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Extreme Makeover – Girl Next Door E


I noticed Paul and Kay's return address as I opened the envelope. I hadn't heard from them since a Christmas card last winter. It was a birth announcement. They had a new son and had named him Tom. I was flattered they had named him after me and happy for them as I knew they would be delighted to have a brother for their daughter.

It was all pretty amazing. A hundred different things could have kept it from working out the way it did. Let me back up and explain what happened.

One day Kay visited my store and I waved her over to my counter to say hi. I was a pharmacist in one of the remaining independent pharmacies in 2003. I hadn't seen her in a few years and it was great to see her again. As we visited I noticed she looked uncomfortable and asked what the problem was. She sheepishly asked what I would recommend for female cramps. I made a recommendation and commented that she should check with her doctor as most young women don't get cramps these days. I noticed that Kay was a little teary eyed and I asked if anything else was wrong. At that point she broke down even more and got very choked up. As I rung up her purchase I told her I would like to buy her lunch tomorrow if she wanted to talk and that my number was on the receipt.

I was a little surprised when Kay called the next day and we arranged to meet at a pizza shop we had gone to often when I was her softball coach eight years earlier. We ended up talking for nearly three hours. I had been to Kay's wedding two years ago but hadn't seen her much since. Kay had grown up in my neighborhood and I had coached the local girls' softball team for a number of years and we had gotten pretty close. Kay was a gangly young teenager when I first coached her but she matured into a lovely young woman and a very competent pitcher when she played her last season at 18. She was also one of those young women that you occasionally need to remind yourself is only slightly older than your kids and you might not want to be caught staring at her too much. A few years later she was a beautiful 24 year old bride with a handsome husband and a promising future as a teacher and coach at the local junior high school. Now she was a stressed-out emotional mess as we visited.

To make a long story not so long, the first year of her marriage had gone fine but things deteriorated in the second year and a few months ago she caught her drunken husband doing the dirty with an old girlfriend. Kay returned early from a rained out ballgame to witness her husband with cock pumping in and out of a naked woman's mouth as she lay on Kay and Paul's marriage bed. It took Kay a few moments for the scene in front of her to sink in and when it did she screamed an unnatural string of obscenities as the two scurried for their clothes. The very nervous, busty, naked brunette woman scrambled to find her clothes. Sliding on her shorts and blouse she quickly exited leaving her bra and panties littering the bedroom floor. Paul scurried to find his briefs and stumbled in his drunken condition to climb into his shorts and tuck his very hard wet cock in his shorts.

Over the ensuing several days, the heated and tearful confrontations ended up in accusations of Kay being a cold bore in the bedroom which created frustrations that had lead to a few too many drinks and giving in to temptation. Paul said he was sorry and pleaded for forgiveness. But Kay was far from being able to forgive so quickly. As the painful next days passed, bitterness set in and things deteriorated. Paul began to harbor uncertainty as to the future of their relationship. A few very tense weeks led to his decision to take a six month overseas assignment for the oil exploration company he worked for to give them both some time to cool off and reflect.

Kay was both crushed and furious. She was very much in love and stunned with both the fact that Paul had cheated and with the fact that he had put some of the blame on her for not fully satisfying him in the bedroom. She was in tears from the hurt but also seething to extract revenge. I remembered just how much of a competitor Kay was when she played softball.

After hours of detailing the full situation Kay looked at me with her bloodshot eyes and said, "Coach, how should I play this?"

I started with some questions and told her to think about them and we would get together in a few days. I asked Kay if the relationship was worth saving, if she would ever be able to trust Paul again, and, if she was willing to commit herself to make changes to fix the problem.

Kay and I met the following week to visit. She had exchanged a few emails with Paul about financial matters and family but the subject of their relationship had not been broached. She had had several sleepless nights thinking about my questions. She had some answers. Yes, the relationship was worth saving as she was convinced they still both loved each other and that Paul had no interest in the other woman other than for sex. She wasn't sure if she could ever trust Paul again, that would take time to determine. And finally, yes, she was willing to do what she could to make things right but she wasn't sure what that might mean and wasn't sure she had done anything wrong.

She turned and asked, "So coach, what do I need to do now?" I told Kay we needed to talk in an even more private location so we left the restaurant and walked toward her car. As we walked I told Kay that the only evidence I had as to what was wrong was her comments and Paul's behaviors suggesting that their sex life might have been a disappointment to him. I continued, "You are obviously very attractive and in good shape so that shouldn't be the issue. The other thing I know is that you weren't on the pill and I presume you were monkeying around with condoms or an IUD of something -- that could have contributed to the lack of spontaneity and his frustrations.

As I looked at Kay she was slightly flush but I pushed her to talk about it. I questioned if there were medical or religious reasons for not being on the pill or birth control shots. I told her that there were any choices and dosages and a strong safety profile. Kay simply said it was a decision from years ago at her mother's urging and she would take care of it. We scheduled a visit for the following Friday evening.

At the time I was widowed having lost my wife to cancer two years prior. My children were in college away from home and I kept myself busy with my pharmacy and several rental properties I had accumulated over the years. I also had become very active in dating in the past year but was not seeing anyone seriously. Kay was now a very attractive young woman. She had outgrown her lanky teenage figure and matured into a beautiful fit woman. She had shoulder length soft wavy brunet hair, long shapely legs and tight shapely bottom. A very warm smile on a face that was perhaps more cute than beautiful but with big brown doe eyes that could be very seductive. Her hips, waist and bust were nicely proportioned and deserving of a second or third look by any male with a pulse.

The Friday evening was, in retrospect, pretty amazing. It started with dinner then continued with a two hour visit in my home. It consisted of a chronicling of Kay's sexual and dating experiences from high school thru the recent episode with her husband. I had Kay's full confidence as she revealed details not known to her husband, friends or parents. I felt something like a counselor as she talked through various relationships and activities. I listened attentively, probed and questioned on occasion and comforted. She lost her virginity at 17 on the first evening that she had gotten drunk. An event barely remembered and not fondly. She dated through her senior year with several guys and lots of necking and petting that she ended before any relationships went further. As a freshman in college she was in a serious relationship for half the year and had what she describes as "nice sex" until her boyfriend got her high one night and allowed a couple of guys in the frat to see her naked body after she crashed in his room. The next two years consisted of lots of dates and lots of rejected young men as Kay was looking for mister right and not just a fun date. As a senior Kay met Paul.

They dated for nine months before she relented and they became sexually active for the 15 months before they were married. Kay enjoyed the sex because it made Paul happy and made them feel close. He could give her an orgasm with clitoral stimulation while he cuddled and kissed her neck and breasts. They tried anal but Kay vetoed it when it hurt and Paul got frustrated. She "kissed his penis" but no real blow jobs. Paul enjoyed "nibbling on her private parts" but it didn't seem he had perfected his ability to get her to enjoy it. Paul's favorite was having sex in the shower while Kay most enjoyed the missionary position in bed after a nice diner and glass of wine. They had christened every room in the house and the back seat of the car. Kay blushed when she described being screwed while in the ocean when they were on their honeymoon in the Caribbean. Paul was always encouraging new adventures but Kay was more traditional. Kay had found porn "dirty" and had a drawer full of clothes that Paul had bought her as gifts where the skirts were "too short" and the blouses "to tight or to low cut" for her to be willing to wear.

As we talked Kay began to realize that she hadn't exactly been a ball of fire when it comes to enjoying a fun sex life. As it was time for me to get going I looked at Kay and told her I had an assignment for the week. Kay was on summer break and had a lot of time on her hands for the next few months with no coaching or teaching and her husband away. I told Kay I wanted her to spend the next week watching several hours of porn a day. She looked at me incredulously. I told her to get a PayPal account and watch a lot of different kinds of online porn. Also, watch a dozen cable porn movies then next week report on what you saw and how it affected you.

As the week passed, I had an unexpected need to travel out of town so stopped by an adult store and purchased a collection of vibrators, dildos, and sex toys and took them to Kay's. I handed her the bag at the door and told her I couldn't make our usual weekly get together so her next assignment was to spend the week masturbating.

"I want you to know exactly how to get yourself off quickly and repeatedly by the end of the week. I will expect a full report when I get back." I said as she peeked in the bag and realized its contents. Kay smiled softly, with a look that suggested she was a little embarrassed but curious. "How is the porn going" I asked. "I'll call in a few days and you can tell me about your favorites." Then I was off.

I called Kay a few days later and asked for a report on the porn viewing. She had followed my instruction and watched lots of porn both on the web and cable. She laughed when she described her $240 dollar extra cable fees in the last ten days. She was very talkative, describing how she was grossed out initially then got a little numb to the close ups of sex organs. She found the variety of "physical attributes of the actors interesting."

As I probed she elaborated. "The size and shapes of penises was amazing and the women's' abilities to give oral sex was unbelievable."

"The size of what?" I challenged. Kay giggled, "Their cocks." And the women's' ability to do what? I chuckled. "To give blow jobs or get face fucked" Kay giggled in response.

We spent the next hour on the phone as Kay described the situations she liked and those she didn't. "Lesbian sex was a turn off. Bondage and sado-masochism just doesn't do anything for me. I liked the romantic stuff and spontaneous liaisons. Oral sex seemed more interesting. Orgies didn't do much for me but small gang-gangs seemed exciting. Voyeurism and exhibitionism could be fun."

We talked about what got her aroused and which scenes she masturbated to. We talked about what scenes she thought Paul would find most exciting. I asked her what scenes or circumstances she could fantasize about. She gradually opened up and her nervous giggle lessened as she shared her personal feelings. As our call ended I told Kay to spend time until next weekend watching the porn she liked best and using all the toys I bought her so she understood exactly what she found most arousing. I told her I expected her to have a couple dozen organs by the time I saw her next. Her job this week was to think about nothing but sex -- not love, but sex. "Image that you are one of the women in the movies. Imagine that Paul was doing to you the things you see in the movies. Imagine other men were doing the things and you were cheating on Paul -- or that you told Paul it was your turn to break your wedding vows." Kay just mumbled as if distracted thinking about what I had said. Finally she said, "OK, call me in a few days to talk.

As I hung up I wondered just what Kay was thinking. She had been willing to follow my suggestions and seemed to enjoy my company and confiding in me. I was enjoying her attention and respect and her willingness to confide in me, and, like any guy, enjoyed spending time with a hot young woman talking about sex and relationships. She trusted my advice and seemed to have overcome the depression she had when I first talked to her. She was committing her summer to thinking through what she would do with her marriage in the fall when Paul returned from assignment.

I called Kay a few days later and told her I had an adventure planned for Saturday and that I would be by about 10:00 to pick her up. When I arrived at Kay's I told her we were going for a ride to help out a friend but that I wanted her to dress sexy. I told her to show me the drawer of sexy clothes her husband had purchased her and I would pick something out. After looking through a few club dresses and miniskirts I found a pair of short stretchy shorts that looked like something an NFL cheerleader would wear. Handing them to Kay, I then went through a drawer of tops picking out a summery blouse that was white cotton button up with midriff tie tails. Perfect I said as I handed the items to Kay and told her to change. She protested that she couldn't wear these anywhere where she could be recognized, but she did take them and head to the bathroom to change.

As Kay emerged from the bathroom she looked striking. The tight short shorts hugged her hips showing off her long shapely legs and firm midriff and shapely hips. The top was similarly snug pulling enticingly across her bust drawing attention to her very shapely breasts. As I looked admiringly at Kay I snickered leading her to ask what was so funny. I told her that the sexy top was meant to be worn without a bra and that she should have figured that out after watching porn for two weeks. And the panty lines across her butt wouldn't do either. Kay called me a dirty old man as she went to her dresser drawer and grabbed a thong panty and headed to the bathroom to change. This time when she returned she looked amazing. The white blouse clung to her top and the panty lines were gone. Kay pirouetted seeking my approval. "Delicious." I responded, "Except you need to undo one more button on the blouse then we are set to go."

As she stood there I took a picture of her with her cell phone. I told her to text it to Paul with a text message, "Do you miss me?" She thought about it a moment, said that's a good idea, then unbuttoned one more button and said take another one with more cleavage for her to send.

Kay smiled as she sent the message and wondered aloud how he would react.

As Kay said she couldn't be seen in public dressed like this I handed her a bag with a pair of large dark sunglasses and a blond wig. "We're going for a 40 mile drive and no one will recognize you in these." I said.

She seemed intrigued and spent the next ten minutes redoing her hair and putting on the wig. As she attached and styled the wig she seemed to be enjoying the idea of being a blond for the day.

I grabbed a few other items from Paul's drawer and put them in the bag and said it was time to get going. We headed out the door where my 1979 Porsche 911 was parked. Kay was surprised as I didn't regularly use the car and kept it in storage most of the year. As we got in I told her we were going to help a friend and the car was a prop for a photo shoot he was doing. As we headed out of town I explained that the friend was a tenant in one of my properties and had a photography business but did some T&A videos for various web sites to make some extra cash when things were slow. He said the money was good and he wasn't interested in the hard stuff and had good luck finding models for his shoots. I informed Kay that the sexy outfit, dark glasses and wig were because she was going to be kind of an "extra". Ken, the photographer, had a bikini model and body builder who were going to do a sexy car wash scene and she was going to play the car driver for the shoot. Kay shook her head as she said, "You have got to be kidding?"

"Not kidding and I want you to act as sexy as possible and enjoy it. Think Sexy." I told her.

As I glanced at her I noticed her tight blouse was clearly marked by her hardened nipples straining against the fabric. As she caught me staring I told her she would look great on video.

After a lunch stop we arrived at the rural farmhouse where the shoot was planned. Ken was please to see us and the car and was delighted as he very deliberately eyed Kay from head to toes, quickly commenting on how she would be perfect for the shoot and very popular with the viewers. He explained that the web site has a forum where viewers comment on the videos.

The models arrived shortly afterwards and Ken prepared the scene with pails of soapy water, a hose, sponges and car wash sign. Kay was to drive up. Ask to have the car washed then wait in the car as the models washed the car and each other as the camera rolled. Then Kay was to get out of the car, inspect their work, pay them and drive off. With the scene outlined Ken had them sign their releases and prepare for the shoot.

The models, Tony, a very buff gym jock who it turns out was also a law student, and Jill a busty hippy brunette with a very tiny thong bikini had evidently done other shoots with Ken.

The scene proceed as scripted with the two models first washing the car and then gradually washing each other with about ten minutes of Tony rubbing a soapy sponge over all of Jill's curves. He had her laid over the car in several positions as he sponged her breasts and ass cheeks as the camera zoomed in. Jill squirmed and moaned as Tony's large hands caressed her body. Kay was sitting in the car as the scene progressed. After several minutes the models finished and motioned for Kay to pretend to be paying them. She stepped from the car and walked around it as if inspecting it. Following instructions Ken had given her, she mentioned that they missed a spot. Then Tony took a soapy sponge as if to clean the dirty spot but managed to plant it squarely on Kay's chest with a splat sound as the soapy sponge soaked her top. Kay was caught completely by surprise as Ken had not told her about that, and turned in dismay only to be sprayed by the hose as Jill drenched her front. Kay tried to gain her composer as the camera zoomed in on her wet blouse which now clearly revealed her hardened nipples and the dark color of her areoles.

I was laughing my head off as Kay was trying to pull the sponge from Tony while Jill was now aiming the hose on Kay's ass. Kay's white shorts were soaked reveling the thong bikini beneath. Ken was busy coaching the cameraman and Tony to maneuver so they could get good shots of Kay. The struggle for control of the sponge continued and as it did Jill approached Kay from behind and began to pull down Kay's shorts. Kay squealed as half of her ass cheeks came into view and the skimpy wet thong panty was revealed. Before Kay could stop her the shorts were pulled down over her butt. Kay immediately let go of the sponge in time to save her shorts before they were completely removed. Tony used the opportunity to douse her with a pail of water as she pulled up her shorts. Her boobs were bulging from her soaked top in clear view as her hands were pulling her shorts back in place. By now Tony, Ken, Jill, myself and the cameraman were all laughing hysterically. Kay managed to grab the hose and pointed it toward us, quickly ending the filming as the camera man grabbed his equipment and retreated to avoid getting the equipment soaked. Ken finally got the water turned off as we proceeded to laugh uncontrollably. After a few moments Kay joined the laughing.

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