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Extreme Punishment


(This story was written for a friend to show her how cruel Masters can be. An effort to express that at times some may be abusive and disrespectful. This tale is purely fictional, any similarity to people living or dead is coincidental. Feel free to leave comments not only about the content, but also about the style and flow of the story.)


He sat quietly in his oversized chair, talking with his guests at the dinner he was having for the other Master's and their slaves. The feast was set on the table and all his slave had to do was make sure the drinks for each of the Master's were filled, at all times.

Master had his hands in the raised steeple position, as he watched her. Her naked body floated, from one guest to the next, as she tried to avoid tripping over their personal slaves, all of which knelt at the back of their Owner's chairs.

The new collar made of silver and adorned with small emeralds, sparkled beautifully on her neck as the lighting caught each facet. Every turn she made, her breasts jiggled and a flush would cover her lovely face when ever a Master made a comment to her or about her.

As she rounded the end of the table, her foot caught on a slave girl, tripping her and making her spill wine onto the floor. Looking up quickly, she saw the fire burning in his green eyes. A look of disapproval and disgust etched across his brow and the firm set of his mouth show her she is going to be punished.

With a new found urgency, she kneels and uses her long black hair to wipe up the red wine from the hard wood floor. Her long black tresses do more to splash it around than clean it up. As she rises to continue performing her duties, her hair soaked with red wine and dripping down her back and down between her breasts where the strands were plastered to her flesh, she finds herself standing directly in front of her Master. The look of fear, in her dark brown eyes denotes her understanding of what is to come next.

Quickly, he reached out and grabbed her collar.. yanking her towards him and forcing her to spill more wine. In a low cruel voice, he whispers into her ear, "Get the rag from the kitchen and a bucket, slut and clean this shit up. Then wash your hair. You have 20 minutes." "Return to my side when you are finished."

Shoving her aside, he apologized for his slut's clumsy behavior and ensures she didn't spill any wine on any of his guests. As he later checked his watch, watching the final seconds tick away, he watched her scurry back into the room. A fresh pitcher of room temperature red wine is in her hand.

Pointing to the floor, he commands in a low menacing voice.. "Here, now... slut." Her eyes downcast and her body trembling, she moved forward and kneels by his chair. He took the wine bottle and sat it on the table.

His hand then reached out, grabbing her hair and yanking her head back to examine her face as he latches a leash onto her new collar.

Clearing his throat, he gains the attention of all of the Master's seated at the table.... "Well now, many of you have longed to know what I give for punishments to my slaves, that do not do as they where instructed. For each the punishment is different. For each it is based upon what they fear the most. In this case..."

...his voice trailed off as he yanked on the chain and pulled her roughly against his thigh.

"This slut fears others watching as she is being raped and used. So, for your enjoyment this evening... we'll begin with any or all of you touching and fondling this little slut's body. Keep your cocks in your trousers, however... The pleasure of breaking this slut in is all Mine."

Chuckling from the other Master's in the room, echo in her ears. As she hears what her punishment is to be, her body trembles uncontrollably and a soft sob of horror escapes her lips.

Leading her into the living room, she sees a device he has never used on her before. A pillory, a wooden stock that forces her to remain bent over, her hands and neck locked in place by the wooden device. As she takes in the scene, the other Masters lead their slaves into the room and take seats on couches and chairs surrounding the pillory. The Masters continued laughing and making crude remarks about her and her inability to even serve wine properly, thus humiliating her further.

Without a word, he forced her forward and placed her appropriately into the stocks of the pillory, bringing down the wooden cross bar and locking it in place. As he turns, he dropped her leash and left it hanging... his deep voice moving through the air.

"Remember my friends... the only cock she gets tonight is Mine! Fingers and tongues... help yourselves. Want to watch your slave eat her cunt or make her eat hers... fine. But... in one hour's time, she will be my pleasure as I take her any way I choose."

Leering grins appear on the other Master's faces, as they stand and move towards her. She watches them approach with such intense fear that her knees buckle and her body shakes so violently that the pillory begins clacking noisily. Another round of booming laughter fills the air as they take in her fright. For an hour she is forced to endure their hands and fingers probing and exploring her body. Their tongues licking or teeth nipping and biting her honey colored flesh. On two occasions she was forced to lick the cunt of another slave and have her lips buried deep in the other girls little ass. Other Masters decided that it wasn't enough, just to humiliate her. They delighted in flogging her upturned ass as she stood bound in the pillory. All the while, her Master observed her. His intense green stare was burrowing deeply into her eyes as she looked back at him. Hoping he would rescue her or at least send the others away before he raped and used her.

As the hour chimed on the grandfather clock, the Masters ceased their torment and resumed their seats. Some having their personal slaves suck their cocks or play with a neighboring slave's cunt. They were all settling in to watch the humiliation. Chuckling as he stood, he spoke to the crowd in the room... "I hope you all enjoyed this slut, I know I've enjoyed watching you use it for your own desires."

Removing his clothing, his hard thick cock bobbing in the air, he approached her.

"Open your mouth, slut." He growled down at her. Her tears and weeping made it difficult for her to speak properly, but eventually she obeyed with a woeful, "Yes Master."

Expressionless, he begins fucking her mouth like a little cunt. His hand gripping her hair as he forced his cock to rape her mouth and throat and gag her. Her head banging against the wood of the stocks and her small hands bunched into fists, he continued yanking her against the rough wood of the pillory. Every thrust was without mercy. Each one followed by another and another.

Her throat burned and lips felt as if they were being cut on her teeth with the brutality of his thrusts. Her eyes searched his face for any sense of care or concern she knew he had shown in the past. But this time, he showed no expression. His face was blank and chiseled, as if made from the hardest granite.

When she vomited from being gagged on his cock, he slipped it free and laughed with such a cruel and malicious laugh that her dread increased. Another Master snickered and ordered his own girl to clean the Master's cock.

"Lick and suck it clean girl." her Master ordered.

Zach watched her as the girl complied. Sucking his cock and licking his balls until her own Master waved her back.

Crouching down, he whispers to his girl... "That was lesson number one slut. Now, for lesson number two."

Standing, he moved around her, gripping her hips and thrusting his cock violently into her cunt. Feeling its tight wet walls, he laughed cruelly and slapped her ass several times.

"Well fella's, either one of your girls made her cunt so wet its dripping or my little slut here, is a whore in disguise."

Again the room erupts in laughter and loud jeers as they made rude comments to each other about her.

Fucking her little cunt and slamming her shoulders into the stocks with the savagery of it all, her Master was showing her he really was the Master. Her cries turned to wails as she was not only being raped by her Master, but watched by his friends and their girls, the ones she had actually made friends with on occasions when their Masters brought them to the house. Tears streamed freely down her face. Her once perfect make up, now looking like a bad water color painting as it smeared and dripped lines down her cheeks. Her lips looked even more pouty, now that he had so brutally fucked her mouth. With every stroke of his cock into her freshly shaved, smooth cunt, his hand would deliver a hard vicious spank to her ass.

Hearing her begin to beg, "Master please... please..."

He only continued harder than before, shoving his cock into her so forcefully that he bruised her cervix anew with each brutal thrust.

Finally, slipping his cock out and slapping her ass with it and hearing the small wet slaps smack into the air, he whispers to her once more, loudly enough for all to hear, "Now for your third punishment, slut."

One hard shove and he had buried his thick hard cock completely into her ass. Annihilating her anus as he impaled her, seeing small spots of blood on his cock as he butt fucked her, he laughs coldly and continues to drill his cock ruthlessly in and out of her tight little ass. Her screams of agony echoing through the living room as the laughter of the Masters present grows even more robust. Through her tear stained eyes, she sees some of the other slaves cringing and trying to discreetly show sympathy. Others she saw had a longing in their eyes, even jealousy that her Master treated her like this and wanted the same treatment.

For well over 30 minutes he raped her ass, his cruel strokes leaving her withering in the stocks. When at last he came, he filled her tight little ass with thick strands of seed that soon leaked from her abused hole. Walking back before her, slapping her with his cum coated cock across her cheeks, he announced, "If this slut displeases Me again in the future, I will invite every Master here to rape any hole she has, while I watch."

Lifting her chin and looking into her dazed eyes, he smiled sadistically... "Never again will you embarrass Me slut... understood?"

Turning now to his guests, he calmly states as if nothing had happened at all, "Thank you all for coming. I believe the night is over and wish you all a very good evening."

As they rise and leave, he follows the last one out and returns after locking up.

"You'll remain there slut until I decide otherwise. A little way for you to ponder what you did to disappoint Me before the guests."

Turning, he shuts out the light and she can hear him climbing the stairs, showering and heading to bed. All the while she keeps muttering and weeping. Dismay and humiliation felt to the core of her being. Thinking of what he had done to her as punishment.

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