tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEye of the Beholder Ch. 01

Eye of the Beholder Ch. 01


It was perfect, one of those late spring nights that make walking a joy: the rich scent of gardenia blossoms on the air, their fragrance magnified by the lingering moisture from the afternoon's shower. It was too good a night for walking on the street with its mercury-vapor artificiality. I used the alley instead. It was my favorite path to the campus, a lilac-lined, dirt alley barely wide enough for a car. It had been more suitable as an alley before the lilacs crowded out into it. Now, it was a gem of quiet, an insiders' secret, the lilac-muted traffic sounds the only reminder of the city all around.

Now I came to the reason for its neglect, a downed cottonwood, too much trouble to remove for an alley that had been little-used for years. It forced the path out onto the street, but I had discovered that I could vault one limb and scoot between a fence and a garage and I would come out into a cluster of small houses nestled among the lilacs. The driveway out to the street could have been a continuation of the alley, winding out to emerge in one of those small streets that can hide from even the locals for years.

Ducking out between fence and garage, making the turn onto the drive, I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. The drapes of the apartment on my left were open, and the movement I'd seen turned out to be a beautiful brunette slipping a blouse off over her head. I drew a quick breath and stopped dead in my tracks, watching spellbound as she let her skirt drop to the floor, then reached behind her to unclasp her bra. Out sprang a pair of perfectly formed breasts, taut and high. She looked across the room, at a mirror I supposed, then cupped her breasts in her hands. Appraising them? Admiring them? Heaven forbid, even criticizing them? I couldn't tell from her expression, but she lingered at it, turning one way and the other before grabbing a towel from a chair and walking toward the back of the apartment.

I was suddenly very aware of myself, standing out in the middle of the courtyard, shamelessy ogling a total stranger. I was turning to walk on when the light came on in the bathroom. I could just see through the open door as she pulled off her panties, her delectable ass stretching smooth as she bent over to run the bath.

I looked around me, decided I'd better not just stand here in the courtyard. By now, I had a raging erection, and a sense of excitement I would never have expected. I quietly slipped in behind the bushes, finding a place where I could still see, but hopefully couldn't be seen. I watched breathlessly as she bathed, a slow, languid bath. Did it seem that she was lingering long in all the right places, having, perhaps, a bit too much fun in the bath? Again I couldn't tell, but now I only saw one hand; the other had disappeared between her legs, or so it seemed in my aroused state. Somehow my cock had crept out of my pants into my hand, and I stroked it as languidly as she seemed to be doing.

If only the bathroom weren't so far away from this window. I slowly made my way around to the back of the house, looking for the bathroom window. There it was, all right. I crept up and stood up on tiptoes to see in, but she wasn't there. I could hear the sound of the water draining out of the tub. A momentary pang of disappointment overcame me, but just then, the light came on in the room beside me. It faced the back fence, totally protected from the view of any of the neighboring apartments by several large lilac bushes. I crept over to peer through the window.

The blinds were raised six or seven inches, so I had a clear view of the whole room. I hoped she couldn't see me, but then, I was too aroused to worry about it. She dried her hair with the towel, a sheer pleasure to watch, back arched, breasts pointed and as she turned I could see her pussy: beautiful, pouting lips, light auburn ringlets curling at the top, but shaved around the lips. Maybe that's why she had seemed to be lingering there in the bath. I licked my lips, almost held my breath as I watched.

She tossed her towel over a chair, then, picking up a book and a jar of what looked like cold cream, turned and walked straight toward me. My heart jumped and I rocked back farther into the shadows before I realized she probably couldn't see me anyway. She crossed nearly to the window, then turned and sprawled out on a couch that I hadn't noticed, right up against the wall under the window. I couldn't believe my luck. From here, I could look down onto every inch of her glorious, naked body.

She unscrewed the top from the jar, setting it down on an end table at the head of the couch, then lay back to read. Meanwhile, my cock had crept back into my hand, my motions a bit faster, but I wanted to hold back from cumming; this was just too good. She turned the page, but my eyes were focused on that gorgeous pussy, its pouting lips just crying to be kissed, licked, sucked.

In my fascination, I hadn't noticed her free hand tenderly tweaking her nipple, but now that I looked, both nipples had jumped to attention, hard and pointed. Her hand had drifted up to the cream, and now two fingers smoothed a dollop of it onto her freshly-shaved pussy, rubbing it in slowly.

My first thought was "Oh, that's all it is...therapeutic," but damned if she didn't look like she was enjoying her therapy. She took another small dab of cream on her middle finger, running it gently up the lips, then down to her clit in slow, easy strokes.

I was nearly panting, trying not to be heard, thinking "She'll have me drooling in a minute!" She dipped her finger deep between her cunt-lips, then two, bringing them out glistening wet, rubbing her juices up onto her clit, standing out hard and firm as the lips opened to beckon entry. Faster now, both her and me, more frenzied. I couldn't remember ever wanting so badly to explode, and yet not wanting it, waiting to see her finish. Her finger flicked faster over her clit. There was a dull thump as the book dropped to the floor, freeing her other hand to slide down and help. She twisted slightly to the side, raising one knee to allow herself access, and in the process, pointing right toward me, dipping one finger, two fingers into her pussy, still flicking, panting now, and starting to buck a little. Arching toward me, she pulled her dripping fingers from her pussy, sliding one down to tease her asshole, moistening, another dip, just the tip into her ass, then slowly engulfing it as she arched and bucked. She was gasping now, and I was preparing to shoot my load clear across the driveway, barely moving I was so close.

One hand was a blur on her clit, and the other now had the thumb up her ass and three fingers in her pussy. As she began to thrash with her orgasm, a wisp of smell drifted up from the small crack at the bottom of the window, her sex, warm and musky amidst the gardenia and lilac. I swear my explosion must have rocked the world.

To Be Continued...

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