tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEye in the Whorehouse Ch. 1

Eye in the Whorehouse Ch. 1


My name's Cassidy and I work in a whorehouse. I'm the maid, or so the ladies like to call me. I do whatever they want or need, and that's not much. The only thing I can't do is what they do - service the men. They say I have to wait till I'm older; but hell, I know everything there is to know about making men happy, cause I've been watching.

This old house that we all live and work in is full of secret dusty passages and tiny peepholes, and I know them all. When you don't have much to do you find things to do, and besides, I like to watch.

My favorite girl in the whole house is Rosie. I like watching her when she's with a man, and she likes it that I watch. I think it turns her on, but she won't say.

She has the peephole with the best angle too, looking straight at the foot of her bed, where all the action is. A sheer, lacy pink scarf hangs from a picture above the hole so I know I'm safe.

Now then, this one time Rosie gave me the secret signal when Deputy Rob came calling. I sensed from her mood that this was going to be different, so I sneaked away as quick as I could.

I got to my spy hole just after Deputy Rob had hung his holster on the bedpost and his pants lay puddled at his feet. Rosie stood in her black satin lingerie, her pretty little hands on her hips, looking at the biggest hard-on in the county. I know cause I've seen them all.

His pecker had to be the longest and thickest and he knew it cause it sure made him arrogant and full of himself.

"There you go Rosie," he was saying, "the big pecker you like so well. Now come and suck it, woman."

"And what makes you think you can order me around, Deputy?" asked Rosie as she eyed his long, strong legs that lead up to the dark and swollen cock.

"Cause I paid a pretty penny for you woman, and I aim to get my money's worth." he replied with determination in his voice. "Now do as I say, and get down on your knees."

"Well," Rosie said with a huff, "just this once then."

"That's my Rosie!" Rob smiled as she place her full red lips around the gleaming purple head of his cock.

I watched the two of them. Rosie in her working gear; stockings, garter belt, corset and bra, all in black except for the red garters, and Rob in just a red plaid shirt. All I could hear was him breathing in a harsh, raspy way. Rosie made slurping sounds as her mouth worked the large head and shaft around the soft insides of her mouth and down the back of her throat, which still left a lot of cock for her hand to hold on to.

Deputy Rob was staring down past Rosie's mouth at her bountiful tits. Rosie's long black hair rested on her smooth white skin, setting off Rosie's ample cleavage; and Rob loved cleavage. That's just one of the reasons why Rosie was so popular.

Rosie really liked it if a client wanted to come between those two ripe melons of pleasure. Rosie confided in me one time that the sperm was good for a girls skin. Kept it white and youthful looking she believed.

I wasn't one to argue with her. I'm just a virgin, so what do I know.

Anyway, Rosie was now giving great head to Deputy Rob's cock.

Now remember Rosie's a pro, but today she was choking on that member and Rob wasn't helping any by moving his hips so much that Rosie had to grab his cheeks and try to get some control, and Rob wasn't too happy about that.

"Come on girl," he said through clenched teeth, "let me fuck that beautiful mouth of yours. That it...suck me, yeah harder...oh god, that's good. Now suck my balls." And Rosie did.

The two orbs hung down in a large sack. Rosie pulled them away from Rob's body with her mouth; while she pumped the hard saliva soaked cock in her other hand.

All the while I had been watching and playing with myself. I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself, just cause I'm fifteen doesn't mean my body doesn't like sex. Hell, I've been playing with myself since I was 12 but that's cause no one else dared.

I could see that Rob was close to coming and so was I.

I pushed my eye up against the spy hole as tight as it would go cause I know Rob's going to blow and Rosie knows it too. She also knows I like to watch the men come all over her so she obliges me by never swallowing, but this time Rob had a different idea.

"Now Rosie," Rob grunts, "put my cock...in your mouth. Oh yeah, that's it. I'm going to come and you're going to swallow. Take it all!" And with that he shuddered and shot his heavy load.

At the first taste Rosie backed off and the white come spattered her face and all over those amazing tits.

I stroked my clit a little harder and came in such a rush I thought my knees would buckle and I'd miss some of the action. I just love watching men come!

But now Deputy Rob was mad. Rosie hadn't done as he asked, and since he had paid for it, he reckoned he was entitled.

He untangled his handcuffs from the pile of clothing on the floor then grabbed Rosie and threw her back on the bed with enough force to make her bounce and her tits jiggled in a pleasing way.

My eyebrows shot up; I held my breath and waited for Rosie's signal. I rearranged my skirts and worked the cramps out of my legs. I had to be ready for anything.

Rob handcuffed her wrists to the iron frame at the top of the bed, then grabbed a shapely ankle, spread her legs and attached them to either side of the footboard. With her legs spread apart I could see her pussy lips dripping with wetness.

Once she was tied down he roughly ripped off her corset, panties and bra leaving her black stockings that contrasted sharply against her white thighs and the black nest of hair at the junction.

Deputy Rob started regaining his erection from all of his exertions and now started to work his cock back and forth in Rosie's extensive cleavage. He pushed her tits together squeezing and rocking his cock in the fleshy nest. A look of triumph crossed Rosie's face.

"Is that all you're going to do Deputy?" she asked, panting slightly. "Aren't you going to fuck me good and proper," she taunted.

Rob kept on rocking. "I know you like this wench so just keep it to yourself." he replied, sweat glistening from his naked body.

"Oh come on, you can do better that that. You've got what it takes with what you're rubbing my tits with."

"You know I can, but I'm calling the shots here, once and for all, woman."

"Yeah, well I'm not going to come if you keep fucking my tits. Maybe I should tell the other girls this is all you can do," she shot back.

"Okay, I'll show you. This will give you bragging rights with the others if I stick my big pecker in your sloppy wet pussy." And he rammed into her as hard and as deep as he could go.

Rosie cried out, and swung her hips up to meet his hard cock pushing it as deep into her as she could. The handcuffs clicked against the iron frame and she strained her whole body upwards.

"Yeah, that's it. Fuck me like I've never been fucked before," and she moved her hips up and down to catch his motion.

"Oh no, you don't," he said, "Your not making me come right away. This one's going to last." He eased his drive so that I could see the big, long cock slowly travel in and out of Rosie's tunnel. Rosie's pussy lips stretched tight around Rob's extra hard, wet cock. He pulled out so that just the large purple head rested at her dripping hole, then push it in again till the head disappeared, and then stopped.

"How long are you going to tease me?" Rosie asked, panting.

"Long enough to teach you a lesson. You should be begging for what I got before long." he replied.

As for me, I was ready to do the begging for both of them. I had as many fingers up my hot, wet little pussy as I could get and was dripping on to the dusty floor. My other hand worked my swollen, tender clit and I wanted to come so bad, but I was waiting for them.

"Come on Deputy, give it to me. I know you can, so do it." Rosie demanded.

"Well then," he said, "beg!"

"Please Rob," she replied; with real pleading in her voice, "I've got to come. I can't wait much longer."

"How about if I push it all the way in... like this." And he slammed against Rosie's thighs as far as he could go.

"Yes!" she yelped. "More ... please ...give me more!" Rob did, going faster and to the full depth of Rosie's more than willing pussy. Filling her up with the biggest and best cock in the county.

"Oh god, I'm going to come!" The force of her orgasm shook her whole body so that the handcuffs rattled a staccato against the frame. It went on for what seemed a very long time and left Rosie breathless and spent.

She regained some composure just in time to sense that Rob was going to come. I saw the muscles of her ass clench and knew that she had gripped Rob's cock in a way he was sure to enjoy.

He yelled out his release as I gave my clit an extra hard spanking and shoved my fingers up my soaked pussy as far as they would go. I came so hard that I was dazed and light headed. Twice in such a close space of time was something I had never done before and I was sure to thank Rosie for this one, next time I see her.

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