tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEye in the Whorehouse Ch. 3

Eye in the Whorehouse Ch. 3


My name is Cassidy and I'm the maid at the house at the edge of town. You know, the one with the red lantern that all the cowhands and farm boys like to visit and the fine upstanding ladies of the community pretend to ignore.

We got a new girl, Nell, working here. She started last week and set up her room in the strangest way. She doesn't know about me and the peepholes; that I can watch all the girls' rooms without them or the customers knowing.

I watched as she gave away all the pretty pictures, then got a block and tackle from the barn and hung it from the ceiling. She brought in whips and some chains too.

I hadn't ever seen anything like this before and was eager to know what she had in mind. It didn't take long to find out.

When next I looked into that peephole, Nell was with Horace, but everyone called him Horse and I leave it up to you to guess why.

She was wearing nothing but black. Black stockings, black girdle, black leather bra, black garters and a shiny black riding crop was in her hand.

He was naked, with his hands chained together, and held high by a rope attached to the block in the ceiling. His face looked calm, even though he was in this most unusual position. His broad, hairy chest rose and fell with his regular breathing. He was excited as evident by the strong hard-on jutting from between his well-shaped, muscular thighs that trembled ever so slightly.

I had never seen anything like this before and felt a most powerful urge in my groin area. I dropped my skirts to the dusty floor and spread my legs wide. I touched my clit and was surprised at how hard it was. With my other hand I slowly unbuttoned my blouse, freeing my tits from the confining space of my bodice and started to pull at my nipples, first one and then the other. I started to breathe fast, then remembered we all had a ways to go and slowed down.

"Tell me your story, Horse," Nell said, lightly tapping his cock with the end of her crop. "I know you've been a bad boy, and if you tell me, everything, then I'll make you feel better, I promise. She smiled then but there was no gentleness there. Her words were hollow but to poor Horse, who obviously needed to unburden himself, he believed.

He swallowed. "Yes Nell, it's about my cousin."

The crop lashed out and caught him on the thigh. He winched but said nothing. "That's Mistress Nell, to you, and don't you forget it!" she said.

"I'm sorry", he stammered, "I'll remember that." Nell smiled and again tapped his cock with her crop that jerked in an obvious pleasure response. "My cousin has been after me ever since she saw me peeing on a tree last year. I tried staying away from her but I was always busy with farm chores and I was always horny, cause I ain't got a wife and I'm young.

"I told her no, Mistress Nell, but she wouldn't have none of it. I told her it was wrong for cousins to do that but she said it was perfect and nobody would find out and who could ask for a better way out cause we was both horny. She said that we would have to be careful cause she didn't want no babies but she said she knew how to take care of that."

"I'm sorry Mistress Nell but I just couldn't help myself."

Nell nodded her head in agreement and walked over to the far wall that was hung with a various assortment of paddles, whips and riding crops. "I know," she said, "but we both know that what you did was wrong and that I am going to have to punish you for it."

Horse laid his head against his upright arm and nodded, but he wasn't sad, cause his cock stayed as hard and rigid as it had ever been. Nell picked out a stout wooden paddle, walked over to Horse and gave his ass a few good whacks. He moaned and swayed against the restraints and then in a quiet voice said, "Thank you Mistress Nell. I have been very bad and will need your help to get better."

Nell smiled, cold and calculating. "Yes, and I think more than one visit is in order to fix this problem. Now I want the whole story out of you. No holding back and no lies."

Nell pulled up a chair. I could see that it had specially made arms that would hold her shapely legs. She placed a leg over each side so that her pussy was wide open and exposed to Horse, and to me. Her small black booted feet swung daintily in the air. She moved her leather bra down a bit so that just the tops of her nipples showed. She laid the paddle close at hand and reach for the crop. She tapped Horse's cock with it and said, "Proceed. Tell me the first time."

"Well, it was a year after she started after me. I had figured that if I could stay real busy and jack off maybe five times a day then that way I wouldn't get so horny. I had a bunch of hiding places that I could go to and fix myself real fast. I was always very careful to look around first and make sure my cousin wasn't anywhere near. "

"Umum," said Nell, "Continue."

"One of my spots was the loft in the barn. She must have waited and planned for me cause she was ready. I was quickly jacking off when she stepped out from behind a bale of hay stark naked."

Umum," said Nell, "And then."

"I just couldn't help myself Mistress Nell, I'm sorry, but I touched her, and I shouldn't have I know but she was always after me."

Nell tapped Horse's cock in a threatening manner. "Tell me all about it, every little detail, or else I will punish you more."

I saw Horse's cock give a jerk when Nell said the word punish. He was really getting into this and he enjoyed it. I know I was sure hot from just watching and listening.

"She reach out and touched my cock Mistress Nell! I just went crazy cause it felt so good. I just had to have more you know. "

Nell nodded her head and started to stroke her tits. They sure looked good the way her white skin contrasted with the black leather bra and her nipples just peeking over the top were hard brown berries, begging to be stroked. She had placed the rounded end of the crop to the entrance of her very wet pussy. Horse had kept his eyes on her the whole time and liked what he saw as she moved it slowly in and out as he talked.

He took a deep breath and said, "She wrapped her other hand around my balls, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven it felt so good."

"Is that when you fucked her?"

"No, oh no, I could still resist. I was busy looking at her tits and she saw that I was looking so she grabbed my hands and put them on her. I moaned but stayed in control, and then she put my cock between her tits."

"And is that when you fucked her?"

"No, Mistress Nell, I was telling her to let me go and let me be, but she smelt so good, up close like that. I started to pull my pants up, but that's when she put my cock in her mouth. I swear Mistress Nell, I never told her to do that and where she gets the idea in the first place, well I just don't know. I never had nobody do that to me before and it just felt so good I couldn't help myself."

All this time I'd been listening and watching with my eye to the hole and one hand on my hot, wet pussy and the other going between my swollen nipples.

"And is that when you fucked her? " Nell asked.

"Yes!" Poor Horse cried.

"Tell me, tell me everything!" Nell said in a ragged breath as she pushed the crop deeper into her hole and tweaked her nipples and brought on an orgasm that shook her body all the way to her shiny black boots.

"I couldn't help it." Horse said. " She felt so good. I laid her down, put my cock in her soft, wet pussy and I pumped in and out with all I had. She wanted me to do it, she wanted me to fuck her, she told me so, she moaned and groaned I was afraid someone was gonna catch us the whole time I was fucking her."

Nell then stood and grabbed the paddle. She started to lightly spanked Horse as he spoke. Her blows got heavier as he got deeper into his story. I was surprised to see that this was really turning him on and that he was close to coming. A few more strong whacks on his now well rouged cheeks and he did come. A stream of white arched through the air and landed on Nell's special chair.

I couldn't hold back any longer. I had seen too many new, and to my surprise, exciting things to hold back any longer. My belly tensed as my clit sought release with the help of my soaked hand. I moaned in my ecstasy, but Nell and Horse didn't hear cause they were wrapped up in their own release.

I looked through the hole and saw Nell lower Horse's hands and undo his chains. He looked at her with such relief. He kept thanking her and kissing her hands. She patted him on the head like a little child and said, "Come back soon Horse, anytime."

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