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Eye For an Eye


I am showered, and completely shaved as my Mistress demands before a session. Carefully I make sure the bathroom has no signs of use, and remains clean for later. Anticipation builds heavy in my sac, and my cock twitches as I think of what the afternoon may entail.

It is noon, time for me to prepare the suite for her arrival. I open all the windows and blinds so the ocean smell permeates the bedroom, along with the sandalwood incense I know she loves. I am well aware of my nakedness, save for her collar at my throat.

I cover the bedroom bench with the plush throw blankets I know I will kneel on to serve her later and a chill courses down my spine to my penis as I arrange them. The straps are laid out ready to confine this slave. As I place each of her favorite toys on the bed a drop of pre-cum oozes to my head. As instructed by my lovely Mistress, I quickly wipe it off with one fingertip, and suck it off my self. Just this action has my balls tighten. It has been 1 week since Mistress has allowed me to cum.

Lastly; I oil my body for her. On the large ottoman, I wait as she has instructed. Feet flat on the floor at the corners, hands behind my neck fingers laced, lying on my back. Eyes closed. I will wait for her order to move.

Soon I hear the keys at the door, her heels on the tile, her bags being deposited on the table. A long thick zipper sounds being un-done has my semi hard-on surge.

Lightly I can just make out the wine pouring into her glass, I know what comes next.

On the carpet around me there is no more heels striking tile, but I know they are still on.

I smell her. She is intoxicating! A mix of perfume, perspiration, and her sex.

Without warning my cock is taken completely into her mouth. I feel the urge to let go, but I know well better than to. Her long fingernails trace patterns on my stomach, snaking their way down to my hanging flesh. She closes her hand around them and starts tugging in a slow rhythm. I moan low. Mistress asks if I'd like to cum now or inside of her in a while. It is always so hard to decide! She tells me that I may speak, and answer. I choose later. She sighs and tells me she is very happy of the choice I've made. Slowly swallowing my shaft she expertly milks my cock with her lips and tongue. I groan from trying to keep control. Stopping she stands up and for a moment I thought she had left the room, but instead she engulfs me with her slick sheath. In one sweep she is completely covering my dick. Rocking her hips as if riding a mechanical bull, she uses me. Shuddering to climax, she lies back on top of me and my hands instinctively go to her breasts, kneading her mounds and rolling her nipples. She is wearing nothing but her stockings and her boots. I am dying to crush on her and bathe her insides with my hot cum. She sternly reminds me I cannot cum till told to. Yes mistress I reply, adding that her body is torture and it is extremely hard to not release. Standing up off of me she laughs, telling me she has much more in store for me today.

Leading me to the bedroom, she ordered me to the bench. I immediately knelt over it, on all fours with my hands and knees on the floor, stomach to the bench and my cock and balls exposed just off the edge, a vulnerable position.

Going to the bed, she picks up the blindfold and ties it securely on my face. Next I feel her hand on my backside, as she rubs my tight hole with a wet finger. Slipping her digit in I tense up. Whack! Her other hand comes up to the soft spot just under my ass check. I suck in air. I get 3 more strikes to the same tender area. A bit rough, she pushes my butt plug in place and I love the feeling of my ass contracting around it. And then I realize it isn't the same as I had set out earlier, when it starts to vibrate in my sphincter. I break out in a sweat from the new sensations. Mistress pats me like the good pet I'm being, and tells me that I have earned a reward. Turning off the vibe and pulling the small plug from my rectum, she quickly inserts a bigger longer one. My muscles try to push it out but once she gets it fully in me my ass swallowed the penis shaped plug. I've never had anything besides my small plug there before. Commanding me to stand and present, she lays in front of me on the bench, after removing my blindfold.

I am given my favorite task. Pleasure me my pet she says and I am quickly on my knees in the plush throws I lick, suck and bite everywhere but her clit. Knowing this drives her crazy. I lovingly rim and fuck my Mistresses tiny virgin asshole, with my tongue, secretly wishing that someday I may enter her there. Placing her feet on my shoulders, she says to me make me cum now slave, and I spread her lips wide with my hands and kiss her clit until I know she is just on the crest of her next orgasm, and then as if its a tiny penis, I suck it into my mouth when she finally moans, I slide my full length into her already cumming vagina. Long slow deep strokes prolong her orgasm till she is 3 into a multiple. Opening her eyes she stares intently at me. Then she says the words I've been waiting for years: fuck my ass and cum inside me.

Gently I rub my cock on her backdoor; slowly I make sure we are well lubed. Quietly I enter her. Stopping so she could adjust to the new pressure, and I hope pleasure, I begin my journey to the base of my shaft. Completely flush with her body, I give her a little break. Barely rocking in her tight ass my sac is throbbing to cum. She is still keeping eye contact with me. Her feet on my shoulders I begin thumbing her swollen pussy lips. As part of my reward I'm told I may proceed as I wish. Wanting to please her so that I may feel her way again, I start varying my stroked so I can watch her expressions change. I am beyond control it hanging by a thread. Grabbing her hips I drive into her repeatedly as she starts shaking, I let loose the biggest load I can remember. As I begin filling my Lady, she continues to orgasm and this is by far her heaviest. With her love flowing down my legs, I smile my gratitude for being the one she chose to give her ass to.

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