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Extreme Enema Expulsion


Margaret and Denise had met online, on a site designed for lesbians interested in more "unusual" sorts of sex play, and fetishes. They quickly learned they both had something of a penchant for anal pleasures and were intrigued by the games some like to call "toilet" play, and enjoyed medical play and settings as well. Now they were meeting face to face for the first time, talking frankly about their experiences and their desires.

"I have to admit I have a rather special fondness for administering enemas to pretty young women," Denise confessed to the somewhat older Margaret.

"Really!?" Margaret said, her eyes lighting up, very intrigued.

"Yes, I especially enjoy giving those I like to call forced retention enemas."

"Tell me more, tell me everything!" Margaret said beseechingly, almost breathless. "Just what sorts of enemas are those?"

"Those are big enemas where the girl's bowels, her rectum is filled with much more liquid than she thinks she can possibly hold. But she's forced to take however much I decide to give her, enduring all the exquisite torment, feeling increasing desperation, hopefully expecting release after the bag is finally emptied of its contents."

"Something tells me relief does not come as quickly as she expects or wishes," Margaret said, a wicked smile curling up her lips.

"That's a very good guess, Margaret," Denise said, knowing she had a real soulmate sitting across from her, someone who could appreciate the nature of such extreme and, what some would call, depraved play.

"Finally the bag is empty, she's utterly bloated, looking like she just swallowed a beach ball. As I start to remove the nozzle from her anus, she expectantly waits for much needed relief, a desperate need to finally evacuate her distended bowels."

"I can't wait! What happens next, Denise?"

"Well, the poor dear is disappointed. Instead of the relief she craves and expects, I now insert a very large buttplug into her asshole, forcing her to continue retaining her enema."

"How deliciously, delightfully wicked!"

"Now that she is plugged she's overwhelmed with the chilling realization that she cannot evacuate, cannot expel, cannot shit."

"So very cruel of you," Margaret chuckled, tossing her hair as she listened to every word.

"The look on her face, her demeanor at this point is absolutely priceless. She's like a helpless child, begging and pleading for relief, showing desperation the way a child does. She starts clutching her tummy and grimacing as the cramps race through her shockingly full bowels, squirming helplessly. Then she breaks out into a sweat, crying out for relief, begging and pleading, pleading and begging."

"Amazing!" Margaret said, entranced. "You really do that to the poor dears?"

"Yes I do. Of course, along with all the agony she's been feeling terribly embarrassed and humiliated, helpless, naked. There she is, writhing and squirming and sweating, clutching her tummy and cramping, pleading with such total desperation. But as what she is forced to endure becomes even more shockingly intense, the humiliation of it all recedes to the background, insignificant compared to the agony of her extreme condition."

"How very interesting....!"

"But soon everything changes again," Denise continued, "Finally I tell her I'm about to remove the plug and she will get the relief she so longingly needs and craves. I lead her to the toilet and she plants her ass down. Relief is only moments away, but there I am, standing over her, watching. Now humiliation and embarrassment take over again as her face reddens. Evacuating her bowels has always been a private act, but not now. So as desperation evaporates, humiliation heightens again as she sits there, or, as I sometimes like to do, make her squat over a bucket, knowing that the grotesque spectacle of the emptying of her shockingly distended bowels will not only be witnessed but mocked.

"I can't believe you're telling me all this. It's so fucking twisted, and such a total turn on," Margaret had to confess.

"Oh yeah, it is. So there we are – much more than mere shitting, the expulsion of a massive enema is incredibly vivid, the loud rush of water bursting out of the spigot of her shithole sounding like a river rapids or waterfall. She feels so exposed. And then the sudden explosion as big turds rocket out of her rectum like torpedoes and splash into the bowl or bucket, each one vivid, each one bringing yet another blush. She tries to cover her face as she sits there, but I slap her hands away, forcing her to remain exposed, looking up at me as she loudly empties her rectum of its liquid and solid wastes."

"Oh my God," Margaret now gasped, "that all sounds so absolutely amazing, Denise."

"It is, it truly is," Denise said, taking a sip of coffee, then leaning closer to address her new confidante. "Listen, Margaret, there's this girl I met, Tina. Young, still in college, maybe twenty or so. A pretty little thing, petite, slender. She seems reserved and shy but underneath it she's got all these depraved lusts. She's been begging me to use her, to do anything I want to her, especially if it means humiliating her. When I mentioned enemas to her, her eyes almost popped out. So how about I invite her over sometime, and you join me? We'll put her through the wringer, just the way I described."

"Mmmmmh, sounds like a plan, Denise," Margaret said, her heart beating excitedly, her brain buzzing with anticipation.

On the appointed day, Denise had Margaret arrive first, and surprised her by presenting Margaret with a starched, perfectly fitted nurse's uniform.

"How did you know it would fit so perfectly? Margaret asked.

"I'm good at these things. I just carefully looked over your body and made the right guess," she said as the two shared a rather long meaningful look, Margaret now watching closely as Denise stripped down only to her panties – her modest breasts did not require a bra – and put on her uniform. There they were now, two nurses! Then as an afterthought, Denise reached down under her uniform and pulled down her panties, throwing them off, Margaret following her lead. There would be no need for panties

"This girl, Tina, has something of a medical fetish," Denise explained to Margaret.

"She's not the only one, "Margaret chuckled, very happy indeed to be suited up like this.

"I know, I really like being 'Nurse Denise' when I administer enemas to 'young ladies,' Denise added.

They entertained themselves, Denise showing Margaret all her enema equipment until the girl arrived a half hour later. Denise let Tina in and the girl immediately looked surprised to see another woman there, besides Denise.

"Uh–- I didn't know there would be–- uh– somebody else here,"she stammered.

"Yes, I decided to invite my friend Margaret to join us, I'm sure you won't mind," Denise said blithely as Tina began to look already apprehensive. Was it because of what she knew was in store for her? Or was it the unexpected guest? Was it both?

"Let's begin, shall we?" Denise said, clapping her hands sharply, "take off all your clothes, Tina."

Suddenly blushing, clearly unsteady and a little nervous, Tina began to strip off her clothes. Margaret carefully eyed the 20 year old student. She was indeed petite, no more than 5'3" and quite slender, her body almost girlish in fact, but with surprisingly large breasts for someone so small. As she pulled down her white cotton bikini panties her eyes met Margaret's and she turned away, shy, uncomfortable.

"Let's see those panties," Denise said to her, as Tina handed them over.

"Take a look at this, Margaret said, Turning the panties inside out, showing Margaret the slightly stained crotch and the faint brown streak along the crease of the seat of the panties.

"These are quite dirty, Tina," Denise said, "you said you were a biology major. Don't they teach you how to properly wipe your pussy after you pee and wipe your ass after you shit over there?"

Tina let out a painful sigh, blushing even more deeply, distressed.

"I'm sorry, I'm truly sorry," she whispered meekly, almost inaudibly. "I should've been more careful, more thorough."

"Well, you are here for a big enema aren't you, Tina, so when we're done with you'll be nice and clean, believe me," Denise said as she and Margaret chuckled, Tina turning an even deeper shade of red, standing there, naked, feeling even more exposed after the comments about her soiled panties and the enema she was about to receive.

"Bend over!" Denise ordered, stepping behind the college sophomore, giving her taut, smooth bare ass a hard smack, "plant you feet wide apart, and hands on your knees."

Tina assumed the position, doing what she was told as Margaret looked on approvingly.

"Let's see just how badly she needs that enema," Denise said, handing Margaret a rubber glove and slipping one on herself, "you avoided shitting today, as I told you to do, correct?"

"Yes, Nurse," Tina whispered in a shaky voice, "I haven't ta-taken a sh– shit since yesterday. Just like you told me."

"Very good," Denise said, coating a gloved middle finger with lubricant, working the finger into the crack between Tina's cheeks and into her asshole.

"Mmmmmh, yes, this ass is full. This rectum feels packed," Tina said, twisting the gloved finger around in Tina's anal passage and working it into the lower part of her rectum, then slowly pulling the finger out of her bottom, Tina blushing, wincing, biting her lower lip.

"Take a look at this, Margaret," Denise said, showing her the finger, topped with a little brown clump of Tina's shit, "get a finger in there and see for yourself."

"Oh my!" Margaret said rather excitedly, stepping behind Tina and working a gloved finger deep inside her, probing, feeling the clay-like density of packed shit inside there, then pulling the finger out, her finger also topped with a little shit.

"Look at this," Denise said, waving the dirty, shitty finger in front of Tina's face, Margaret waving her finger as well.

"Oh my God!" Tina gasped, her face reddening even more, a look of excruciatingly felt shame on her face as the two older women teased her, forcing her to gaze at her own shit topping their fingertips.

"Yes, you definitely need an enema, a big one," Denise announced, as she pulled the soiled glove off her hand and tossed it aside to join Tina's soiled panties, Margaret doing the same, "let's prepare one for Tina, shall we, Margaret?"

"Yes, definitely," Margaret said as Denise now reached for the large soft rubber bag she had already picked out. This bag had a capacity of a full gallon, which would make for an extraordinarily copious enema, but that is exactly what Denise intended to administer to Tina. Dangling form the bag was a hose, and at the end of the hose a rather large and menacing hard black nozzle. She showed the apparatus to Tina, Margaret looking on. Tina's eyes went wide when she saw the bag, stunned by its capacity, and stunned by the size of the nozzle.

"I think I'll be giving you a full gallon, today," Denise said smugly.

"B– b– but that's huge! That's too much!" Tina gasped, her tone a mix of dread and anticipation.

"Please shut the fuck up! You're simply to do what you're told, not to argue or complain!" Denise warned, smacking her bare ass a few times to help get the message across. Then smacking her full, swinging breasts.

Margaret now watched as Denise squeezed a few big squirts of liquid soap from a plastic bottle into the empty bag. Margaret knew enough about enemas to know that, apart from the useful cleansing and flushing action, adding liquid soap had an irritating effect, making the bowels seem even fuller and the need to expel even more intense as not only liquid, but suds bloated the bowels. Plus, in Tina's case, her rectum was already quite packed with fecal matter so, Margaret knew, this would be quite a test of endurance for the young, pretty college student.

Now Denise had both Margaret and Tina watch as, using a pitcher, she filled the enema bag quart by quart until it was bulging and filled to its one gallon capacity. The swollen, heavy bag, now filled with four very warm quarts of sudsy water looked more menacing than healing, and Tina knew it, the look in her eyes somewhere between immense intrigue and an almost palpable horror.

"Oh my God!" Tina gasped, "I can't possibly take all that."

"Oh yes you can, my dear," Margaret purred wickedly, "you can and you will."

Denise looked over at her guest, thrilled to hear those words coming from her, the words of a fellow conspirator. Then she rolled a stainless steel stand in place and lifted the heavy bag, hanging it high from a hook. The three of them looked up at the full, bulging bag, looming high above them, the clamped hose with nozzle at end dangling like a dangerous snake.

"Will you lubricate this, Margaret? Then hold our patient's cute little ass wide open for me?" Denise said as she held up the nozzle and Margaret covered it with a layer of lube, then spread apart Tina's cheeks, revealing the puckered hole, a tad brown from the earlier dirty fingering. Now Denise slid the nozzle into Tina's rectum as the girl sighed, closing her eyes in keen anticipation. Then Denise unclamped the hose and the enema immediately began to rush into Tina's bowels.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh," Tina moaned as she felt that first rush of warm water gushing into her bowels. That always felt good, Denise knew, especially for someone with anal proclivities, like Tina. It was only later that the pleasurable, sensual feeling of warm water soothingly entering a rectum turns into something else, turns into a tormenting ordeal. And Denise knew, that with Tina's rectum already as packed with shit as it was, and little room in there for anything else, that moment would come sooner rather than later.

The look on Tina's face was one of delicious, keen anticipation, a look Denise knew would not last very long. Denise slid a hand between Tina's legs to feel her pussy was very moist and aroused. Margaret noticed and stepped in to have a feel herself.

"Now that is one very wet vulva," Margaret said, the two women chuckling as Tina blushed yet again, feeling a little shame that an enema was arousing her as much as it was.

Soon Tina began to breathe deeper and harder as she grimaced, biting her lower lip.

"Oh God, I'm starting to feel really full," Tina said, looking at Denise with beseeching eyes as Denise looked up to see to see that, at most, a single quart of the four in the enema bag had drained from the bag into Tina's bowels.

"Sweetheart, you don't yet know the meaning of the word full!" Denise hissed menacingly, slapping the girl's ass, reaching around to slap her tits, then harshly pinch her nipples, Tina wincing. Margaret watched, loving all this, her pussy moistening as she witnessed this unfolding spectacle, noticing Denise's short nurse's uniform rise so the bottoms of her buttocks became visible. Denise, like Margaret, wasn't wearing any panties beneath the uniform.

"Oh, ohhhhh!" Tina sighed as Denise spanked her a few more times and the enema just came rushing in relentlessly. Tina was breathing very heavily now, starting to squirm, panting.

"Oh please, please! Could you stop it for just a minute, clamp the hose shut for just a few moments so I can get used to it" Tina begged with a plaintive look in her eyes.

Denise had earlier decided she would give Tina one reprieve in this ordeal, but only one, until the final expulsion. So now she clamped the hose as Tina closed her eyes and took several deep breaths, relieved for the moment, trying to accustom herself to the increasing pressure she was feeling down below.

"That's long enough, don't you think, Margaret?" Denise said, unclamping the hose again and letting the enema flow once more.

"Oh yes, definitely long enough," Margaret smirked, "I think the poor little dear needs to show us how she can take the full gallon."

Again, no longer able to quietly bend over with hands on her knees, squirming now, Tina clutched her tummy with both hands.

"Cramping?" Denise asked with a knowing, wicked smile.

"Uh huh," Tina whispered, her face locked in a grimace of endurance as the first of the serious cramps began to race through her bowels. The bag, as Denise and Margaret could see, was about half full now, two sudsy quarts having flowed inside Tina's aching bowels, joining all the brown wastes already packed inside there.

Denise and Margaret just watched, Margaret keenly shifting her eyes from Tina's enema speared bottom, to Denise's sleek thighs and fleeting, provocative glimpses of her bare cheeks.

"Oh my God!" Tina cried out as a monstrous cramp overwhelmed her, the two 'nurses' just looking on excitedly at the quickly escalating ordeal Tina was enduring.

"I can't take any more, I just cant!!!" Tina cried in a quavering voice, reaching back, trying to pull the nozzle out of her anus. But Denise quickly grabbed hold of her wrist, preventing that.

"You're a very, very bad girl!" Denise warned smacking Tina's cheeks hard a half dozen times, then slapping her breasts and pinching her nipples, "trying to pull the nozzle out of your ass. Margaret? Go into that top drawer there and bring me those handcuffs."

Margaret, delighted, brought the cuffs over as Denise, petite but powerful, forced Tina's arms in front of her, pressing the wrists together, then taking the cuffs from Margaret and cuffing Tina's two hands together, in front of her, so she couldn't try to reach back again to remove the nozzle.

"We'll have no more of that!" Denise said sharply, "you will take every single drop of that enema, you little bitch. Do you fucking understand what I'm saying!?"

There was a look of frank terror in Tina's eyes now as she meekly nodded that she did understand. She looked so utterly helpless and pathetic now, her hands cuffed together, forced to take the enema despite the cramps, despite the intensifying pain and pressure within her bowels. The helplessness, the shame of it all made her blush fiercely again as she looked at her tormentor.

Her moaning was endless now, the sheer embarrassment and humiliation of this ordeal now fading to the background as Tina had to contend with the nearly unendurable sensations, the bag now much more empty than full, her bowels continuing to fill and bloat. Squirming, her body twisted as she desperately clutched her aching tummy, starting to sweat, the pressure building, mounting every moment.

"Please! please! Please... please.... please!!! she wailed but the other two ignored her pleas, and just watched and enjoyed the dramatic spectacle.

Finally Denise could see that the bag was empty. Tina saw it too and there was fleeting hopeful look in her eyes, hope that this ordeal might finally be coming to and end. But a cold wave of stark terror quickly overcame her as she saw Denise pick up a huge buttplug and cover it with a layer of lube.

"No, no, noooooooooooooo!" Tina cried, "please let me go!"

"Go? Go and do what?" Denise asked, a mocking tone in her voice.

"Empty myself, expel it..... go and sh-sh– shit it out!" Tina said, blushing as she had to mouth these words, mouth this plea.

"Sorry," Denise said, quickly pulling out the nozzle and forcing in the big plug in its place. She did it so quickly and smoothly that, at most, a few drops leaked out of Tina's ass. A few drops out of the gallon inside there!

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrghhhhhhhhhhh!" Tina cried, loudly enough to wake the dead, as the massive plug was forced inside her.

"Now that poor little shithole of yours is plugged, bitch. Now the fun begins," Denise hissed in Tina's ear, Margaret chuckling, delighted. Denise had promised to show her what a 'forced retention enema' was all about, and now she was doing just that.

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