to try it out."

"OK." I immediately spun the chair back around and placed a craigslist ad saying that a real lonely white housewife wants to try a big black cock, and to text her pics or no reply.

I spun the chair back around. "There. Now they'll be texting you so you can be in charge of who it is, how, details, etcetera. Just remember that if you do decide to actually try it, I wanna watch."

"OK." With that she turned around and walked out of the office. Holy fuck was this actually really happening?

Two days later, my wife walked up to me and said, "Soooo, I've been getting a shit ton of texts. And made some plans, but want to go over then with you."


"I've been talking to a lot of guys, and found one I want to try. His name is Marcus, and he is coming over in an hour. You can go hide in the closet and watch, while I take him in the bed and give this a try. I told him you'll be at work so don't make any noise."

We started prepping the room and I put a wooden dining chair in the bedroom closet that faces the foot of the bed. I don't know why it didn't occur to me until now, but we didn't have any condoms. I had a vasectomy years ago after we knew we were done having kids.

"Babe, I completely forgot, were so used to not even thinking about it, but we don't have any condoms."

"Shit! ... Well, OK, I'll let him know to just cum on my tits, ass, face or something because we don't have any condoms."

"You're going to fuck him bareback? Babe, there's still the risk though even if he doesn't cum in you. You know that."

"Yeah. Well, fuck it. We'll be as safe as we can now and that's all we can do. Besides, I know your sick twisted ass would probably beat off to the thought of my belly growing a black baby inside of it, with all of our family and friends knowing you had a vasectomy."

"We would just say we wanted another kid but I already had an operation, so we made a family decision to find a donor."

"Hahaha. Anyways. We'll be as safe as we can obviously. I'm really nervous. I haven't even seen another dick before and here I am about to try a new one while you hide and watch in the closet. Let alone one that looks so big."

"You'll be OK." The doorbell rang. We looked at each other. "This is it."

"Well, here goes." With that she turned and left the bedroom to go answer the door while I day in the chair and shut the closet doors, peeking through the wooden slats and staring and my empty bed. Then I heard voices walking closer.

"Do you know when he's supposed to be home?" As they walked into the room.

"Yeah, not till later tonight. I'm sorry, like I said, I've never done this before, I'm really nervous, and I've never had any other cock before other than my husband's."

"Oh it's all good. I'll be gentle. At first. Hahaha" I could see he started to grope and feel her tits over her T-shirt. "Lie down and take off your clothes." My wife did as instructed and lay down on the bed and opened her legs so I could see her pussy.

Marcus lay in between in her legs with all of his clothes still in, and put his head down between her thighs. He started to lick her.

"Oh fuck that feels good." Marcus kept licking and fingering her for a few minutes while I stared at the shoes and back of the jeans Marcus was still wearing. Then, suddenly, Marcus got up and stood on the side of the bed. "You ready for a real cock?"

My wife slid over and sat on the edge of the bed so I could see the side profile of them. "Yeah. Let me see that cock."

With that, Marcus took his shoes, shirt, and pants off. Marcus stood there in his boxers. Slowly Marcus pulled the front of his boxers down. Then, a MASSIVE black cock flung up from underneath. Holy shit. This thing was the size of a Pringles can.

"Holy fuck! It looked big in the pics you sent me, but I had no idea. This thing is literally like two of my husband's dicks squeezed together, and then stacked on each other. Your one cock is literally the size of basically four of my husband's. Two squeezed together, and then another two squeezed together and stacked on top. I don't know if I can actually take all that. I might tear or rip."

"You will take it, slowly, then, once you've adjusted, you'll be begging for it and convulsing."

Condoms, I thought, she never said anything about the condoms.

My wife slowly reached up and grasped this throbbing monster. "Holy shit, I would need like four hands to cover the whole thing. I'm sorry to keep talking about it, but I'm just so used to my husband's little prick. This is a cock, hahaha and I used to call his a cock." She started stroking him. "From now on I'm only going to call his a prick. And after we're done, his little guy will feel like just that, a little prick. Hahaha Man, I've been missing out..." My wife started to stroke it faster, and then stuffed the fat head into her mouth. I was amazed it even fit. My wife had barely begun and here I was, already ready to blow just from seeing this and hearing her talk.

She was sucking and stroking him, spitting on his cock, stroking it, sucking harder and faster with such intensity, the likes of which I have never seen. She kept sucking him for what seemed like 3 minutes when Marcus said, "OK, you ready girl?"

My wife stopped, looked up at him and said "fuck yeah, I'm so wet it feels like you already came in me!"

Ummmmm... Shit... I now know she had completely forgotten about the condoms talk, she was so horny and taken back by the size, she forgot. Now she made a comment about "like you already came in me." Damn it. I really hope she remembers toward the end out finishes him off with a blowjob, or he blows on her stomach or ass or something.

My wife lie on her back and spread her legs, I could clearly see she wasn't lying. She was so wet it glistened everywhere. Marcus lay on top of her. He slowly started to put that massive cock in her, sliding in the head slowly.

"AHHHHH!! FUCKKKK!! Too big, god damn. Oww."

"It only hurts at first girl. Just try and relax, I'll slide it in slowly."

Marcus slowly stuffed more and more of it inside my wife's pussy. Fuck this was hot. Finally, I was staring at Marcus's ass crack clench as he was balls deep, just holding it in there.

"God damn motherfucker, you're literally pushing my cervix up, oww, goddamn!!"

"Now I'm gonna start going in and out slowly, so your pussy adjusts."

Marcus slowly started pulling out. Then slowly stuffing back in. In and out. Them Marcus started to go faster.

"Oh fuck baby. God that feels so good. Fuck me with that big black cock. Holy shit, I feel so full. Fuck yeah." Marcus started pumping harder and faster. Then, my wife suddenly said, "OK, stop." Marcus immediately stopped. My wife pushed Marcus out of her, and then off of her. "OK, now you lie back. I'm gonna go for a ride in that massive horse dick." My wife straddled him, and guided his cock into her pussy.

I could not believe how incredibly hot it was to watch this. Watching my wife lean forward while his massive cock disappeared inside my wife. As her pussy rolled up and down, grinding on it, she started riding it faster, bouncing up and down. Really fucking him hard. I was gonna pop.

She stopped again and turned around to face me, staring into the closet slats as she started riding him reverse cowgirl. Fuck yeah.

She rode his cock in and out of her pussy like it was the last duck she would ever have. Her facial expressions were that of pure bliss. "Oh fuck baby I'm gonna cum on your big cock, keep fucking me."

"I'm gonna cum too!"

"Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhh, OOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

"YEAH, me too girl, you ready?"

"Oh fuck yeah baby, cum in my pussy so hard... Please flood me baby..."

With that, she opened her eyes and stared at me again through the slats, and she smiled.

"Fuck yeah give me that black cum."


His cock was visibly pulsing as it was shooting a massive load into my wife's pussy.

"Fuck that was incredible."

"Let's go to the kitchen and get a drink, I'll meet you there, I gotta see about something real quick. And don't put your clothes back on just yet, as I said, we have all day."

"You got it girl."

With that, Marcus stood up and walked naked out of our bedroom.

My wife quickly came over and opened the closet doors.

"That was so hot."

"Oh, you have no idea. But, there is this thing, that I actually love this! I had no idea your little prick was nothing, and I could do so much better and actually feel real pleasure."

"Babe, the talk about the condoms and cumming straight into you though? His cock was huge and literally prolly shot cum straight into your cervix."

"And you have no idea how much I meant that I love this. I did NOT forget. I wanted it. And we do have all day. I'm going to go text a few more guys to come over. I want to be surround by black cock. Have myself a little black cock gangbang. And you're gonna be a good little boy and sit here in the closet all day till I'm done and tell you that you can come out. You saw the first time, I never said you could see all of my times. Besides, all the big dicks won't fit in our little bedroom. So sit here and Jack off in the closet, thinking about your wife getting fucked by many other black men. Here's some lube to help you out." She reached down between her legs, cupped her fingers and scooped some cum from her pussy. She reached over and wiped it on my cock. "There you go little boy. Oh, wait, there's more... " She reached back down again and scooped more and more in in hand, reached out with her other hand, and slapped the shit out of my face. "Open your fucking mouth bitch."

I was so horny I did as I was told. She put all the cum in my mouth. "Now swallow it little boy." You'll need the protein, you're going to be in here all day and might get hungry. So you get a little cum in your belly, and I'll have a lot in mine. Both swallowed and up in my belly. With that she gave me a menacing smile and shut the closet doors on me, strutting naked out of the bedroom.

I began playing the images and words back in my head like a movie as I furiously jacked off, salty cum starting to make my tongue tingle. I came what felt like a tidal wave and say there breathing heavily trying to recover.

I sat there for hours, hearing distant voices of many different men. It started to get dark when suddenly the closet doors were opened.

My wife stood there naked, covered in cum everywhere, like she just shot a bukkake porno. But she was holding a plate.

"Thanks for making this happen baby and showing me what I've been missing out on. They're all gone now, but I want to tell you all about it. Here, I made you some scrambled eggs. Eat up while I tell you about it. I stood up, took the plate, and sat with my wife on the bed, both naked. I started eating. Holy, shit, these eggs tasted rotten. Damn. Horrible old eggs, but my wife just had the experience of her life, and was eager to talk and didn't want to spoil the mood, so I just sucked it up and ate them all."

She told me she texted 20 different black guys that have been sending her pics, thinking if even half of them showed, she'd have at least 10 black cocks to play with. But, THEY All SHOWED UP!!

She went into detail about how she took them in every position, from behind while sucking two in front of her, letting them cum in her, on her, everywhere.

"And then, when they all left, I scraped as much of the cum off me, out of me, off the floor, everywhere I could find it, and scooped it all into a glass bowl. It was a third filled with cum. I took one egg, cracked it, and mixed in some egg white. Went over and got a frying pan, and fried you up a nice little cum omelet, which you devoured."

I was disgusted and hornier than I have ever been at the same time.

"I've had so much cum in me I have no idea who the father might be. Those big black cocks and that much cum flooding into my cervix, its not an 'if' at this point. So, you're gonna be a good little cuck bitch and work extra hard to take care of us, and this beautiful black baby we're gonna have. More free time for me also to keep enjoying myself for many days to come."

She stood up and walked out.

I unleashed a black cock monster wife. I didn't know whether to be scared or happy, or where we go from here...

Either way, we're in it together and I support her like I said I would.

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by Anonymous

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by chauncygardner07/05/16

more and bigger and badder and extremer!

some of these comments had me rolling! "over the top"? hahahaha "doesn't happen like that in real life"? hahahaha

"Extreme" is in the title! I want the pro wrestling of cuckold! wife doing backmore...

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by Anonymous07/03/16

It has to be believable

I really like cuckold stories. But there's no way this happens LIKE THIS in real life. Wives take to this gradually, constantly checking to see if their husband is all right, and if their marriage is stillmore...

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by sue43mom07/02/16

excellent service

Just a little over the top. The first guy would have been enough to qualify as her personal service man. Her menfolk become friends they could have become friends and happy with their growing family ofmore...

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by AnnetteBishop07/01/16

Love it

Love the story. I love black cock. Xoxoxox Annette

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by Anonymous07/01/16


# 1

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