tagBDSMEye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm


The wind swirled through the trees, angrily howling with the coming storm. Lightning crashed through the sky. Thunder cracked and rolled through the forest. And two pairs of foot steps raced through the dampened underbrush in seek of shelter.

Running as fast as they could move, two strangers thrown together by simple chance clung to each other. Rain began beating down upon them. Panic rolled through both their bodies. The intensity of the surging storm pushed them onward. They had to find safety soon, or they would get swept away in the storms furry.

From the top of a rising hill, across the other side of a clearing, stood a log cabin. Uncut weeds and fallen branches surrounded the small structure. Rusted tools sat leaning against a leaning shed. There was a general atmosphere of abandon almost emanating from the cabin. But it was shelter.

They raced the weather, desperate to escape the cold. They were soaking wet and shivering by the time they managed to get the door closed tight. Lightning light up the single room, throwing shadows across the walls. They stumbled through the room. Lightning crashed once more, revealing an old forgotten lamp.

He pumped the oil and struck the flint. With luck, the lamp burst into life. A small glow penetrated the darkness. A strange collection of odds and ends littered the floor. In one corner, a pile of unidentifiable items cast sharp angles and shadows. In another, a large dresser that appeared ready to fall over leaned against the wall. Across from that sat a strange chair that appeared to have strange lengths of tassels dangling from every corner. In the farthest corner was an old cushioned chair big enough for two, but too low for any person to sit comfortably in it. And in the center of the room sat a large king sized four-poster bed.

The two strangers looked at each other. The woman, pushing her hair out of her eyes, looked utterly puzzled. The man appeared intrigued and quite amused. He looked around and found a hook hanging from the ceiling. Attaching the lamp to it, he turned towards the woman. His eyes shone in the dim light. Thunder clapped and vibrated the walls. Yes, he was definitely amused.

The woman jumped with the vibrations. She looked around the room and shivered. Near the door, she noticed a small fire pit. Squatting down by it, she finds a small piece of tinder. Strangely enough, the pit has been laid with fresh logs. She uses the small flame in the lamp to ignite the kindling and gets a small fire started. Rubbing her hands to the warm, she looks over her shoulder.

The man was going through the pile of strange items. In the flickering light, she could see a grin spreading across his face. She watched him replace an odd shaped harness and walk over to the dresser. He opened drawers one by one, fingering their contents carefully. He lifts one out of the bottom drawer and inspects it carefully. Opening the backside, he pulled out two small cylinder items, turned them in his hands, then replaced them and closed the casing. A small click almost vibrated through the room.

The storm outside raged on. The wind's howling began to beat against the walls. A dull hum filled the room, almost drowning out his footsteps as he moved towards the fire.

"We should be safe in here," he said loud enough to be heard over the wind. He put his hands to the fire, then rubbed them to his face. He stood up and began unbuttoning his shirt.

"What are you doing?" She snapped, rising to her own feet.

"I'm taking off my wet clothes. What's it look like?" He replied casually. "I'm not going to freeze to death in these wet things. You may want to consider it yourself." He grinned and eyed her up and down.

She shivered and turned her flushing face away from him. She heard his shirt fall to the floor. He kicked off his shoes and undid his zipper. They too hit the floor with a heavy thump. She could still hear him moving around for a few moments, then she heard him shaking out his clothes and laying them out in front of the fire. She spared a glance in his direction and gasped as she realized he'd stripped completely naked!

She blushed and quickly looked away. She could feel his eyes on her. She shivered and pulled at her wet clothes. They were soaked and clinging to her already cold skin. The thought of removing them sounded good. But her modesty wouldn't allow it. It wouldn't be proper!

"You're a shy one," he chuckled. "Relax, it's not like neither of us have seen what naked bodies look like before."

She heard him walk across the room, open a drawer, and come back to stand behind her. She kept her eyes averted. She felt his arm reach around her and she tightened. His silent laugh touched the back of her neck. He was holding a cup for her. She took it with shaky hands and smelled it's contents. The strong stench of alcohol penetrated her nose. She jerked it away from herself and crinkled her nose.

"I found it in one of the drawers. You may not like it, but it'll help warm you up." He was laughing as he reached around her once more and pushed the cup towards her lips. "I'm not going to just stand here and let you freeze to death."

"I don't drink," she replied. "I never have." Once again, she heard him laughing at her.

"You can either drink this, or you can strip off your freezing wet clothes."

She spun around to face him, her eyes filled with outrage. She pointed a finger to his chest, then blushed again remembering he was naked. She quickly tried to spin back around.

He caught her by the shoulders and kept her facing him. Her drink splashed over his skin. He stared down into her eyes. "You choose, or I choose," he threatened. He could feel her shivering. Her lips had a slight hint of blue to them. He watched despair flash across her angry stare.

She closed her eyes and tried to pull away. He was stronger than she was, by far. His grip tightened on her shoulders, almost bruising her. She groaned and put the cup to her lips. She tasted the liquid and nearly gagged. He squeezed a bit more for a moment. She threw back her head and gulped down the drink in one gulp.

She began coughing and sputtering. He released his hold on her shoulders and moved over to sit on the bed. She glared his way, then averted her eyes once more. She was furious. He wasn't even making an attempt at modesty!

He sat there, legs dangling off the edge of the bed. He looked around in the flickering light. His grin never left his lips. He watched her from the corner of his eye. She was making faces and gulping breaths of air. He could see her shaking as she sat by the fire trying to warm herself. Once he's stripped off his wet clothes, the cabin really was quite cozy.

Her throat felt as though it was burning, and that fire was spreading from her stomach throughout her body. She shook again, and clutched her arms to her chest. She was so cold! She carefully glanced over her shoulder. He looked so relaxed and comfortable. Her eyes traveled down her soaked body, then to his clothes spread before the fire. Jealousy began building, and she scolded herself for even considering such an unacceptable thing!

He laid back on the bed, meaning as he shifted around to get comfortable. The container he'd gotten the alcohol from sat next to him. He glanced at it and smiled. His eyes drifted back to her. He could see she was still shaking. He noticed her watching him and he gave a small motion for her to join him. He chuckled when he quickly turned her head once more.

The heat inside her body began to subside. She sighed gratefully, then realized she wasn't shaking as much as she had been. She was still cold, but it was bearable. She cursed him under her breath for being right. Grunting, she rose to her feet and looked around the room without seeing the bed he was now stretched out on.

Where would some clothing be stashed away? Sure a cabin the middle of the woods would have some kind of garment for emergencies. She decided to start with the dresser, the most logical place. She took one step. Her head swam. The room began to spin.

She clutched her head in her hands and tried to keep from falling. Something was supporting her, holding her up. Her knees threatened to buckle. She grasped on to something. Her body swayed. Her vision darkened. She fell into nothingness.

She struggled to open her eyes. Loud winds made their way to her ears. Light flashed across what little she could see for a moment. She groaned and tried to move. Her body refused to budge. She took a deep breath and forced her eyes to open. At first, she wasn't sure she had succeeded. The dense darkness soon faded into a warm glow coming from one side of the room. She turned her head toward the light, only to find that it too would not move. She tried to shift and realized every inch of her was being held tight.

Panic surged through her. She heard movement. She felt something warm being placed against her skin. Skin. Her bare skin. She was naked! "What are you doing to me," she cried out. She struggled against her bonds. Terrified, angry and desperate, she pulled as hard as she could. She couldn't move, not once inch.

"Relax," he calmly said as he moved around something she couldn't see. "I know this was the only way I was going to get you out of those wet clothes."

"Let me up," she cried. "Leave me alone!"

"I can't do that." His words were so casual, he may as well have been telling her the sky was blue. He reached across her body, grabbing for something on the opposite side of the bed. He heard her gasp as his bare flesh rubbed against hers.

As he lifted his weight off her, she could feel something warm sliding up her leg. She fought to free herself. She could hear him laughing under his breath. "You're too tense," he chided. She could see him now, barely. He was grinning as the warmth continued to move across her skin ever so slowly.

He carefully guided the object up between her thighs, letting it linger long enough to make her gasp with fear. It moved up her belly, between her breasts, over and across to circle each one of her nipples, then up her neck. He traced it around her lips before lifting it to her eyes.

It was a long cylindrical object. The core of it glowed red, the obvious source of heat. He leaned over her, grinning and removed the item from her sight.

"What," she stammered. "Is that?" She swallowed hard. She could still feel the trail it had left up her body. A slight tingle still remained from where it had lingered between her legs. Her eyes moved frantically, searching for anything that might grant her aid.

"That," he said simply. "Is not important." He moved out of sight for a moment, then returned holding up two more objects. "These," he chuckled. "Are." He took one that looked like a strange ball on a string. He held it with one hand so she could see it, close to her face. She felt him shift and gasped as his hand clasped between her legs. Before her mouth could close, he quickly pushed the ball into her mouth. His hand left her body. She cried out and pushed with her tongue as he somehow fastened the strings so they were held firmly in place.

"Now don't get me wrong," he spoke as he worked. "I had no idea this storm was going to come on us so fast. And honestly, I had no intention of bringing you here. I had hoped it'd be that other girl, the one in all the flattering clothes."

She tried to scream around the gag. He only appeared more amused. He spread the other object so she could see it clearly. Her eyes widened and she screamed harder. He placed the blindfold over her eyes, and it was also fastened firmly in place.

"Really," he said when he was finished. "I didn't think you'd be such a bore to be stranded with. But, I am quite good at making due with what I have." His voiced sounded very serious as he shifted around, making things clatter together. He continued. "I'm not one to force myself on a woman, mind you. But, I also have no intention of weathering this storm with nothing to do. By the time I'm done with you," he chuckled. "You'll be thanking me, and begging me for more. And I'll gladly give it. Oh yes indeed. You are quite an attractive women, once you're out of those much too conservative clothes."

Tears soaked into the blindfold. Her cries became violent sobs. She was helpless, and he knew it. She could scream, but who would hear her? As long as the storm raged outside, there was no hope. She wished when their riding party had been separated during the lightning strike that she'd be thrown into the company of someone else. Anyone else. She considered it might have been better if the bolt had hit her after all.

Once more, she felt the warmth traveling her body. This time, it began on her cheek, and down her throat. He moved it directly between her breasts and down her body. He stopped in the same place he had before, right between her legs. He positioned the object so that it was touching her, and nothing more. The heat sent shivers through her body. Her skin tingled with a rising awareness.

He fumbled through some things before deciding on one. "You'll have to trust me," he stated. "Well, honestly you have no choice, but I'd like to think you want what I'm going to do to you. I know your kind," he continued. "You marry dull business men. Lead dull lives, never knowing what real excitement is. And what's even worse, you never get to experience the darker side of sex. It's a pity really, all those sexy women living such conservative lives." He paused for a moment. "Yes, you will thank me for this."

She heard some strange creaking. Then her legs were slowly being drawn apart. She tried with all her strength to top the movement, but it was futile. Her thighs parted as far as they would go. Then he made her knees draw up, and her legs parted more. She trembled with fear.

His breath flowed over her skin as he positioned himself so that he could have easy access to her, his head close to her skin. With gentle fingers, he touched her delicate skin. He carefully began shaving away unwanted hairs. And for him, that meant almost all of her hair was to be removed.

She flinched when he felt the razor stroke over her skin. Tears still left her eyes. She was furious that he would be doing this to her. It was nothing short of humiliating, and she could do nothing to stop it.

It seemed like an hour had passed before he lifted his head and removed his hands from her. She felt relieve that he was finished, then grew frightened again when she realized that was just the beginning of what he would do to her. And within moments, her legs were being drawn back down and that strange warming object was being placed snuggly between her legs.

This time, however, it did more than just warm her. A gentle humm began as it was set to a slow vibration. He pushed it firmly against her body. She could hear more movement was wondered what torment he'd choose next.

"I know you've never done this before." His voice was full of confidence. He knew he could do what he pleased with her. "So, I will start easy on you," he concluded.

He straddled her body, his hot arousal pushed against her stomach. Using both hands, he cupped her breasts. He heard her squeel and he squeezed a bit harder. "Sometimes," he said. "A little pain can enhance the pleasure. But for you, we'll start with discomfort." He almost laughed as he massaged her breasts in his strong hands. He repositioned them, so that he could pinch her nipples between his fingers as he cupped her breasts.

He bent his head down. Blowing on one nipple, he moved his hand so his tongue could get to it. He flicked his wet tongue across the top of her hardened nipple. "See there? Your body already likes what I'm doing to it." He flicked her nipple once more with his tongue before taking it all in his mouth.

With her body still being touched with warmth and vibration, she sucked and nibbled on her nipple. He moaned against her breast, feasting on everything he could take from it. When he'd had enough of that nipple, he replaced his between his fingers and resumed massaging her breast. Then he kissed his way across her chest to where the other nipple waited for the same treatment.

"I know you like this," he said at last. "You want more, don't you? I can feel your body getting hotter. Yes, I think you want more." He sat up, still straddling her stomach. He removed his hands from her breasts and rolled her nipples between his fingers. "See how hard they are? See how easily my fingers take them?"

He shifted for a moment, then touched her nipples with something that was cold and almost sharp. she released a small cry when he clamped something over one of her nipples. She flinched. It was a sharp pain that didn't quite hurt. He slid his hands to the other nipple, and did the same thing. Once again, her body jerked under him.

He got off and sat beside her. His fingers traced circles around her breasts. Each touch combined with the discomfort. Each touch sent chills through her body. And somehow, he knew it did.

He reached for his next toy. He placed it on the bed against her waist. It was smooth and round, about the width of one of his fingers. He left it there as he reached for the thing between her legs. He twisted it back and forth against her skin. Then he moved it up and down, pressed firmly against her body. It moved roughly at first, but then seems to become slicker. He moved it easily against her skin. Waves of sensations rolled through her middle.

He made her legs part just enough for his hand to comfortably fit between them. Slowly, he eased the thing so that the end pointed right at her. He pushed on it, softly and slowly it found it's way into her depths. He felt her body resist and halted. He waited a few moments before, using a slight back and forth motion, he pushed it farther in. He felt her body give way. She cried from behind the gag. He twisted the object around a few times before he pushed it in deeper. He paused just before it vanished deep within in, and turned the vibration up.

She gasped and squirmed. He pushed it completly inside, then used his thumb to run outside where it had been sitting all this time. "Yes, that's it," he whispered. "Let it come." He moved his thumb in soft circles, up and down. She began to rock her hips with his movement. Small moans, instead of cries, came from beneath the gag. He pressed his thumb against her a little harder. She arched her back, opening herself up to his caress.

"Yes, that's it." He encouraged her. "Feel it building." He bent his head to hear ear, whispering words of encouragement. He gently nibbled on her ear, flicking his tongue to trace the soft skin. His thumb rubbed her, slowly increasing the rythm.

Her breathing deepened. Her moans grew louder. Her body began to tighten. Still rubbing her with his thumb, he pressed two fingers deep inside her to grab hold of the vibrating object. She moaned louder. He took hold of it, one finger on each side, and began moving it back and forth, pushing it as deep as it would go. Her muscles clenched around his fingers. Arching her back once more, she cried out.

Wetness rushed past his fingers. Her muscles began to spasm deep inside. Sweat now covered her naked body. Her limbs trembled, even under their restraints. Her chest rose and feel with each heavy breath. Small whimpers were barely heard over the thundering storm outside.

"You liked that, didn't you?" He stroked her hair away from her face and kissed her forehead. "I'll let you rest," he teased. "For a few minutes." He shifted himself once more and picked up the item she'd forgotten was placed against her waist and ran it in circles over her stomach.

Her breathing still came fast. Her heart pounded hard, forcing heated blood quickly through her veins. Her body raced with unknown feelings. She felt a hot tingle where her muscles still clenched whatever he had placed deep within her.

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